And I know I have already written quite a bit in tribute to eleven (who will ALWAYS be my Doctor) I also wrote this. And yeah.

Okay so I know the rhythm for this one is wonky, I know it doesn't flow perfectly. But I NEEDED to get this out. And to be honest, I wasn't thinking very well when I wrote this. I was kind of half crying.


Ten was sad and lonely and lost

He didn't want to go

Then you came in a swirl of gold

Shouting 'geronimo'

Fell from the sky 'fore Amelia Pond

Craving fish fingers and custard

Promised to return, twelve years late

More than a little bit flustered

We fell in love with that smiling face

That joy, that spark, that fun

No doubt in our hearts that you were

The Doctor, so basically, run

Most feared being in all of existence

To nothing you would conform

And all evil would cower and quiver in

the face of the Oncoming Storm

It made you anger and rage to view the ongoing

Extent of this hate earnestly

But, your friends, they kept you as yourself

Preserving the power of mercy

You showed them great wonders of space in return

The expanse of the black skies

Hiding all emotion with a small cheeky smile

And a fondness for bow ties

You drifted across the planets of space

So many people you met

Friend or foe, it mattered not

You they will never forget

With a flick of the wrist and fiery eyes

Always to save the day

You taught us to find the good and the bad

In what was thought just 'okay'

You showed us the strength of love and loss

Both lined in your old face

Under that shock of chestnut brown hair

You thought yourself a disgrace

Please, do not believe such things

You saviour of so many souls

So many praises are sung of the man

Who makes evil pay their due toll

Eleven, you liar, you hero, you child

Optimism masks your wounds

But to this false image, over the grief

We were so closely attuned

You knew, more than any, the first rule of life

That all must always die

Thank you for running with us for so long

Raggedy man...goodbye