January 2004

Scarletts' POV

I walked into the BAU in hopes of finding my brother and getting started on my first day. The thing with my brother is, our parents were killed in a car accident when I was 3, he had to raise me ever since. I was so excited because not only am I working with my big brother, but, I'm also working with my best friend, Derek Morgan. I walked into the bull pen and saw some agents standing there. I walked over and greeted them.

"Good morning. Could you tell me where I can find Aaron Hotchner?" I asked as one turned towards me.

Just because my brother has worked here for years doesn't mean I know the agents.

"You must be Scarlett, I'm Elle Greenaway. Nice to meet you. Um, he's in his office I think." she said as she pointed up to the door with his name on it.

"ok. Thank you and it was nice to meet you too." I said with a smile and walked up the stairs to his office.

"Knock, knock." I said as I walked in.

"Sissy, hi. Come in, come in." he said as he got up and hugged me.

"So, where do I start?" I asked.

"You are going to start by coming with me to the conference room." he said and we walked out.

"BAU team, conference room now please." he said as we walked passed them and into the room.

"Everyone this is my sister and newest member of the team. Scarlett Hotchner." He said as he looked at everyone.

"Sis, this is Jason Gideon, Elle Greenaway, Emily Prentiss, David Rossi, Jennifer "JJ" Jareau, she is our liason for the team. Um, Dr. Spencer Reid, Penelope Garcia, she is our technical analyst. And you already know Derek." he said.

"I do. It's so nice to meet everyone." I said as I watched their reactions when they found out I was Aarons' sister.

The only ones I knew I wasn't going to have a problem with was Derek, of course, and Elle. The rest I wasn't so sure about.

"Ok, guys, just because she is my sister, does not mean I'm not going to be hard on her when it's needed. So lets' start, we have a bad one in Maryland. 3 bodies were uncovered, all in separate locations." he started.

"Any similarities between them?" I asked.

"The only similarities the local police could find is they are all female around the age of 24. Brown hair and brown eyes." he said.

"Body type?" I asked.

"All skinny." he said.

"Any suspects?" I asked and I could feel everyones' eyes on me.

"None yet, that's why they called us in. We can discuss a prelim profile on the plane. Wheels up in 30." he said and walked out.

"Hey sweetheart. Welcome aboard." Derek said and hugged me.

I winced in pain. I almost forgot, I have a boyfriend. His name is Andrew Irvin. He is 26 and lately he's been well from how I winced, he's been hitting me. I've been good at hiding it from Aaron. If he found out, he'd kill him.

"Scar, you ok?" Derek asked concerned.

"I'm fine D." I said with a smile.

"If you're sure." he said.

"I'm sure. Come on, lets' get our go bags and get to the air strip." I said and walked out.

When I got to the air strip, I pulled out my phone and called Drew while I was walking to the jet.

"Hey babe." he said answering the phone.

"Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I'm heading to Maryland for a case." I said.

"WHAT! No. You're staying here. I will not allow you to go parading around in another state without me." he said and I flinched.

"Hey sweetie." Derek said walking up to me.

"Hi." I mouthed to him.

"Drew, I have to. It's my job. I promise I will call when I land." I said.

"Whatever Scarlett. Do what you want. You always do." he said coldly.

"Come on babe. Now, you're being selfish. I have to go and catch this guy." I said.

"I said whatever Scarlett." he said and hung the phone up.

"Love you too." I said staring at the phone before putting it back in my pocket.

"Everything ok?" he asked.

"Yeah. Everything's fine. Come on." I said and we walked up the stairs to the jet.

Dereks' POV

She says everything's fine but I don't believe her for a second. She's got to realize that she's around a team of profilers, herself included. She can't fool herself let alone everyone else. The way she flinched when I hugged her back at the bureau and the way she flinched when she was talking to Drew on the phone. I haven't like that guy since she got with him 2 years ago and I still don't. He better not be hurting her or he'll have me to answer to. I sighed and walked inside the plane and took a spot next to Scar.

Scarletts' POV

I walked in and I could feel everyone staring at me, not saying a word. I looked around and smiled at them. Finally Spencer spoke up.

"So, Scarlett, what do you specialize in?" he asked.

"I am an expert in arson and firearms. I can take a pistol apart and put a completely different barrel on it and have it fire perfectly." I said confidently.

"Wow. Welcome to the team." he said with a smile.

"I'm sorry we've been so rude, it's just we weren't sure how to react with you coming to the team. Being Aarons' sister." Emily said.

"No worries. I just hope no one thinks I'll be getting special treatment because that is something I do not want." I said.

Everyone smiled their approval.

"JJ will you tell the pilot, we're ready?" Aaron asked.

"Sure." she said and walked towards the cockpit.

"Ok, so what have we come up with so far?" Aaron asked as we were discussing the case.

"Well, we've determined that all the victims are eerily similar in description to your sister Hotch." Derek said and scooted closer to me almost protective.

"I know Morgan. I think if you're up to it sis, I may want to use you in a sting." he said.

"Ok." I said with no hesitation.

"Ok?" Derek asked and I could sense the worry in his voice.

"D, I'll be fine." I said patting his face.

"You better be." he said and looked back at the file.

"Derek, I said May. We may not need her. We'll just have to see." Aaron said.

"Ok, anyway, what are the locations that the victims were dumped at?" I asked.

"One was at a hotel, one was at a beach, and the other was under an overpass to the interstate." he said.

"Can we get Garcia to look up the hotel employees and see if anyone has any past convictions for anything that could tell us if he's a possible?" I asked.

"That's not a bad idea sis." he said with a smile and contacted Garcia and had her get started.

"With as many employees as the hotel has, she may not have an answer to us until after we've landed." Aaron said.

"Ok, well hopefully we'll know something before heading to the hotel." I said.

He told everyone where they were to go to get started and he had me go with Derek to the hotel, where one of the vics were found. We got to the hotel and investigated the scene, questions some of the staff. It turns out that each of the victims was a prostitute, the mayor was just to proud to tell us that in the beginning. On the last day, we ended up at the address that Garcia had found off of a reciept from the hotel. We broke down the door, or well Derek broke down the door, ran in and found the unsub upstairs, he charged us to try and get away. I grabbed him and he forced me to the stairs and threw me down them.

"AAHHH!" I screamed out as I toppled down the stairs.

When I hit the bottom, I sat up and the guy punched me in the face twice before Derek and Aaron got to me.

"You stupid son of a bitch." Derek said and punched him repeatedly.

"Derek. Derek! Stop! We need him alive." I said and laughed lightly.

"Fine." he said and ran over to me and knealt down.

"You are banged up pretty good honey. We need to get you to the hospital and get you checked out." Derek said and I smiled at the nickname.

"D, I'm fine." I said.

"You are not baby. You have blood running down your face. Your cheek is busted open your arm is cut. You're going." he said and picked me up bridal style.

"D, I can walk." I said.

"I know, I want to carry you." he said and I smiled.

He's such a nice guy. I wish I wasn't such a chicken shit to leave Drew, otherwise, I'd be with him, being kept safe instead of with a man who beats me every chance he gets.