Dereks' POV

"And, none of them seems out of the ordinary. No large amounts of money withdrawn or transferred. If it wasn't for the similarities, I would have to say it was just a coincidence." she said.

"Ok, P, if I give you a list of names, can you run the criminal background on them?" Scar asked.

"Sure little momma. Jazz hands ready. Gimme." she said.

"Ok, Victoria Smart. She was engaged to victim one. Sandra Rynehart. She was engaged to victim two. Marilyn Jones. She was engaged to victim three. And, Catrina Hightower. She was engaged to the most recent victim." Scar said looking through the files.

"Ok little momma. I'll hit ya back." she said.

"Oh wait P. Um, when you get them back, call one of the others. I'll be in the field office with JJ." Scar said.

"Ok little momma. Garcia out." she said and the screen went black.

"Ok excellent Sissy. Alright, when we land, I want Reid, you and Prentiss, head to the first victims residence. Rossi, you and Todd go to the second one and myself and Morgan will go to the third victims residence. Sis, you and JJ head to the field office and set up. Um, once there we will regroup in 2 hours?" Hotch asked.

"Ok." we all said.

"After we regroup, we will figure out who needs to go to the fourth victims house." he said.

"Little momma?" Jordan asked.

"It's a nickname Garcia gave to Scar." I said.

"It's weird." she said shaking her head.

"Whatever." I said.

"Um, Hotch, could myself and Derek be paired up?" Jordan asked and I looked at her and then at Scar and Scars' mouth was open and her eyes were huge.

"No. I paired you with who you're paired with." he said.

When we landed, we all grabbed our bags and walked to our cars. Scar walked with me first and I wrapped my arms around her waist and leaned down and kissed her lips. I love it that I'm taller than her. She comes right to my shoulders. I love it. Anyway, we hugged once more and I gave her another kiss. She walked over to her and JJs' car and got in. I grabbed my phone once I was in mine and Hotchs' car and sent her a text.

Scarletts' POV

I got in and JJ started the car and we left for the field office. My phone beeped for a text message. I looked down and smiled at who it was from.

New text message


Yes, I have him under hubby. I opened the message and smiled.

Hey baby,

I miss you already. I just wanted to tell you that I love you very very much and I can't wait to see your smiling face.

I smiled and sent one back to him.

I love you so much more baby boy. I can't wait to see you either. We act like we won't see each other for days when it's only like a couple of hours. LOL.

I sent it and a few minutes later got one back.

Tell me about it. In all honesty, I never thought I would ever feel this way about someone but I do. You know what, I love it. Anyway, your brother is giving me an annoyed look lol. I'll talk to you later my love.

I laughed and JJ looked over at me.

"What?" she asked with a smile.

"Aaron is getting annoyed that he's texting me." I said laughing.

"He's so whipped." she said and I laughed.

"I have him trained well don't I?" I asked laughing.

"Yes you do. Hey when I get a guy, you'll have to show me how you got Derek trained." she said and I laughed and nodded my head.

We arrived at the field office and walked inside.

"Hi. I'm Agent Jareau and this is my partner Agent Hotchner." she said introducing us.

I noticed that the detective kept looking at me and smiling. Please don't be hitting on me, I have a fiance that I'm pretty sure could put you on your ass if you try anything.

"Glad to meet you both. Follow me and I'll show you where you can set up." he said and we started following him.

"Truth be told, I thought your team would be bigger." he said as we walked in the room.

"Oh there are more of us. The other 6 is out in the field already." I said.

"Oh ok. Excellent. Do you need anything else?" he asked.

"Um, we've got our board and all the case files and evidence so we should be alright right now." I said.

"Ok, well if you need me, I'll be at my desk." he said.

"Thank you." I said and he left.

Dereks' POV

As we were walking up to the third victims house, my phone rang.

"Hang on Hotch, It's Garcia. Hey baby girl. You're on speaker with me and Hotch." I said answering the phone.

"Hey ok so, I ran background checks on all of the victims fiances and get this, nothing came back off but their race is opposite of their fiance. The fiances of victim one and three is white and two and four are black. And I was able to pull the names of the victims. Victim one is named, William Boughton. Victim two is, James Wysong, Victim three is, David Moore, Victim four is, Shawn Baker." she said.

"Ok thanks baby girl." I said and hung up.

"So we can pretty well say that it has to do a lot with interracial relationships. Lets' go talk to Marilyn and see what she has to say." he said and we walked up to the door.

"Can I help you?" Marilyn asked opening the door.

"Are you Marilyn Jones?" I asked.

"I am. Who are you?" she asked.

"I'm Agent Hotchner and this is Agent Morgan with the FBI. Could we ask you some questions about your fiances death?" he asked and she opened the door and we walked inside.

"Have a seat." she said, sitting down.

"Marilyn, some of these questions may be a little uncomfortable but, understand we mean nothing by it, we just have to ask these questions to figure out who did this." I said.

"Ok." she said nodding her head.

"Ok, what did you fiance do?" I asked.

"He was a lawyer." she said.

"What firm?" I asked.

"Goldstein and Matthews." she said.

"I see. Did he have enemies at the firm or past clients?" I asked.

"None that I know of. He did mention a guy that was always hanging around outside of the building." she said.

"Did he say what he looked like?" I asked.

"No. He just said that he was always there, everyday." she said.

"Did he look lost? Homeless?" I asked and noticed Hotch was looking around at the photos along the wall.

"I don't know. He never said. All he told me was it didn't seem off until he started following David to his car." she said.

"He followed him to his car? Did the man ever say anything to him?" I asked.

"No. He said he just followed him and watched him get into his car and drive off." she said.

"Ok, what about his free time? Did he have any hobbies or places he liked to go?" I asked.

"He liked to take me to the beach during the summer. It's about 4 miles from here." she said.

"Ok. Thank you." I said and we left.

"What were you doing?" I asked when we were in the car.

"Seeing what their relationship was like. I didn't see one photo that didn't fit. They were always so loving." he said.

"Well, I do want to make a call to his firm and see if there are any video footage that we may be able to look at." I said.

"Good idea, but first lets' go back to the station, regroup and see if we have enough to build a profile." Hotch said.

"Alright." I said and we went to the field office.

When we walked in, JJ and Scar was in the conference room looking through some boxes. I smiled because she looked so cute. I turned around and had a smile on my face until I came face to face with Jordan.

"Derek. HIIII." she said which apparently got Scars attention because I heard.

"Babe?" she asked and I turned around.

"Hi honey. Whatcha doin?" I asked and she walked up to me.

"Just going through some boxes with JJ. What did you find out?" she asked and I saw JJ walk out of the room.

"Hey Derek." she said.

"Hey. Ok, so apparently David Moore was a lawyer at Goldstein and Matthews. He told Marilyn that everyday that he would leave, there was a guy hanging around the doors out front. Which at first didn't seem off until he started following him to his car everyday." I said and wrapped an arm around Scars waist.

"We heard the same things from the other victims. Wait what law firm did you say?" Rossi asked.

"Goldstein and Matthews." I said.

"I think we found our connection. The other two victims worked there as well. What are the odds that victim four worked there too?" Rossi said.

"Morgan, you and Todd go to the fourth victims' house and talk to the fiance. See if he worked at the law firm and saw the same guy. We'll call the law office and see if we can get footage." Hotch said and I nodded my head.

"Cool come on Derek." Jordan said tugging on my arm.

"Baby wait. Just be careful." Scar said with a sigh.

"Do you trust me?" I asked knowing how she feels about Jordan.

"Of course." she said, not looking at me.

"Hey, look at me." I said and nothing.

"Look. At. Me." I said and hooked a finger under her chin and made her look at me.

"I love you. I'll be back soon." I said, cupping her face and kissing her and me and Jordan left.

Scarletts' POV

"I trust you Derek. I don't trust HER." I said looking in the direction they left.

I sighed and walked back in the room with JJ.