You Have Something On Your Face

After basketball practice, Kuroko and Aomine had made a habit of eating together. Whether it be sandwiches or ice pops, the pair usually finished their practice sessions in a state beyond famished. That's why currently, sitting on the gymnasium bleachers, the two were chowing down on some homemade rice balls that Kuroko's grandmother had made for them.

"Tetsu, these rice balls are great, you know?" Aomine said in between bites.

"Aomine-kun, don't speak when your mouth is full," Kuroko chided.

Taking another bite, Aomine apologized and swallowed before he spoke again. "Tell your grandma that she makes the best rice balls, 'kay? Seriously, they're incredible."

"I'll be sure to tell her." As Kuroko was finishing up his last bite, he just so happened to look Aomine's way. His teammate had a few pieces of rice stuck to the side of his cheek. It was cute, but at the same time, it was unsightly. "Aomine-kun, don't move."


Cupping his opposing cheek, Kuroko turned Aomine's head so that he faced him. In one swift motion, he leaned forward and licked up the grains of rice.

Aomine gasped in shock. "Whoah! Tetsu! What are you doing?!"

"You had something on your face," Kuroko justified, "but I got it."

Blinking away his confusion, Aomine's horrified complexion faded into one that was sly, almost cunning. "Did I? Well, Tetsu," he grinned, "you have something on your face, too."

Kuroko quickly began to pat his cheeks and around his mouth. From what he could feel, there wasn't anything on his - oh. In that very moment, Aomine edged himself forward and began to lick the corners of Kuroko's face. His tongue moved up and down slowly, but eventually, the lapping began to pick up in speed. It felt like a dog was licking him.

"Aomine-kun, please stop it," Kuroko said. "There isn't anything on my face."

"There is now," Aomine snickered. "You're blushing like a virgin, Tetsu."

Kuroko's eyes widened, but such a notion had only added to the intensity of his flushing features. Aomine counted his lucky stars; he was blessed to be able to witness something so incredibly adorable.

And just when he thought that Kuroko couldn't get any more cute, he had to come out say, "Aomine-kun?"


"I changed my mind."

"What do you mean by that, Tetsu?" Aomine asked. Because really, what was there to change his mind about?

"I think there is something on my face," Kuroko murmured. Hesitantly, he looked up to Aomine with soft and inviting eyes. "Can you get it for me?"

Taking a moment to soak in Kuroko's absolutely precious comment, Aomine leaned in close and pressed a gentle peck to the very tip of Kuroko's nose. "It would be my pleasure, Tetsu."

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