I look up at the tall, imposing building in front of me and suddenly feel nervous about going in. This place looks so fancy. Shiny sports cars are lined up beside each other in the parking lot and tall, cascading fountains stand on the lawn on either side of me. I take a deep breath and walk up to the huge doors, only to find an intercom and keypad. Looks like I need a code to get in…

I spy a small button at the bottom labelled "visitors." I guess that's me. I press it and wait for a few seconds, glancing behind me at the gardener trimming the already-perfect hedges.

"Welcome to Fairview Country Club, how may I help you?" A young, female voice sounds through the intercom.

I lean forward and speak.

"Um, hi, my name's Brittany Pierce, I'm here for a job interview." There's a period of silence in which I glance down at my outfit and wonder if I should have dressed smarter.

"Come right in, Miss Pierce." There's a click and a buzzing noise as the door releases and I enter the building.

I walk through a carpeted corridor with shining plaques on the walls, engraved with countless names. I turn the corner at the end and find myself in a large foyer area with curved staircases leading up on the right and left.

I see a receptionist sitting at a desk between the staircases and realize this must have been the woman to greet me. She's small with short red hair and she looks up from her computer as I approach.

"Good afternoon, Miss Pierce. If you just walk down that corridor then you want the third door on the right. You'll be meeting with the Director." She gestures off to her left and I nod, thanking her and walking down the corridor. When I reach the right door I glance down and see a plaque that reads "Carl Howell – Director of Golf".

I knock lightly and wait a moment before I hear a "come in" from the other side. I step into the office and the man behind the desk stands and holds out his hand.

"You must be Brittany Pierce. It's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Carl Howell and I am the Director of Golf here at Fairview."

"Pleased to meet you," I shake his hand and take a seat. I think this is the nicest office I've ever sat in. There are tall bookcases covering two of the walls and on the other there's a huge window looking out onto the golf course. The Director is dressed in an expensive-looking suit and a glass of what looks like Scotch sits on his desk in front of him.

He starts to talk about how the club is looking for some young people to work part-time as caddies for the members who don't wish to use the golf carts, all of which I already know from the job advert. He then goes on to tell me all about the responsibilities I'll have, the dress code and my wages and I get the feeling that he's just going to hire me without asking me any questions.

I nod along in understanding and tell him I can work evenings and weekends when he asks me about my availability. Eventually he stands again and moves to the door, holding it open.

"I think that's all the information you need for now. If you want to come with me I can show you around the facilities."

"Thanks." I follow him into the corridor and he leads us back the way I came.

"Here at Fairview we really pride ourselves on the number of outstanding golfers among us." He gestures to the trophies contained in the cabinets along the walls. "Several of our members play professionally, and many of our junior players are on their way to doing so."

I smile and nod as if extremely impressed and follow him up one of the staircases in the foyer. He shows me the restaurant and bar upstairs, which has a balcony looking out over the first hole of the course. Several stuffy-looking old men sit around outside, smoking and drinking huge glasses of beer. The women I imagine to be their wives sit in groups, sipping cocktails and gossiping with one another.

The Director then leads me downstairs and shows me where the women's changing rooms are, handing me a key for my new locker.

He thanks me once again and tells me to be here on Thursday for my first shift, before disappearing back to his office. I head out, thanking the receptionist as I pass her and exit the building.

Well. That was easy. I came here expecting a gruelling interview but I barely had to say anything and I'm employed. I smile to myself and take out my phone. I send a text to Joe.

"Was totally easy…they pretty much hired me on the spot. You'll be fine!"

I don't live too far away so I decide to walk home. I hate getting the bus around here anyway; it's always so busy and cramped. Other than that I like this place. I just moved here a few months ago for college and at first I thought a big city like Miami would overwhelm me after growing up in the country. But I got used to it quick enough. There are always so many interesting people to talk to and exciting new places to go.

When I get home I find Mercedes and Tina lounging around in the living room.

"Hey girl," Mercedes calls to me from the couch. "How'd it go?"

"It was good," I reply, tossing my keys into the dish beside the front door and cringing at the loud clanging sound they make. "Turns out it wasn't really an interview…more of a welcome session."

Tina smiles at me as I enter the living room. "That's cool. So when do you start?"

I kick off my shoes and join them, collapsing beside Mercedes into the soft red couch. "On Thursday. I told them I had to work around school during the week and they were cool with that. Ugh...it is so hot today," I groan, suffering in my black dress pants that I chose to wear for the interview. I pause. "I'm gonna go change," I say, getting up almost immediately after sitting down.

As I head into my room I see I have a text from Sam. I smile and open it.

"Hey, how was your interview? :) Wanna come over later?"

I reply, "Sure, see you in a couple hours," and throw my phone on my bed while I change. I've been dating Sam for the past couple of years – we got together just after high school after dancing around each other for most of senior year. We're the same age but he came out here for college straight away, while I took a couple years out to work and save up some money. It's nice not having to do long distance any more; it feels like we are in a proper relationship now and I can go and see him whenever I want and stuff.

I have some work to do to finish up an assignment, so I get started on that. I'm taking a whole bunch of classes this year and I'm not really sure what I want to end up doing. Sam says I don't have to decide just yet. I like science though. The assignment I'm working on is for an introductory physics course I'm taking, and sure; it's difficult, but not impossible. I have a few good friends in that class and we help each other out when we can, so I'm doing pretty well so far.

About an hour later I'm happy with my work, so I stand and get ready to leave. On my way out the door I call to Mercedes and Tina. "I'm going to Sam's, so I'll get dinner with him. See you guys later!"

I take out my phone again and send off a quick text to Sam.

"On my way :)"

As I'm coming out of the women's locker room I spy Joe walking along the corridor towards me and wave.

"Hi Joe, I didn't know you were working today." Joe is a good friend of mine at college, from Spanish class. When I told him about the caddy job at the country club he applied with me and we both ended up being hired. He said he liked the sound of a job where he could be outside for hours.

"Yeah, I'm doing a round with a bunch of rich businessmen who are visiting from up the coast. They're teeing off in twenty minutes."

"Hey, me too!" I smile. "We'll be working together."

I've had a few shifts since starting at the club and I like it alright so far. It mostly just involves carrying a bag on my back and marking a score card for middle aged men who barely acknowledge you other than to ask for a putter. I don't mind though, the weather's usually nice enough and I can just zone out and enjoy the fresh air. I make good money for what I'm doing and I usually get a tip as well.

Joe and I head out to the area in front of the club house to wait for the players to show up. Eventually they do; three burly middle aged men, dressed similarly in polo shirts tucked tightly into their pants, laughing loudly to one another.

"You the caddies?" one of them asks us loudly as he approaches. I step forward and nod. "Excellent. I'm Richard. You can carry my bag, sweetheart." He winks at me and squeezes my shoulder as he passes. Gross.

By the time we finish the sixth hole I kind of want the round to be over. These men are super obnoxious and are taking forever to play the course. "That was a four, sweetheart," the guy named Richard says to me as he hands me his putter. It was definitely at least a six, but I write down a four in his score card anyway.

"Hey, Richard, check it out," one of his buddies says as he tees up for the next hole. "It's Santana Lopez."

The seventh hole runs parallel to the ninth due to the layout of the course, and through the small divide of trees between the fairways another group is playing. From what I can see it consists of two young women, one blonde and one dark haired. I assume the dark haired one is Santana – I've heard her name before because she's a well known professional at the club, but I've never seen her.

"Damn," Richard looks over. "She has got to be the finest female player around right now." He smirks. "Check out that rack."

I exchange a look with Joe, rolling my eyes. The creep's probably old enough to be her grandfather. Out of curiosity I look back at the two women. Santana has her back to me at the moment, taking a club out of her bag on the golf cart, and I can't see her face.

As we make our way up the seventh hole they get closer, eventually passing us and I see Santana more closely. Okay, so he wasn't exaggerating about how attractive she is. She's in the middle of saying something to her friend and laughing and I can't help but stare. Holy crap she is gorgeous. I remember Richard's remark and despite myself glance at her chest…and yep, he wasn't lying about that either.

She suddenly looks towards me as if she knows someone is staring creepily at her and I avert my gaze quickly, embarrassed.

I think about her some more as the businessmen continue to cheat their way around the course. I never realized there were young, attractive members of the golf club. How come all the clients I get are creepy older men?

When we finally arrive back at the club house I catch sight of her again, having a drink on the balcony with her friend, who I now notice is also very attractive. My eyes are drawn to Santana though. She looks so interesting…I wish I could talk to her or be friends with her or something…

"Britt!" Joe snaps me out of my daze, appearing beside me. I try to look as if I wasn't just totally checking out the woman on the balcony above us. "I'm gonna head out, but I'll see you tomorrow in Spanish, right?"

"Yeah, sure. Hasta luego!" I joke. He smiles and rolls his eyes, jogging off to where his bike is chained up in the parking lot.

I chance a glance up at Santana again and see that she's heading inside. I need to go to the locker room before I leave; maybe she's headed there too... Shaking my head at myself, I make my way inside the building.

I've just finished changing my shirt and tossing my old one inside my locker when, sure enough, the door opens and in walks Santana and her blonde friend. I feel weirdly nervous as she passes behind me. It's probably because she's super attractive and super attractive girls always make me nervous. She's not even talking to me. I swallow and stare straight forward into my locker, moving things around for no particular reason.

"Well that is his job you know," the blonde is saying, with a joking tone. They stop and open their own lockers, somewhere behind me and along a bit.

"I know, but I just get so sick of it sometimes," Santana responds and oh my god her voice is just as sexy as the rest of her. I wonder what she's sick of…

I realise that I don't really have a good excuse to be standing motionless in front of my locker because I'm ready to go, so I slowly close it and turn to leave. Oh crap, worst time to turn around because Santana is in the middle of taking off her shirt. My eyes widen as she pulls off her fitted blue polo to reveal a black bra and perfectly bare back. I look away quickly, making awkward eye contact with the middle aged woman sitting on the bench between us putting her socks on. She gives me an odd look, probably because I resemble a startled deer right now. I quickly exit the changing room before I can somehow embarrass myself.

While I'm walking home my thoughts keep reverting back to Santana. There's just something so captivating about her which makes me want to know her…

Later in the evening I'm sitting on my laptop, chatting with Sam on Facebook but not really doing much else. I bring up a new tab and type "Santana Lopez" into Google. I click on the first result, which is a Wikipedia page, and learn that she grew up in LA and moved out here three years ago to pursue a professional career in golf. I look at her date of birth and find that she was born just two years before me. I thought she seemed older.

I don't find much more information except details of her career and some competitions she's won, and I close the tab, internally scolding myself for being such a stalker. But I can't help but hope I run into her again, and maybe get a chance to talk to her. I wonder if she's looking for a caddy…

Quick A/N: So I've been thinking of writing this story for a while, inspired by Santana's golf jokes from season two. Just to clarify, I am not a golf fanatic and there may be a few details which are unrealistic/inaccurate but it shouldn't matter too much. Hope you enjoy!