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Private Lesson

It was looking to be another beautiful day in Sindria, cloudless skies and the pleasant sound of birds greeting one another as the sun began its journey above the horizon. If one listened closely, a faint clacking could be heard, the sound bouncing off the cream marble floors and echoing throughout the passageways of the palace as the king's advisor made his first rounds of the day.

Ja'far made it a habit to be up and about at least an hour before the rest of the palace's residents rose from their slumber, convincing himself he did so only out of necessity. Sinbad was still king of Sindria after all.

As he made his way through the main hallway he glanced into the king's bedchambers, not to invade his privacy, but simply to see if the man had even gained consciousness from last night's festival. Upon spying Sinbad awake as well as reading a scroll, which appeared to be the one Ja'far had given to him the day before, he continued on his way to his office with a content smile on his face.

"Ja'far, could you come here for a moment, I have something I'd like you to take a look at."

Said advisor paused in his steps. Was it possible that he was still asleep? Because only in Ja'far's dreams did his king ever take his role as leader of one of the greatest countries known to man seriously, especially this early in the morning. He hadn't realized how long he had been musing to himself of the possibility of this being an episode of insomnia until he heard his name called again by his king.

"Are you coming? This matter is a b-bit urgent," Sinbad stressed as Ja'far turned and headed towards the door the commanding and slightly . . . husky voice had emitted from. Not dwelling on the small detail for long, as it was probably from the fact the king had yet to be awake for more than an hour or so, he made his way over to Sinbad's desk. The king sat with several scrolls scattered out in front of him.

Once Ja'far fully entered the room he placed his lightly scarred hands together and bowed in greeting as he declared, "I would be more than happy to assist you Sin. You know as your advisor it is my humble duty to counsel you in any way I can."

"Any way huh?"

The formation of a harsh retort due to the implication in his king's response lay frozen on the post-assassin's tongue as Sinbad's face caught his attention. Not only were his cheeks flushed, but his eyes were half lidded as well and it appeared that he was having some difficult breathing. Alarmed, Ja'far rushed towards the king and slammed his hands onto the desk, as he demanded his king tell him what had put him in such a state.

"Sin, are you injured? Are you ill?"

"Ahhh- not exactly . . ." was Sinbad's breathy reply.

After further inspection of the panting man, Ja'far's eyes threatened to bulge from his skull. Sinbad let out a groan of satisfaction while he leaned back in his chair and let his eyelids finally slide completely shut, as trying to keep them open appeared to be just too strenuous at the moment. The king's new position fully exposed his hand, which was leisurely pumping his erection, to his advisor.

At a loss for words Ja'far attempted a hasty retreat, well he thought about attempting a hasty retreat. But for some reason his feet seemed to be glued to the floor, not allowing him to move as his eyes took in the erotic scene before him.

Sinbad was comfortably slouched in his desk chair with some pieces of his robe pushed to the side by his right elbow so that he could better reach his groin with his dominant hand. A bead of sweat slid slowly down his temple as his left hand gripped the closest corner of his desk along with one of the scrolls, which was now starting to get crumpled due to the king's powerful grip.

"I'm surprised you're still here. Enjoying t-the show?"

Ja'far hadn't noticed when Sinbad had opened his eyes again, which was probably because his eyes were fixated elsewhere, but hearing his king's voice snapped his attention directly to the man's face.

No words came from his lips as he blinked repeatedly in astonishment and swallowed quite loudly. As Ja'far attempted to gain his composure to conjure up a reply, he wondered when the sound of his heart beating came to be the loudest sound in the room.

"You're acting like you've nngh-never scene another man's cock before?"

Well that's because he hadn't. Who did Sinbad think he was? He was the king's most trusted advisor, one of the renowned eight generals of Sindria, and he took his duties very seriously. Ja'far knew his king as well as his peers indulged in passionate activities occasionally, but he simply saw them as a distraction and kept himself away from such things. He assumed this information was obvious to his companions, but apparently not.

He must have been revealing these thoughts on his face, because not a moment after they had flashed through his mind he heard a distant humming of affirmation from the other occupant in the room.

"I am going to t-take that as a no."

Ja'far felt his face heat up with embarrassment at the statement and that was all the confirmation Sinbad really needed.

"I mean…nngh…it might look different then yours, but hah-it's not like you've never done this yourself right?"

Still no verbal response from Ja'far, but his blush did turn a shade darker. Interesting. Sinbad didn't need to hear him say the words, Ja'far's body was telling him plenty.

"So you are t-telling me that you've-hah never pleasured yourself Ja'far, n-not once?"

He had been an assassin since before he could remember. Trained to feel nothing, be nothing, only the mission mattered or more importantly the elimination of his next target. If he were still living the life of a killer today, when would he have had the time for such a frivolous thing as pleasure? Doing so would have only allowed someone to breach his defenses and that brief moment of desire would have ended up costing him his life.

Planning out his next killing and his next meal were all that consumed his life before Sinbad rescued him. Even now inside the safety of the palace he was always on guard and slept only as much as he needed. No more, no less. Pleasure was for those who were carefree and didn't have something, or in this case, someone, to protect.

Ja'far was not one of them.

Another guttural moan had Ja'far crashing back to reality, as did the sight of the drop of pre-come collecting at the tip of Sinbad's cock. It seemed to be increasing in size with every passing second and was now slowly gliding down the front of the swollen shaft.

"Not even when you are a-alone in your bed in the dead of night? You don't slip a hand between your legs, take yourself in hand, and s-stroke…mmmph… yourself to relieve some of the stress from the day?"

A gasp escaped Ja'far's lips at the lewd suggestion, which in turn only made Sinbad grow harder in his own hand. The thought of Ja'far sprawled out on his bed, body flushed pink with arousal, and whimpering as he let whatever fantasy he choose to indulge in take him to earth-shattering release by his own hand...

The thought alone pushed Sinbad just that little bit closer to the edge.

With each passing question Ja'far could feel his face heat as well as his groin underneath his robes stiffen with arousal. This in turn forced the white-haired man to slightly open his mouth and begin to pant. It felt like he just couldn't get enough air into his lungs as he continued to watch his king pleasure himself.

Wet squelching sounds could now be heard clearly throughout the room as Sinbad strokes became smoother from the excessive amount of pre-come as he focused his attention on the top of his cock. He twisted his fist over the blushing head on every upstroke as he grew more sensitive to his own touch.

"That's a shame. Nnngh-no wonder you are always so-hah tense . . . You really are missing out t-though."

Another almost pained groan escaped his king's lips as he slowed his hand's movements, deciding it would be worth it to hold off his climax for just a little while longer. He did love testing his control after all.

"Maybe I should t-try and describe just h-how gooooodddd driving yourself to release can be…"

"Uhh-mmm no Sin really, hah that won't be necessary!" Ja'far yelped in response to his king's proposition.

So that's what got his cute little advisor to finally protest against his more than forward advances. Now the king just needed to figure out how hard he could push Ja'far without having him flee the royal bedchambers.

Only one way to find out

"At first, unless you are p-previously aroused, it won't feel l-like much-hah except skin sliding ahh-against skin…I'd also advise using s-some oil. . .mmmph. . ."

Oil? What for? Its only purpose being to fix the occasionally squeaking door Ja'far could not think of why Sinbad would mention such a thing at a time like this.

Noticing the baffled look that crossed his advisor's face at the mention of lubrication Sinbad smirked to himself. "Or if you w-want to keep it al natural s-spit works too."

As if to prove his point Sinbad raised his right palm to his mouth. Being the hand that had just been sliding steadily on the king's shaft, it was now covered with a thin film of pre-come. Sinbad's tongue peeked out between his parted lips and lapped at his palm almost greedily as if he were savoring the taste.

Ja'far eyes dilated at the sight and his cock hardened even further. Had he ever seen anything so erotic in his entire life? Normally the thought of ingesting such fluids would be appalling to the younger man, but somehow Sinbad made it look downright delicious.

Pleased with Ja'far's reaction, the king placed his right hand back onto his erection once more before picking up where he had left off with slow easy strokes.

"P-pressure. . . mmph . . .and-hah s-speed are-."

Sinbad cut himself off as he scraped a particularly sensitive part on the underside of his cock. He then bit his lip, almost to the point of bleeding, to keep him from coming. He couldn't remember the last time he had been able to hold off this long. Especially with Ja'far in the room, voyeurism being one of his many kinks, one would think he wouldn't be able to last at all.

"F-f-firm gripppph . . . and don't b-be ssshhhhhy about touchinggg other places. "

As if to show Ja'far just what "other places" he was referring to, Sinbad released his grip on the desk and placed his left hand below his right to lightly fondle his balls. This caused the king to gasp and slightly shake his head from side to side as if at war with himself on whether or not he should allow himself to come.

Ja'far still stood unmoving, as Sinbad appeared to be just on the edge of climax. He could do little more but stare in amazement as his king continued to tease himself. Ja'far hadn't noticed but he had begun to worry his bottom lip and press crescent-shaped indents into his palms from the tension coursing through his body.

It finally became too much. The sight of his innocent advisor biting into his plump bottom lip and panting was the final trigger Sinbad needed. Mouth open wide and head thrown back as come splattered from his chest to his chin. His hand moved much slower on his now wilting erection, lazy almost as Sinbad finished himself off and got his breathing under control. He hadn't been expecting to come so hard.

After wiping the come off his chin and neck with the back of his hand, Sinbad rose from his chair and made his way to the front of his desk where Ja'far was still standing. The smaller man seemed to be trembling.

As Sinbad took the last final steps in order to reach his advisor, Ja'far took a step back. Sinbad smirked at this and took yet another step forward, which Ja'far then mirrored in reverse. This continued until the smaller man stumbled back into a large upholstered sofa on the far left side of the king's suite.

Out of breath and more than a little flustered Ja'far tried to get his bearings as Sinbad placed his left hand on the wall behind his advisor's head. The king could easily see the tent created by the other man's erection now that he was seated. Ja'far was able to conceal his arousal when standing due to his robes, but in his current position it was impossible to hide.

Noticing his king's gaze, Ja'far followed it till he caught sight of what had Sinbad's attention. Blushing even harder Ja'far placed both of his hands into his lap in order to make his obvious arousal, well less obvious.

"Sin…please let me up…"

"And why would I do that?" Sinbad whispered as he leaned even closer to the smaller man and brought his right hand to lightly graze his fingertips across his advisor's flushed cheek.

"Now let's see if you were paying attention"

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