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Private Lesson

Ja'far stared up into the warm hazel eyes of his king with anticipation as well as trepidation. What could Sinbad have meant? He had never felt such pleasure from anything in his life and now Sinbad was trying to tell him there was more? The innocent brain of the king's advisor just couldn't fathom what more there could possibly be.

He was suddenly taken out of his thoughts by a slight pressure at his entrance. It felt similar to what Sinbad had done when he had been pleasuring him earlier, but this time the finger kept pushing against the pucker of skin until it was granted access.

Letting his advisor have time to recover after his first orgasm was starting to become painful. Even though he had been able to release some tension earlier that morning with his more than attentive advisor present, it was becoming increasingly more difficult to ignore his throbbing erection and gather some semblance of self control with the anxious expression upon Ja'far flushed face. Sinbad decided he couldn't wait any longer, now it was time to really rock his advisor's world.

Sinbad continued to cautiously insert his finger, which was coated with a copious amount of oil, into his advisor's tight opening. Ja'far squirmed at the slightly foreign feeling, but then Sinbad begun to leisurely pump his finger slowly in and out of the younger man.

Ja'far soon concluded that the small intrusion really wasn't that bad.

Taking a deep breath, Ja'far relaxed his tense muscles, which then allowed him to sink even further into the plush linens of his bed. Sinbad detected the slight change and removed his finger only to return with two.

Two wasn't so nice.

Ja'far's face twisted in discomfort as Sinbad's fingers slipped in to the second knuckle. The king then began to scissor his fingers in an attempt to stretch his advisor's tight passage in preparation for larger things to come.

The pain distorting his advisor's face forced Sinbad to stop his movements. He slowly slipped his fingers out and placed a tender kiss to a pale thigh. Ja'far opened startled eyes at the unexpected caress and focused them on the affectionate gaze of the man kneeling between his legs.

"Try to relax a little," Sinbad whispered against his advisor's skin with a smirk.

Ja'far gave a shaky nod of understanding before lying back down and uncurling his fists, which had hadn't realized he'd been clenching. The feel of his king's warm breath ghosting over his skin was surprisingly comforting and Ja'far found himself wishing for Sinbad to continue the soothing gesture.

After taking a few calming breathes, Ja'far felt his king begin to slowly thrust his fingers shallowly into Ja'far's opening once more. The smaller man focused solely on his breathing in an attempt to try and ignore the pain even as he felt Sinbad slid deeper and deeper into his body. This worked somewhat until Sinbad crooked his fingers slightly and rubbed against the sensitive bundle of nerves he knew he'd find there.

As if Sinbad had hit a switch, Ja'far let out a needy whine as his king lightly brushed his prostate. Before the smaller man could voice any of his questions as to what the king had just done, Sinbad pushed harder against the spot which had Ja'far throwing his head back with a shriek he'd be embarrassed to admit was from his lips had he been aware.

Pleased that his advisor was thoroughly enjoying himself, Sinbad went about finishing what he had started. He wanted Ja'far to be fully prepped so he took his time stretching the man further with just his fingers.

Soft pants and whimpers filled the modestly sized room as Ja'far started to thrust his hips down on Sinbad's questing fingers with utter abandon, desperately hoping they would brush that spot just one more time.

Determining that Ja'far was prepared enough, Sinbad removed his fingers once more and started to place oil onto his own member. Ja'far watched as Sinbad rubbed oil onto himself with almost practiced efficiency and blushed when he was caught shamelessly gawking at his king slicking up his cock.

Sinbad leered at his advisor when he caught his stare and gently grabbed the back of each of Ja'far's thighs as he lined himself up with the smaller man's entrance. Ja'far inhaled sharply at the feeling of Sinbad's cock breaching his opening. Several moments later Sinbad was full seated in his advisor's heat, but he waited for Ja'far's muscles to adjust to the invasion and decided to rid the man of his clothes. This entailed slipping Ja'far's nightgown over his head, which proved worth it when Sinbad began peppering kissing along his advisor's chest as he waited for the other man to relax once again.

Though the kissing was nice, Ja'far was still very aware of the king's cock currently inside him and no amount of ki-

"What are you doing?"

"Trying to make you feel good."

"By licking my . . ."

"Nipples, yes." And as if to prove his point, Sinbad latched onto one of Ja'far's nubs and sucked it between his lips before lightly nibbling on the abused flesh. The king continued to torment one nipple with his mouth and the other with his fingers, plucking and rolling it slowly.

Never realizing his nipples could be so sensitive to another's touch, Ja'far panted and whimpered at Sinbad's brutal ministrations, the painful sensation from being entered earlier almost completely forgotten.

Sinbad then kissed his way up Ja'far's chest until he reached his neck. Slowly drawing his hips back, Sinbad bit down on a pale collarbone as he thrust forward with a snap. The combination of pain and pleasure was too much for Ja'far's lust filled brain to process; instead he let out a high-pitched keen in response to his king's movements.

After the initial thrust, Sinbad gave Ja'far no more than a second before he was thrusting back in again, searching for that bundle of nerves to make his advisor scream once more.

Sinbad continued changing the angle of his hips until Ja'far let out a hoarse cry.

"Sin . . . I can't-"

"Shhh, hold on just a bit longer," Sinbad crooned as he leaned back so he was now kneeling on the sheets and effortlessly picked the smaller man up by his spread thighs.

A shocked gasp escaped Ja'far's lips as he wrapped his arms tightly around the broad back of his king. It was so much deeper this way. It felt as if Sinbad was attempting to reach his very soul.

Ja'far could do little more than cling to his king with what little energy he had left and whined into the other man's neck as Sinbad thrust up into his willing body. Sinbad set a steady pace as Ja'far got accustomed to the new position. Every time Ja'far would come down onto his king's cock, his prostate was struck, but it wasn't enough to force him to climax. It was quickly turning into the sweetest kind of torture.

"Put your arms around my neck and lean into me."

Barely able to comprehend the command, Ja'far blindly did as Sinbad instructed and soon discovered why his king had suggested he do so. Due to the closer proximity Ja'far's neglected member was able to make contact with Sinbad's hard lower abdomen. Soon the smaller man was shamelessly rubbing himself against his king, revealing in the delicious friction his uncoordinated thrusting were causing.

"Please . . .please . . . Sin please . . ."

Ja'far wasn't sure what he was begging for, all he knew was that he wanted, he needed-


Just the sound of his name softly spoken into his ear from the lips of man he held most dear was more than enough to tip the advisor over the edge into a sea of endless pleasure. Ja'far's inner muscles continued to spasm and clench around Sinbad's cock as he rode out his release.

The feeling of being sucked in became too much for Sinbad and he was soon coming with a harsh groan into the lithe body situated above him. A warm sensation filled Ja'far's passage as he opened his eyes to look upon his king as his orgasm peeked.

Before the advisor's body went completely limp in his king's arms he thought back to that morning. It turns out there was indeed something more erotic then the sight of Sinbad pleasuring himself, though Ja'far was not aware of it at the time. The thought along caused the smaller man to bite hit lip and finally succumb to sleep.

Sinbad lay with his arms full of sweaty sated sweetness. His advisor couldn't stay conscious for more than a minute after his climax and now he was carefully tucked under the king's strong chin.

Soon after reaching his own release the king had untangled himself from his advisor's pliant limbs and gone to the bathroom to clean up. He had come back a few moments later with a wet washcloth. As he started to wipe away sweat and cum from the pale skin of his advisor's groin he noticed Ja'far's cock twitch at the attention. Smirking to himself, Sinbad decided that the smaller man would most likely have an insatiable appetite after just getting a taste of the pleasure within his grasp. He knew Ja'far would never voice such things, but that hardly mattered when Sinbad had been eager to explore every inch of his advisor's body for years. Now that the man was in reach he had no qualms with ravishing the other man when and wherever he saw fit.

Ja'far then mumbled something in his sleep and Sinbad decided he'd explore just how insatiable the other man would be at a later date. The king cautiously cleaned the rest of the evidence of their lovemaking from Ja'far resting form, careful not to wake the smaller man from his slumber. Once he was satisfied with his work, Sinbad tossed the used cloth into the far corner of his advisor's room to be dealt with in the morning.

Sinbad slowly pulled the sheets back from the bed and slipped in beside Ja'far. As he got himself situated beneath the linens he watched in disbelief as Ja'far gradually made his way closer and closer to his side and smiled down at his advisor due to the precious gesture. Once Ja'far finally reached the warm wall that was Sinbad's body he slipped an arm around his abdomen and placed his check upon the older man's chest all while still in deep sleep. With his arms raised above his head as to not disturb the movements of his advisor, Sinbad smirked as he reached around Ja'far, cradled his waist and lifted him just so his advisor's head was tucked snuggly under his chin.

With one last sigh, Sinbad closed his eyes and hoped tomorrow would never come.

Sunny morning rays slipped into the small bedroom and fell upon the freckled face of the king's advisor. Ja'far squinted as his eyes adjusted to the light. It was just too bright, he never had this problem any other morning, but most mornings he was up and about before the sun was even in the sky.

Ja'far shoot up into a sitting position as the realization finally came into focus. Well he attempted to shoot up into a sitting position, but there was a very large alien weight resting around his waist that was hindering his ability to do so. Instead all he was capable of was to lift his head off of another foreign hard surface where a soft fluffy pillow usually resided.

What was going on? Last night he had left dinner early because he didn't wish to attend the night's festivities and have to face Sinbad so soon after their more than memorable encounter that morning. Then he'd gone to his room and gotten ready for bed. He had had difficulty sleeping so he had-

All the events that had occurred the night before came flashing across the advisor's mind like an old horror film.

He had touched himself.

Sinbad had walked in on him touching himself.

Sinbad had taken him into his mouth.

They had had sex.

A deep blush stained Ja'far's cheeks as he remembered Sinbad's face as he had reached his peak. His thoughts then darkened as he realized how many people had probably seen his king in such a state. Jealously soon grew inside him at the thought of Sinbad sharing his bed with another, even though after only one night Ja'far had no real claim on the other man's exploits.


As if on cue, Sinbad smiled up at his startled advisor and lifted his arms to stretch them above his head with a groan.

"I don't think I've slept that well in years, wonder why?"

Sinbad smirked when Ja'far's cheeks turned an even darker shade of red. Lifting the smaller man's chin so that their eyes were locked once more, Sinbad placed a soft chaste kiss upon his advisor's lips and laughed when Ja'far swiftly turned away once their lips where no longer touching.

"About last night-"

"No one else." Ja'far cut in, wishing to make his thoughts clear from the beginning if he had any hope a relationship between the two of them would last.


"I said, no one else. Just me."

Chuckling at his advisor's harsh tone so early in the day, Sinbad grabbed Ja'far and hugged him to his chest before the other man got the wrong idea.

"I wouldn't have it any other way."

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