Presenting another story about Spike, now in the schoolhouse of Ponyville of Ms. Cheerilee's class, the description said everything else. So lets get a move on. BUT one quick thing, Snips and Snails are not, we'll say dumbfounded characters, they are more of the bullies and forcefully popular ponies. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are their normal selves, jerks, no bigee. Enjoy...

"Spike...Spike wake up...get up Spike." A lavender unicorn of the name of Twilight Sparkle was trying anxiously to waken her dragon assistant, Spike, for an important reason. She shook the small body tirelessly in the basket he slept in, only to get a quick snort and a hand push her hoof away.

The dragon creeped his eyes open, frowning in annoyance to the mare that was shaking him awake. He threw his bed covers over himself and snored abrumptiously. The shaking of the hooves stopped. A small smile of victory broke across his face, snuggling into his warm blanket to continue.

Though the unicorn didn't give up. She lit the horn that poked out of her forehead and lifted the dragon out of his bed, instantly making his eyes shoot open. Hearing a couple groaning and snorting from the frowning dragon, she put him down on the floor on his small feet.

The dragon snarled at the unicorn that had gotten victory over him, speaking in a bad tone, "Why did you have to wake me up Twilight? I usually wake up in another hour." He crossed his arms and put his head down, yawning loudly.

The mare was smiling, happily trotting over to the dragon and lifting him up onto her back, speaking joyfully, "Because today is going to be your first day of school Spike, that's why I woke you up."

The purple dragons eyes widened, "What! You've got to be joking Twilight. I can't go to school."


"Because I just don't think I'll like it is all."

Twilight began moving towards the stairs of the home the two lived in, also known as the library of Ponyville. She made her way to the bottom and sat the dragon on a sofa. "Anything you would want for breakfast Spike?"

Spike rose an eyebrow, sitting comfortably on the red sofa, "Shouldn't I be the one who should ask you that question? And besides...what made you decide that I should go to school? I mean really, this is something I doubted you would ever do."

Twilight pulled out a couple gems from a cupboard while Spike wasn't looking at her, making sure he doesn't figure where her stash of gems was, so he wouldn't eat all of them in a matter of seconds. "How about gems then? They seem to always fill you up quickly."

The dragon licked his lips in delight, hopping off the sofa and rushing into the kitchen next to the unicorn, "Yes! Oh the sweet gems, do you have rubies?"

Twilight smiled down at the happily jumping dragon, rolling her eyes and passing the different varieties of jewels to him, "I only thought it would be nice if you try something new instead of helping me each day. Besides, Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo go to school together."

Spike didn't pay attention, he was too busy enjoying the gems that satisfied his hunger.. He moved his pupils towards the mare, "Huh? Sorry Twilight, just enjoying the great flavour of the gems."

Twilight furrowed her eyebrows, her voice increased a bit as she spoke, "Because it seemed like you should try something new instead of helping me all day long. And you could at least spend more time with the crusuaders, they would love to see you be with them at the school."

Spike thought about the idea of going to school for a bit, crunching the gems slowly as he thought. He closed his eyes and shrugged his shoulders, swallowing the last of the jewels and answering unsurely, "I guess I could give it a shot. What can be so bad about it?"

Twilight jumped in excitement and handed Spike a backpack that showed up from who knows where. Although it did match with his scales, purple and green, like himself. "Then you shouldn't be late then Spike. You know where the shoolhouse is right? Its down the road that heads to Sweet Apple Acres. I would take you there, but I have to go to Rarity's to help with a project."

Spike grunted, the backpack already giving an uncomfortable feeling on his back, shifting his shoulders as well to get the right position of the bag on him. He looked up to Twilight as he finished, feeling unprepared still, "I really wouldn't ask if you could take me anyway, I'm not that young anymore Twilight."

The mare giggled, opening the door with her alightened horn, "I was only saying that because I thought you probably didn't know where it was, not to make you look like a lost baby dragon."

The purple dragon snarled to that last comment, "Alright then Twilight, well I guess I'll see you whenever that bell rings." He headed for the door, waving a paw goodbye to the mare that waved her hoof back, "Bye Twilight!"

He walked down the road to Sweet Apple Acres, seeing faces of other ponies look at him wondering why he had a backpack. Spike only tried to ignore all the murmurs he heard from each pony he passed by, "Geez, my first day and I have all this already", he thought to himself.

He started catching a glimpse of the schoolgrounds, when he heard a voice calling from behind, "Spike! Spike!" The dragon swung his head around to see a white filly unicorn that was the same height as him. Her pink and purple swirled mane and tail shining brightly to the morning sun, her shimmering purple ridged eyes gleaming to also the suns rays. But she didn't have a cutie mark though like most other ponies do.

She ran up to the dragon ponderously, asking as she caught up with the drake, "Where you heading that you have a backpack?" The filly thought for a couple seconds, looking from the school building and back at the dragon. She figures and gasped excitedly, "Your going to school Spike?! This is going to be wonderful, you could hang with me and the other crusaders." The was a ring of a bell that spooked the filly, "We should hurry or we'll be late. Just follow me and I'll take you to Miss Cheerilee's."

The two began running into the school building, going into the only classroom in the school. The two saw everypony that were sitting patiently, awaiting for the teacher while they chatted with eachother. They all turned their heads and saw the dragon, all gasping to the appearence of the scaly creature that they started chatting about him for a few moments.

"Don't mind them Spike, they were all like this when Star Gazer came to the school. Come on, you can sit next me over in the front." Sweetie Belle tugged the dragon towards an empty desk that was next to where she sat, seating herself in her polished wooden desk. She patted the empty seat and the dragon sat, looking around the brightly coloured classroom.

The cleaned chalkboard hanging on the wall in front of the wandering purple dragon; what he guessed was the teachers desk sitting in front of him as well, with papers and pencils laying on top, even a white coffee mug that was still steaming laying on a coaster. He kind of admired the way the classroom looked, posters of inspirational quotes on the wall espicially. Some pictures as well

"Well it looks we have a new student here today class", called a voice from an older looking pony entering the classroom. Her violet fur very neatly brushed along with her plum and purple shaded mane and tail nicely groomed and shiny like if she just took a shower before coming. "Would you like to present yourself to the class?"

Spike's face turned red, 'Oh crap, can't even last ten minutes in class without even sitting calmly now can I?' He thought; taking a deep breath and standing up from his seat, clearing out his throat and began to speak in a lacking tone, "Some of you obviously know me already as Spike the Dragon, dragon assistant and practical brother for Twilight Sparkle, the town librarian and the Element of Magic." Spike sat back down after snickering a few times to his success, 'Hmph, didn't even break a sweat.'

"Well thank you Spike for presenting yourself. Okay class, today's lesson is on weather changes." Ms. Cheerilee exclaimed, hearing a few grunting noises as she had her back turned writing todays lesson on the chalk board. "Don't worry class, its exciting to know why we have spring, summer, autumn, and winter."

Sweetie Belle reached a hoof over and nudged Spikes arm, "Psst, Spike? I should warn you about some of things that are going on right now." She whispered, peering her head around to a few ponies and then back to Spike, "Things are not going to be the way you'll hope to see them, I'll tell you more with the crusaders at lunch."

Spikes eyes shot open wider than they already were, "Lunch you say? Well I already like this place... For now." Now he thought about different kinds of food he likes to eat besides gems, gems, and... More gems. Nothing seemed to pop up though since all that he loves to eat were gems.

"Twilight told me before that you like to eat gems. Uuuhhhmmm, we don't necassarily have any because this was a full pony school and we have to bring our own as well." Sweetie exclaimed.

Spike grunted, "You're joking, I have to bring my own? Hopefully Twilight knew about this and put something to eat in my backpack." He slouched in his seat and thought about Ms. Cheerilee's teachings, 'This is supposed to be fun, right? I mean if the weather changes because of the planets axis tilting in two directions... Woah, I already know too much, Twilight was right, school gives you info just like that.'

Sweetie smiled at him, "Don't worry, Rarity always puts seconds in my lunch-bag, and I can't figure why." She then turned her attention to the Ms. Cheerilee, studying the pictures and words on the chalkboard.

"Better be at least a sandwich then...with gems."

The lunch bell rang out and the fillys and colts rushed out to the playground like a bunch of rabid dogs chasing after a bunny. Spike walked out of the schoolhouse and into the playground. He walked over to a large patch of grass where he met Sweetie Belle again and the rest of the crusaders. "So what was it you were going to tell me Sweetie Belle? Something's are not going to be the way I think they are?"

Sweetie Belle sat down as did the other two crusaders and Spike, rubbing her head with a hoof, "Well, lets say there are some bullies, like Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara. Those two bully us all the time."

"Well why don't you do anything about it Sweetie Belle?" The dragon asked, showing an assertive expression while he dug into his backpack for his lunch.

"Because Spike... Their coltfriends get in the way." Spoke up a tangerine furred pegasus filly.

"Coltfriends? Who would they be then Scootaloo?" He asked, raising an eyebrow, 'Who dates bullies?'

"Snips n' Snails... Them two er' always backing em' up." The last crusader answered, an orange furred earth-pony filly.

Spike chuckled, not only finding gems in his backpack, but to the fact that two not-so-bright colts were dating bullies. "Really? Snips and Snails and dating those two...HA! Last thing I would want to hear of those two doing something like this."

Sweetie Belle gave a bad smile and rubbed her the back of her head, "They're not as dumb as you think they are Spike. They're just big bullies like the girls."

"Well I don't know what to say. Do they do this often?" The dragon and three fillys were unaware of four ponies approaching them, smiling deviously.

These four approaching ponies were as silent as a slithering snake, slipping through the warm breeze like butterflies, but as bad as a hungry bear and not as "evil" like Discord. These were the bullies, the "popular" ponies, the bad on the inside, but good on the outside, hiding the way they really act outside of class.

"Hey blank flanks! You made a new friend? A dragon, Twilight's pet right, Spike?" One spike in a sinister tone. Her fashionably groomed light-purple shaded (orchid perhaps) and white mane that was held together quite reasonably by a tiara with a fake, but really realistic blue diamond in the middle connected to the main frame. Her clean, also shiny pink fur brushed by what it looks to be from a professional groomer, that was topped off with the cutie mark of another damn tiara, like there isn't enough crowns to see. Then nonetheless ironically, her name was Diamond Tiara, the leader of this four-foal group of bullies. She lived in a mansion where most of the other fancy and expensive homes were at with her father, Filthy Rich, also ironic. Greedy, indeed stubborn to be always on top of the pyramid.

Applebloom snarled at the arriving foals, getting Spike and the two other crusaders attention to turn around and see the foals. Applebloom spoke with ease, not trying to start anything, "Diamond Tiara, whadda ya want?"

"And who you calling pet Diamond? Spike is practically Twilights little brother." Sweetie Belle spoke up for Spike, standing up on all four.

"Baby brother, heh heh heh." One other bully insulted. His not-so brushed light-blue fur and orange mane and tail poorly combed, the mane slanted more to the left side of his head than to the right. The tail was short, like if somepony decided to slice most of it off with a blade rather than scissors. His name was Snips. He wasn't bright, nor was he dumb, more inbetween since he gets a little more teachings after school each day from Ms. Cheerilee. He's apparently in a relationship with Diamond Tiara while his best friend who happens to be standing by him, Snails, is with Silver Spoon, who on the other hoof is best friends with Diamond Tiara.

"Wait a couple years and you'll regret what you said Snips." Spike shot back, standing and facing Snips, they were both the same height surprisingly, only until Snips stood up on his hindlegs and looked about a thirds taller than the dragon.

"Anything else, dragon?" Snails backed-up his best friend. He was a colt unicorn with the same colors as Snips, just switched. The light-blue is his mane and tail as his fur is orange. He was the tallest of the group from his extended legs. Now this colt was also the same as Snips, inbetween with intelligence and stupidity.

Sweetie Belle had no idea what to do, all she did was pull Spike back and whisper to him, "We should go, lunch is about to end." And sure enough, she was right. Ms. Cheerilee came outside from the classroom and called out for the ponies to come back to class.

The crusaders and Spike left back to the room, with the bullies following up behind and nudging their shoulders on each of the crusaders and the dragon as they passed them. Once they were back in class, the rest of the lesson was taught throughout the remaining time and the bell rang out that school was done for the day. The fillys and colts exited quickly and happily, rushing back to their homes or to hang out with their friends.

The crusaders exited together and caught up behind of Spike, "I know you really didn't like your first day Spike, but don't worry, it won't be like this everyday." Sweetie Belle said.

"Yeah, I didn't like today at all. I mean being in class was fine, but lunch was just horrible. Not only did I not get to eat anything, but I was confronted by Snips and Snails, I thought they were friendly, but pretty dumb at the same time." Spike replied with his eyebrows furrowed, then reminding himself that he didn't eat, he dug back into his backpack and ate a couple gems.

"Well you wanna come with us back to the crusader clubhouse? Today we didn't plan any crusading." Scootaloo asked, not feeling so sure of herself, the last pony to ever be in the clubhouse was Appleblooms cousin, Babseed, maybe this could be a start of something new.

Spike thought for a few moments and remembered what Twilight told him about needing to be out of the library more often, "Alright then, where is it?"

"Just come with us, we'll take you there. But one quick question scales, can you earn a cutie mark?" Sweetie asked out of curiosity, slightly tilting her head sideways with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm not sure, I've never seen a dragon have one, but it's probably possible. I can ask Twilight later on."

"Well we shouldn't waste anymore time, lets go." Applebloom interrupted, wanting to get to the clubhouse in no time at all, she even paced her hooves in place to get herself started. And with a turn and go, they were off to Sweet Apple Acres, wher the current location of Cutie Mark Crusaders Headquarters was.

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