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"Now how does this work?" Featherweight asked Spike as he was cornered with Scootaloo in the back corner of the clubhouse. He wasn't sure of what was going to happen and was very curious of what the dragons proposal was to him. Spike grinned, "You'll see," he said smoothly. Featherweight gulped and looked nervously into the eyes of the tangerine pegasus, who was looking back at him seductivly.

Scootaloo stood on her hindlegs and pressed her back against the wall, "Get on your knees and then look up," she cooed, seeing the cream colored pegasus followed as said. He got a perfect view of her nether region once he got down and looked up. He saw that it was a little moistened and as he looked just between the tight slits, it was a bright pink on the inside. He couldn't help but have his cheeks glow red. He asked, "What are we doing, Scoots?" Getting his answer, the pegasus got a mouthful of Scootaloo and he looked up, shocked at her. "Now you get a good taste," Scootaloo teased as she bent her knees down just a bit for her to relax a moment before she felt a slimy organ slip into her.

The pony squealed in delight and she lolled out her tongue to the perfection of her satisfaction. Her wings erected and fluttered in a tempo after each lick she received. She looked down while her tongue still hanged out and put her hooves on too of Featherweights head and pulled him away. "That...was...amazing," she said between breaths, eyeing the pegasus' damped snout. "Now," she softly said, bending herself forward and leaving her rump to be high in the sky, "I think your stallionhood is good to go." Indeed it was, the male ponys penis had came alive and was hardened to its peak. He wasn't sure what he was supposed to do next until he stood up and watched as Scootaloo spun around to show her glistening marehood in his face. He got the idea and placed his front hooves on the female ponys shoulders, elevating himself and having his cocks tip at the entrance of her walls.

Scootaloo felt the tip rub against her and she laughed since it tickled her. She didn't feel anything and she noticed that Featherweight had no clue on what to do next; she giggled to his embaressment. She backed up and let his erection slide into her slippery vagina, causing her to groan and moan in a blissful tone. She felt the length deepen, then feeling herself shudder as it pulled out and pushed back in. It was a slow start before the pace began to pick-up, seizing her tension to scream out after it started feeling rough for her. Her inner-walls clenched hard on Featerweights penis and he had to put more power into his thrusts. It rued that she threw her head up and yelled out in ecstasy from all the pleasure that was delivered to her. Scootaloos groin began to feel warmer and she tensed up, feeling weak to her knes that she collapsed down; with the cream pony falling with her.

Scootaloo took a few deep breaths, "We're not done...yet Featherweight." She felt real wonderful, just not as much as Featherweight did - his face had a lolled tongue, a wide smile, half-closed eyes, and sweat droplets falling from his chin. His pre-cum dripped onto the floor and he heard the filly, he wasn't done yet. He gathered himself together and pounded his cock back inside, making the tangerine pony screech and kick out one of her hindlegs, just missing Featherweights face. He started again where he left off, just this time with Scootaloo on her knees and him placing himself literally atop standing on all fours. His face went sour when he felt a rush building in his lower region. He threw his head up and yelled out a bellowed moan, releasing his load into her with a few squirts following after. The colt tumbled sideways and landed on his side, panting and sweating hardcore.

The rest of ponies and dragon had already started their moments of lust; Spike and Sweetie Belle; and Pipsqueak and Applebloom. They themselves were having it out wildly that their voices of pleasure sounded around the room, perpetuosly leaving Dinky out to see and study their actions with widened irises. She knew the concepts and purposes of sex from a book she read on her own time...alone. She kept watching Spike and Sweetie Belle in particular, eyeing their every move that it started to get a little creepy. She felt her marehood tingle and felt it get wet that she couldn't help but reach a hoof down and do a quick rub against her clitoris. She felt excited from it and continued to slowly rub outside her walls, making her fall on her flank and spread her legs wide as she resumed her masturbation.

Spike had Sweetie Belle laying on her back with her hindlegs high in the sky atop of the dragons shoulders. She had a mouth full of a single thin, snake-like, swirling tongue, battling it with hers as she tried to keep herself from shuddering after each penetration from Spikes cock. She had her eyes shut and so did it Spike, not knowing exactly what was going on around them; except the sounds of moaning and groaning coming from the other couple known as both Pipsqueak and Applebloom. The two also heard Dinky and the drake stopped for a short second, opening his eyes and perering his eye slits to the unicorn that pleasuring herself as she whispered to herself a name the two lovers couldn't comprehend. Spike pulled from the kiss he shared with Sweetie Belle and called, "Dinky, you don't have to do that." He got her attention in an instant and he smirked, looking back at the white unicorn and grinning derangedly, pulling his penis out of her and sat on his bum with his erection pointing up. He leaned back and kept himself angled on his arms behind him, spreading his legs open a little bit to give some room for the white pony.

Sweetie Belle stared down at Spikes dragonhood, after sitting up on her knees, for a moment before she turned her attention to Dinky and waving a hoof for her to come. Dinky followed the orders and went up next to Sweetie Belle. "Spike, why do you have to look so cute?" Sweetie teased as she lowered her head down with her mouth open and taking in the dragons full length. She started to bob her head back on forth it, pleasing her mate that he couldn't hold in his moans as he threw his head back, eyes staring at the ceiling. Dinky didn't understand why she was called over next to the other unicorns and the drake if she wasn't to do anything. She was wrong. Sweetie Belle stopped and pulled her mouth away with a poping noise and a trail of saliva connecting Spikes cock and her snout. She rubbed it off quickly and looked to Dinky with a low smile. "Are you ready?" She winked at Spike.

"Ready for what?" Dinky asked. It was answered just as she was tackled down and had her arms pinned by the dragons stronger pair. She held back no resistance and went along with the drakes roleplay. Her hindlegs were spreaded wide open to a near splits and her horn sparked to her envious enjoyment. She didn't know what sex felt like, but she thought it would feel good. She allowed for her mare parts to be tickled by Spikes lizard extent tongue, making we shudder uncontrollably that Sweetie Belle had to try and keep her pinned. What she didn't notice was that Sweetie Belle had sat on too of her chest, her nether region inches from her face. She felt herself regain control and she grabbed at the white ponys flank, pulling her pelvis closer to her face that her marehood was at tongue length. Dinky stuck her tongue out and gave a quick, yet stunning lick between Sweeties slits.

Sweetie accepted the intruding organ and scrame out in the air with her head thrown back. She felt Spikes hand come from behind and slowly reach down her body till it reached her vagina. Feeling a claw twirl around on the outer walls, she turned her head around and looked at the dragon who had positioned himself to penetrate into Dinky. He bit down onto his lovers neck and nibbled just as he poked his penis into Dinky Doo, hearing her moan through Sweetie Belles sex parts that it sent a vibration of pleasure through the white pony that she too, moaned out loud. Spike did all he could to please both fillys he shared intimation with, having one hand pleasing his true lovers clitoris and the other hand was keeping him steady by clenching it onto the grey unicorns waist side.

Spike removed his teeth away from Sweeties neck and huffed a second, "If you two keep...going at it like this...I'll stay hard all day." He paced roughly and kept gaining more speed, pounding insanely hard into the no longer virgin unicorn. He leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Sweetie Belle, throwing his pelvis at maximum speed that it made Dinky scream louder than she ever did into the pony she kept tasting at. Sweetie Belle released her female juices like a weak water hose and let it coat onto Dinkys face. Dinky got a clear taste of Sweeties orgasm and it tasted like cinnamon to her. She felt herself reaching her climax point too, rolling the tuckered out Sweetie Belle off her and letting the dragon finish the job. She reached her front hooves and wrapped them around the dragon, lifting herself up and sitting up with the reptiles length fully inside her and still pumping her insides.

Spike sat on his rump with both his legs kicked out in front with Dinky sitting on his cock and riding it. With the energetic pounding cing from both sex sharers, Spike gritted his teeth and shit his eyes tightly as he finally reached his moment, pressing his lips on the fillys and releasing his warm white draconic semen into her still developing womb, feeling the sticky substance leak out of her vagina and slide down the dragons legs and onto the floor. Dinky fell off and looked up at Spike with a smile, "I never sought...that this would damn good."

"Yep..." Spike replied taking a breather, "And it looks like Applebloom and Pipsqueak finished a long time ago." He looked to the two earth ponies at the far end of the clubhouse that were sleeping, having hooves wrapped around eachother in a spooning formation. The purple reptile laid down between Sweetie Belle and Dinky Doo, placing both his arms under each ponies neck and bringing their heads close to him. Sweetie Belle hugged at Spike like a teddy bear and Dinky tried to do the same.

Dinky slowly shut her eyes before saying a last few words before passing out, "I love you Spike."

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