Hermione cursed underneath her breath as she spied another one of her disfigured hats burning in the Gryffindor fireplace.

Silently she conceded her defeat, maybe the elves of Hogwarts had no reason to want to be free but it agitated her conscience that they were essentially forced to work without pay or they'd wither away.

Curled up in the library's private nook with the heavy curtains pulled so no one could see her, Hermione absently read the words of the book in her lap. She refused to speak to the boys only to hear them say they had told her so.

Even if her idea was silly, she wished they had supported her even a little bit instead of making her out to be some crazy overemotional girl.

"Excuse me Miss Hermione?"

Hermione turned red seeing that it was Lucius Malfoy who pulled the curtains back. She had not spoken with him since Halloween over a month ago except for pleasantries in the hallway. He remembered nothing after leaving the party and she convinced him that he had passed out drunk.


"I wish to make it up to you for Halloween. Would you accompany to a party this weekend?"

Oh goodness. Do you think Hermione should accept Lucius' invitation? If she does, I wonder what will happen at the party. How will the boys react?


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