As James gingerly hobbled down the stairs, Sirius snickered at his awkward gait.

"Jerk yourself a bit too hard last night?" Remus and Peter grinned when James flipped Sirius off. He glanced at the witch who smiled at him a little too brightly and innocently.

"Something like that." James grunted. Sirius teased James to the Great Hall until Remus threatened to spell his mouth shut for the day.

"Hermione, what did Malfoy say to you in the library yesterday?" James asked, causing three sets of eyes to look her way.

James: One, Hermione: Zero.

Hermione slathered her toast with jam a bit too vigorously. "Just an invitation to zeir House party."

Silverware hit the table.

James: One, Hermione: One.

"Well obviously you're not going." Sirius stated matter of factly and Hermione felt her temper rise.

"Who are you to tell me where I can go? I don't recall you being my boyfriend Sirius. Or any of the rest of you for that matter." Hermione added when James and Remus opened their mouths.

She gathered her books and paused before leaving.

"And not that's it any of your business but I will be going to the party."

Marauders: Zero, Hermione: One.

It never ends well for them when they try to control Hermione. I wonder if they will learn from their mistake. And what'll happen at the Slytherin party? Do Slytherins even know how to party?


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