This Chapter contains an adult scene. It is clearly labeled with the letter 'm' both at the beginning and end. If you are uncomfortable with man on man luvin' please skip the adult scene :-)


Harry apparated back to the motel where Sam and Dean were staying after finishing with Rita. He knew that within hours all hell would reign down on the people responsible for his kidnapping and imprisonment but he wouldn't be there to see it. He'd given his memories to Kingsley and washed his hands of them. Part of him had been tempted to stay around wreak personal justice and watch them wriggle as their lives fell apart but a bigger part just wanted it over. He'd already spent years apart from Sam and while he wasn't sure exactly where they stood he knew he loved him as much as he had the night he was kidnapped. So instead of hanging around Harry returned to the shabby motel where Sam and Dean were waiting for him.

Sam kissed him when he walked into the room and it made Harry smile.

"How'd it go?" he asked and Harry shrugged.

"Fine pretty much as expected, they're all being brought into custody as we speak. They'll go to trial but with the evidence I've provided there is no way they'll get off without life sentences if not the kiss."

"The kiss?" Dean asked sounding incredulous. Harry smirked at him.

"Yeah we don't have the death sentence the kiss is much worse. They suck your soul out through your mouth."

"Jesus remind me never to break any of your laws." Dean replied with a shudder but Harry shook his head.

"Nah you'd never get kissed. As a muggle the worse case scenario is they'd completely wipe your mind and relocate you." Sam blinked at him.

"They can do that?" he asked and Harry nodded.


Harry looked around the room really noticing it for the first time before turning to Sam and Dean with a devious smile.

"I gotta say I'm not loving the accommodations." He told them and Dean scowled.

"Hey this place is nice! They've even got a pool."

"Is that the strange greyish pond out front? Cause I would not be surprise to find rats or the urban wildlife using it as a waterhole." Sam laughed before pressing a kiss to Harry's hair.

"We can't all be independently wealthy Harry. World Saving doesn't exactly pay the bills."

"Ah but you have me now. Come on I saw a nice Marriott down the road. Lets go get a suite or two for the night."

Harry walked up the receptionist with a warm smile.

"I need two Suites for the night, preferably next to each other." He told her the woman nodded and accepted his credit card and ID.

"Okay Mr. Potter and will you be needing two Queen beds or One King in each room." She asked sweetly as she typed into her computer. Harry blushed.

"Oh err-" he glanced at Sam who was also blushing very red and not meeting his eyes.

"Are you guys kidding me? You two are seriously like a couple of teenage girls. One king in each room." Dean burst out "Honestly a blind man can see you're just itching to tear each other's clothes of. Which is frankly gross and if you could keep the longing looks to a minimum it would be much appreciated."

The receptionist blushed and released a small giggle before getting her expression under control and giving a questioning look to Harry who was so embarrassed all he could do was nod. She typed on the computer a few more moments before taking two cards and handing them over.

"Okay you'll be on the eleventh floor in rooms 1101 and 1102 Check out is at noon." Dean sent her a winning grin.

"Thanks babe, you know my little bro bats for the other team but I assure you I am straight as an arrow." He said leaning onto the desk, the girl blushed and Dean turned to Sam and Harry. "You guys can head up I want to get to know-"

"Jenny" the girl supplied.

"I want to get to know Jenny a little better."

Sam and Harry walked to their room without meeting each other's eyes. Harry was embarrassed about how awkward and strange he felt. His time being imprisoned all seemed like a hazy dream and he was still having trouble really comprehending how much time had passed. Sam had changed so much, he seemed to feel the same as he had before but Harry hadn't missed how thrown off by this whole thing his brother seemed. Harry wondered if Sam had ever even mentioned him. He wasn't sure how to feel if he hadn't.

They stepped through into their room and Harry's heart was beating a mile a minute. His hands were sweaty and he watched Sam as he placed their bags on the foot of the bed before turning to face Harry. For a moment they just looked at each other. Taking in the various changes in a way they hadn't had time for earlier. Harry noted that Sam was broader than he had been, at 18 he'd been lanky and thin at 25 he'd developed his biceps and pectoral muscles making him appear a good few inches thicker than he had before. His hair was longer and fell into his eyes, which Harry found irresistibly sexy. His eyes were still that chocolatey brown though and Harry recognized the burning lust he saw in them.

"God I've missed you so much," Sam told him his voice rough and suddenly he was right there kissing him. Harry moved on instinct letting his legs wrap around Sam's hips and his arms around Sam's neck as he was lifted from the ground and kissed thoroughly. Sam's hands were firm on his hips as he carried Harry toward the large bed easily supporting his small frame. His movements were hurried and desperate as he pulled the clothes from Harry's body accidentally tearing Harry's shirt in the process.


Harry barely noticed as Sam began kissing and touching him as if mapping out his body to see if anything had changed. He found himself doing the same tracing his fingers through the little bunches of coarse hairs around Sam's nipples that hadn't existed seven years ago. Harry tugged them experimentally and Sam moaned against his neck in hot burst of breath sending shivers through Harry's frame. It didn't take long for their clothes to find the floor but they continued to map each others bodies feeling, tasting and leaving little marks behind them as they became reacquainted.

Harry's fingers traced and teased Sam's member which seemed larger than he remembered as well before moving on to his thighs and firm buttocks. Sam gasped and arched against him as he bit down on his inner thigh then moved back to his hips and stomach before Sam reached down and hauled him up by his hair to kiss him again. The slight pain that went along with the blatantly aggressive action made Harry moan.

"Harry," Sam gasped after several more minutes of kissing and caressing "I want-" He cut off with a moan as Harry bit down on a particularly sensitive bit of skin.

"Anything babe just tell me." Harry responded breathlessly lifting his eyes to look into Sam's.

"I want you to top." Sam told him meeting his gaze head on. Harry was surprised having only done this with Sam a handful of times but agreed at once. He began to work his way down Sam's body licking and biting along the way until he reached Sam's cock and began to lick and suck at it.

They hadn't had the forethought to buy lube but now that Sam knew about Harry's magic he didn't have to hide his abilities and easily conjured some. He prepared Sam slowly and carefully knowing it had been years since the last time Sam had done this. All the while he continued to tongue and lick at Sam's cock keeping the larger man twisting and groaning in pleasure.

"Okay. . .god enough please Harry." Sam pleaded and Harry grinned at him slicking himself up and pushing into his lover. Sam grunted slightly and his body stiffened from the slight pain he felt even after Harry's careful preparation and Harry waited to give him a moment to adjust. It was almost more than Harry could handle. Even after stretching Sam was impossibly tight and Harry was again reminded that Sam likely hadn't been with a man like this since the last time he'd done it with Harry. He couldn't help but smile at the thought that this was something Sam had only ever shared with him.

After what seemed like an eternity but was probably only a few seconds Sam gave a shaky nod and Harry began to thrust. He was careful to take slow moderated thrusts but it had been literally years and he was already right on the edge of orgasm. He held his control tightly as he worked to make sure Sam got the maximum pleasure and almost cried with relief when he finally found Sam's prostate causing the other man to give a shout and a needy whine. Harry sped up making sure to pummel Sam's prostate with every reentry. He reached down and grasped Sam between the legs working his cock in tandem with his thrusts. It didn't take long until Sam was arching and cursing and exploding all over their bedspread. Harry groaned as Sam's body tightened around him and he tumbled over the edge and into bliss.


For a moment they just laid together, Harry limp on Sam's chest before he finally pulled out and rolled to his side. Sam caught him in one of his large arms and pressed another kiss to his lips as he crushed him against his broad chest. Harry sighed happily as he rested his head against Sam's pectoral muscles and just relished the feel of his lover beside him. With a quick wave of his hand he cleaned away their mess causing Sam to shudder slightly.

"What was that?" He asked his voice rough from screaming.

"Cleaning charm," Harry murmured. Even though it was still fairly early he was feeling drowsy and comfortable. "I didn't want to have to get up to shower."

"That's really handy." Sam replied with a smile teasing his lips "but I'm glad I didn't know about it before. I used to love our post sex showers."

Harry chuckled at that and leaned over to kiss a bit of Sam's soft skin.

"You loved our shower sex you mean."

"Mostly I just loved you. God I missed you so much." Sam's words made Harry hesitate before he asked a question that had been bothering him ever since he came to himself.

"You didn't tell Dean about me." he said his voice quiet and carefully neutral. Sam shook his head.

"No I did, when you disappeared I even called my dad and begged him to help look for you. I just-left out the sex part."


"Honestly? I wasn't sure how my dad would respond and then-after you were gone I couldn't find it in myself to get involved with another man. They all just reminded me of you. I couldn't stop comparing them and hating them for not being you. Then I met Jess and I mean she was nothing like you. She had blond hair and blue eyes, not to mention she was a girl. We were just friends at first. It was about a year after you disappeared, she was really nice and understanding. I told her all about you and she helped, things just sort of grew from there. Then she died and Dean came back and there was just never a way to explain it that wouldn't make it sound like some kind of college experimentation phase and I knew it was so much more than that."

"Are you sure it was? I mean you were only eighteen and like you said you've not been with another man since. It would be okay you know. If you felt. . .differently now." Harry told him softly even though it killed him to say it. Sam stiffened beneath him.

"Do you feel differently?" he asked his voice tense and Harry shook his head.

"No for me it's all been like a dream almost. I felt the time passing of course but it's hazy. I feel the same as I did the night I was taken but for you I know it's been years and your life has changed so much. I won't say it won't hurt but I would understand if we can't be what we were to each other." Harry didn't look at Sam, he didn't think he could bear it in case Sam told him that yes this was only for old times sake and there would be no tomorrow. He heard Sam sigh above him before being pulled up for a deep long kiss.

"Oh Harry, don't you listen? I never stopped loving you. Even when I was with Jess I honestly thought you had died or I would have never stopped looking. I love you maybe more now that I know so much about the life you've lead. You're amazing. I couldn't stop loving you even if I tried. I'll stick by you as long as you'll let me."

"Well then I guess we're stuck together because I could never send you away. Besides I guess we've got to save the world." Harry said letting a smile slip onto his face. Sam laughed.

"I'm so glad world saving is a hobby we have in common." Harry kissed him again before settling himself against his lover's warm chest listening to his heart beat. Later he would ask Sam about the Demon blood and about the Seals they had to stop being broken. Right now however he was going to enjoy the feel of Sam's skin against his own. The sound of his steady breathing and the calming pulse of his heart, after seven years apart, he thought he'd earned a few peaceful moments..

The End

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