The room in which Loki found himself was quiet, all except for the echoing drip of water. There was very little light, and what there was seemed to glow off of the wet stone walls like white fire. There was something inherently wrong about the chamber, some dark energy that lapped at his ankles like small waves. He could taste it in the air, that bittersweet hatred that he was so familiar with.

He walked the perimeter of the room, his eyes taking in each and every detail, cataloging everything until he knew he would be able to recall the room even a hundred years later. Except for the taste of dark energy, the room was rather unremarkable. It was circular, making it most likely a tower in some fortress. It was built of a dark grey stone that was weathered with time and covered in moss. There was no furniture, no rugs or coverings of any sort. The only light came from a slim window some fifteen feet above him. All in all it was a rather boring room and Loki wondered why she had brought him there that night.

Loki knew the moment she entered the room, the air grew remarkably colder, and even more bitter. He didn't turn around, she brought him there and he refused to acknowledge her first.

"A dismal place, don't you agree?" Loki quashed the urge to roll his eyes, turning around to face the woman instead. She stood before him much as she had since she first started coming to him in his dreams several weeks before.

She was tall for a woman, but still short compared to him, only coming just above his chin. He couldn't deny that she was a beautiful woman, her body slim and covered only in a sheer white sheath. She had teased him every night with her delicately curving body, those full thighs, wide hips, and perfectly rounded pink topped breasts. He had wanted from the beginning to wrap the floor length white hair around his hand as he took control. Oh, what he could do to that woman, but he knew such a thing came with a price. One she had yet to reveal.

"It makes one wonder why you would choose a place such as this for our meeting. Hm?" She smiled, her shimmering pink lips spreading over perfect teeth. Loki knew a moment of wonder as her eyes, a grey so light they could almost appear white, glittered with a smirk.

"I guess I was in a bit of a dark mood tonight. I've been here all by my lonesome, it gives one time to dwell on the bad things." He felt a shiver climb up his spine at the way she spoke, as though speaking of one's lover.

"Really, Liadain? You couldn't think of even one thing to entertain you?" She laughed then, a quiet, breathy sound that went straight through Loki. Oh, yes, she was one very attractive woman.

"Oh, I did, but sadly you're not here." Liadain took a few steps closer, the sheer white sheath curling around her long legs. The two of them had been playing that particular game for awhile, and while he had to admit it was entertaining, it was also time to find out just what exactly it was she wanted from him.

Loki was no fool, he knew that the woman he had been dreaming of was more than simply a figment of his imagination. His dreams were being manipulated by an outside force.

"As much fun as we've been having, I do believe it is time for a few answers." Liadain stopped in her tracks, her head cocked to the side as she looked at him.

"And what answers do you mean?" Loki leaned against the nearest wall, his arms crossed over his chest. He gave the appearance of total nonchalance, a talent he had learned very young.

"How about who you are, or why you keep coming to me? What is it that you want?" Liadain smiled wickedly and resumed her way over to him. She stopped when she was only a couple of feet in front of him, her sheath just brushing the tops of his boots.

"Oh, but you already know all of that. You are a very powerful being, Loki, but I am even more powerful. Together we could be great, unstoppable. I could give you everything you have ever dreamed of. A throne, a kingdom to rule, to be more than equal to your brother." Loki flinched when she called Thor his brother, but he shook it off and just looked down at her.

"I could free you from Asgard, from that infernal prison Odin believes can hold you. I can give you the Nine Realms on a platter." By the time she had finished, she was standing so close he could feel the heat of her body against his own.

"And just what would I have to do for you to give me such power?" Liadain lifted a hand up and ran it down his cheek in a tender, yet surprisingly cold, caress.

"Be mine, swear yourself to me and only me. Swear your body, your power, your mind. Join me and I will give you everything." She leaned up then, pressing her lips to his in a soft kiss. He pulled away before she could deepen it, and looked down at her with a raised brow.

"I shall have to think on it." Liadain tried to hide the frown that made its way across her lips, but Loki had seen it and inside he smirked. He had no plans on allowing her to control him like a puppet on a string, but he knew one thing. Liadain was the way to power, to gaining everything that he wanted.

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