Time was a funny thing, Darcy mused. A funny, annoying, ever changing thing. So much could happen in five minutes and yet nothing at all in five hundred years. In Darcy's case a lifetime of things happened in the span of five years.

The happy little gathering their first welcome to Asgard started as quickly turned to madness as Odin called forth his guards to arrest Loki. Darcy had tried to stop it, lunging forward to the closest guard, but was stopped as Thor caught her by the waist. He had gathered her up to his chest and held her tight as she screamed at them to let Loki go.

Loki had only given her a small smile and held out his arms. He stood there calmly as they clasped shackles on his wrists and a collar around his neck, chaining him up like some dog. In that moment Darcy learned to really hate. And Odin was her target.

Darcy and Jane had been led to a set of chambers then, locked in by the guards under the pretense of it being for their own safety. Darcy knew Jane hadn't remained locked up for very long, not after Thor had rallied for his love. She had gone to stay in his chambers before the night was out. Darcy on the other hand had curled herself up on her bed and cursed out Odin until she fell into a restless slumber.

For months after Loki remained confined to his glass prison, Odin refusing to even hear of his release or redemption. During that time Darcy would visit him, pulling up a chair to the window of the cell and spend her days speaking with him.

She had no care for the fine things she had been provided with. Dresses of silk and velvet, fruits and salted meats from the farthest realms, jewels and even a servant to attend to her every need. None of them mattered to her, and she felt as though Odin had been trying to buy her off. She had only begun to utilize those things once she had found out it had been Thor and Frigga to provide them. Odin it seemed wanted nothing to do with the mortal women his sons loved.

By the time a year had passed Darcy had had enough. She had seen Loki every day; she had even taken to sleeping on a pallet on the floor outside the cell. But Odin had refused to allow her inside, and the tension was getting to both her and Loki. The need to touch, to taste, to simply hold one another was great. It was driving them both mad.

Things finally changed when Asgard received a few very special visitors. On the morning of the four hundredth day of Loki's imprisonment all of Asgard woke to find some fifty Weavers and one human within the halls of their palace.

For days on end Odin was forced to hear testimonies from Rhonwen and her kin about what Loki had done to help rid the Nine Realms of Liadain, and save then universe. And to Darcy's surprise, even Clint spoke. Though he swore he had done it purely for her benefit.

Before a month was out Loki had been declared redeemed and was released. Darcy had her suspicions as to the precise nature of the Weaver's visit, but if Rhonwen had woven for Odin neither Jane, nor Thor, nor even Frigga seemed to care.

Things changed after that. Darcy had moved into Loki's chambers, and no one saw them for almost a month later. Both Darcy and Jane took more of an active position on Asgard, learning about their new home and what would be expected of them as the future wives of the princes.

That in itself had been an ordeal, though Darcy could no longer care about the trials it took to get where she was now, seated at the head table with her new husband by her side and a golden headpiece on her head.

She looked around at all those gathered to celebrate the wedding and coronation of both of their princes and their new wives. It had been a long road to get where she was. Odin had not been too keen on his sons marrying mortals, nor had he been on allowing them to become Aesir. In the end his sons had won and Jane and Darcy had not only eaten the golden apples, but had become Princesses of Asgard.

Darcy smiled as she caught sight of an old friend. Though she had remained on Asgard for the past five years, Darcy had been able to keep in touch with Clint, through Rhonwen of course.

Just as life had changed for her, so too had it for her friends. Rhonwen had, as she suggested, become a member of the Avengers. She had proved herself to be an invaluable addition, not just when it came to protecting the world, but also keeping certain members in line. Clint had even confessed to her that she had woven for Fury a few times when he had been unreasonable.

Clint and Rhonwen had married not long after they returned to Earth from Asgard. Tony Stark had made a bit of a spectacle of it, decorating the entirety of his tower, inside and out, for it. Clint had told her there had even been a fifty foot ice swan and the wedding cake had weighed several hundred pounds. Apparently it had taken up most of one floor of the tower. She had been sorry she missed it, but she had been a little preoccupied at the time, what with Loki refusing to allow her out of bed for more than five minutes at a time.

Her friend now sat at a table reserved for the Avengers and Weavers that had been invited. She laughed as she watched Clint try to settle his little girl, Anya, as she tried to crawl under the table to her Uncle Tony.

Anya was only three years old, but she had managed to wrap all of the Avengers around her little fingers. Clint had told her about how Tony could never say no to her, and how that ended up with Anya's third birthday present being a child-sized working hovercraft, not to mention an entire floor of Avengers Tower being turned into her very own play kingdom. Rumor was Tony was working on an actual child-sized castle for her fifth birthday party, complete with everything his little princess could ever want or need. The kid was seriously Darcy's new hero.

A little down at table, next to her sister, Bronwen sat. There was a marked difference in the Weaver, namely the fact that the woman was actually smiling and laughing.

Life had changed too for the quieter Weaver, and it seemed for the better. She had left that morning, returning to the citadel where she remained alone for the next year. It wasn't until she had arrived on Asgard to vouch for Loki that things changed. That change being the handsome Weaver by her side, his hand resting along her swollen belly. Idwal, she had been told, Liadain's son and executioner.

Turning away from her friends, Darcy looked to the man beside her. Loki was laughing and drinking, his eyes bright with his laughter.

For all the changes that had occurred, Loki changed the least. Oh, he no longer tried to comment genocide or take over her birth planet, but that didn't mean anything really. Darcy could never help but laugh when they said he was redeemed, for she knew the truth.

Darcy remembered a long ago conversation with Rhonwen, and she knew the truth of the Weaver's words to that day. Loki was chaos. He wasn't evil, or misunderstood. He was the balancer, and she would never want him to be any other way.

Author's Note: OMG! It is finished. I swear, it is always a bittersweet thing when you finish a story. I'm sad to see the end of this, I have so enjoyed writing about Loki, Darcy and the Weavers, but it is time for a new story.

As I've said, I most likely will not be writing any more tasertricks, at least not at the moment. I will be working on two Darcy/Tony, then two Darcy/Clint, a Darcy/Coulson, and a possible Lokane. I'm also starting a couple of Sherlolly Sherlock fics as well. At the moment this is the line up, but as with everything it may change.

Now, though I didn't mention them in this, I did make a wedding jewelry set for both Darcy and Jane that they were supposed to be wearing in this. The pics can be found on my Tumblr, Gypsy Rhia.

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