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A Time to Love

Chapter 8: Dancing surprise – Wales x Sophie

Joining Team Excalibur for The World Championship was one of the best decisions of Wales' life – he was sure of that.

Not only he had great fun, intense bey battles and the chance to see and save the world, but he had met some extraordinary people on the way, too. His teammates: Julian, Klaus and Sophie – his friends.

Wales would often debate his actions and decisions while stargazing. It helped him keep calm and relaxed, giving him a better perspective of the situations. It was most appreciated – the presence of the stars – when he was haunted by such difficult matters of heart. It was hurting him to think of all those happy memories. His heart hurt too bad. It ached for the one that stole it.


His partner in battle. His equal. His other half.


Everyone needs somebody to love. Without love, we are nothing. With love, you can forget faults and forgive mistakes. That one person is the world to you, and the sun, moon, and stars as well.


He supposed that getting close to her was like pressing together two magnets of the same charge. They can get to a certain length, but when the two get too close they are repulsed, repelled away.

But with Julian it was different. They were of opposite charges. Wales would think all of this, feeling like crying. He did not let the tears fall, though. If this was true then he should be happy for his friends and let go.

No, he was the one let go of. He was finally set free from his goddess' gentle clutches.

They were not made for each other, Wales guessed, not after happened that clear summer night.

(Earlier that day)

It was late August. The long summer was coming to an end and to celebrate, Julian thought of throwing a big party – almost like a ball, it seemed.

The blonde had thought of everything and decided it was to be held at the Konzern manor, his family supporting all the charges. In a certain someone's opinion, Julian was showing off too much, but it wasn't like someone minded it at all. Not at all.

And today was the day of the grandiose festivity.

By the time the night came, most bladers were there. From all over the word. Name the country or continent and you found them.

There were long tables on the each side of the hall packed with enough food to feed Ginga and Masamune for three years. In the middle, there was a dance floor arranged, spacious and illuminated in various colors.

Everything was ready and Wales couldn't help but smile. Tonight was the night he would confess his feeling for Sophie. Beautiful, beautiful Sophie.

The long awaited guests had arrived and the Englishman blader was making his way through the crowd, looking for the aqua haired girl of Team Excalibur.

Looking from side to side he smiled even wider when he saw how much fun everyone seemed to have. In a place Masamune and King were having a dancing competition, both moving their hands up and down, shaking their feet and sometimes doing some weird robot dance even if at the moment there was a slow dance song on.

On the other side, Madoka was fuming while Benkei was cheering "Kyouya-san" with all his might; beside them two teenage boys – one redhead and one greenette – were getting ready to start an eating contest. Wales could understand Madoka's obvious displeasure since she clearly wanted to dance, neither of the two rivals according her the chance to.

At one of the tables in the corner Ryuga and Hikaru were talking and laughing (only on the girl's part) together, clearly having a good time. Tsubasa was running to catch an over excited Yuu and an just as happy Tithi. Kenta and Yuki were having the famous 'sweat drop' moment as they watched, both holding a glass of purple colored liquid in their hands.

Other bladers were there too, but they were too many to enumerate – they all were having the time of their lives though.

Wales smiled again and when he saw Klaus, filling his plate with various food, the caramel haired male took off towards him. He patted the taller blader on the shoulder and waited for him to turn around.

"Oh, Wales. Isn't this party awesome?"

The one in question opened his mouth to respond, "Sure it is, Klaus. What else to expect of Julian, though?"

The dark haired male nodded as he went back to filling his plate.

Wales let his eyes wander around again as he asked, "Say, do you happen to know whe-" He stopped mid-sentence, as his blue pools of water widened at the sight they got across.

There, in the middle of the dance floor, to his right, Sophie was laughing as she danced. What was the problem with that, you may ask. Well, she wasn't dancing alone. Julian himself was twirling the green eyed female around while moving with both force and grace. Sophie was sparkling in her soft blue dress as she danced with the blond blader.

Wales felt a sudden pang of discomfort and nausea. This was not right. Not at all.

He knew Julian and Sophie were friend and that they were free to dance as much as they wanted, but something was just different. If Sophie were to dance with anybody else right then, Wales was sure he wouldn't have felt this way. So hopeless and depressed. So hurt. So jealous.

And the sudden realization hit him. Hard.

She was beautiful. And she was not his to admire.

Wales must have stared way too long since Klaus turned to him and gave an confused stare from the gaping male to the dancing couple then back to the Englishman.

"Umm, who were you looking for?"

The caramel haired teen got his façade back together and turned around to face the two grand, glass doors leading outside.

"It doesn't matter anymore. I'm going to take some air." With that, Wales departed from his teammate.

And so he got there, stargazing outside the Konzern mansion, feeling as down as ever. As the male stared at the sky he wondered why matters of the heart were never easy.

It wasn't fair.

Soon, his vision of the stars was blurred by a figure standing before his head, towering over his form. Wales felt his broken heart fall to the pit of his stomach. Light blue hair, forest green eyes, gentle smile on her luscious lips. It was Sophie. Could this get any better?

The sea colored orbs of the males narrowed to hers, Wales showing no intention of moving.

"Why are you here?"

Sophie raised her eyebrows. "Shouldn't I be the one to ask you that?"

She took s seat on the grass and stared down at him with – Wales couldn't believe it – affection. "Hey, what happened back there? Klaus told me you were angry."

Thanks, Klaus, the blue eyed teen thought. There was no time and interest in beating around the bush, so Wales sighed, "That is for me to know. Go back inside. I am sure Julian is waiting for you." The way he spoke the Konzern's name sent Sophie a bad feeling.

"Why would he do that, Wales?"

The male felt like screaming. Was she playing with him? Was she being serious?

"Why, you ask? Well, I don't think he'd let his girlfriend go away without another… dance." He spit the word 'dance' with the same disgust he had used on Julian's name.

This time Sophie laughed. She wasn't clueless. No, sir. Not at all.

"So this has been bothering you. Maybe I should've danced with you first."

Wales grimaced. She's not even denying it. What chance did I ever had?

"Don't worry, Wales. There's nothing between me and Julian." Was he hearing right? Was this some kind of illusion? Could this be the truth he had been wishing for all this time?

"In fact, I have something going on with someone else at the moment." At that, Wales' heart fell back in his stomach again.

He pushed off the grass and shook the dust off his trousers. Sophie mirrored him only to shook her dress' skirt.

"Well I am happy for you, but may I know who that person is?" Wales wanted at last to know who stole his precious Sophie away; what that guy had and he did not.

The girl smiled and shortened the distance between them only to wound her arms around his neck. "Want a clue?" That being said, she kissed him. It was chaste, simple kiss, their lips barely moving against each other's; like an embrace – you show your love in stilled moves.

When the bluenette pulled away, Wales exclaimed, shocked, "Me?"

"Yes, you." Sophie smiled at him while her hands messed with his hair.

Wales felt the happiest ever, considering all the emotions he experienced in that short period of time.

The two's foreheads touched as their lips found the other's again, only to part once again after they were both satisfied.

"Come on! Everyone's waiting inside." Sophie happily exclaimed as she pulled Wales back towards the hall by his wrist. He only smiled and nodded.

When they got back inside the place was still full of life, laughter and music. It seemed like Ginga had joined Masamune and King in their dancing competition, doing some sort of chicken dance. The American boy was doing something that resembled a belly dance while the other Legend Blader chose to do something freestyle, adding some blading stances and fighting moves to it.

Tsubasa had managed to catch the two children and now was regaining his breath in one of the many chairs in the room, Yuu and Tithi giggling behind their hands. Ryuga and Hikaru had moved to the dance floor and were in the middle of a rhythmic dance.

On the other side of the hall, Madoka and Nile were still trying (Madoka was since Nile had just joined her) to make the Leone wielder dance at last once. Kyouya was muttering something about not liking to dance in public or something like that, but when the African teen smirked about not liking or not knowing, eh Kyouya, the green head snapped and grabbed at Madoka's wrist grumbling about showing him who doesn't know how to dance.

All of them were enjoying themselves.

Wales caught sight of Julian talking to the members of the Chinese team a few yards away, and the male muttered an apologize inside his head. He still felt bad for doubting his teammate.

Sophie, catching his stare towards the blonde aristocratic blader, only shook her head, soft blue locks of hair moving against her shoulders. She pulled her new boyfriend on the dance floor and took the lead, twirling around the room in quick paces.

Yeah, joining Team Excalibur was the best decision of his life for sure. Nothing could contradict the statement now.

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