Ch. 4: DarkGoyle Sighted

As the gang discusses what's going on outside the restaurant, Colleen becomes increasingly worried.

"This is bad, Gang!" she says as she paces erratically.

Then, Colleen gets a call on her cell phone from Captain Black.

"Captain Black?" Colleen answers her phone.

"Colleen, I have news for you about our superhero," Captain Black informs, "Reports have come in matching A monster Eva's description sighted at the docks. According to Intel, Chang owns a private cruise ship called the Jaded Jewel of China.

"Thanks, Cap," Colleen said as she hung up, "Captain Black just told me where Eva is."

At Chang's private navy yard ship at the docks, he has a meeting with the rest of his gang. He is very angry at the DarkGoyle's constant interference.

"Profits are down, and my thugs won't go back to the small businesses on my list all because of something I thought was make believe!" he angrily shouts, "If the DarkGoyle keeps this, I'm ruined!"

Then a call comes in on his radio.

"Sir, a flying bat thing is spotted by witnesses in the docks. The DarkGoyle is coming here," Says one of his guards.

"It looks like she's coming to "talk business", Boys," Chang said, "We must prepare a welcoming committee for her."

Eva is up above a roof top of an old building, observing Chang's ship.

"Once I scare Chang away, Mom won't have to worry about her business anymore," she mutters to herself.

Then, she sees something zoom past her. She turns around and sees Hsi Wu and the J-Teens behind.

"The J-Teens," she said in a raspy voice while pretending she doesn't know them, "How can the Darkgoyle help you?"

"Cut the act, Eva," Colleen said, "We know it's you and we know how you grew wings."

"We also know about your mom's shop," Drago said while sighing, "We're real sorry about what Chang did."

"You have no idea," she furiously said, "My mom worked her whole life for that store and the treasures inside, and Chang destroys it because she refuses to pay blood money to that thug! When Muir came to me offering demon power I can use, I took a chance and decided to make sure our whole neighborhood doesn't suffer. That's why I took on the superhero persona. Now I'm gonna make Chang look at how hard it is when your business is ruined."

"And earn a tombstone," Ice responded, "You feel me?"

"Ice's right, Eva," Cody added, "You are getting yourself killed. Chang could be expecting you in his ship by now."

"I'm sorry to hear that from you, but I have come too far to stop now," Eva said as she got out some smoke bombs.

She throws them to the ground, blinding the team and making them cough as she flies to Chang's ship.