The weirdest thing about Akbar, if you were able to pinpoint and choose just one, was his tendency to come and go with no warning. It was not uncommon for him to disappear for weeks without notice, and then to randomly reappear.

The day prior, in fact, Akbar had vanished from Matt's house without a word. Knowing from experience he would eventually come back, Matt just rolled his eyes at the strange ex-nation, trying to ignore the worrying that still bit at him. No matter how many times Akbar did it, he always worried. He guessed Akbar would be back in a few days, so for now, he supposed he would have some time to himself. And what better way to start off a day to yourself than a relaxing shower? Well, that's what Matt was going to do.

He was quite content, relaxing into the steam and heat the water emitted into the room. Matt found it to be quite the stress reliever. As he released a sigh of pleasure, he was startled right out of the peacefulness by a tapping at the glass.

Jolting back, Matt's eyes shot to see the source of the tapping. There, surrounded by steam, was none other than Akbar. The long-haired silverette had his hand against the glass, with his head tilted to the side.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?" Matt yelled, glaring at the offending Prussian.

Akbar blinked his ice blue eyes, as if in surprise. Matt could have sworn the other's eyes glanced down for a moment. "Will you make me pancakes?" He asked innocently.

Matt's eyes narrowed as he stared at Akbar. "Get out," He demanded, pointing towards that door.

"Actually, I'd rather have you get out," Akbar responded, grabbing a towel.

"WHAT!?" Matt yelped, jumping back again. This time, his back hit the tile of the shower wall, meaning he had reached his limits of backing away.

"The faster you get out, the faster I get pancakes," Akbar explained like it was the most obvious thing ever.

Matt gave him the biggest 'WTF' face ever. "No, Akbar, no."

"Do you need me to help you wash up?" He asked, opening the shower door.

"NO!" Matt screamed back, chucking the shampoo bottle at him. Akbar ducked down, easily avoiding the flying object. Not missing a beat, he swooped back up. Taking a step forward once more, he moved his hand up to Matt's face, using his thumb to rub some shampoo off and away from Matt's eye.

"You had some shampoo right there," He mentioned simply.

"Oh, thanks. That was really starting to bug- Hey, stop changing the subject!" Matt snapped, jerking his head away from Akbar's hand.

"So will you make me pancakes?" Akbar asked again.

Matt could feel his walls crumbling. That face. He looked like a little lost puppy. He did look hungry. . .

"Agh, fine. Just let me finish my shower," Matt grumbled.

"Should I help speed it up?"




A/N: And now for another fic that was narrated by friend while she imitated Prussia. You wonder why they turn out so weird? That's why. Prussia-fluence. Some of my favorite quotes:

"Look, Akbar, you've got this all wrong. Don't think about food first – do this first, then afterwards when he's happy he'll make you all the pancakes you want!"

"You see how angry he is? He needs to get laid! Then he'll be happy!"

"Matt could have sworn the other's eyes glanced down for a moment- YES THAT'S THE WAY RIGHT THERE! NOW TELL ME, WAS THERE ANYTHING WORTH IT!?"

"Not missing a beat, he swooped back up- 'Cause why would he stay down there? Wink wink~"

"The faster you get out, the faster I get pancakes- I swear this guy is gonna drive me up a freaking wall."

Everyone should have a friend imitating Prussia while they write fanfiction.