Why did the summer have to be so warm? It was agonizingly humid and the temperatures were torturously high. It was the kind of weather that sucked away all your energy and kept you from wanting to do anything. The heat had reduced Matt to wear his under tank and his jeans, abandoning the usual over shirt to help keep cool. The tank top was a little loose, hanging off of him just a bit.

He was going about his day like normal, trying his best to ignore the smothering heat. All was well until he felt a pair of eyes staring at him. Turning around, Matt was alerted to the presence of a certain Prussian. He could have sworn Akbar hadn't been there a minute ago, but there he was. The Silverette's eyes were practically burning into Matt's soul, blue orbs never leaving the area of the other's torso.

Matt slowly raised an eyebrow. "Hey," He nodded slightly.

Akbar "hmm'd" at the Canadian, narrowing his eyes the tiniest bit more.

The blonde was pretty confused at this point, choosing to eye Akbar right back. The taller man was still in his heavy trench coat and cloaks, despite the warmth of the day. He's gotta be melting under all that! Matt thought.

A moment of silence passed between the two before Akbar took several quick steps forward, tugging at the hem of the other's shirt.

"Take this off," He commanded, ridding himself of his own clothing, save for his pants. Akbar moved a little closer to the blonde, still fiddling with the hem of the tank top. This close up, Matt could clearly see the bright flush in Akbar's normally pale cheeks.

The Canadian jolted backwards, throwing his hands up in surprise. "What!?"

"Give me your shirt. I'm too warm in mine," The Prussian further explained.

Matt's shoulders dropped. "Are you kidding me!? No!" He groaned, crossing his arms.

Akbar pouted slightly, continuing to stare at the article he so desired.

As his usual response to Akbar's oddness, he began to yell, not even noticing as the silverette he was ranting at slinked away into the back of the cabin.

oOo Time Skip oOo

Matt had shaken off the thought of the strange Prussian occupying his house, instead going about his day as normal. Just as he began to water the garden he kept behind his house, someone appeared behind him.

"I'm hungry," was quietly stated from behind the Canadian. Said Canadian jumped a little, turning to curse Akbar out for surprising him before being cut off by pure confusion.

"Are you. . . Wearing my shirt?" Matt questioned, pointing to Akbar's attire. He was wearing a loose white tank top that had the Canadian flag printed across the chest.

"Yes," The Prussian answered simply. "It seemed better for the weather," He explained further, turning to go back inside. "And I want ice cream. . ."

Matt's eye twitched as he began to follow after Akbar. "You're stealing my clothes now, too!?" He groaned.

The silverette gave a small nod, walking back into the cabin. Practically ignoring his lover, he headed straight for the kitchen.

Matt glared at Akbar, then stared at the shirt.

"Did you have to pick the one with my flag on it?" He quirked an eyebrow.

"It's always nice to wear something you love."

Matt stiffened up, a bit shocked by the response. Akbar continued on with getting his ice cream, before looking back at Matt.

"Are you going to be cooking soon?" He asked.

Matt huffed, glaring once more. "Fine, Fine, Fine. . ." He sighed, going to cook. He could no longer fight with Akbar over the shirt, now that the accursed man had made Matt want to love him.

oOo Time Skip oOo

"Why is your face still red?" Matt asked over their meal, gesturing to how bright Akbar's cheeks were. Before, he had thought it was because Akbar was asking him to remove his shirt. Which was silly of him; his boyfriend was a little renowned for his lack of modesty.

"I think I got sunburned. My face has been burning all day," The other replied, not really looking from his food.

"Idiot, you should have stayed inside! Or put something on it, like lotion, or just something to make it feel better!" Matt scorned, getting fairly disgruntled.

"Will you make it feel better?" Akbar blinked.

Shit, that was cute. . . Matt thought, inwardly melting.

Leaning over to where Akbar sat, Matt kissed his cheek lightly. One thing he'd always been taught was that kisses made everything feel better. It was really silly to him, but hey, it was an excuse to kiss the guy, how could he deny it?

Akbar winced at the peck, though, making a small noise of displeasure. "That hurts, don't touch me."


A/N: Well. I think Oliver was the one that taught Matt the thing with the smooches. Clearly his life lessons suck and Matt should never listen to another thing he says.