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Chapter 19: Let The Games Begin

"When you walk away, you don't hear me say, 'Please, oh baby, don't go'."

-Utada Hikaru, "Simple and Clean", Theme song to "Kingdom Hearts"

"But- I know that, sir."

"You, do, Harry?" Dumbledore inquired. Harry gave a swift nod. "Oh, look at the time! The Snowflake Dance is in an hour. Did you get the muggle suit for it, Harry?" Harry nodded, and added, "The girls in Gryffindor went up to get ready at 2:00."

Dumbledore chuckled slightly, before his eyes turned serious once more. "Harry, you can come and speak to me whenever you want. There is still much to talk of, my dear boy."

Harry nodded, muttering his thanks, and walked out the door, thoughts weighing heavily on his mind.


Harry sat with Seamus, Dean, Fred, and George. Lee was distracting Ron with a chess game on the other side of the room.

"Ok," Harry was whispering, "the girls are all getting Hermione all, uh, nice. I guess Ron looks good, we'll ask Ginny when she comes down." Harry flushed slightly, obviously wondering what she looked like. "Everyone in Gryffindor knows to make sure that Ron and Hermione have to dance together for the first and last dance. With all the turbulence in between, the plan should go perfectly. I'll dance with Hermione a few times so they don't get suspicious. You all do that as well." The boys nodded, all grinning. They stood up at the foot of the staircases, Lee and Ron walking back, Lee mumbling something about a massacre and Ron looking triumphant, as usual. They waited for the girls to come down- easier said than done, especially with Ron, Fred, and George pretending to give Harry the "don't you dare take advantage of our little sister" talk, while Harry tugged at his muggle, black tuxedo nervously. Ron, though, was having a hard time talking to Harry because he himself was tugging at the tuxedo Gred and Forge got him- a dark steel blue. He was muttering to himself nervously, and Harry could distinguish the word, "Kitty".

While Harry was in a good mood from their plan and from the soon to occur Ball, the information about his mother was bugging him. He'd have to talk to Griffin, Kitty, and Vixen about it later. He couldn't help but give a snort of laughter at the thought of the nicknames. They certainly fit well, although he couldn't help but think about that one nickname Ginny had whispered just to him....ahem.

"The dance is starting any minute, what are they playing a-" Dean didn't finish his sentence as the girls of Gryffindor walked down the stairs.

"It really isn't fair," Harry thought, "that girls can do this to us this easily. Stupid fanfiction authors." Harry heard a small voice inside his head, "I sooo resent that." He began to roll his eyes, but stopped when he saw Ginny.

Harry was grinning his head off. "Kill me now- I won't have to face a Dark Lord, and I'll die happy."

Ginny, indeed, looked beautiful. She was wearing a sky blue dress that came to a halter at the top, revealing a small portion of her upper back. The dress cut just below her knees in the front before sweeping around the back in a small train. She used a bit of makeup to accentuate her features. Smiling at Harry, she walked up, and giggled.

Harry was stunned. "Vixen, you're gorgeous!"

Ginny giggled again. "You're quite handsome yourself, Eagle." He brushed a lose curl away from her face. She looked down, and blushed, then looked up at him again. "Thank God I'm not a Healer," she thought, "then I wouldn't even be able to be near Harry. It's only a few weeks for Magnolias. Of course, everyone was making a big deal about it.....it still pretty much sucks, ya." She spoke her next thought, albeit in a low voice, out loud. "How is the plan going?"

Harry, still a bit red, told her all the details. They turned back to the staircases to find- what else?- Ron and Hermione, talking, standing about a foot apart, with red faces. Ginny rolled her eyes at him.

Harry had to admit it- Hermione was a babe, in a sick, sisterly sort of way. Her hair was in a long French braid, tamed. She was wearing a red spaghetti strap dress, with gold sparkles around her eyes.

"Yo, Eagle, Vixen, come over here for a minute!" yelled George.

Harry grabbed Ginny's hand and they walked over to the twins, who had identical grins on their faces. George dangled something in front of their faces, which looked oddly like...

"Mistletoe?" Harry asked incredulously. He exchanged a doubtful look with Ginny.

"Now, now, Harry, or Eagle, or whatever you are called, don't turn Judah on us and say we don't know what we're doing." Fred stated in happiness.

Ginny snorted.

"This is much more than mistletoe, my friends!" George said dramatically in a strangled, half whisper. "Its-"

"KISSLETOE!" The twins cried in the same whisper.

"It traps any two people underneath it in an invisible tube that they can't get out of until they kiss!" Fred explained.

"And not just any kiss." George said. "I mean, not just a peck, a full, wonderful, sweet-"

"We get it." Harry interjected. "You're going to float it over the dance floor, not only trapping Kitty and Griffin, but any other couple who manages to stray underneath it. We. Get. It!"


"Ron, Hermione, or whatever you are currently going by, let's go!" Harry called. He stood with Ginny next to the Portrait Hole

"Asdniw." Was Ron's intellectual response.

"We're coming!" yelled Hermione. She stalked towards Harry and Ginny, followed by a huffing Ron.

Turning to Ginny, Harry inquired with a slightly flushed face, "Shall we?" He offered her his arm. She took it, and they walked in happiness down to the Entrance Hall, ignoring Ron and Hermione's excruciating noiselessness, calling hellos to Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, and Ravenclaws like Fi Hunt, a pretty, blushing sixth year Gryffindor at the arm of Roger Davies, and handsome Kyle Brinster, a Ravenclaw arm and arm with one of the coveted Patil twins, Padma. Ron visibly shuddered when he saw them, remembering last year.

Stepping into the Great Hall, Harry heard Ginny let out a short gasp of surprise. Harry was with her- the Great Hall looked wonderful. Snowflakes were falling from the ceiling. Small, four seated tables surrounded the perimeter of the room, with the exception of the long staff table at the front, covered in a sweeping red and green cloth, sharply contrasting the rest of the Great Hall. A large space in the middle of the floor was reserved for dancing- the floor was white and polished until it looked like ice. Fairies flitted around the room, glowing icy blue. Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione sat at one of the tables, Harry and Ginny sticking Ron and Hermione together. The table was round and covered in a white tablecloth. There was a rose in a vase in the middle of the table that appeared to be frozen over.

Glancing up at the staff table, Harry started laughing, and nudged Ginny, who began to giggle. Fred and George were speaking to Professor Dumbledore. George appeared to be holding some kissletoe, and Dumbledore was nodding and grinning. Snape was holding his face in his hand, shaking his head back in forth, and McGonagall was massaging her temples.

Ron and Hermione looked at the couple, totally confused.


After a wonderful dinner, Dumbledore raised his hands for silence. It covered the hall like a muffling blanket.

"Good evening everyone! I can tell from the chatter that everyone is having a good time so far. I know I am!" he chuckled. "Yes, especially since Madam Pince has agreed to be my date!" He winked at the nurse, who flushed slightly. Fred and George, who had settled at a nearby table, cat-called.

Smiling merrily, Dumbledore continued. "Yes, but what would a dance be without dancing? I am happy to present a lovely young singer who has agreed to perform here. Lovely Ladies and Stubborn Gentlemen, may I introduce- Miss Celestina Warbeck!"

The applause and cheering was deafening.

A young woman stepped up to the front of the stage. She was wearing a simple black dress. Her wavy hair fell down to her knees, and had pink tips. Her eyes were magenta, obviously an illusion. She giggled slightly, and called for quiet.

"Whoa, babe alert!" that little voice in Harry's head said. "Now, now, Harry," another responded, "you can't chose based on just looks. Remember intellect!" "Screw intellect," the first voice cut in, "she's a babe!"

"What are you thinking about, Harry?" Ginny whispered.

Harry blinked. "Uh, Ginny-Vision, twenty-four hours a day!" he responded quickly and quietly.

Ginny smirked and turned back to the stage. Harry gave a quick sigh of relief.

"Hello, everyone! It's so great to be back at Hogwarts! I'm going to start things off slow with a song you may know....it's called "Here With Me". Have fun, everyone! I know I will!"

She giggled again, and the music began to play.

Harry offered a hand to Ginny. "Wanna dance?" he asked a bit sheepishly. She nodded, and took his hand. Harry elbowed Ron, and jerked his head pointedly towards Hermione, before leading Ginny out onto the dance floor. Harry heard Ginny whispering "One, two, three, one two three....", and smiled slightly. At least, for once, he wasn't the totally inexperienced dancer. It was strange, dancing with her again. He hadn't danced with her since Weasley Bonfire Night. He felt a pang in his stomach when he thought of Mr. Weasley. He'd been having nightmares since the funeral....and hadn't the other Weasleys seemed a bit...

Harry thoughts were abruptly stopped as he slammed into something. He looked down at Ginny, who also looked shocked. They tried to move in all the directions without success. Looking at each other, they said in unison, "Kissletoe."

"Kissletoe!" echoed Fred. "Our lovely new invention. Now, wonderful Harry and Ginny can demonstrate just how to get out of the bind you will undoubtedly get in!" George added dramatically.

Ginny glared. Harry grinned. Before Ginny could protest, Harry caught her in a quick kiss.


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