Fire. There is fire everywhere. Leaping up in the houses and the shops and even the people. The fire hurts my eyes and I close them tightly, hoping the fire will be gone when I open them.

"Prim!" I hear a male voice shout but I just keep my eyes closed, "Prim!"

Hands fall onto my shoulders and I snap my eyes open to see Gale kneeling infront of me. He looks like he is in control but there is no hiding the fear in his eyes. Not from me.

"Where's Mom?" I cry.

Gale takes my hand and rises to his feet, guiding me to where my mother is attempting to pack a bag. Our house in the Victor's Village doesn't seem like home. To me, home is our little shack in the Seam. Gale manages to get my mother to listen to him.

"There's no time, Mrs Everdeen." Gale is starting to become wary "We have to go. Now."

My mother doesn't say anything but she doesn't resist when Gale tows her towards the door. In one hand, he has my wrist and the other, he has my hand. I stop in my tracks, letting my hand slip from Gale's.

"Buttercup!" I shout, "We have to get Buttercup!"

"Buttercup?" Gale is confused for a few seconds "The Cat! Prim, we have to leave her, we don't have time."

"No!" I scream, I know I'm being stupid and childish but Buttercup is just as part of this family as me and Mom and Katniss.

Katniss! She's still out there in the Hunger Games. How long has it been since the fire started? Long enough for her to be killed? Gale is looking at me in desperation but that turns to relief when I follow him and my mother out of the house.

The ground outside is so hot that I can feel the heat through the soles of my shoes. We begin to walk faster through the crowds of screaming people and burning buildings. The flames leap high into the sky and form an endless wall. Gale brings us to a stand still and looks frantically around, trying to find somewhere we can go. I scream as I catch sight of a body, unmoving and burnt beyond recognition. Upon seeing the body, Gale tells us to run and the three of us set off as fast as we can. I don't know where we're going but I don't care, as long as it's far away from here.

The screams have become unbearably loud and I wonder who they belong to. Friends? Classmates? Patients? Strangers? I try to drown them out but they invade my ears. I can feel my heart pounding against my chest, threatning to smash my ribs and I can hear my footsteps beating heavilly on the ground.

We reach the fence that Katniss and Gale always use to go hunting. I wish I could have gone with them just once. Maybe then I wouldn't be so scared of leaving. District 12 may have been cruel and threatning but it's the only life I've ever known and the thought of leaving the Distict terrifies me. I wonder where Katniss is and if she's as scared as I am right now.

Gale pokes a finger onto the metal of the fence, his eyes tightly shut while he prays that he doesn't get electrocuted.
Nothing happens and he breaths a sigh of relief as he helps my mother to climb through.

"You next, Prim." Gale instructs.

I swing one leg through then the rest of my body follows. The wire is hot and my hands and I can tell it will leave burns but I'll be able to treat them later. Once Gale has climbed through the fence, we flee into the forest. I turn and take one look at District 12. My home. The flames are climbing higher and they are all I can focus on. There is a man lying at the fence, he's badly burnt and bleeding. As I catch his eyes, he kissed three finger and holds them up in a final slaute to the District.