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"We met Narcissus," said Hazel, which really didn't explain much. "And Nemesis, the revenge goddess."

I sighed. "I miss all the fun." My friends meet gods and goddesses while I lay useless in a bed.

I heard something loud on the deck above like a big animal had landed. Annabeth came running down the hall, holding a bucket of black sticky stuff that smelled horrible.

Frank stumbled behind them, making the hall pretty crowded.

"Roofing tar," Piper guessed.

"We ran into some tar monsters," said Annabeth.

Percy raised her eyebrow again. "Tar Monsters?"

Annabeth didn't say anything but she turned to me and said, "Hey Jason, glad you're awake. Hazel, where's Leo?" I was feeling the love, alright.

Hazel pointed down, "Engine room."

Suddenly, the ship listed to port. The demigods stumbled. Percy fell on top of me and we both fell on the floor. Annabeth spilled some of the tar on top of us.

I was sure Percy's and my faces were bright red but I couldn't tell because of the tar. Percy got up from the floor, glaring at Annabeth. I glared at Annabeth too. Both of us had tar in our mouths which tasted disgusting.

"What was that?" Percy demanded.

"Oh..." Hazel looked embarrassed. "We may have angered the nymphs who live here. Like…all of them."

"Great," said Percy. "You guys help Leo and I'll hold off the tar monsters."

"On it!" Frank promised.

The three of us ran off leaving Hazel at the doorway.

"I'll just…." She swallowed, pointed weakly at the passageway, and left.

As the ship rocked back and forth, I felt pretty useless. Everybody was risking their lives and all I could do is wait. Leo and the others sounded like they were doing a dance with anvils. After what seemed to be a very long time, the ship rose into the air. I relaxed a bit. We were in my element now.

Leo emerged from the engine room, sweaty and caked in tar and lime dust. His torn shirt now said Am Leo. He grinned like he was crazy and said that they were safe and that there was a meeting in the mess hall in one hour.

After I had cleaned up, we went to the mess hall for dinner. This was the first time all seven of them had sat down together—aside from their lunch in Camp Jupiter. I realized that the prophecy was unfolding at last.

In one kinda awkward moment, Percy and I both tried to sit at the head of the table like I usually do. We glared at each other for minute before let Annabeth sit in it.

We compared notes on what had happened in Salt Lake City, well actually, Percy, Annabeth, Hazel, Leo and Frank compared notes while Piper and I listened. I didn't tell the others about my dream.

"So where to now?" asked Leo, with food in his mouth. "I did a quick repair job to escape but there's still a lot of damage. We really should stop somewhere before we head across the Atlantic."

"We need to put some distance between us and Camp Jupiter," Percy said. She had blue whipped cream on her face which I thought looked cute on her.

"Yeah," said Annabeth. "Frank spotted some eagles over Salt Lake City which means the Romans aren't far behind us."

"Piper looked guilty for some reason. "I don't suppose we should do try and reason with them? Maybe-maybe I didn't try hard enough with the charmspeak."

"It's not your fault, Pipes," I said. "Or Leo's," I added quickly seeing Leo's guilty look. "Whatever happened, it was Gaea's doing, to drive the two camps apart.

Piper looked uneasy, "Maybe we could explain that—"

I knew that that wouldn't be a good idea. Annabeth and Hazel told Piper that it wouldn't be a good idea and I was glad Piper agreed. The legion at war…

"Nemesis said we only have six days to save Nico and Rome."

I frowned. "You mean Rome Rome, not New Rome?"

"I think so," said Hazel. "But if so, that's not much time."

I privately wondered whether saving Nico Di Angelo would be a good idea. He could be a spy for Gaea. I didn't voice my suspicions out loud though. Hazel would be upset.

"Why six days?" Percy wondered. "And how could they destroy Rome? It's freaking city for Poseidon's sake."

No one answered her question but I had a sinking feeling that I knew the answer. People usually get presents on their birthday, I get famous city destroyed. Fun. (A/N: This is kind of an edit of the Last Olympian back cover. I know how Jason and Percy feel though. I get an exam on my birthday.)

"There's more," Piper. "I've been seeing things in my knife."

Percy choked on her piece of pie. "In your knife?"

Frank asked, "Things such as…?"

"They don't make sense," Piper said, "just a bunch of garbled images, but I saw two giants, dressed alike. Maybe twins."

I remembered something from the red harpy called Ella's prophecy. Twin snuff out the angel's breath…..

Annabeth seemed to be thinking the same thing that I was. "Twins, like in Ella's prophecy," she said. "If we could figure out those lines, it might help."

"Wisdom's daughter walks alone, the mark of Athena burns through Rome. Annabeth, that has to mean you. Juno said that you had a hard task ahead in Rome. She doubted you could do it. But I know you can."

Annabeth took a long breath. "Reyna was about to tell me something right before the ship fired on us. She said there was an old legend among the Roman praetors—something that had to do with Athena. She said it might be the reason why the Greeks and the Romans could never get along."

My heart started sinking. I remembered those legends all right.

Hazel and Leo exchanged nervous looks.

"Nemesis mentioned something similar," Leo said. "She talked about an old score that needed to be settled—"

"The one thing that might bring the gods' two natures together," Hazel recalled. "An old wrong finally avenged."

Annabeth focused her gray eyes on me. "Jason, have you ever heard of a legend like that?"

Everyone stared at me. I was sure that I had turned pale as Piper was looking at me with concern.

"I…uh, I'm not sure," I said. "I'll give it some thought later."

Annabeth narrowed her scary gray eyes. "You're not sure?"

I didn't respond. I caught Percy's eye and silently pleaded, Later.

Hazel broke the silence thankfully. "What about the other lines? Twins snuff out the angel's breath, Who holds the key to endless death."

"Giant's bane stands cold and pale," Frank added, "Won through pain from a woven jail."

"Giant's bane," Leo said, "Anything that's a giant's bane is good for us, right? That's what we need to find. If it can help the gods get their schizophrenic act together, that's good."

Percy nodded. "We can't defeat the giants without the help of the gods.

I turned to Frank and Hazel. "I thought you two defeated that one giant in Alaska without a god's help."

"Alcyoneus was a special case," Frank said. He was only immortal in the place where he was reborn—Alaska. But not in Canada. I wish I could kill all the giants by dragging them across the border from Alaska into Canada, but…." He shrugged. "Percy's right, we need the gods.

"So…" Leo pushed his chair away from the table. "First things first, I guess. We'll have to put down in the morning to finish repairs."

"Somewhere close to the city," Annabeth suggested, in case we need supplies. But somewhere out of the way, so the Romans will have trouble finding us. Any ideas?"

Piper looked unsure for moment before she said, "Well, how do you guys feel about Kansas?"

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