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Q was walking down the street on Earth. It was the late 20th Century; a time where he had been told by the captain of Starfleet that he loved to torment the most, Captain Picard, he could see the after effects of the best and worst of humanity.

"Go to this time period he says, people are still recovering from World War Two he says – to these insignificants that was about 40 years ag-"

A mental plea for help hit him like one of Sisko's punches. It was a child's mindcry. Flashing to the source, while hiding his presence, he arrived to a sight that made even his omnipotent blood boil like a Klingon in Battle-fury.

There, strapped to the bannister of the stairs, was a little girl with a… Whale? Human? THING whipping her with a belt!

"You dare show up your cousin at school! You dare argue back to me! FREAK!" the man was screaming. This did it for Q, he snapped his fingers and time froze.

Looking at the girl's face he tracked her history through the pathways accessible only to his kind.

What he saw made him feel ill. He may like to joke and play around, but he had matured from the times when he tormented the crew of 1701-D at Farpoint. Standing between the large man and the girl he grabbed the upraised belt and restarted time.

To the man it would look like he had just appeared out of thin air. "How dare you harm a child!? Your own family no less – I've a mind to teach you a lesson, but I think I'll have this child's OTHER guardian notified of you treatment of her. With that, he snapped his fingers, and he and the little girl with jet black hair and a funny shaped scar disappeared from the house.


Dumbledore looked on at the picture he kept on his desk of James and Lily. He wished he'd been able to protect their daughter, Harmony, better from Voldemort.

Even now, he was desperately researching a way to remove the abomination leeching off her; he would save her from her fate as a living Horcrux, he would not let the Potters down again.

He sat back thinking to when he last saw Harmony on the doorstep. He hadn't wanted to leave her there, but he needed her safe. He'd explained everything in the letter with them. He just hadn't had the strength to pass the girl to them directly. He couldn't face up to those innocent green eyes looking at him, had he done that while she was awake.

He knew that her family would take care of her; after all they were blood, and her being there protected them too. What people could say no to an adorable baby that also protected you and provided you with a link to your lost family?

A flash of light brought him out of his musings as a being appeared in his office. He was tall, slightly on the skinny side and had a very cynical looking face, or would have had fury and worry not been etched into it.

"Help me. I don't understand this. I CAN'T heal her!" Dumbledore looked at the man in shock for a moment until he realised he was holding on to a sobbing girl who had been whipped bloody.

Moving faster than his old frame had a right to move, he grabbed a pinch of Floo powder and threw it into his fireplace summoning Madam Pomfrey.


Q looked on at the . . . Fire portal as a woman, who was obviously some sort of healer from her clothes, came over and produced a vial from beneath her robes after seeing the problem in an instant.

After making the girl drink the potion that caused her to fall unconscious she took the girl from Q letting him know she would look after her in the hospital wing.

Q nodded as the healer took the girl away before turning to the old man who had placed the girl in that environment. Again he followed the man's history, and saw he had only the best of intentions for the girl when he put her with family. This abated his anger somewhat but the fact he had never checked on the girl was criminal in his eyes.

Dumbledore finally settled in his chair behind the desk, watching the Q collapse into one the other side, staring at him.

"First off Dumbledore, my name is Q, secondly as you are the first Hominus Magicae I have encountered in all my time – A surprise for me, the first in a long time – I did not know I would not be able to help that child." Letting out an explosive sigh.

"As of now she is a ward of the Continuum" he finished.

He watched as Dumbledore blinked a moment before he spoke.

"First who was that child, and what is the Continuum, and how do I know I can trust-" His last sentence was cut off as Fawkes trilled a greeting tune to Q before flying over and landing on his shoulder.

"Hello old friend" Q spoke. Fawkes trilled again in a questioning manner. "Yes I know, I've had a lot happen since you last met me – learned that there are consequences to actions." With this he looked Dumbledore in the eye.

"A lesson that someone is about to learn." Fawkes trilled an agreement before flying back to his perch.


Dumbledore watched astounded as this being had a conversation with his familiar.

"Alright, a phoenix trusts you therefore I will." Dumbledore spoke. "Now who was that girl?"

Q snapped his fingers and a tumbler of Blood Wine appeared in front of Dumbledore.
"You'll need that in a minute – That Girl was your Magical Ward, Harmony Potter." He finished.

Dumbledore sat back, his face going pale, turning crimson and then pale again. Reaching forward he downed the potent beverage not even noticing its strength.

Q then went on to explain everything Harmony had suffered at the Dursley's hands, and finally what the Continuum was.

"You do realise, the only reason I'm allowed to tell you about the Continuum now is because 1. You now know me, and 2. She is now in our care until she is 16. I know you need her here when she turns 16 to take control of her inheritance, and I promise that I will bring her back at that time. However, she needs to be safe from those that would harm her, I take it you . . .Agree?"

Dumbledore sat back nodding.

"Then you do realise that the ONLY reason I am trusting you is my familiar trusts you?" The question was put to Q. Nodding, he stood up, before asking to be taken to Harmony – more to be polite than anything. His . . .Mate had drilled manners into him ever since they'd had a child.

As they went to the Hospital wing Q caught Dumbledore's surface thoughts on how to rid Harmony of the Horcrux. Stopping dead in his tracks he looked at Dumbledore. "She's a WHAT?" He shouted. He then realised Dumbledore hadn't spoken out loud and explained what he'd heard. "I can't heal her physically but that evil twist of reality will be removed from her as soon as we get there, also I can hold it in stasis and when we return, I will be able to track any others made by the one who has done this."

Finishing he turned on his heel and strode into the Hospital wing, going straight to Harmony's bedside. Stroking her scar, a black ooze seeped out, and coalesced to a solid mass in his hand. Thinking about what he wanted to do, Q sent the mass to a pocket dimension where it would stay until he called it forth.

Looking over the girl's face he smiled. the lines of pain were gone from her face and the healer had done an excellent job of repairing the damage done by the belt.

"She'll be ok once Severus brings up the double strength nutrient potion I've asked for, it should help to undo the malnourishment she's received."

As she finished the doors to the hospital wing swung open and a tall greasy haired man strode in, black robes billowing, his hook nose seeming to be his prominent feature.

His expression changed to shock when he noticed who was on the bed, before he sneeringly spoke. "So, the Potter bitch hasn't been eating properly at her spoilt home so now we have to coddle her?"

Q could not believe the vitriol from this man, knowing Harmony's past he knew this man had never met her, therefore should have no basis for his hate. looking at the man he read his mind easily. He may not be able to heal magicals, but he could still do the rest.

What he saw made his temper flare, and with no warning he grabbed hold of Dumbledore's hand and fed him the information on how Severus longed for the days of being a Death Eater, and how he couldn't wait for his true master to return.

Letting go of Dumbledore's hand he sat back to watch as Dumbledore stunned the man, catching the vial and running a quick test on it to be sure that it was safe, before heading to the hospital fireplace to summon the Aurors.

That being dealt with he turned to see the nurse wake the girl.


Harmony opened her eyes and looked around, frightened at all the strange faces there, the only one the little girl recognised was the man who had stopped her uncle hurting her.

With a small cry she jumped off the bed and ran to him, too fast for the others to stop her, holding on to his legs tightly she started whispering.

"No more hurt Harmony!"

Q knelt down carefully as not to knock her over and spoke, his voice oddly gentle.

"No, no one here will hurt you, they just want you to drink a yucky medicine, and then you'll come with me to somewhere your uncle can never find you. No more hurt Harmony, ok?"

Hearing the Kind man say this Harmony started to cry and threw her arms around the man's neck.

She heard a woman's throat clear and peeked out to see her holding out the vial to the man.
He took it and then turned to her. "If you drink this nicely, I'll get you some chocolate ice-cream." He said quietly. She knew what that was, she'd seen her cousin eat it, but had never been allowed it.

Hearing that it would be hers if she drank the 'yucky medicine', she grabbed the vial with her little fingers and drunk the lot, not even complaining of the taste.

She looked around, her eyes taking in the sight of what she sort of recognised as a hospital from the bits of TV she had caught glimpses of. As she did, she heard the kind man snap his fingers and there in her chubby hand was a chocolate ice-cream!

Not wanting it to disappear she started to eat it right away.


Q looked down at the happy expression on the child, having kept her attention away from the fireplace where the Aurors had come through to get the unconscious Snape and take him back to a ministry holding cell.

"Where will you take her?" He heard Dumbledore's voice ask.

Lifting Harmony up as he got to his feet he took one look at the man who had seemed to age in the last hour.

"I'm not going to say, but know this, when she returns it must be to a better world than this. You are just a few short years away from having those born with magic to non-magic parents being persecuted in camps – Change this society's direction, for if we come back when she's 16, and nothing's changed then I shall take her away again, and she will not return.

With that he clicked his fingers and flashed away with Harmony and reappeared in the 24th Century, on the bridge of a ship stranded in the Delta Quadrant.

'Intruder Alert, Intruder Alert' a female computer voice announced, unnecessarily in Q's opinion.

"Q! What are you doing here?" Janeway said in a stern tone from her chair.

He felt Harmony tighten her arms holding his neck so brought a finger to his lips signalling the girl with his head and then looking towards her ready room.

Janeway nodded and got up to lead the way. "Chakotay you have the Bridge, Tuvok with me."

With that she led the way. No sooner had the doors closed than she turned around and started to speak.

"What the hell are you playing at? Appearing on the bridge like that with a child in your arms! Tuvok could have hurt her had he gone to stun you! It's only because he recognised you I'll bet he didn't!"

Letting out an explosive sigh she took a deep breath to continue but Harmony turned in Q's arms a little and peeked a look at the stern woman who was shouting at Q. The moment Janeway saw her face, all the fight left her and she smiled at the girl.

"Now, what happened that you felt the need to scare another year out my life?" She asked.

Q sat down on the chair and begun to tell his tale, how he'd found her and why he'd taken her away, even going so far as to explain how magic was real. Harmony's past, the reason he'd come to her, was he needed someone who could raise the girl properly, before he returned her to her own time.
He had to come this far though as it was only at this time that he felt that the technology would not react to Harmony's magic. He could have gone earlier when they had first learnt to shield from the type of energy she would release in fear or anger growing up, but he wanted to put her in a place where that shielding had been improved upon over 20 years.


Janeway looked on astonished before she asked "So, you want to put her here, have us raise her and then when she's old enough take her home?!"

Tuvok looked on at the outburst with a single raised eyebrow.
"Do you realise how many Laws you've convinced me to break?" at this Tuvok spoke a single word, filled with questions.


Janeway looked at her Chief of security with a small smile.
"You heard right. I heard what Q wasn't saying as well, Until she's learnt to control her. . . magic?"

She said with a glance to Q who nodded. "She couldn't defend herself against the entity that will still be looking to come after her. I say Entity because someone who would do that to their self is not human."

"O.K. But you better make sure of one thing Q, After you leave here, you're going to learn all you can about this branch of magic." She sighed, not believing what she was about to say.
"And you'll come back here at least twice a week when she's old enough to learn and teach her. We can't – we're not magical.

Q nodded seemingly to agree straight away. Before letting out a sigh.
"There is one further request I will make, I am going to leave her with you now, I will be returning with another girl. I can't explain it but I've just got a . . . Message from the Continuum, if these two don't stay together, for some reason they will die, something to do with two souls bound for all time.

Janeway heard Tuvok take a short breath before he spoke.
"Such a union was thought no longer possible on Vulcan, ever since we learnt to repress emotions, which are needed to sustain such a bond – do you mean to say humans are capable of such?"

Q looked at Tuvok and nodded, but Janeway had a concern she needed raising.
"What about her parents, the other child I mean?" Q had a far off gaze for a moment before turning to Janeway.

"Her parents are deeply set in their beliefs, and are already considering ways to stop her non-righteous ways, her uncontrollable outbursts have them considering petitioning help. Should it happen she will be taken from them, with their blessing and studied until she dies at an early age.
If I go and remove her, I can assure her parents will agree, and she will live a long full life, that is all I can tell you at the moment."

Janeway looked on in horror at the description of the fate that awaited the other child, it took her less than a second to decide to break yet more temporal laws.

"Get her." Q nodded and turned to the girl in his arms.

"I'm going to take you to stay with their doctor for a bit, I'll only be 10 minutes ok?"
Janeway couldn't believe that this was the same Q that used to torment the crew of the Enterprise, not with the care shown in his voice and actions.

Picard would never believe this.


Harmony feeling very tired simply nodded her head slightly before a flash of white intruded on her field of vision.

"Activate EMH" she heard the nice man – Q if she heard the lady right – call out.

"Please state the nature of the Medical Emergency?" The Doctor said as he appeared out of thin air.

Taking one look at the baldish man Harmony giggled.

As the Doctor raised an eyebrow Q asked her what was funny. Pointing a small finger at the Doctor she whispered.

"His head shiny" at this Q seemed to hold in a chuckle.

The doctor looked on with a slightly offended expression before looking at Q.

"So what can I do for you?

"Look after this little one, and get ready for another I'll be bringing back shortly."

Turning back to Harmony he lay her down on one of the Bio-Beds and said quietly.
"I'll be back soon, I'm just going to get someone else ok?"

Harmony nodded, absolute trust in her eyes, as she fell asleep Harmony feeling very tired simply nodded her head slightly before a flash of white intruded on her field of vision.


Q looked on as her eyes closed and smiled.

He couldn't believe how much he'd come to care for this little waif of a child. Now that he had though, she had one of the best protectors in existence looking out for her.

Looking at the EMH he nodded before disappearing in a flash only to reappear back on earth in front of a large house in an uptown neighbourhood in Crawley.

The area spoke of those who had money but had earned their way.

Shaking his head he went up to the door and knocked making sure of his appearance.
The door opened to a stern looking man with a tight haircut who had a distinct military bearing around him.

"Can I help you?" the man spoke.

"Am I speaking with a Mr. Joseph Granger?" Q asked. The man nodded as he replied.

"Yes, what's this about? Who are you?"

Q answered pretty quickly. "Oh, sorry. My name is Jeremiah, I was sitting in on a class in the primary school your daughter attends and something . . .strange happened." Seeing Joseph's features harden he carried on quickly. "I represent a group of people that help children with these outbursts, teach them control. However there is a downside to this."

"There is?" Joseph asked. Q nodded

"Unfortunately if you allow your daughter to come with me you will not see her again until she is 16 nearly 17. Don't take my word for it though, I would suggest you get in touch with your superior officer. He will confirm what I say. Ask him about 'Child Prodigy Academy'" Q quickly snapped his fingers behind his back making sure anyone who would be questioned as such by Joseph Granger would support this.

Joseph went to make a phone call after leaving Q standing on the doorstep, he was back within moments with a much more relaxed air about him.

"Ok, thank you for this, I'll talk with her mother tonight and explain it to her. Please could you come back in the morning to pick her up? Say 10 o'clock."

Q nodded and got up to leave. Stepping out the door he waited until it was closed and simply flashed forward to the right time before turning to knock on the door.

Joseph answered the door and smiled at Q. "Right on time, Here's our daughter." Looking down at the girl who was holding on to a suitcase with a slight expression of fear on her face.

Q knelt down and spoke. "Don't worry, where we're going it will be absolutely amazing, I promise."

The little girl with bushy brown hair nodded before turning back to her father.

"It's ok pumpkin, I did all the checks, he's for real." Nodding the little girl hugged Joseph once more before turning and taking hold of Q's hand.

Q turned and led Hermione to a car that he'd placed there, before they got in and they drove off down the street.

Once they were far enough from the house Q pulled over and snapped his fingers.
They were now stood in the Sick Bay back on Voyager in the 24th Century.
Before the flash even died down the girl exploded with questions.

"How did that happen, where are we, what are all these screens, who's that, and what happened?"

Harmony woke up to the voice asking all these questions before she heard Q speak.

"All in good time, first I'd like you to meet someone. She's very shy so please be careful around her."


Having heard him say this she tried to hide her face in her pillow, knowing that Q was going to bring the new girl to her.

"Hi." She heard the girl say quietly. "What's your name?

"Harmony, Harmony Jamie Potter" Harmony answered before asking the other girls name quietly.

"Oh sorry, I'm Hermione, Hermione Jane Granger. Want to be friends?"

Harmony's smile lit up her entire face.

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