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Chapter 21: Epilogue

Hermione woke up with a smile as she heard the alarm going off.
Rolling over she was the one to quickly cast the tooth cleaning and breath freshening charms this morning before trapping Harmony's lips with her own.
That tomorrow was her wedding day was something she was truly looking forwards to.

The two traded gentle kisses before getting up, they had been given two weeks off starting today for the wedding and a honeymoon.

After a short time in the bed they moved for a long shower, before she headed through to the twins room as Harmony went through to Elsie's.
Once the pair were up and awake she carried them back through to the family room, settling down on the couch, having decided everything for the wedding yesterday, they were spending the day with their children and sister, as the next two weeks they wouldn't even be on Voyager, but away on a tropical paradise planet that Q had created for them to have their honeymoon as a present. Their mothers, Janeway and Chakotay would be looking after the three younger members of their family while they were away.

She smiled as Harmony came in with Elsie who walked straight over to the table, obviously having decided to leave her eyes 'on' today. She had worked out how to turn them off in seconds and still spent a lot of her time blind in the family quarters, but everywhere else she chose to see.

"Hey Elsie sleep alright?" Elsie nodded with a wide smile.
"Yes thank you." She said before tucking into her breakfast – she had the same addiction to gruel that Hermione did, something that Harmony had tried to convince her was bad, but Elsie just shook her head at the time and said she wanted to be just like her big sister.

As breakfast finished they settled on the floor to play with the toddlers while Elsie curled up on the sofa going through her homework.
"Janeway to Potter-Torres." The captain's voice chimed from Harmony's com badge.
"Potter-Torres here." She quickly answered.
"Harmony I know you're on your leave but can you go to Engineering and help your mother for a couple of hours?"

Harmony looked to Hermione her eyebrow raised in question.
Hermione simply gave a small smile and nodded she'd be alright looking after the kids.
"Okay Captain, I'll go as soon as I'm in uniform."
"Thank you, Janeway out." Harmony tapped her combadge before getting up and heading into the bedroom, quickly getting changed before coming over and giving the little one's a quick kiss on the forehead before leaning down to give Hermione a gentle kiss on the lips.
"I'll be back as soon as possible." She said before leaving.

Hermione sighed; at least once the wedding had happened and they were away there would be no interruptions to their time.
Their mums had already agreed to watch the children while away, she sat keeping the toddlers entertained until they started to get tired before settling them in the playpen to have a nap.

Looking to Elsie she smiled when she saw the girl had fallen asleep as well. She quietly went through their quarters tidying up before taking a seat the other end of the couch and picking up a padd and continuing with her favourite book.


Harmony walked into engineering to see in the normal clear space a Mk VII probe opened up with half its components opened as her Mums were elbows deep.
Going over she asked what they were doing.
"We're trying to get the new power flow right to the sensors without the magical strengthening of the hull interfering.

Sighing Harmony went up to the casing and looked in as she spoke.
"How many times have me, Hermione and Q said not to mess with magical energy without one of us around?"
Be'Lanna looked up sheepishly as she spoke.
"Sorry but we just wanted to get this done." Harmony sighed as she looked in. Spotting the problem right away she was soon up to her own elbows working, using both tools and magic to finish the alterations before charging the focus crystals.

"There," She sighed looking up to the time and groaning, she'd worked through lunch again.
Her mothers came up and gently hugged her.
"Seriously thank you, we can take it from here; you get back to you leave." Annika said to Be'Lanna's nod.
Smiling she thanked them before heading out to the nearest turbo lift and to her quarters.
Going in she had to smile, Hermione had the lights up to only half illumination as the little ones were asleep while she read.

Going over she quickly kissed her before going for her shower. Coming back out once cleaned and changed she saw Hermione had woke the others up and got them settled on the table as she stood at the replicator.
"Go sit down love, I'll only be a moment." Hermione said, nodding Harmony took a seat.

After a filling lunch she looked to Hermione.
"I felt like slapping our mothers. They were using magic energy without us there… again."
Hermione sighed shaking her head.
"Did they forget without someone there to give the crystals the first burst of power either nothing would happen or they'd be in the middle of an explosion? Honestly!"

"They were too eager to 'get the job done'" Hermione shook her head at this.
"Well they're definitely our parents then, shows where we get it from." Harmony nodded with a smile as they continued to eat while keeping an eye on the toddlers so that not too much food got over them rather than in.

They spent the rest of the day with their kids hoping Sirius and Remus were alright with their other guests, even if one was Dumbledore and if she had her choice would be in the brig for his actions to her.


Sirius was sat with Remus, Amelia, Shaklebolt and Dumbledore in the mess hall.

"You alright there Amy?" Sirius asked taking her hand as she stared at the stars out the window.
"Yeah, it's just, last night was a surprise enough, but touring the ship this morning…"
Sirius smiled as he nodded.
"It was a shock for me too. What about you Shack?"
Shacklebolt was about to speak when he saw someone use the replicator.

"Conjuring booths?" He asked to Remus's head shake.
"No, they're replicators, they convert matter and energy into a solid state, be that food or a tool, come on I'll show you."
With that the two Marauders led their three guests to the replicator.
"Okay, just ask the computer for what you want." Remus said.

"Ah, hot chocolate?" Shacklebolt said nervously.
Remus nodded turning to the replicator pressing a button.
"Hot chocolate."
After a second where the replicator lit up, Remus reached in and pulled out a mug passing it to the dark skinned man who took a tentative sip before he looked up shocked.
"This – this is amazing." He said quietly before Sirius replicated Amelia's favourite tea and a bag of lemon drops for Dumbledore and they returned to their tables.

It was then Dumbledore spoke.
"Sirius, Remus, how can we convince Harmony to return to our world?" He asked, not expecting the glares he received.
"You can't – look, I know you don't like it, and like to be the one making decisions, but not this time. It's not just that she's made a life here Albus, her entire family is here.
Plus if she returned any time there was a problem the wizarding world would sit back and try to let her deal with it – every time." Sirius told him bluntly as Remus nodded while he spoke.

"Here she's just Harmony, fiancée to Hermione. Back in our time she's the Girl-Who-Lived, the Girl-Who-Won, the Lady Potter and Black, famous for losing her parents. Here she's simply Harmony Potter-Torres Starfleet engineer." Taking a sip of his own drink he continued.
"You even try anything tomorrow and Q will have you out of there so fast you won't know what's hit you. Don't do it."

Amelia nodded as she spoke cutting in before Dumbledore could answer.
"Don't worry, we won't. Will we Chief Warlock." She finished with a stern look to the headmaster, in that one look and statement stopping Dumbledore dead.
"Amelia, can't you see we need her though, without her to rally around…"
"And that's why it's better she's not there." Shacklebolt said. "They'll try making it her job for everything. We need to keep pushing our society to better itself, not blindly follow someone. That gave rise to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named."

Finally Dumbledore sighed and nodded before they returned to general talks about Voyager and the two marauders experiences on Voyager before being escorted to the guest quarters, all except Amelia who was staying with Sirius.


Hermione looked up from where she was stood in front of the alter on the beach scene in the Holodeck to the music starting, looking to Harmony walking towards her, she couldn't smile any more than she was, the sight taking her breath away.

Harmony was walking towards them wearing a white shoulder less dress that hugged her figure flaring out a little from the knees with a small trail, in her hands was a bouquet of lilies, while her tiara had hints of stag antlers, subtle nods to her birth-parents, whom had they not laid down their lives, Harmony wouldn't be able to be here on Sirius's arm walking down the aisle to her.

Her own dress was a simple affair of a slim body hugging piece with two spaghetti straps going over her shoulders and crossing over the low scooped back.
In her hands was a simple bouquet of red and white roses.
When Harmony got to her Sirius gently placed her hand in Hermione's and smiled to the both of them before turning to take his seat with Amelia.

They turned to face Captain Janeway who had accepted their request to be the one to marry them, smiling she started to speak.

"I've watched you two both growing up together since you first arrived on Voyager, and can't think of two people more deserving of each other, seeing you grow leading up to this day and beyond has been a beautiful thing.
Now, we are gathered here today…"

"… You may now kiss your bride." Janeway finished looking to them, Hermione didn't need to be told twice as she leaned in for a chaste, love filled kiss with Harmony, as their lips met a slight glow from them both illuminated them, sealing their marriage in magic, before they pulled back and turned to face the applauding crowd while Janeway spoke.

Elsie in her rosé bridesmaid outfit had hold of the toddlers, James in his little grey suit, and Hope in a small dress matching Elsie's, letting them go at a small nod from Harmony to run towards them, James into Harmony's arms and Hope into Hermione's as Janeway announced them Mrs & Mrs to the crowd, the only slight variation of the traditional wedding being that instead of taking Harmony's full surname as her own, Hermione had dropped the Granger from her double barrelled last name and chosen to be Hansen-Potter, while Harmony had simply switched the names around in hers, now being Torres-Potter.

They made their way down the aisle and over to the reception area that had already been prepared ready for them.
Getting to their seats, Hope started fidgeting and Hermione looked to see her daughter smiling up to her as she babbled.
"Mummy pretty."
Hermione leaned down planting a small kiss on top of Hope's head as she turned to face Harmony who was looking around, her eyes sparkling with happiness.

Thankfully everyone had agreed with their requests to do away with the speeches and the food soon arrived, Hermione ended up liberally using cleaning charms as Hope seemed to want more to play with, rather than eat her food.

"So love, are you happy?" Harmony asked as Hermione turned to face her, leaning over for a quick kiss.
"More than anything, I'm so glad to be your wife." She said quietly.
Harmony grinned as she spoke.
"Now we just need to convince our mothers to stop living in sin and get married." She said loud enough to be heard from them, causing the two to look up to them.
"Wait – we're not married?" Be'Lanna suddenly said as both she and Annika looked to each other, in surprise, both realising that yes, they had indeed not gotten married.

"Well then Be'Lanna, what do you say, will you marry me?" Annika said suddenly as the assembled dinner guests went silent, all looking on to see Be'Lanna smiling widely as she nodded.
"Yes, I'll marry you blue eyes, yes." Be'Lanna answered leaning in to kiss her.


Harmony looked around that evening with a smile on her face, Q coming to stand next to her, an arm about her shoulder pulling her in for a gentle embrace as he spoke.
"I've got the planet sorted so that only I can find it, you'll have total privacy – I won't even be watching, but when you're ready to come home, just call me.

Turning to face the man she pulled him into a hug as she spoke.
"Thank you Uncle Q, if it wasn't for you, I – I wouldn't have had half the life I've had,"
"Shh, hey now, you never need to thank me – no matter what you deserve this, you're one of the best women I know, you and your wife both." He said quietly.
Harmony nodded with a light smile as she realised as they were talking Q had guided her to the dance floor and was slowly dancing her over to Hermione.

Over the next hour she danced in only her families' arms before it was time to go, she smiled knowing she'd be back in ten days.

Walking with Hermione up to Q after saying their goodbyes and picking up their clothes cases he clicked his fingers and they disappeared, reappearing on a tropical beach under some palm trees.

Looking around the two smiled, there was a 'hut' with a cooking, sitting and sleeping area, walls at half height, what looked like a stand up shower off to one, with a small what appeared to be outhouse a short distance away.
She suddenly let out a shriek as she felt herself lifted up and looked to see Hermione had picked her up and was carrying her over to the hut, obviously cheating using a levitation charm as she wasn't struggling in the slightest.

As soon as they were at the bed, Hermione gently lay her down, coming to lie next to her, her lips finding hers, the two losing themselves to their mutual passions for the other.


Janeway walked on to the bridge with a sigh, rubbing at her neck, it had been four days since the wedding, and last night had been hers and Chakotay's turn to watch the little ones.

Getting to her chair she looked at the view screen that showed the wormhole.
"Well, let's see what's on the other side." She said before looking up to Tuvok as she spoke.
"Launch Magi-Probe." Before looking back to the screen as a probe left the ship and entered the wormhole.

They waited as the probe started to send data back before Harry Kim spoke up.
"Telemetry indicates that the wormhole is stable both ends Captain, just bringing up the other readings now."
Janeway nodded as they patched in the visual feed to the View screen.

"Scanning local star positions, probes location is … wait… it can't be…"
Janeway turned in her seat to look up to him.
"Harry?" She asked.
"Captain, if I'm reading this right – the wormhole, it's about 5 light-years away from Alpha Centauri!"
Janeway's eyes widened at this as she quickly got up from her chair and ran up to the Ops station to double check the readings herself.

The feeling of relief in her system when she confirmed the readings was almost palpable to the rest of the bridge crew.
"No wonder Q once said he wouldn't need to bring us home, we can get there ourselves."
Quickly going down to her chair, fighting the emotions running through her she sat as she spoke.
"Captain to all hands, the wormhole we have discovered, it leads to Alpha Centauri, we'll spend the next 48 hours days here while we make sure the ship is ready, once sure, we're going home. Janeway out!"

She sat back in wonder as she started at the probes visuals, before nodding to herself.
"Relay a message from the probe to Starfleet Headquarters, inform them of the Wormhole exit's location, and let them know we're coming home." She said quietly, a wide smile on her face.
"Yes Ma'am." Tuvok said.


Harmony woke in her lovers arms and smiled as she looked over her shoulder to her, the past few days here on their own had been wonderful, but they were both ready to head home, rolling over she leaned in to kiss Hermione on the lips, pulling back as her chocolate orbs opened and she smiled up to her, pulling her down for another more insistent kiss.

Hermione pulled her over and on top, deepening the kiss before they got lost in each other for another hour.

Hermione smiled down to Hermione from her finishing position above her and spoke the first words of the morning.
"Good morning beautiful." Harmony reached up and rested a hand against her cheek as she answered.
"And to you, come on, I need a shower for some reason." Hermione giggled and shot out the bed pulling Harmony with her.
As they helped each other to clean up Harmony spoke.
"Ready to go home?" She asked.

Hermione nodded, turning to wrap her arms about her wife as she spoke.
"Yes, I miss our family," She broke off leaning in for another gentle kiss before she continued.
"Plus, I know you do too." Harmony smiled and nodded as they got out the shower and got dressed.

A quick styling charm to settle their hairs to soft waves, before they both pulled on skin-tight tops and leather trousers leaving their tanned midriffs bare.
"Hermione where are my boots?" Harmony asked looking around the bare little hut.
Hermione giggled and pointed up, causing Harmony to follow her finger and see a pair of combat boots hanging from a tree.

"Huh, don't remember that." Harmony said with a grin, summoning them before pulling them on.
"I think I'll wait until we're at Voyager for breakfast." Hermione said with a smile getting an answering nod from Harmony.
""Okay, I think it's safe to call for Q then." Hermione nodded her agreement as they walked out to the beach, arms around each other's waist before Hermione called for Q.

With a flash he appeared and pulled them into a hug.
"You two have timed it just right, Voyager even now is back above Earth, honest, I'm taking you back still ten days on, but it's after Voyager got back to Earth.

Hermione and Harmony smiled widely, they knew just how much this meant to their family.
"Okay, let's go."
*Flash* They appeared in the Captains ready room when they looked to see another Q sat talking to the Captain at her desk.
"Q What the HELL!" Q with Janeway shouted at the one who'd brought them here.
As Q was about to answer Harmony rolled her eyes and at the same time as Hermione gave Q a head slap, before Harmony turned to Janeway and spoke.

"Sorry Aunty Kathy, this MORON thought it would be funny to show up unannounced."

Janeway raised an eyebrow. "Aunty Kathy?" She said.
Hermione pretending to look shocked spoke.
"Aunty Kathy how can you not recognise us?"
Both Q's looked at Janeway waiting for the explosion that never came.
Leaning back in her chair Janeway looked at them.
"Oh I recognise you alright, but what the hell are you doing here? You do realise if your 5 year old selves see you it could be really dangerous."

Harmony suppressed a shiver at the glare her wife aimed at their Q
"You twit! You said you'd bring back to after they'd got back to Earth!"
"Sorry Hermione, but I thought it was funny." Hermione pinched the bridge of her nose.
"Love, slap him." She said.

"With Pleasure." Harmony said, giving his his head another whack.
Looking to his alternate self, sat in front of Janeway he spoke. "Get used to this." Before snapping his fingers, there was another flash of light and they reappeared on the bridge, Chakotay smiling as he pointed them to the Captains ready room, Earth filling up the view screen.

"Thank you Q," Harmony said with a small smile, getting a grin from him before he disappeared, they quickly headed to the ready room, going in as soon as Janeway called for them to enter.
Two high pitch toddlers called, barrelling into them, laughing Harmony picked up Hope as Hermione got James.

Elsie was sat on the couch and smiled coming over to them, hugging them both.
"Welcome home." She said, even as the Ready Room doors opened again and their mothers walked in, coming over to pull them into a family embrace.
Looking out the window to the planet below, Harmony smiled.

They were definitely home, and here in the 24th Century would be where they would continue their lives.


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