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"Hello. I am Saotome Ranma, 16 years old. I had just returned from China where my father and I had completed a rigorous training expedition. Upon my return to Japan, my main expectations were returning to the normal routine of school and everyday life. However, one morning on the way to school, I met a little pig with a strange mark on his forehead...and my life changed forever, this is my story!".

Ranma as usual was walking to school along the fence of the canal, he was carrying his briefcase behind his head trying to relax as he continued to walk, until he rounded a corner and was met with the sound of angry little kids, he decided to halt his morning commute.

A young and obnoxious child was poking something with a stick and had gathered a crowd of kids to watch, he exclaimed "Haha! Run you little pig!",one of the audience joined in "Now we're gonna roast you for breakfast", there was a small piglet standing there sweating he let out a faint squeal in protest. The show hadn't gone unnoticed by ranma who decided that it was his duty as a martial artist to stop this! ,he jumped down to get ready to spoil their fun.

Ranma exclaimed almost sarcastically "hey! Don't pick on helpless kids!", the crowed of kids looked back and forth for a few seconds before a more confident child stepped up to the challenge "Oh yeah? What do you wanna do about it?".

Ranma stepped back in surprise but recoiled, this would not even cause him to break a sweat if he did have to fight the child not that he wanted to!, his action didn't have the desired effect on the kids and another stepped up "Yeah! Why don't you come down here and make us!", ranma had hoped that he wouldn't have to do this, the kids needed to be taught a lesson he cracked his knuckles and look like he was ready to kill "Oh yeah? You asked for it!".

Just then the school bell rang in the distance hearing this the kids moaned and started slowly waddling back to their school, ranma had a look on his face that said he didn't know if he was happy or annoyed that he had not been able to pound some sense into these brats that were in front of him, he slowly turned away only to here a few remaining children, "You're not so tough! trying to fight people who aint even half your size" ranma turned with a vain in his forehead throbbing, the kids made one last gesture before making their escape, one child counted "three, two, one" and his comrades pulled down one eye and stuck there tongues out, this convinced ranma they were just arrogant kids and he didn't need to punish them... yet.

After they left ranma turned to see what they were all gathered around in the first place he looked down to see a litlle black piglet, he look annoyed at what had almost happened because of some stupid pig, he still felt he had to say this aloud to his audience of one "'s not even a kid! All that fuss for a stupid-looking little pig... Eh...?".

He looked at the angry-looking pig and looked to its forehead it was loosely wearing a bandana around its head he could have sworn that he had seen the bandana somewhere before, but it wasn't the time to think about that right now, he pulled the bandana around the pigs neck so it would have a harder time coming off, in the back of his mind he had a feeling akane would like the pig he could take it over to the dojo and start enjoying something hard to get your hands on akane tendos love!.

Ranma snapped out of his train of though and suddenly released why the pig had a bandana on, its forehead had a deep burn mark in the shape of a crescent moon, ranma came over all akane for a second saying "oh you poor thing no wonder you must have run away from your owners" once again ranma snapped back to reality and put the pig back down he didn't want to be dealing with a injured animal.

And with that continued his walk to school and he relaxed "im already late why don't I just take my time it can hurt to be a little later than just late" calming himself with thoughts of some much-needed lunch.

In fuurinkan high school the day has started, classes have begun but in the halls outside stood a very annoyed looking ranma soatome, he thought to himself "Jeez so I was late why do these people think that you should have to be stood in the corridors holding bloody buckets of water, you know what no! im just going to put them down it's not like anyone will notice" he said in a huff.

Looking down had reminded him of the sign he had draped over his shoulders making him look like a mobile advertisement, the sign said that "I was late" it was designed to embarrass people into not doing it again ranma was thinking to himself that it was working he then thought back to the morning and cursed to himself, "of all the look being held up by a lousy pig!".

Ranma stared at the floor, he had done this so many times he may have made a career out of being a sales rep for floor tiles he had plenty of experience in that field he relaxed and phased out..

A minute or so later ranma was shaken out of his daze buy one unmistakable sound, tatewaki kuno was making his way toward ranma with an air of arrogance that only the rich kid in class would have had the idiocy to use. he was smirking "Oh, is that right?" kuno casually brushed his hair out of his face with his fingers, "well that is an original excuse" he held in a snicker, ranma was blushing a little bit he thought to himself "great he must have overheard me talking about the pig either that or nabiki had sold him the information" either one was possible the middle tendo daughter practically made her living on extorting money from the kendoist and ranma was a good source of income.

Ranma sighed before answering "What are you doing here?" Kuno went back to the contemptuous look he held over pretty much the entire population this side of the emperor, a small spurt of Shakespeare later and Kuno was ready to actually talk, "I have come to see if you have come to your senses and decided to stay away from the girl who is destined to be mine!".

Ranma let out a low grunt before looking back to kuno he thought to himself "I wonder if kuno's brain had overtaken diamond yet as the hardest substance known to man", no mater how many times he or Akane spelled it out for him he remind as blind as ever, Ranma smirked and gave this response to the arrogant upperclassmen "Akane doesn't seem to agree does she".

There was a brief silence between the two before Kuno snarled "you vile Curr you dare dismiss the house of Kuno you may not ever disrespect my authority", Ranma's response to the out burst was to simply roll his eyes and snicker. Kuno then changed tack thinking he was being beaten and confidently exclaimed "A fool like you can never understand it! Such a well brought up girl like Tendo Akane will never show her feelings too openly" Ranma couldn't help but burst out into laughter he knew Akane fairly well and disguising her emotions was not something akane ever did she would always have a permanent look of anger etched onto her face.

Returning to the situation at hand he forced an annoyed face and quipped back at the startled kendoist "And a fool like you just cannot see the obvious"!. silence took over again until ranma felt the need to end the conversation, "Anyway, aren't you suppose to be in class?".

Kuno's arrogant vibes set in again and he casually flicked his hair again and began a reply "I am not bound by..." he was stopped by a hand placed on his shoulder and the ever feared expression "A-hem..."! Kuno sighed and felt he didn't need to turn around he knew what was coming.

A minute later Kuno couldn't get away from Ranma anymore even if he wanted to he was Standing next to Ranma with a bucket of water in his hands, and a sign that saids "I was cutting class" draped on his neck. he and ranma where back to square one there was a sigh followed by a loud screech formed from the young kendoists annoyance. "Ahh...the humiliation! I, tatewaki kuno, 17 years old, whom people call Blue Thunder of fuurinkan high; treated with such indignity!".

Ranma mocked "what happened to shooting star" he looked at Kuno and decided that got him just about angry enough to have a little fun. Kuno glared at Ranma "You shall not change the subject of your conversation with your sempai! You shall stay away from Akane tendo, unless you want to suffer the greatest humiliation"! Ranma stopped thinking about toying with Kuno and yelled "Jeez just my luck to get stuck here with you."

Kuno decided that at best he could match the response and scowled "oh of course the luck is all mine" Ranma went back to furthering his ability's in the arts and knowledge of beechwood floor tiles and Kuno was looking smug believing he had won the argument, Ranma then made the mistake of so many movie characters and asked himself "what else can go wrong".

In a strange place what had the stench of death and despair in the air, in a truly dark kingdom there was one gigantic chamber with only one extremely high-ranking person in it, there was an old hag of a woman sitting on her throne she was the queen of this dark place she was the queen Beryl!.

She summoned her minions to attention and there was instantly a hoard in front of her mindlessly obeying her every whim, only her most senior officers had been given the gift of control over their own brain although to Beryl this was through necessity; she needed them to be able to think in order for them to coordinate their attacks, oh yes she was going to enjoy the events to come she could feel it.

She began Waving her hands in front of a floating crystal ball. "The time for conquest has come!" was her grand speech she had assembled her servants and officers in order to proclaim she gestured for the minions to leave and soon only the senior officers where in the chamber. Beryl now went into greater detail.

"We will need the ginzuishou crystal to revive our ruler. For that, I need the humans' energy!, energy that you are going to give" her voice almost turned demonic as she was talking, clearly Beryl didn't care too much about her outward appearance after all she made her minions she can just as easily end there lives and no one was foolish enough to object to anything she had formed the perfect dictatorship!.

One of the officers stepped forward looking nervous but was doing a fairly good job of keeping it hidden, he began to speak "I am Quarzite. Before I proceed with my matchless plan to steal the humans' energy, I would beg a favor of asking a question to your majesty."

Queen Beryl was not looking amused she snapped "WHAT!" reeling a bit the officer fumbled forward "What exactly is it with you and that stupid crystal ball anyway?" Beryls expression changed from annoyed to plain mad she yelled FOOL! raising her hands and unleashing a ball of energy blasting a huge hole in his torso he then fell to the ground and his body started dissolving.

None of the other officers bothered pointing out that, that was a waste of energy when she was demanding that they needed more clearly Beryl was not in the mood. Another officer had stepped forward with an air of confidence around him unlike the previous officer he had though what he was going to say through he kneeled and spoke " I am Jadeite."

He paused for a second to see the pile of ash and bones next to him he grimaced a bit but replaced that expression with one of a smug smirk he then continued "It has already begun. I have sent one of our faithful servants to see to our needs. He has reported that there is an abundant amount of energy and assures me that he will succeed."

Beryl looked at the man then signaled the other officers to leave she was probably going to have them whipped for not coming forward themselves. she turned to the lone man now in the room and left him with one closing command "See to it personally Jadeite. We must succeed if we are to revive Queen Metallia and conquer the human world."

Back in the school courtyard and the lunch hour was in full swing with all students taking advantage of their break to eat and chat this is no exception for one Ranma Soatome who had been roped into sitting with akane and her friends for lunch and they were all getting a real kick out of bringing up ranma's punishment for going for a stroll and showing up over an hour late.

Akane was mocking ranma for the whole thing as she usually does "Being late really does not improve a new student's image, you know." Ranma as usual just rolled his eyes and tried not to cringe as Akane's cooking hit home, just as usual it had looked alright but if she was planning on poisoning someone she defiantly had the tools to do it.

Ranma thought that it was probably his turn to start mocking he started to joke " you know Akane I think Kodachi should probably take lessons from you" Akane looked pensive waiting to hear what was going to be said "ok Saotome spill it what am I gonna teach Kodachi?" Ranma wanted to laugh but he was mentally preparing for a beating.

"Akane with all the trouble Kodachi goes through trying to poison me she should hire you to make her poisons for her, your clearly better at it." Akane was confused about whether this was a compliment or an insult she almost whispered a thank you before realizing what he meant "RANMA how can you say my cooking is that bad" akane had formed a large mallet with her ki and was poised to strike when Ranma stuttered and changed the subject.

"Hey Akane you know that Kuno guy who's been chasing after you" Akane dropped her mallet while she was hearing ranma out. Ranma continued i ran into him during my detention this morning," Akane chimed in, her voice was dripping with sarcasm What is it now? the "stay away from Akane Tendo routine again, I presume?" Ranma though for a second "exactly that".

"Guess some people just cannot see the obvious, I hope he doesn't follow me while I'm doing after-school clean-up." akane turned up her nose still looking like she was moving on pure adrenaline and sarcasm "Some people indeed! You should have seen what he was like the first day I met him." "anyway why were you late in the first place" Akane didn't want to keep kuno in her head for too long.

Ranma looked thoughtful for a minute then answered "some kids beating what I thought was some other kid. Turns out to be a black piglet with a strange moon-shaped mark on its forehead." Akane squealed like the pig in question "aw that must have been so cute and you saved the poor little thing from those mean kids".

Ranma didn't want to say that he had threatened to beat up a group of 5 your olds he was trying to lose his frequent flyer points on Air Akane! "hey Ranma if you run into the little guy again can you bring him with you to the dojo id kinda like to get a look at that mark you said he had" "oh and Ranma I haven't forgotten you insulted my cooking! RANMA NO BAKA" Ranma was once again gaining air miles.

Outside of the school gate there was a familiar looking pig watching the pigtailed boy flying over the wall and into the park his eyes where narrowing on his target and he began closing in the pig opened its mouth but instead of a high pitched squeak his mouth opened to revile a pair of impressive looking fangs, the pig began to speak he said one word "soon." after this the pig entered the school he was going to find ranma when he was alone he was going to find him after closing hours. With the pig sure of its plan it began thinking of more important matters... "I wonder why they call that a pig tail anyway".

Back in the gym there where a selection of students performing karate as part of an additional school activity it was now 5pm and most students had left for the night only they and students on clean up duty where still there.

The instructor commanded with the authority and the tenacity as an army drill Sargent "horse stance Ike" all the students started punching forward in rhythm and where performing the simple Kata.

The school had received a large quantity of gear for these programs from an unnamed donor the instructor was all to happy to take the free gear even though he wasn't thrilled about receiving only black belts when none of the students where even close to that level. he pulled out of though and went back to his simple job of yelling the stance's he wished his pupils to perform.

The assistant that had insisted on watching the lesson was grinning demonically and his eyes narrowed on the class in front of him, "Heh...heh...heh...stupid humans...! He surreptitiously eyed the new belts all the students are wearing. Unseen by all but him, the energy of the students is being slowly drawn away and will continue to be drawn even after the fools stop there pointless exercises "no amount of martial arts in the word will stop a demonic invasion soon they will be mine".

Back in beryls dark kingdom there was a lone man in the dark it was jadeite he was channeling the energy stolen from the martial artists into a ball he was only getting a pitiful amount jadeite thought "these pitiful humans are so weak this is going to take longer than I thought" "still it wont stop my victory" he looked down and a small grin was forming on his face.

Jadeite was expanding some of the energy he was receiving in order show him the process going on back on earth his smile was constantly growing the group of humans was getting bigger and he felt his energy generation was speeding up. he smirked " I guess some of these humans arent as weak as I though." jadeite was staring at his ball of energy grow he began chuckling gently his chuckle soon became a site splitting laugh with a minute he had started laughing like an evil overlord on doomsday "BHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...!".

On the floor just above the gym ranma was busying himself washing the school windows he was there for the night so he figured he make himself useful he had a bucket of water at his feet which was on verge of making his efforts to clean the windows in vain because of just how much dirt was in the water, not that ranma noticed he was busy imagining the conversation when he got home.

He was Wringing the cloth when he began day-dreaming his father was a giant the size of a two-story building there was a stuttered yell with some profanity Genma was definitely making his opinion known While choking and pounding the life out of a shrunken down ranma.


Ranma came back to reality and shook his head he didn't want to keep thinking about this. when he did snap back to reality it dawned on him that he was using water that looked like someone had gone to the bathroom in it he sighed and took the bucket back the janitors closet for a refill.

he was filling the bucket again when he felt something at his feet, this felt wrong to ranma he was a martial artist he didn't get snuck up on nobody can sneak up on him so what was at his feet.

Ranma took a look down "Eh? It's that little black pig again." he looked back at his bucket to see if it was full "Go bug someone else! I got windows to clean!" ranma suddenly realized the idiocy of what he was doing "oh man now im talking to a pig when did my life come to this he was definitely frowning.

The little pig nodded at him and Ranma almost had an Akane attack of thinking it was cute that was right up untill the pig opened his mouth"Neatness...that's an asset that will take you far!".

Ranma though he must be going crazy not only had he just imagined a talking pig but he had made it sarcastic he shuddered he's been near Nabiki for to long already.

Ranma snapped out of it, it wasn't the pig there must be someone else in here he turned around and started Looking behind him but saw no one. "who?" a voice did reply "im down here" ranma looked down and the pigs mouth was mouthing in unison with the words. he swallowed and just about stammered something to himself "Wh-wh-what...! The pig t-talks!".

He let his surprise take over again his expression got even wider when the pig replied, the pig went into a sarcastic tone again "And better than you it seems! At least I don't have a stuttering problem!" ranma was starting to look on the pig like he did cats he so very much wanted to jump out of the window all he could find himself able to do was stutter the word "p-p-pig" over and over.

The pig looked up still looking mildly depressed with its choice of conversation partner it squealed a bit and then burst out " I do have a name you know stop calling me pig" ranma shook out of his daze for a second he had to try and get this figured out "w-what" the pig flustered again it was going to tell him his name or die trying "I said the name is p-chan or I guess you would call me p-p-p-chan you good for nothing imbecile" Ranma went back to being confused.

P-chan Seemingly to himself said "Guess I'll have to make do with him and slumped again" he went towards Ranma who was still about as oblivious as Kuno, p-chan sighed "I'm here to ask you to fulfill your destiny."

That was a word that got Ranma's attention too long with Kuno has drilled an angry but still sane response to the word into his head Ranma was starting to recover from the shock "My destiny? What on earth are you talking about?".

P-chan's battle aura flared up and the little pig was encased in flames Ranma was thinking that p-chan might want to put them out before he is giving him crispy bacon for dinner "You are to be a great warrior that shall save the kingdom of Jyusenkyou!".

Ranma began looking uncomfortable and sweatdropped there was one word in there that he understood and that was warrior if his destiny was to be a warrior he could take taking spiritual advice from a talking pig but he sweatdropped again when he realized what that must have sounded like.

"Whatever you say, but.." p-chan ignored him and started to stare at the bucket of water. A beam of light came out of the moon-shaped mark on his forehead and started shining on the bucket After a while the beam vanished.

They were silent for a few moments before p-chan broke the stunned silence Now, pour that water over yourself and fulfill your destiny. Ranma was still uncertain and restarted the line off questioning p-chan had avoided before.

"What do you mean ..." p-chan was now getting agitated he sighed "Just pour the water over yourself and become the warrior Sailor Moon!" ranma was now about as confused as p-chan was agitated he whimpered "Wh-what are you talking about? Who's Sailor Moon?".

p-chan was now clearly frustrated and his patience snapped "JUST POUR THE WATER!" Ranma recoiled but still looked uncertain the water's surface didn't look natural it seemed to calm and it was glistening but he did give in "Well...alright!." he lifted the bucket above his head and poured the water.

For the next half a minute ranma had lost control of his body he could feel it changing shrinking in some placed and growing in others he was changing form he screamed inside his head " what the hell is this thing doing to me".

After Ranma regained control she looked up to the mirror she thought "damn I must have shrunk i cant reach it anymore" Ranma thought if I cant look up there is always down after looking down there was silence before she squeaked out a whimper "oh hell".

She was right she had changed at some point this water decide she had one to many y chromosomes for its liking and took real good care of that problem she looked down even further to the little pig which was not quite so little anymore and seemed more like a c-cat than a piglet.

"What the hell did you do to me why the hell am I a girl" she then noticed her voice had gone up a few octaves and was now soprano. p-chan didn't seem impressed "well isn't that to be expected".

Ranma looked down to the pig and screeched "WHAT HAPPENED TO TURNING INTO A WARRIOR?" p-chan knew he had forgotten to mention something "I said it was your destiny to be Sailor Moon the sailor suited warrior of love and justice she just happens to be a girl so since you were a guy the magic just fixed what it thought was a simple mistake.

I also forgot you wouldn't know who Sailor Moon was what with you being an earth folk. Ranma had a large vain throbbing on her forehead as she looked back up ignoring p-chan for the time being, Ranma jumped onto the sink if she had gotten shorter she was going to need to do some climbing ranma looked into the mirror to inspect the damage.

Ranma went quiet again before it sank in not only had it turned her into a girl but it had decided that it wanted her looking pretty girly it had untied her pigtail and had straitened it out into a long flowing mane at some point she had developed baby fat around her face she was getting worried she was finding herself cute.

She noticed something else she did have black hair and the mirror was definitely showing a redhead. "huh" she hadn't noticed when she had looked down but the mirror couldn't lie she no longer had her uniform on and she felt like she was naked but upon inspection she was wearing a altered version of a sailor fuku she sighed again "I guess he did say SAILOR Moon".

Ranma began trying to take the ridiculously girly item of clothing off finding it was not clothing and she had felt naked because she technically was the uniform had melded with her skin and was not coming off, after a few failed attempts she jumped off of the sink and looked back down on a nervous looking p-chan

"I guess I forgot to mention bishoujo in my description sorry about that" Ranma eventually snapped she was imagining a nice bacon and egg sandwich right now"YES YOU DID FORGET YOU LITTLE...!".

Suddenly she was interrupted by the sounds of moaning starting to echo through the school hallways. "Wh-what the?" p-chan knew what was happening and answered "your hearing your senshi sence and its directing you in the direction of evil in the area and if its acting like that then we have to go".

Ranma looked at p-chan and signed "fine I just want to get this over with" "and don't call me Ranma when I look like this I really don't need people thinking im a cross dresser!.

P-chan smirked" it aint really cross dressing if you're a girl at the time and besides it's not like im planning on giving your name anyway in front of the forces of evil" Ranma sighed "ok fine I get it but when im a girl don't call me Ranma I don't know call me umm... Ranko or something yeh that will do Ranko they began sprinting in the direction of the disturbance..

Back in the school gym there was a chorus of moans from the students as they all simultaneously collapsed and were on the verge of unconscious the instructor had stopped barking out commands and had taken a disbelieving stance.

" You're not fooling anyone and you're not going to get out of the rest of the class so you can all just get back up" he still looked unsure but when the groaning stopped and his students passed out he accepted something was very badly wrong he turned to the assistant his worry turning to anger "E-everyone's fainting...! Wh-what's going on...uhh...uhh".

His anger left him and was replaced buy terror as the once human looking assistant was morphing into something it wasnt human the assistant had grown to about 12 feet tall and was now scaly like a reptile it was still wearing its black karate gi. there was a crash as the light show ended and the youma fell to the floor it was laughing maniacally the instructor had joined his students in being incapacitated he was struck by fear and was unable to move just about able to sqeek one word " S-sensei...?!".

The youma primed a set of jagged and deathly looking fangs the youma could swallow the instructor whole if it wished but it liked playing with its food "you fool you should have ran away while you still could!".

The youma grabbed the instructor by the throat and was just applying enough pressure to make it hard to breath if it snapped his neck early it would not have nearly as much fun. the instructor had snapped out of his daze and was wriggling and struggling to escape in vain the youmas grin was widening every time the instructor failed.

The doors to the gym then slammed open to revile a young girl standing there along with her little pig she jumped forward and yelled towards the creature of darkness "stop that now!".

This got the youma's attention it did not want any witnesses "whose there?!" it then dropped the half dead instructor who was now out for the count, Ranko stepped forward again and was starting to perform what looked like prerehersed poses.

"To take an art that hones mind and body and perverts it into a thing of evil is unforgivable!" continuing the poses Ranko then pointed to the youma "For love and justice, the beautiful sailor-suited warrior Sailor Moon; In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!".

The speech had an effect on all three of them both ranko and p-chan looked at each other for a second until p-chan broke the silence he looked dejected Where on earth did you come up with such a stupid sounding speech? the confidence that Ranko had while performing the speech had disintegrated " just sorta came to me...".

Ranko was interrupted by a fist coming down to where she was *CRUNCH* was all that could be heard as the youma made a large crater in the gym's floor and pulled its hand out to revile a hole heading straight down to the school basement.

The youma was confused but had taken a stance that said kill first figure out that just happened later, it screeched "BAKA...! YOU DARE TO CHALLENGE ME? DIE!" and began throwing slow but damaging punches and kicks at ranko she was evading them but was clearly out matched.

After another assault she turned to p-chan who was hiding behind one of the unconscious students she backed up to a wall and waited for the youma to strike before leaping over the youma's head she checked to see if the youma had noticed her move she was in look the youma's hand had jammed into the wall and the youma was pinned, she yelled towards p-chan "WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSE TO DO?".

P-chan started looking dejected again and was silently regretting his choice for savior of humanity "WHY ASK ME?! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE THE HERO!" they both looked at the youma it was still stuck ranko turned back to p-chan with clear frustration "WHAT ABOUT ALL THAT STUFF ABOUT BEING A WARRIOR?!"p-chan opened his mouth to answer but was interrupted by the youma ripping a segment of the wall off its hand still stuck in it and it was now using the wall like a knuckle duster it began to boast.

"I AM THE YOUMA OF MARTIAL ARTS, SHENG RONG! I AM THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR...NONE CAN DEFEAT ME!" the youma lunged forward again and with its new extended reach landed a blow to Ranko's side while ranko was recoiling in pain the youma with its spare hand smacked Ranko into the wall and pinned her there like it pinned her there like it had done with the instructor but this time it was not laughing he wanted to watch the girl squirm.

The youma crushed a little harder "AND NOW, YOU SHALL PAY FOR YOUR IMPUDENCE!" p-chan and Ranko looked defeated and had given up now the youma was beginning to laugh, when out of nowhere a boken flew across the room and into the side of the youmas head the youma let go and grabbed its head in pain.

There was a young man standing at the opening door he could not have been much older than Ranko but spoke with an air of wisdom in his voice like he was in fact much older.

"A true warrior tempers his strength with wisdom." he looked back toward Ranko "So long as you believe in that, none can defeat you save yourself."he smirked and phased out through the wall. p-chan had given up on Ranko figuring out what to do herself and began shouting.

While he's distracted; use the!" p-chan was interrupted by Ranko she had a look of understanding on her face and once again started performing a variety of silly poses, she then exclaimed "MOON TIARA...ACTION!" and launched her headgear toward the youma there was a small clang.

The youma p-chan and Ranko sweatdropped then once again p-chan broke the silence What do you think you're doing?" The tiara, as a normal tiara would, bounced off the youma and fell to the ground. "will you get more serious, throwing a piece of plastic at a demon was never going to work" Ranko almost started crying before a thought came into her head "why didn't I think of this before?".

Ranko charged towards the youma and dodged its slow attack and then landed a flurry of kicks to the youma's face and torso the youma was stunned and recoiled in pain it was now wielding some foot shaped marks all over its body it crouched down to regain its composure until it heard a noise behind it there was a high pitched scream of "MOKO TAKABISHA" and a bolt of blue energy slammed into the youma's back forging a hole straight through and forcing the youma to the ground it was definitely dead the rest of its body started to dissolve Ranko was silent for a minute or two before one lone word creeped out "wow".

Back in the dark kingdom Jadeite was staring into the spiraling ball of energy he had been watching closely and this girl drew he attention not only had she not been killed be the youma she had killed it Jadeite was stunned he would have to report this back to Beryl the warrior Sailor Moon had returned. the ball of energy that was circling like a snake in front of him was fading the mission had been a complete failure.

Jadeite was looking angrily at the last remnants of energy the haul would not even cover the costs of sending a youma down in the first place, he thought back to the fight "if Sailor Moon has returned and she could form bolts of energy that size with that ease she would easily be able to provide the energy for the demonic invasion he must capture her at all costs. Jadeite grinned at the thought and then came back to reality "damn how am I going to explain this to Beryl".

Back in the school gym ranko had just about recovered from the experience with a smug looking p-chan to her side "well I guess you finally decided to get serious" Ranko pulled a face and exclaimed "well I though I might as well try this girly stuff now while I can get away with it rather than just do what I do as a guy".

Ranko didn't stop to listen to p-chan's response she went to the closest downed student who was back awake, now his energy had been restored Ranko bent down to check on the student "A-are you alright?".

The student blinked a few times trying to figure what was going on he thought "ok I just saw a demon I must be dreaming and now their is this angel in front of me" he paused then spoke.

"If im dreaming then there's nothing stopping me doing this" he thrust his hands up and had a good squeeze of the girls breasts he exclaimed in pure pleasure "oh these feel so real" Ranko had turned beet red and was on the verge of collapse her legs shaking wildly out of control she went to the nearest window and jumped.

Ranko was bounding across the rooftops and away from the school with p-chan hanging on to her shoulder she resisted the urge to cry and set p-chan down on the rooftops she was yelling at the top of her voice "DAMN YOU PIG WHEN DID I BECOME PART OF A HENTAI" the pig was laughing and she knew that she was not going to get an answer to that then she blushed again "ok pig I beat the bad guy! Turn me back to normal!".

p-chan brought his laughter under control and jumped down off of the roof shouting behind him "stay there ill be right back" and in an instant he was back holding a tea kettle in his mouth.

He nudged Ranko as if to say take this ill explain when I don't have a mouthful of tin Ranko took the kettle and gave p-chan a quizzical look"What am I suppose to do with this? Drink it?" p-chan shook his head no your supposed to pour it over you remember when I first changed you it was with cold water the water in here will be hot so it will reverse the effect."

Ranma poured the hot water over him and grimaced in pain at the temperature, within a second or so he was a guy again and he had his normal cloths back he breathed a sigh of relief then turned to p-chan with a puzzled look on his "why was this time so much faster than the last?".

P-chan looked thoughtful for a second then answered well the last time the water had to completely build a new female body for you this time it just returned your old one".

He thought a little more "also this time you weren't fighting the effects of the water because you wanted to change back if you want these changes to be painless then you have to accept and look forward to them then the water doesn't have to fight against your will!".

Ranma looked down with a look of despair "tell me that it has to be water that you've done something to and it doesnt happen with normal water" p-chan looked up at the panicked boy and snickered "sorry the waters have already taken effect there powers are in you now so regular water will change you".

Ranma gulped but then tried to let the subject drop "come on p-chan your coming with me I know a certain girl who would rely like to meet you" Ranma noticed that p-chan suddenly seemed happy about something.

"Whats got you so excited" p-chan smirked "I just wanted to congratulate you on your first victory! The first of many if we're lucky!" Ranma looked puzzled and then realized what p-chan meant "I'm just glad it's over! I can get back to being a normal guy again!".

P-chan looked toward the sky and remarked "Until the next time... they will be back!" Ranma decided he was not going to take this anymore "Well that's your problem!" p-chan however had preplanned a speech just incase this happened "I'm afraid not! You must be ready to met this menace with the power now within you! You must take up the mantle! From now on, when evil threatens, you must use cold water to change back to Sailor Moon!".

Ranma got angry at the stubbornness of the pig "Wh-what wait a minute! I never agreed to this! This is the worst possible thing that could happen to a guy! You gotta get rid of it!" despite the desperate looks on Ranma's face p-chan would not be the barrer of any good news "I'm afraid there's nothing I can do. The power of jusenkyou water cannot be reversed." he turned away and muttered something secretively under his breath "At least...not yet!".

Ranma in his haste had missed this closing statement and was starting to rant "You gotta be kidding me! You mean I'll change into a girl when I get wet?! I'll be the laughing-stock of the school!".

P-chan looked at this and smirked he was enjoying this way to much he remarked sarcastically "You're right, this calls for drastic action. There's only one way to avoid public humiliation.".

Not noticing the sarcasm Ranma grabbed p-chan and pleaded "Quick, tell me!" p-chan had to think for a moment he thought Ranma would have seen the sarcasm now he was having to think of an answer quickly to get Ranma to let go so he could once again breath "Quit the swim club!" he was now wearing a nervous grin.

Ranma was stunned at this response and fell over sideways and of the roof "ahhhhhh" *splash* Ranma was face down in someones swimming pool and groaning she could tell this was going to be a really long week p-chan shouted down from the rooftops "are you okay in there Ranma" snickering from up high.

Ranma rolled over to be on his back "I told you when im like this its Ranko".

p-chan jumped down and joined her in the water "sorry Ranko now should I get you some hot water or do you feel like leading us home to get some there?" Ranko though for a moment "I guess there going to find out sooner or later I may as well go out as I am" p-chan seemed pleased "see not so hard is it" Ranma moped "easy for you to stay you still have your man hood".

"Oh come on Ranko let's get home you sacrificed your manhood to become the part-time warrior of love and justice Sailor Moon" Ranko thought then spoke "Sailor Moon I guess that makes me ranko moon for the time being" p-chan smirked I guess your right but let's get going we have a long road ahead of us!.

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