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A new day had dawned in Fuurinkan and the peace of the morning to Ranma seemed like a plague as a martial artist he could not allow things to stay normal for too long or else his abilities would slip.

Ranma had jumped up to his favorite fence along the canal, he began muttering to himself. "when I said I wanted my life to be interesting I meant things like martial arts tournaments and things like that not some war of the worlds that had to take away my manhood".

Ranma stopped muttering to himself and stared down towards the little pig that looked like an insect on the pavement below Ranma began growling at the pig angrily but was interrupted as P-chan tried to lighten the mood.

"Yesterday wasn't too bad a start. A little more practice and we'll stand a very good chance against the Dark Kingdom." he looked around trying not to let Ranma hear him anymore "and a little less stupidity wouldn't hurt" P-chan looked up and saw that his carefulness with his words didn't matter Ranma was still majorly ticked of at what had happened earlier in the week.

"How many times do I have to tell you I'm not Sailor Moon?! Do you think I like changing into a girl?!" P-chan looked at Ranma for a moment and began to smirk.

"You no I think you just might after all you do make quite a cute girl" P-chan didn't see the growing anger in Ranma's face he turned up his nose and continued "and besides What you want is unimportant! You are the chosen one to do battle with the Dark Kingdom! It's your destin..." P-chan was interrupted as Ranma jumped down off of the fence with anger spewing out of every part of him P-chan sweat dropped and braced himself for a beating.

"WHAT KIND OF NONSENSE IS THAT?! YOU WERE THE ONE WHO "CHOSE" ME!" Ranma didn't wait for an answer and immediately Ki blasted P-chan into the pavement leaving a pig shaped hole in the ground. P-chan forced himself up and out of the hole in the pavement he was squealing in pain.

"Aaarrraggh someone had to be chosen" Ranma looked at the injured pig and refused to allow himself to help him and instead turned and continued walking away picking up his pace but left a snide remark for the pig as he left.

"You could have at least asked a girl or maybe told me what you were going to do!" P-chan struggled to catch up to Ranma as he left.

"The need was desperate and you were the only one who could do it! You should think of it as a big honor! you were the only one within a thousand miles of here with enough life energy to be sailor moon" Ranma took the compliment but still looked angry towards P-chan he allowed his anger to drop and let out a sigh before continuing on his way to school but before long he stopped in his tracks with a puzzled look on his face but it was rapidly growing in concern.

"There's something else about this whole thing bugging me." P-chan looked up and began to share Ranma's look of confusion.

"Huh whats wrong I can't think of something you haven't already complained about" P-chan noticed his mistake and prepared for a beating when it didn't come he looked up to see Ranma towering over him.

"You know I can't really argue with that I have complained about a lot of things and I had right to but now it's That guy...Tuxedo Kamen..." P-chan puzzled over what Ranma was talking about but then did manage an answer.

"That's true. His appearance was unexpected." Ranma grabbed P-chan by his bandanna and held him up at eye level P-chan could quite clearly see the growing concern in his eyes.

"Why am I starting to feel...strange when he shows up? If I didn't know better, I..." P-chan interrupted him and though for a second he allowed a smirk before answering flatly.

"What ...think you were falling for him?" Ranma was taken aback by the bluntness of P-chans wording.

"Wh...what kind of hentai though is that?" Ranma began crushing the pig in his panic but P-chan was able to squirm free.

"Not at all! He does come across as a suave and heroic guy! It's only natural that you may feel something; after all, he did save your life." Ranma didn't calm down P-chans response had not helped at all it just give him more to argue about.

"What are you talking about? I'm a guy! It's not natural at all!" P-chan looked up again and began to panic.

"Look I think I should probably tell you something now rather than later" Ranma picked the pig up again and his panic had dispersed and had been replaced with a neutral passive aggressive stance.

"And what might that be?" P-chan swallowed a lump in his throat "Well, your transformation is more complete than you think. Not only do you get a girl's body, your mind changes as well, albeit partially, to that of a girl. Ranma went silent for a moment before very loudly giving P-chan the response he had expected.

"WHAATTT!" P-chan tried not to look smug but the sarcastic tone in his voice was undeniable "Don't worry about it. As long as you stay away from shopping districts while transformed you shouldn't get into deep trouble with it." Ranma threw P-chan down again making another P-chan shaped whole on the pavement he watched the pig crawl out of the hole in disbelief.

"I'm worrying about losing my identity...and you...are worried...about shopping!?" P-chan looked at Ranma in confusion then turned away looking embarrassed he thought to himself.

"Hmm I guess he didn't see the sarcasm after all" he looked up to the still despondent Ranma "look at the bright side. think of all the praise you're going to receive." Ranma continued looked at the pig and was now confused once more.

"Eh? Whose praise?" P-chan looked thoughtful for a moment but when he had an answer ready he kept his voice in a mocking cynical tone trying to get the point across that it was a stupid question.

"Why your classmates of course! You saved the entire Karate Club from the evil clutches of the Dark Kingdom!" Ranma saw the condescending nature of the reply but instead focused on his own retort he carried on walking to school in the belief that he might only be a little late if he moved now.

"Hrumph...well, as far as I'm concerned now that's all over! With any luck, the whole school will have completely forgotten all about" the school had just come into view Ranma could see a large crowed og guys waiting in the courtyard he recognized them as the students from the karate club Ranma tried to forget the incident involving one of the waiting students and Ranma's breasts he shuddered at the memory.

Ranma looked past the rows of perverts to see Nabiki taking advantage of the scene she was selling Sailor Moon paraphernalia like tiaras and cute little Sailor dolls. not that she looked interested in the things she was selling all she cared about was money.

Ranma saw P-chan snickering and thought whatever was so funny he needed to know or else he would go crazy and kill someone out of his depression " spill it pork but whats so funny" P-chan looked insulted but still snickered uncontrollably Ranma could just about make out the response.

"Well I guess you will be fine for weapons for a while look at all those cheep plastic tiaras for you to throw at a demon which is practically bullet proof what were you thinking" Ranma didn't want to answer but forced himself after he felt he had growled an appropriate number of times.

"Thanks to you I wasn't thinking that was the girl part of my brain that I haven't used before and was not used to and guess what she cant fight worth anything we only won when I got in control of my mind again" they both looked back to the school and sighed the hentai horde had been putting up a banner in front of the school it read "Sailor Moon Fan Club" in big bold lettering. P-chan looked up at Ranma and flatly said "I think we're a hit." all Ranma could do was groan in misery as he looked to school he though to himself this is going to be a really long day.

When they finally reached the school courtyard Ranma was dragged to the center of the group by once of the students from the karate class "Oi Saotome! You wanna join the Sailor Moon Fan Club?" Ranma looked confused at the boy but was interrupted as a familiar looking doll was shoved into his face.

Ranma looked at the doll for a few seconds and was able to form a few coherent responses in his head but still had questions going round his head like "how did them get around to making these things already" he thought for a second more and his heart sank.

"Tell me I don't look that cute as a girl" now it was the student turn to look confused but Ranma covered his tracks and interrupted before they had anytime to think about what he had said "What are you talking about?! I'm not interested in that kind of stuff!" the boy couldn't hold back a smile that was forming of his face he turned to the group of boy watching.

"Hear that everyone?" Ranma winced no wonder he was smiling he had worked out that he was the girl they had worshiped "Saotome doesn't like girls" Ranma felt his brain dissolve in relief but he did snap himself out of it in time to stop people from believing he didn't like girls Ranma thought the conversation through in his head.

"What makes you think I don't like girls I like girls plenty I mean I don't really know any girls outside of Akane and her sisters so I don't relay know if I like girls but I don't want you guys thinking im gay or nothing" Ranma then thought to himself further about that.

"What about that tuxedo Kamen guy" "no that wasn't me that was the stupid girl side of me that now I have to keep under control" "stupid pig I leave him in charge of my body for one minute and he takes away my manhood and leaves a crappy girl part of me in charge of my body who can't fight and gets a crush on another guy and know I have to put up with the back lash stupid stupid stupid".

Ranma came to he had been headbutting a wall but turned around and answered the amused audience with a much more believable story he looked down on them condescendingly "I just can't stand Sailor Moon that's all." Ranma began turning white as a horde of angry martial artists where readying their weapons before a familiar and very unwelcome face step forward from the group it was the lead pervert that had grabbed Ranma, Ranma began cracking his knuckles "oh im gonna enjoy this".

The boy ignored his threat and began talking "ahh sailor moon the beauty herself in my hour of need she allowed me to pleasure myself the warmth and feel of her breasts they were truly heaven on earth and you are insulting her" Ranma looked pissed but restrained himself "I told you I can't stand sailor moon and im making a promise that you will never see her again".

Ranma looked up the horde of approaching martial artists ""WHAATTT!" the all yelled in unison "YOU CANNOT STAND... OUR SAILOR MOON?" Ranma looked depressed again and muttered under his breath ""Your" Sailor Moon?" the group lunged at Ranma and martial artist or not fifty against on meant that Ranma was going to suffer for this.

later that day after classes had started Ranma and Akane where being held up in the infirmary neither looked happy to be there and neither looked happy with the other Akane was busy bandaging one of Ranma's many wounds clearly not noticing that she had cut of circulation and his arms had gone to sleep she was to busy yelling at him.

"Baka...I know you're supposed to be a good martial artist, especially after the training trip to China, but taking on the whole club? How much more foolish can you get?" Ranma eyed her threateningly but then sighed and muttered under his breath.

"Yeh like I was going to let them fantasize over parts of my body I wished that I still didn't have not that you need to know which" Akane heard him muttering but couldn't make it out she jumped back into an attacking stance and readied herself.


"I said id like to see you do better" Ranma looked pleased at his response but then noticed Akane was giggling like she had gone crazy "huh whats so funny Akane".

"Ranma I do,do better I have to beat them all up every morning the damn hentai horde does that with every girl in the school they like the look of and by looks of it every guy that disagree's with their choice of girl" Ranma eyed Akane curiously before answering.

"You know that because usually when I guy fights a girl he goes easy on her" Akane glared at him before answering condescendingly.

"Yeh Ranma your right I mean I can't be possible that you just weren't as good as the other guys at this school or some of the girls while im at it" Ranma wanted to argue but could see this was going to go nowhere fast and just glared at Akane and kept his mouth shut. after several moment went by Akane couldn't take the silence anymore she had also run out of bandages.

"I wonder who or what this "Sailor Moon" is. Makes me sorry I missed karate club yesterday." Akane looked curious if Ranma knew anything about it he had seemed upset at the mention of her name. Ranma though looked up at her Contemptuously.

"Trust me, you don't want to know this "Sailor Moon." Akane started looking down on Ranma suspiciously.

"You don't seem to like her very much. I don't suppose you know something about her, do you?" Ranma looked stunned but wasn't sure if it was from the question or from the stinging sensation in his arms which had now turned blue. Ranma could see Akane was fishing for information and looked at her Uneasily.

"Eh? No way! Never! I just ... just ..." he was stuttering and sweating Akane knew something was going on but she didn't want to think what so she just jumped to the first conclusion her brain came up with. Akane looked down at him angrily and slapped him across the face.

"You can't stand a girl who could beat you in a fair contest? Typical male...".

Ranma snapped back at her "I could easily beat her in a fair contest" he looked down and then continued "I mean id say we were pretty even".

"So what makes you so angry about this?" Ranma really wanted to change the conversation.

" Sorry. Guess I'm just tired of my situation. Anyway," Akane got up to leave but was stopped by a hand on her shoulder "hey Akane I need one last favor from you" Ranma coughed "actually make that tow Akane was listening to what Ranma had to say "first can you look after P-chan today there's no way im gonna be able to bring him into class and he does seem to like you" Akane nodded and reached into Ranma's book bag where P-chan had been hiding she cuddled the pig up to her chest and was giggling "hmm girls" Ranma muttered as he looked disgusted by Akanes reaction to the pig.

"Ok Akane and the other thing" "yeh Ranma go on what else do you want me to do" Ranma thought for a minute then answered "do you have a knife with you".

"What do you think your going to do with a knife" "oh nothing I decided that id cut my arms of just so the bandages cant do it for me" Ranma stopped and noticed Akanes face and braced himself "RANMA WHY DO I EVEN BOTHER TRYING TO DO SOMETHING NICE TO YOU RANMA YOU BAKA!".

Ranma was then launched into orbit by Akane's right foot. "that jerk why does he have to be like that he better apologize when we get to Dr tofu's" Akane looked at the startled pig in her arms "oh im sorry P-chan but Ranma had to go away for a while... and in a hurry but until he gets back your with me".

Akane pushed the pig into her chest to hug him but was put off by the pig nuzzling between her breasts she stopped herself from killing P-chan when she realized it was because she had cut of his air supply and he couldn't breath "oh sorry P-chan" Akane adjusted her grip on the pig and went to class "lets hope there are no more surprises today" P-chan nodded in agreement.

While this was going back in the dark kingdom beryl had assembled a horde of her minions she wanted to publicly shame jadeite for his failure but not kill just yet she was going to give him the chance to redeem himself first.

The young demon was standing in front of beryl and had an air of confidence he could tell beryl wouldn't kill yet he still had time "Jadeite, have you started thinking about redeeming yourself?" his train of thought had crashed but it had still been proven right.

"I have, Queen Beryl. In fact it is already underway. Soon we will have all the energy we need." the queen had a sinister smirk across her face.

"Very well. Proceed with your plans. but do not fail me again" jadeite bowed and faded into the ground. "he had better not fail me or he will regret it" beryl began chuckling maniacally before she returned to the crystal ball.

Jadeite reemerged in the Fuurinkan arcade's to inspect his plan he could see that all the games lining the walls where empty with everyone grouped together at the crane machines in center of the room jadeite chuckled to himself "the foolish humans are falling for it go on take your prizes see just how much you enjoy them,... not nearly as much as I will" he calmed down and faded back through the wall and into the dark kingdom.

After the last scheme had gone wrong he would kept the portal open throughout so he could see just what happened he went to his quarters and started to form an energy ball he began chuckling and watching what was going on back at the machines he listened intently for any information he might find useful.

"Careful...careful..." "come on Yuka you almost got it" Yuka pounded on the console and lowered the crane which grabbed multiple dolls from the pile in the center "hey Sayuri do you think we should tell Akane this thing is broken its paying out every time" the girl looked down into her book bag which was overflowing.

"No Yuka she was headed out it looked important so lets not tell and stay here to win more prizes while we can". jadeite spat to the image "worthless at least their energy is more useful to me then their knowledge" he stared at the ball forming in his arms "this is going to take a while". he sighed and went back to watching people play the machines.

Back in Dr Tofu's clinic Akane and Ranma where sitting waiting for the doctor to finish with a previous patient as the doctor came back into the room he saw Akane and his mood seemed to turn cheery "Welcome...Ah! Akane. Did something happen to you?" Akane shook her head "Nothing happened to me. It's my friend here who needs your help."

Ranma walked up to the doctor and started to introduce himself "well im..." Ranma was interrupted by one of Akanes shots to the groin but he continued "in considerable pain" Ranma looked at Akane who glared at him for a second before saying anything "now do it again and this time say it politely" Ranma groaned in pain then frustration but eventually turned back to the doctor.

"I'm Ranma Soatome How do you do?" Dr Tofu smiled at Ranma before gesturing for him to follow both he and Akane headed into the examination room where they finally started to talk again as Ranma sat on the table.

"So many cuts and bruises! Did you run into a bunch of punks?" Dr Tofu was interested to know if there where any people around that would be a danger to the people of Nerima Ranma however took it as an insult and looked embarrassed "In a way, yes" Ranma was stopped by the sound of a very sarcastic Akane Tendo.

"Mr Martial-Artist-from-China here decided to take on the entire Sailor Moon fan club single-handedly this morning. and he got a good beating out of it" tofu look amused at the scenario but eventually got round to replying.

"That's generally a bad thing to do, you know." Ranma kicked into gear at that and got angry "I wasn't fighting them. I...had a different opinion from theirs. Who could have guessed they would reacted so violently to other ideas." tofu began laughing and this just made Ranma madder his face was red and looked like it was about to explode.

"Ha...ha...I see your problem. Just remember not to repeat the same mistake in the future. So, you are Ranma, Akane's fiancée." tofu ignored the startled look on both of the children's faces and smiled knowingly.

"FIANCEE!?" they both cried in unison tofu did look a little surprised but still smiled knowingly "You two didn't know..." "Well, I do think both of you are too young for that" Ranma remained shocked but Akane started looking disappointed she muttered under her breath.

"I'm just a little girl to him after all." Ranma snapped out of his shock and started pressing the doctor for more information "wait wait wait tell me now where you heard such a dumb story" tofu looked up then looked back down while he was still cracking Ranma's joints back into place.

"Earlier Soun introduced his friend, Mr Saotome. They mentioned your betrothal then."

"The old man was here what was he doing round here anyway".

"Oh, they were just passing th..." tofu started but was immediately stopped when he looked up and saw Kasumi come in through the door.

"Good morning, Dr Tofu, I came to return the book I borrowed. I also brought some sweet rice cakes for you." this caused Tufo's glasses to fog up and he immediately snapped Ranma's neck to a 90 degree angle "Ow! Ite! Wat-!" Ranma was squirming around in pain but this just caused the doctor to hold on tighter and cause more damage.

"K-Kasumi! Fancy meeting you here! of all places" he turned back to Ranma "I'm so sorry I can't talk now, you see I have a patient now." Ranma just continued crying out in pain.

"Oh Ranma, it's you." tofu snapped Ranma's neck to 90 degrees in the opposite direction.

"Oh, you know each other?" Kasumi didn't get to answer before Ranma's cries of pain could snap tofu out of his trance and wake the dead while he was at it "AARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH".

Back in the waiting room an elderly couple just stared to the commotion and then back to each other "poor thing and he seems like such a nice boy aswell" "We should pray for his soul..." The old couple started performing some form of pagan ritual. After a while Akane came out carrying Ranma who had more bandages on than when he had come in.

Back in the Fuurinkan arcade game center, most of the machines where surprisingly empty with the exception of the crane machines in the middle of the room. the machines, had a line going across the room. As girl after girl exhausted her money supply, but they always walked away with satisfaction with several of the dolls in their arms.

In the back of the room there was a new manager for the arcade she was looking satisfied with the results and started chuckling "Heh...heh...heh...stupid humans...!" she stood back in the corner She secretly watched as the doll's eyes glowed slightly red as the energy slowly drained away from the unsuspecting girls.

Back in beryls dark kingdom there was a lone man in the dark it was jadeite he was channeling the energy stolen from the girls into a ball he was only getting a pitiful amount jadeite thought "these pitiful humans are so weak this is going to take longer than I thought" "still it wont stop my victory" he looked down and a small grin was forming on his face.

His smile was constantly growing the group of humans was getting bigger and he felt his energy generation was speeding up. he smirked " I guess some of these humans aren't as weak as I though." jadeite was staring at his ball of energy grow he began chuckling gently his chuckle soon became a site splitting laugh with a minute he had started laughing like an evil overlord on doomsday "BHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...!".

"It is the energy of merchandising and consumerism. they always did say it was bad for your health" he began laughing maniacally one more "if that sailor moon shows up again im ready for this time the arcade is like those crane machines I just have to follow the right steps and collect my prize your will be mine Sailor Moon".

The next day Ranma performed a small miracle he wasn't just on time he made it to class early he looked tired and bored he didn't know what the teacher was droning on about it was a lecture of some kind but it took all of his energy not to fall asleep so listening was out of the question.

"...And thus concludes the proof of.." the teacher noticed that most of the class were like Ranma and where barely awake "What's going on here?! " the teacher noticed that a lot of the girls in the class where mindlessly playing with a selection of dolls they where all the same but he couldn't quite put his finger on why they had monopolized the student's attention.

The girl in front of him held the doll out in front of her and just repeted "ahh I love you" to the doll like it was a mantra and that was the last straw for the teacher but at first he kept his voice calm "While I don't mind you appreciating your doll, YOU WILL NOT DO IT WHEN IM LECTURING" he snatched the doll but was immediately flattened by a selection of nearby students all of which where holding one of the dolls.

"Sensei you should learn to appreciate the finer things in life more!" the girl took her doll back and immediately went back to chanting her mantra "the teacher just lay there stunned not quite able to process what had just happened "What's going on here?!".

The contents of the class filed out and Ranma not wanting to miss an opportunity made his way out of the window without being seen. he had just made it to the gates where he saw an annoyed looking Akane waiting for him " guess she figured id try to make an early break" "HEY AKANE" she just turned away and started walking "What did your dad tell you?".

"It's none of your business! you baka " he guessed this meant Tofu was telling the truth.

"What do you mean?! I'm the one whose life is being ruined here!".

Akane snapped at him "Your life?! What about mine? I hate guys!".

Ranma turned his voice to a tine of sarcasm that would probably make Nabiki proud "Well, I'm the one getting the worst of it!".

Akane looked mad for a moment but then returned Ranma's sarcasm "Ha! If you're so great, then why don't you find out why everyone's acting so strange?".

"Eh? What do you mean?" there was confusion evident in his eyes.

"Those dolls. Those are the new ones at the arcade, aren't they?" this didn't help Ranma's confusion any it jut made him more curious.

"Well, I guess. You think there's something funny about them?".

"You saw how crazy about them everyone was. Besides, those guys have never acted up like that before.".

"What about the hentai horde".

"Different guys you baka" they were interrupted by the arrival of Kuno.

"Ranma Saotome! I thought I have warned you to stay..." he was interrupted by two very bored groans.

"Not again Kuno I Really don't have time for this" Akanes eyes narrowed they where only half-open and she was still dripping sarcasm.

"Hey, Kuno. I'm glad to inform you that Ranma is in no way harassing me." her smug look vanished when Nabiki stepped out from behind Kuno "Of course Ranma won't harass his own fiancée. right, Ranma?".

Ranma and Akane both shot her a glare "But it's true, isn't it? Akane? Ranma?" they didn't have time to argue before Kuno snapped in anger.

"NO I TATEWAKI KUNO SHALL NOT PERMIT THIS ENGAGEMENT" he could have told people on the other side of tokyo with how loud he had yelled it was garanteed that all of Nerima had heard it. there was a chourus as the entire content of the school even those holding the dolls poured out into the courtyard "ENGAGEMENT!?.

The male students namely Hiroshi and Diasuke were moveing in on Ranma "Congratulations. You sure move quickly, don't you?" "hey this wasnt my idea".

Akane was being greted by similarly uncomfortable chatter namely from sayuri and yuka "Akane! You're the first? We thought you hate guys." "this was our parents fault we didn't know".

Akane and Ranma backed into each other trying to avoid the questioning Hiroshi reached an arm around Ranma and tried to hand him one of the dolls "think of this as a way of saying good going man Sorry I can't afford more, but...".

He was launched away by a now pissed of Ranma "I TOLD YOU I HATE SAILOR MOON!" Ranma was kicked back to reality by several hundred pairs of fists pounding him into the ground " WE THOUGHT WE MADE IT CLEAR YOU LIKE SAILOR MOON!" Ranma was to busy being unconscious to complain "You never learn do you...?" Akane sweat dropped and pulled ranma out of the massacre.

A little later that day Ranma had regained consciousness and made a break for outside of school Kuno was still waiting by the gate but he was too annoyed and just booted him in the face and kept running on passed he saw P-chan on his part of the fence and slowed down to shoot him a glare as if to say get away or im having pork for lunch.

"Ranma, let's go! I sense dark energy coming from those dolls! It must be the work of the Dark Kingdom!" he had ignored the glare and leaped onto Ranma's shoulder with a look of steely determination in his eyes Ranma saw this and face faulted at the pigs persistence.

"Go away! Why are you bothering me?!" P-chan battle aura flared up and he began to slow roast again.

"Because it's your responsibility! Why are you refusing to fight? when you already a girl?" "uhh actually ignore that last bit uhh eep" P-chan leaped off of Ranma's shoulder and saw the boy cracking every joint in his body he had an evil grin on his face like he was gonna enjoy this.

"Why you little...!" P-chans battle aura was quickly put out by his sweat as he started to make a run for the border Ranma quickly ran after "Come back here!".

"Wait a minute! Let's talk this over, calmly, rational..." P-chan froze in place and sweat dropped when he realized he had been herded into a dead-end "Uh Oh" Ranma stopped and his evil grin had returned he began cracking his knuckles.

"Nowhere to run now" his was interrupted as a couple on the second floor of a building above then emptied the contents of a bucket over his head when the water hit him he cried out in anguish "NO its cold why always me?!".

He once again felt his body changing and he felt his form slowly and uncomfortably change he remembered what P-chan had said.

"The change to a girl takes longer because the water is having to fight against you will if you want the changes to be quick and painless you have to accept and look forward to them it's why you changed back to a guy so quickly".

"Damn that pig I don't want to change at all but if I want to change quickly I have to want to be in the form im changing to" "ARRGHH BUT I DONT WANNA BE A GIRL OH WHEN I GET CONTROLL OF MY BODY BACK THAT RUNT IS MINE".

Akane had noticed Ranma cut out early and figured that with what had gone on today no one would notice if she slipped out of class as well she had made her way to the arcade still unsure about the dolls that everyone was winning from it.

"I'm sure there's something wrong with those dolls! All of them probably came from here, so I guess this is a good place to start." "hmm somethings missing" Akane could see a cluster of students standing in the back of the room with the store manager, the manager gestured to the mindless students and quite purposefully turned her head reviling a face that was not human.

The youma grew in size to about 7 feet tall but otherwise remained the same as before albeit with an explosive growth in muscle mass "oh good god what is that thing" akane had suddenly realized why sailor moon had gotten so much respect for defeating one of the youma.

Back in the alleyway a soaking wet Ranko was still annoyed at having to be a girl but had a look of smug satisfaction on her face as she persisted to throttle P-chan "Heh, what was that about being a girl?!".

P-chan was choking but his answer was still audible "how can you complain about being called a girl when you are one" Ranko froze and relaxed her grip on the pig.

"What did you just say".

"I said why is being called a girl such an insult when you are one?!".

Ranko's own battle aura flared up and this time she he P-chan up by he bandana and was ready to curb stomp him "WHY YOU LITTLE RUNT IM NOT A GIRL THE ONLY REASON IM LIKE THIS IS BECAUSE YOU CURSED ME!".

"See you even whine like a girl".

"THATS IT YOUR DEAD" Ranko was stopped from performing an impromptu barbecue by hearing a whining sound in her head the voice was vaguely recognizable "Help me! me...please!" "what the hell".

Ranko stared at P-chan before pointing to the broach where the noise came from "my saving grace Err...I mean one of the many powers of the Jyusenkyou bishoujo warriors to sense the victims of the Dark Kingdom!".

Ranko's face lit up with worry "oh god they got Akane!".

P-chan started to look smug "come on girly you need me to show you where she is" Ranko wanted to skin p-chan alive for all the girl comments but she knew he had a point "ok pig take me to Akane and ill overlook these little digressions just this once" "deal this way" with that P-chan began sprinting off listening closely to the voice coming from Ranko's broach".

Back in the arcade Akane was fighting the battle of her life the youma outmatched her in every way it was faster stronger and more versatile than Akane who hadn't yet landed a single hit on the youma she had taken a few of the dolls apart but every time she touched them to stop them she would have her energy drained it was just a matter of time before she lost.

Actually she was surprised at how long she had lasted it almost felt like she was better than she was used to like something had happened to her but she put the thoughts to the side for the time being and continued to skillfully dodge the youma's attacks and rip the dolls heads off.

After several minutes of this the youma began to slow down almost in astonishment "Eh? You still persist? You are a stubborn one! But you will soon give us your energy as well!".

Akane jumped back away while the door to the arcade slammed open and the youma stared at the intrusion both the youma and Akane questioned in unison "who are you".

Ranko almost instinctively began performing the seemingly prerehersed and ridiculously silly poses "these Cute dolls are for people's enjoyment; turning them to evil is unforgivable! For love and justice...".

She was interrupted by P-chan very agitated response "MUST YOU KEEP DOING THAT ?!".

Ranko just ignored the pig that was jumping up and down with displeasure and carried on as if nothing had happened "...the beautiful sailor suited warrior Sailor Moon; In the name of the moon".

She was once again stopped this time having to dodged out-of-the-way of a barrage of high-speed punches "DIE HUMAN".

"HEY NO FAIR! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO LET ME FINISH MY SPEECH!" P-chan was silently thanking the youma for stopping the stupid speech.


"OH YEAH wait *we*?" Ranko looked around and suddenly saw all the dolls that had fought Akane start to waddle their way over to where she was "HEY...! NO FAIR!".

P-chan was still indignant but seemed to be enjoying Ranko's displeasure "SHE'S THE BAD GUY! SHE'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE FAIR!".

Akane had taken cover behind one of the now empty crane machines and was watching the exchange "that's P-chan I know it how did he learn to talk and while im at it what does he have to do with sailor moon um is she Nabiki? no she wouldnt help people for free, Kasumi? no Kasumi can't fight R-Ranma no she can't be Ranma what am I saying" she brought her attention back toward Sailor Moon.


The dolls grew retractable claws as they continued there slow march toward Ranko "St-stay back...or I'll...I'll beat you up!" Ranko was being continuously pushed back into the corner of the room P-chan sweatdropped.

"Why can't she be this much of a coward with me she has no problem beating me up".

"I MEAN IT...!" while the dolls continued there assault a smug looking youma was messing around with the controls to a crane along the ceiling " I HAVE YOU NOW...! " the crane slammed down into the ground and pinned Ranko there for a second before lifting Ranko into the air where she was unable to move "TO EASY I EXPECTED A CHALLENGE" the youma began cackling like a witch but was brought out of it when a mallet slammed into its side knocking it into a wall and away from the control".

Don't you know these machines are rigged they will always drop whatever you caught" Akane smashed the controls and the crane dropped Ranko to the floor Ranko stared at Akane for a moment.

"Shes glowing it's all too perfect... wait a minute she really is glowing" "P-chan whys her face lighting up" P-chan studied the girl for a moment before concluding.

"Congratulations! meet your new ally Sailor Mars".

"Wait ally sailor mars you mean I gotta work with her great know she will definitely find out I turn into a girl".

P-chan looked smug "relax ill clear the whole story up later but she doesn't know now so ill just give her the water and she can change".

"Wait a minute is this gonna do something stupid like turn her into a guy".

"Huh oh no nothing like that she will just forget how to swim".

"Good no probl... wait why would she forget how to swim".

"Because mars is the planet of fire so her and water wont mix very well from now on".

"Ok fine just do it quickly ok, I don't want to see what it does to her".

P-chan looked confused at what Ranko was worried about but took the victory any way and ran up to Akane "young lady".

Akane clenched her mallet tighter before turning around "P-chan?".

"Shhh don't say my name so loud look I need you to take this water and splash it over your self he went and filled an empty bucket of popcorn with the water while Akane continued to beat the youma into the ground "maybe shes strong enough without the water" P-chan thought to himself "oh over here".

Akane jumped away from the youma and took the bucket and up ended it over her head almost instantly she had found that she was better muscled than before not that it was clear to people looking she noticed the item of clothing and looked almost and disgusted as Ranko had been.

"Ok and this helps me how" "congratulations sailor mars you just got a whole lot stronger than before so don't complain and try out you powers" P-chan heard a shrill from behind the "look out you guys" "MOKO TAKABISHA".

The youma took a direct hit in the arm which was blasted of and dissolved into the floor the youma crouch and grasped at the stump where its arm used to be Akane noticed just how close the youma had been Ranko had just saved her life.

"Well moon I guess that makes us even" she turned to the youma and focused her ki once more and a mallet once again took shape in her arms "well nothing new yet" Akane channeled her ki energy into the mallet and saw in catch fire "oh yeh" she looked for the youma that was crawling along the ground and desperately making its way to the door to try to escape.

"Your ass is mine Akane lifted the mallet above her head and jumped towards the youma smashing an overhand swing down into the youma's back which melted on contact and the youma was suddenly still and began dissolving Akane turned back to Ranko and P-chan "you have some serious explaining to do!".

Back in the dark kingdom jadeite was staring into the spiraling ball of energy he had been watching closely and this girl drew he attention not only had she not been killed be the youma she had killed it Jadeite was stunned he would have to report this back to beryl the warrior Sailor Mars had returned. the ball of energy that was circling like a snake in front of him was fading the mission had been a complete failure.

Jadeite was looking angrily at the last remnants of energy the haul would not even cover the costs of sending a youma down in the first place, he thought back to the fight "if sailor mars has returned and she could channel energy like that then she could harness all of Sailor Moons power he must capture her at all costs. jadeite grinned at the thought and then came back to reality "damn how am I going to explain this to beryl she will have my head for failing twice".

P-chan was busy leading Ranko and Akane out to the canal so he could explain things away from prying eyes he had his suspicions about Nabiki and had insisted that Ranko not change back untill everything was cleared up she was annoyed at being forced to stay a girl but begrudgingly agreed.

"Ok Akane you know your Sailor Mars but do you know what sailor mars is" Akane puzzled over it for a minute before viciously shaking her head "not a clue but im more interested in other things right know".

"Oh really then feel free to ask any question you like if im allowed to answer".

"Ok then I wanna know how you can talk I didn't think a pig would be able to do that ever!".

"Ok let me explain im not a pig im an alien a mau advisor it's just that I look like a pig if you would prefer I can take a more human form for short periods of time id say about 20 minutes before id have to change back".

Ranko interrupted Akanes question time whilst still angry about something "why the hell are you answering her questions when all I got was the whole its your destiny crap".

P-chan sweatdroped "the only one of your questions I didn't answer was when did you become part of a hentai and I figured that you didn't want people reminding you so I just laughed it of.. well that and I trust her to askr more sensible questions".

"Fine you win pork butt" P-chan took insult and began glowing and floating as his body began to take a more human shape both Ranko and Akane looked surprised at what was happening but they both had the same question and both seemed embarrassed.

"Is that what happened to us when we changed".

"Oh god where nude whilst were changing".

P-chan landed on the ground with a thud as he appeared before them when the light show ended thankfully fully clothed "guess you can't call me pork butt again for a while ayy Ranko" the boy didn't really resemble the pig at all he just looked like a healthy young man but Ranko could see the similarities the boy still possessed the pigs impressive fangs which stuck out over the top of his lip his hair was a deep shade of black which was identical to his black hairs when he was a pig but most recognizable the bandanna which he had used to cover the mark on his forehead was still the doing its job even if it was a little small for his larger human sized head.

"Hey P-chan when you changed just now" Ranko was cut of by P-chan gesturing for her to stop "Ranko you of all people should respect not wanting to be called your real name when you're not in your real form after all a human called P-chan would sound pretty weird".

"Ok fine then P-chan you got a more human name".

"Yes I do and unlike someone I know I thought about this for a while rather than come up with it on the spot" Ranko was making warding gestures to a know suspicious Akane " like I was saying my name when im in this form im Ryoga. Ryoga Hibiki".

Ranko puzzled for a moment before she finally remembered "wait Ryoga Hibiki I knew id seen that bandana before I used to have to take you home every day after middle school because you had no sence of direction so what the hells your problem lying like that you told me you'd get lost if I didn't take ya all this time you were a freaking alien you knew full well how to get home you lied and you lied just know saying you can only stay human for like 20 minuets at that time you spent all day as a human back then!".

Ranko's speech made Ryoga face fault "Ranko think things through I needed to spend time with you so I could check and see if you had the life energy and I said I could probably stay human for 20 minutes now after a battle and I have no energy left from having to run from you half the day back when all I did was sat in class and sleep there was no change of me running out of energy".

Ryoga was interrupted as Akane shot him a knowing glance "hey Ranko whats all the arguing about you got a crush on him or something you sound like an old married couple" she suppressed a smirk "that's Ranma I don't know how but it is" Akane had an evil grin across her face she was enjoying seeing Ranko squirm "relax Ranma im just kidding".

"Huh good don't do tha wait you said Ranma didn't you".

"Yep and I gotta say I didn't know cross dressing was your thing you pervert" she tried to sound angry at him but was having too much fun and she just burst out laughing "Ranma you baka".

Ryoga quickly joined her in laughing yeh come on Ranko but I gotta admit you do look good in it" Ryoga was swiftly curb stomped.

"I thought we agreed it wasn't cross dressing if im a girl at the time" all this accomplished was getting Akane to laugh harder even though Ryoga was hurting too much to actually keep it up.

"Fine Ranko I was gonna give this to you but I guess Akanes more deserving" Ryoga pulled out what looked like a pen albeit a painfully girly one "Akane that right there is a henshin item you can use it to seal your senshi form and keep it locked away until you say a specific phrase".

Ranko noticed the conversation and immediately perked up "you mean if I get one of those I don't gotta be a girl again" Ranko's eyes were filled with hope right up untill Ryoga opened his mouth.

"If you'd listened you'd know that thats a seal for the senshi powers if you had one it means you'd still turn into a girl you just wouldn't be a senshi".

"But that means I don't gotta where this fuku thing right".

Ryoga nodded but looked pessimistic "yes and I cant believe that's the only thing you can think about there's something wrong with you".

"Its good enough at least I don't gotta wear some stinking dress anymore".

"Correction when I get around to making a henshin item for you then you wont".

"Hold on how long is that gonna take".

"Well if you let me get on with it a few days if you keep trying to kill me for calling you a girl then it may never happen".

Ranko let Ryoga go and got up looking depressed "you guys can talk all you want im going home".

Ryoga turned between Ranko and Akane with a disapproving look "Akane ill explain everything tonight but for now lets just get home ok" she game him a discerning nod and they both followed Ranko into the sunset.

"Okay girls we still have a long road ahead of us".

Ranko floored Ryoga for bringing up being a girl "first of don't call me a girl second it was bad enough you pulling that dumb line on me but why'd you gotta do it to Akane" P-chan had run out of energy and returned to his normal form.

"Ranma you baka" Akane suddenly felt the change again and she also returned to normal she stared at Ranko "don't tell me im gonna change into that sailor girl every time I call you a baka".

"Well Akane I guess you gotta start thinking of a new insult or you're gonna be giving the school a peep show".

"Ranma you pervert you got a dirty mind" Akane picked up P-chan and cradled him in her arms "come on Ranma let's get home" "im way ahead of you Akane" they turned back around headed across the roofs into the night.

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