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Nerima was never known for being a sedate town and given what had happened in recent days people didn't look twice at a young boy arguing with a pig they could all think of weirder things not that they were clued in to what they were arguing about.

"ok P-chan Ive killed your stupid youma Ive had my life screwed over and now Ive got a fear of water so you tell me right now why I still gotta go to school can't I just have one thing go right" Ranma appeared exasperated and was showing complete contempt to the pig he had no desire to be in his situation "can't I just take the day off you gotta tell me what this whole youma things about anyway instead of just trying to avoid the question" Ranma had spent the previous night listening in on P-chan and Akanes conversation so he already knew all about it but he still didn't want to go to school. this hadn't been unnoticed by P-chan who halfheartedly tried to just get Ranma to shut up

"look if I give you your present will you just stop making a fuss"

Ranma had a wary look in his eyes he didn't trust the pig
"oh yeh and just what present might that be something else that's just gonna make my life more miserable

P-chan looked annoyed at the boys distrust but forced out a reply just to get it over with "no!. yesterday you almost choked me out trying to get Akanes, here take this" P-chan handed Ranma a small length of ribbon "that there is like Akanes pen it's a henshin item and it will keep a lock on your powers"
Ranma took the ribbon and looked back to the pig in disgust

"what am I supposed to do with this?"

P-chan sighed in defeat he was going to have to tell him sooner or later "what do you think you do with it, tie your pig tail with it and it will keep a seal on your powers untill your say the phrase"

Ranma pocketed the ribbon and grunted in response "no thanks im a guy and there's no way im putting no goddamn ribbon in my hair"

"Ranma I can't help it if all the sailor senshi where girls all of there seals where girly this was the most discrete thing I had to work with" P-chan went into a fit of depression that Ranma remembered from his earlier years with Ryoga he almost looked like he was feeling sorry for P-chan that is untill he opened his mouth again "besides that seal is the only thing stopping you from going senshi so you either where the ribbon or the fuku take your pick".

Ranma proceeded to pick P-chan up by his bandanna before curb-stomping him "what kind of choice is that both of them are bad" Ranma muttered the next part under his breath so only he could hear "what did I do to deserve this "

P-chan missed the closing statement but was desperately trying to find a way to redeem the situation "look Ranma its just a ribbon all you have to do is wear it and you wont turn into sailor moon anymore untill you choose to be"

Ranma lit up at the realization "NO MORE GIRL" Ranma was jumping up and down briefly ignoring that fact the item was girlier then he would have liked "okay P-chan ill wear your dumb ribbon" he continued muttering under his breath "it would have to pink wouldn't it, would it kill you to of just made it a piece of string" Ranma leaped over the railing and was falling down to the water when P-chan spoke up

"Ranma I don't think it works that.." *splash* "way. oh great now I gotta put up with this again" P-chan jumped to the top of the fence and waited for Ranma to resurface

"oh yeh no more girl!" as soon as Ranma surfaced she was cheering prematurely

"really because you sure look like one from up here" P-chan had picked up a mischievous smirk "I said you could choose when to be sailor moon your still gonna turn into a girl just a normal non magical one that's all"

Ranma began to look pissed like she had just been lied to and wanted to vent some anger at P-chans expense "ok you got two seconds to run before im having some bacon. 1,2, your dead!" Ranma began to scramble up and out of the water but was stopped by an incoming "nihao"
Ranma jerked her head to see an unwelcome sight coming into view "C-C-CAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTT" Ranma for now forgot all about revenge and breakfast and blasted to school at supersonic speeds.

"umm why moon run from shampoo"
shampoo looked towards her four-legged comrade for an answer and past a wall of uncontrollable laughter she could just make out "I think she may be afraid of cats"
"aiyah" shampoo's voice grew depressed almost hurt in its tone

back in the dark kingdom there was a distinctly miserable looking jadeite standing in the center of the almost empty room unsure of his fate fail beryl once shame on her fail beryl twice shame on you fail her anymore than that and your skating on thin ice and jadeite was pounding the ice with a sledgehammer

"jadeite I trust this time your plan shall not fail I wish you to go down with the youma if you fail again your going to die and the scouts can save me the trouble"

jadeite grumbled under his breath "fine!" "hmm beryl if I go down there then someone else will have to collect the energy that is drained" beryl looked thoughtful for a second before answering

"no jadeite your on your own the energy will just have to stay with the youma if you lose the youma the mission is a failure" jadeite phased through the floor to set up another one of his traps this time beryl closed the portal "ARHHHHHHHHHG CRAAAAAAAAPPPPPPP" was all he managed to say before the mission was ago.

Akane was also running late today but was still walking to school she figured that she could still make it in time if there wasn't any distractions. well she thought that at least before a very wet and very female Ranma charged her down "OUTA MY WAY AKANE" Ranma charged into the back of Akane plowing them both into the ground

"HEY WHATS YOUR PROBLEM JERK" Akane was pissed and had failed to notice the clear terror in Ranma face she'd actually missed the fact he was now a she "START TALKING PERVERT" Ranma was just babbling and was inaudible just one word could be made out and she was saying it with clear terror


"what about cat?" Akanes rage turned to puzzlement shed never seen Ranma scared of anything at least not when he was still in control of his body "Ranma. do you mean that cat" Akane pointed the white and lavender cat behind them that was talking with P-chan not that she could tell.

P-chan piped up to try to clear the confusion... well that or try to avoid a riot "Ranma don't turn around there isn't a cat here this is shampoo she will be helping us on our crusade against the dark kingdom. also Ranma what do you have against cats?"

Ranma shuddered violently for several seconds before finding her lungs and giving the undead something to thing about "THOSE MONSTERS ALL THEY WANT TO DO IT HURT ME NOT ONE OF THEM THINGS IS GOOD" "GET HER TO BE HER HUMAN FORM I CANT LOOK AT HER LIKE THIS"

the cat in question looked hurt but continued anyway "shampoo have idea Ranma no like cat shampoo fix yes"

Akane pulled herself of the ground and seemed to be trying to fix her own confusion "um Ranma what do you mean all cats want to do is hurt you? there the most layed back animals Ive ever seen"

"c-c-cats monsters they claw you they try to eat you they swarm you like bees they just wont stop. damn neko ken" the last part was muttered under his breath Ranma looked like he was going to kill someone if they tried to remind him so Akane kept her mouth shut for the time being

"you no hear shampoo? shampoo fix Ranma" P-chan looked pensive about what him and shampoo had agreed on but it was the only way in his mind that they could cure Ranma's fear after all Ranma was going to have to spend a lot of time with shampoo whilst they fight the dark kingdom it had to be done he just had to accept the aftermath would hurt... a lot

"Ranma take water from shampoo Ranma cure curse P-chan help fix Ranma " Ranma was ignoring everything that shampoo was saying it was taking everything out of her not to just run away

Akane had been listening "curse you mean the jusenkyo curse?"

shampoo nodded nervously "yes Ranma no more change sex" shampoo planted her paw into the ground and a circle of light formed around her as a teakettle materialized beneath her and filled up with hot water "shampoo no can be human but this cure Ranma" shampoo jumped away from the kettle and give the now human P-chan a look that said you know what to do now and jumped into the bushes Ryoga cursed under his breath before going over to Ranma who was still violently shaking

"Ranma shampoo went away for a while you can look up know. Akane can you move please you don't want to get this water on you do you?" Akane immediately backed of as far as she was concerned whatever this water was it was bad news if she got splashed. "Ranma this waters pretty hot but it will cure you just.." Ryoga was cut of as Ranma snapped, pried the kettle out of his hands and lifted it above her head

"cure why didn't you say so. no more girl yeh" she upended the kettle and the result nearly caused Akane to pass out from shock she was looking at a still female but now very much feline Ranma who was hissing in a mix of confusion and anger

"SHAMPOO NOW WOULD BE A REALLY GOOD TIME TO EXPLAIN IT TO HER" Ryoga had been expecting a mauling and he was about to get it when shampoo jumped out of the bushes and leaped in front of Ranma and also began hissing and nyaning

the spectacle was enough to put Akane out of action and her legs collapsed this attracted Ryoga's attention but Ranma still looked like she was arguing with shampoo "I guess she speaks cat" was all she said before she just stared

"Akane can I borrow your water this will probably be easier if she's human" Akane just nodded dumbly and pulled a bottle of water out of her briefcase and handed it to Ryoga he then went back towards the cat fight and just dumped the contents over the two shampoo then just shook the water out of her fur and Ranma was again in a position to beat a little revenge into a certain cat and a pig boy

"okay you jackass start talking what did ya do to me"

both Ryoga and shampoo face-faulted like it was a stupid question but shampoo eventually broke cover "shampoo cure Ranma shampoo make Ranma no afraid of cat now" this news hit Ranma like a fright train she was right she was staring at a cat and wasn't afraid in fact she was about to go and thank shampoo when something happened.

Akane had snapped out of her daze and quickly charge Ranma down "WHATS WRONG WITH YOU!?. cover up don't you have any feminine modesty"

"and just why would I need feminine modesty im a guy okay"

"really? you sure don't look like one to me" Akane brought Ranma's attention to two things firstly she was still a girl "so much for a cure" and secondly for whatever reason she was butt naked in the middle of the street she was just feeling lucky that the street was empty even the ladle lady wasn't there today the place was a ghost town and it needed to be.

"umm guys where are my cloths" both shampoo and Ryoga sweatdropped before Ryoga answered he figured all shampoo would do would make it worse if she talked she hadn't had any experience with Ranma's bloated but fragile ego

"Ranma you were a cat and cats are small you just sort of fell out of them" Ryoga seemed satisfied with his answer right up until he received a 10 punch combo breaker from both Ranma and Akane who layed Ryoga out as he shrunk back down to his original form

"YOU PERVERT WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME IVE BEEN SITING HERE NAKED" Ranma was pissed and for the first time in a while Akane agreed.

while waiting for the pig to come round shampoo who untill now had managed to be forgotten in this mess pulled another kettle out of seemingly nowhere and gave it to Akane "this make Ranma cat if you no want Ranma naked then Akane use yes" Akane took the kettle and poured its contents down a drain

"no we have to get home school can wait till you've explained what the hell you did to Ranma"

Akane was cut of from her train of though by the cat-like smile on shampoo's face "Akane have home shampoo go but Ranma no can go home" Ranma who up to this point had been trying to get dressed again without anyone noticing had come back and looked pissed off like she wanted a reason for why she couldn't go home and why. and she wanted one fast

"shampoo you need to think carefully about what you say next or things are gonna get messy. now why can't I go home"

shampoo looked nervous but did continue anyway "because ranma dead shampoo boil jusenkyo water, now hot water activate maoniichuan, Ranma is cat or girl but no man so no can go back" shampoo was expecting to be on the receiving end on the beating of her life she was more than a little surprised to see Ranma take out a flask from her backpack and used the water to change again.

this may have confused shampoo but it annoyed Akane who hadn't quite worked out that this meant that Ranma couldn't be a boy again she just thought she was being lazy "Ranma what are you doing you cant be a cat all day" Ranma just turned her tail up and started trudging back to the dojo Akanes confusion was now starting to take hold as she realized what shampoo meant by Ranma was dead. she took off after the feline grabbing shampoo and P-chan under her arm and running to catch up to Ranma "HEY RANMA WAIT UP I NEED TO TALK TO YOU"

Ranma heard her but didn't stop she wasn't in the mood for any of Akanes jokes but then again she wasn't in the mood for Akane to come up behind and pick her up "NYAA" Ranma was taken by surprise but quickly realized what was happening and tried to wriggle free if this was anyone but Akane she would have just clawed her way out but she couldn't hurt Akane especially when she didn't have anything to do with this "look Ranma I know you can hear me, and shampoo is right you cant go home as a person at least not untill your pops out of the house Ive got a plan okay so you're gonna have to stay like that for a while. are you okay with that?" Ranma purred in resignation as Akane set her down they set off down the street back to the dojo they did stop briefly as they realized they left P-chan asleep down the road but after that it was off to the dojo.

jadeite was stuck he hadn't had a chance to plan anything out and he had been thrown into a world he didn't know and he had to succeed or else he would be a pile of ash lining beryl's hall there was a small man running along behind him, this was his youma it hadn't been evolved yet but it could any time he needed it to, but untill then he was charged with keeping it safe

charging in with the same reckless disregard as always jadeite searched the area for the largest build up of people it was right in front of him "hmm fuurinkan high school it is then best get this over with quickly" he proceeded to enter and meddle with the most popular item on the ground the sailor moon dolls everyone on the grounds had one and the energy would build up quickly there was no way that this could fail he took his leave to the roof of the school and left the youma there to continue to infect the dolls

the silence that was the Tendo dojo during the day lasted for about as long as it took Akane to say 'im home'. the Tendo home during the day was quiet Kasumi never really left the kitchen and Soun and Genma only ever left there Shogi table if the world was coming to an end

"oh Akane your back already" Kasumi popped her head out of the kitchen and looked a little confused that Akane was back early but still wore her ever-present smile

"uh yes Kasumi the schools closed today" Akane did stutter she didn't like lying to Kasumi a problem that she wouldn't have if this was Genma or her father "can you get dad and Mr Saotome I have to tell them something important"

Kasumi nodded and called for Soun and Genma to come in. well, under the lie that dinner was ready, there was no way they would have come otherwise "dad Mr Saotome I just want to tell you that ranmas gone both me and him don't want this stupid engagement and he said he's going somewhere where arranged marriages are illegal I think he said something about Scotland"

Akane left time for the message to sink in before the inevitable happened Soun turned on the patented Tendo waterworks and Genma started ranting about something like 'the ingrate the schools must be joined' in short both Soun and Genma where packed and planning a training trip to the UK instantly but not before Kasumi gave them a shopping list of things to bring back she was always the optimist.

after the fathers took there leave Kasumi just went back to the kitchen and Akane snuck shampoo and Ranma into her bedroom P-chan just walked in, the perks of already living there "ok Ranma their gonna be gone for a while it will take them months to walk to Scotland and back and whats the worst that can happen with Kasumi"

Akane looked back to were Ranma was and didn't see her she turned around to look and saw Ranma curling up for a catnap on the foot of her bed "baka get off of there" something all of a sudden hit Akane like she had been trying to avoid saying baka a quick transformation reminded her. "damn you Ranma get up look what you made me do an..."

Akane was stopped as she started hearing droning noises in her head "shampoo P-chan what is this" she frantically waved and pointed to her head in the hope of them understanding fortunately for her P-chan could hear it to

"there's a youma close by and its draining a lot of people we gotta get going"

Akane was ready to go Ranma well Ranma wasn't she just waved a paw dismissively at the trio Akane turned to shampoo with and idea "shampoo you speak cat right?"

"yes shampoo speak cat why?" shampoo looked more confused than usual but Akane explained

"you speak cat and Ranma right now can't speak Japanese so you have to be our translator whats she whining about"

shampoo went up to Ranma and started meowing in her general direction trying to make some sense out of the situation "um Ranma say if Ranma be cat then Ranma act like one so Ranma sleep"

"jackass get up now"

Akane was pissed off at Ranmas attempt at dodging the conflict it didn't occur to her that Ranma might need a while to think things over after what had happened after all most people don't have two forms neither of which they were born with "fine we can do this without you see if I care!" with that Akane left the room in a hurry following after P-chan who still hadn't bothered telling either Akane or Ranma just what the cries mean and how to follow them

shampoo started after them but turned back to the bedroom and joined Ranma on the bed she had to get Ranma out of her depression and she had plenty of experience with the melancholy of P-chan. she'd had to deal with much deeper depression cycles than this 'it should only take a few minutes' she thought to herself as she started to try to talk ranma out of it.

jadeites grimace was starting to expand into a smirk he'd been draining energy unopposed 5 more people and he should have enough energy to get back to the dark kingdom and this time if the scouts showed up he was ready he was going to open that portal and high tail it back to the dark kingdom he looked down to the courtyard that was filled with the body's of hundreds of students all dragging themselves across the floor with their hands because they'd lost the power to move and there was only so long before they passed out entirely

he turned his attention back towards the youma who grew taller and more bishonen in appearance the longer he went unchallenged. the monster like jadeite remained fairly human in appearance with nothing more than personality traits to give his demonic nature away he went up to the nearest human and drained him not of his energy but of his mentality he stole the humans very knowledge and being, everything the human knew the youma now knew jadeite grew more gleeful with every second that went by this time he was not going to fail that he promised himself.

at this exact moment a girl and her pig plowed through the school gates to see the young western man standing in a field of bodies unharmed and smiling "you what are you tell me or your going down" Akane wanted to follow old habits and kill first ask question later but she decided that this time she was going to make sure he was part of the dark kingdom before turning her ki infused mallet on him and knocking a few limbs off in the most painful order she could think of.

the youma grew a larger grin then ever thought possible and arched and eyebrow before talking "im am the youma of plagiarism Ran Doma and you must be carrying lots of high quality information hold still while I steal it."

the youma began to charge but was suddenly met by a wall of bodies as it was bombarded Akane had completely forgot about collateral damage or that she could injure or ever kill her makeshift ammunition "PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME TO TAKE SOMEONE ELSE'S IDEAS AND CALL THEM YOUR OWN IS UNFORGIVABLE I SAILOR MARS WILL RIP YOUR GODDAMN HEAD OFF"

P-chan was listening and was about to start a not the stupid speech's speech but was stopped as he heard this revelation Akane was beyond pissed she really couldn't stand thieves and this youma just put himself in the firing line.

there was a moment of quiet before a high-pitched voice came creaking up behind as a girl and her cat made their way along side Akane "don't get mars angry you wont like when she's angry" Ranko stopped and shot Akane a shy grin "can't let you do this on your own"

they shared a moments thought before Akane broke the silence as the downed Youma slowly pushed the body's off of him "hey moon feel like giving me a hand I think this one needs a little more Ki than the last Akane held out her hand and formed a mallet of Ki and offered her other hand to Ranko

moon slowly and nervously accepted the hand and began feeling dizzy as Akane drained her energy and channeled it into the mallet which began glowing with an intensity neither had seen and the heat it was giving off melted the earth around them and burned anyone close that wasn't protected from magic

"shampoo go take moon somewhere to rest up" moon had collapsed from exhaustion and shampoo had to drag her out of the gate

"NOW WHERE WERE WE" Akane clasped her mallet and charged to the youma that was desperately backing away "COME HERE" Akane was blindly attacking and swinging her mallet giving no consideration to collateral damage but with the addition of her anger Ki her mallet would one shot a god the youma didn't stand a chance her attacks were lethal and her adrenaline made her fast every swing she came closer, it was only a matter of time before something happened, and it did

"my turn now" the youma also formed a mallet in its hand and infused some of it stolen energy into it

"YOUR EVEN STEALING MY TECHNIQUES NOW TOO, DIE ALREADY" the youma continued watching copying her fighting style and stealing her moves untill it matched her move for move it was a stale mate just what jadeite wanted all he had to do was last long enough for a portal to open and he could escape.

Akane felt like she was going nowhere what ever she did the youma would match it and she had no real way to stop the youma from stealing her moves and copying her, then she had a brain wave "if this things just blindly copying everything I do then.." Akane took a step back the youma did the same "then copy this!"

Akane took her superheated mallet and struck her own leg scorching it burning it raw it hurt like hell even with her resistance to heat it put her down on one knee but her theory was right the Youma had blindly copied everything she had done and had crashed his mallet straight into his leg and all the dark and demonic energy had caused his leg to wither and age untill it just fell off leaving him defenseless

Akane saw this and grew a grin that would seem right at home on a villain about to murder there hostage "Ran Doma for the crimes you have committed you must die you will steal no more!"

Akane once again infused her mallet with Ki and slammed it into her chest the youma again blindly copied and its heart stopped beating as the rest of it withered away into the dust Akane bent over in agony and crawled of to the gates where P-chan was still frozen like a statue "well that sucked" Akane just about smiled before she passed out.

jadeite had lost the youma the mission was a failure and he was a dead man beryl was gonna kill him she was probably watching the whole thing and was already thinking of the most painful way to kill him he only had one option left "sailor mars and sailor moon I have come to work on a truce" he didn't receive an answer he could see that mars was out for the count but didn't have a clue where moon was

and at this time neither did moon she figured it was behind the school somewhere she had woke up receiving unwanted physical attention from tuxedo kamen he claims it was CPR she doesn't believe him

jadeite grew louder "SAILOR MOON I HAVE A PROPOSITION " at that moment a wary sailor moon stepped back out into the courtyard she was still a little dizzy "sailor moon I have a deal for you, you let me go I don't go back to the dark kingdom and don't continue my attacks but you don't have to have another death on you conscience"

Ranma turned toward shampoo with a questioning look after a second of thought shampoo nodded "shampoo think Ranma to tried to fight Ranma take deal let demon separate from dark kingdom peacefully"

Ranma turned back toward jadeite "YOUR ON JUST GET OUT OF HEAR BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND" jadeite didn't need to be told twice he been cut off from his power source and would have been cannon fodder if he had attacked even a week sailor senshi

he knew that beryl would probably send assassins to kill him for being a deserter but for now he was going to find a nice cozy cave there was a myth between demons that the strongest of all demons the demon of lechery was here in Tokyo if he could get on its good side by freeing it he was certain to be safe "then it is goodbye I wish you luck on your crusades" jadeite then sprinted out the school and towards the mountains

shampoo and Ranma turned to Akane who was wielding some nasty third degree burns "hey P-chan do you know how to fix all those burns I don't think Dr tofu's gonna cut it this time" Ranma looked towards the pig with a hint of worry in her eye

"senshi are fast healers naturally give her a couple of hours and she will be fine"

Ranma looked pensive for a while before questioning " is there any way we can speed this up id kinda like to get home soon and she's the only one here who's allowed in the house"

"yes there is away but you're not going to like it, like before if you let her channel your Ki through her she can heal more effectively It might take about 10 minutes like that but you'd have to let her drain you for the full 10 minutes and that would probably make you pass out again"

P-chan stopped to see Ranma's face had no emotion and didn't look like she was bothered by anything right now after what had happened earlier that was to be expected but P-chan being P-chan got a case of foot in mouth disease and tried to get Ranma to lash out a calm Ranma just didn't seem to suit the girl in front of him "but don't worry who is gonna notice if a cats asleep"

P-chan was silenced as Ranma coldly and with no emotions at all unleashed a 50 punch combination but resisted the urge to go for a fatality "Akane you owe me one for this" Ranma knelt down and grasped Akanes hand like she did before as she produced Ki it instantly got dragged into Akane and slowly her burns where healing and the scars where fading but as Ranma noticed this she noticed something else

"hey P-chan I thought you said I was unstable shouldn't this be hurting her or something" P-chan though for a minute before answering "I never said that, you assumed I said your body is producing more female Ki then your used too and that your having difficulty using it in the way you usually use your male Ki actually now you bring it up because you can't produce male Ki anymore your powers might be stabilizing and that would explain why it's not taking as much out of you as I thought it would"

P-chan knew he was safe until Akane healed so he made his break for the Tendo dojo and left shampoo in charge "P-chan right Ranma" she felt there was nothing more to add P-chan had told Ranma everything

"what did P-chan say" both Ranma and shampoo turned to see Akane getting up Ranma let go of her as fast as possible hoping she wouldn't notice any of the hand holding that had gone on "Ranma did we win?"

"yeh Akane we won come on let's get you home" Akane was still burned but at this point it was no more serious than a sunburn and as far as Ranma was concerned if she had to get over loosing her manhood on a supposedly permanent bases Akane could get over this. they all headed home well more like Akane limped home and Ranma went back as a cat so she didn't have to walk sometimes being a cat payed off.

back at the Tendo dojo Kasumi was busying herself in the kitchen and Nabiki.. well was nowhere to be seen as soon as Akane said school was out she smelled a rat whatever Akane and Ranma where doing she was going to find out she would have to have her resident stalker look into it

"hey Kasumi im back"

Akane called in expecting to find Kasumi what she found was unwanted it was the middle sister and she had a disbelieving look on her face "I heard you and Saotome skipped school today huh do ya mind telling what you where up to" Nabiki wanted an answer but was slightly distracted when she saw the cats sat at Akanes feet

"Akane whats with the cats you steal someones pets again" Nabiki was just joking about the cats but she did want to know what Akane was doing unfortunately shed just given Akane a jump of point to talk about

"oh these cats there Ranma's he asked me to look after them while he's gone apparently you can't take pets with you when your walking or they will just run off um gotta go settle them in upstairs bye"

"this isn't over Akane your hiding something and im gonna find out. hey Kasumi Akane wanted to talk to ya she's in her room so yeh go up whenever"

Kasumi turned the stove off and grabbed a basket as far as she was concerned if she had to go upstairs to Akane she may as well get the washing while she's there she set the basket down outside of Akanes room before knocking "Akane you wanted to talk to me"

there was a lot of clattering from the other side of the door before Akane replied "oh yeh come in Kasumi" Kasumi came in to see Akane stuffing something in her wardrobe rather than ask Kasumi simply walked up and opened it to find 2 cats crammed into it

"Akane why are there cats in here"

Kasumi had one ever-present trait and that's that she can give someone a tongue lashing while keeping a motherly tone of voice this always worked on Akane and she spilled the truth the half truth and everything but the truth "oh these sis Ranma asked me to look after them before he left apparently there important to him please just let them stay I can't let them live on the street"

Akane was pleading with her older sister all but down on her hands and knees begging her but it seemed to have an effect "ok Akane but you cant keep them all in your room there's not enough space I can keep one with me and we should be fine for a while but only because there Ranma's"

Kasumi thought for a while "Akane what are there names"

"oh umm" Akane hadn't been expecting the question she was cursing herself for not thinking it through"um well the white and purple one is shampoo and the white and red one is um um... sorry sis he never told me guess were gonna have to think of one huh" Akane gave Ranma an apologetic look but she couldn't hide the part of her that was laughing at the scenario "so sis which one do you want" Akane was silently praying that she didn't take Ranma if she did there was no way to make sure she didn't try something perverted during the night with her sister

"well shampoo seems to like you so I think it would be better if I take the other one she seems shy around us.

Akane mentally cursed a storm "ok Kasumi just don't let her on your bed we don't know if she's house broken and you don't want to have clean up if she's not do you" Akane seemed satisfied if Ranma slept on the floor then there were no problems

"relax Akane if they have been living with Ranma they will be house broken" Kasumi retorted with some authority apparently you don't tell Kasumi what to do with her own pet. she reached down and held out her hand "here kitty" as soon as Ranma came closer she picked her up in a way that couldn't even hurt an insect and carried her out down the hall it was impossible to tell if the look on Ranma's face was relief or disappointment as she left the room.

Ranma could tell that something was going to go wrong she had a feeling winding up as kasumi's pet might of had something to do with it but there was a feeling that someone, someone from her past was approaching coming to the dojo she curled up at the foot of kasumi's bed but was woken up by noises from downstairs "hello who might you be" "ah yes dear I am Nodoka Saotome I wanted to know if my husband and son are hear.

NOTES: right now i understand this is probably hard to read trust me im working on it.

this is based off of the story bishoujo senshi so all credit for the universe goes to that

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