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you have been warned

The Nerima ward was making a name for itself because of its outlandish and chaotic problems so you would think that a simple mother walking into a home wouldn't be a big problem yes? so did Ranma Saotome; the part-time feline that almost didn't even bother to listen but that was one conversation she was not going to forget for a while.

'Nodoka Saotome' Ranma launched herself out of the bed and bounced down the stairs 'Saotome damn it I know her from somewhere' Ranma stopped at the foot of the stairs to see a fairly tall looking woman who looked to be in her mid 30's she was currently engaged in accepting tea from Kasumi 'who is she'.

"Excuse me I don't mean to impose dear, but im looking for my son. and I guess my husband as well" the last was nothing more than a mutter said begrudgingly as if it was instantly regretted for being said. "is Ranma here".

"Oh my" Kasumi's trade mark interjection was cut of by the sight of a ginger cat launching itself at Nodoka and by a startled yelp from the mother in question. "oh my. bad Luna" this achieved silence as the feline just turned to her and tilted her head in confusion. "im sorry about this" Kasumi proceeded to pull Ranma off of Nodoka and sit her down on her lap "im sorry I don't think Luna here was ever trained to be around people" Kasumi was currently having the best workout she'd had in years trying to restrain the cat in question "what was it you where saying?".

"Oh yes dear" Nodoka was still a little startled but was ready to continue on regardless "my son was supposed to be here. he must be out right now do you know when he will get back".

"Oh my. im sorry Ranma probably wont be back for a while he and his father are out on a training mission."

"Yes dear do you know when they will get back".

"Possibly a few months a few weeks tomorrow. we have no way to tell".

"That is a shame" Nodoka unstrapped an object wrapped in cloth and placed it on the table in front of her "do you mind if I stay here for the time being I would like to be here when my son gets back" Nodoka unwrapped the cloth and it showed to be an aged katana.

"Oh my do you practice martial arts to Nodoka?".

"No dear and I hope never to have to use this".

"Forgive me if im imposing but why do you carry a katana around with you if you do not practice a martial art?".

"This is my family's honor blade if Genma fails his promise I have no choice but to use it" Nodoka's face briefly dropped to an inhuman grimace at the thought but quickly returned to a seemingly forced smile "but that wont happen".


"Yes dear when Ranma was young my husband wanted to take him on a training mission I wouldn't let him untill he made a contract promising me he would return Ranma to me a man among men. the thing is it was a seppuku contract" Nodokas musings were shaken loose by the sight of a certain cat hitting the floor unconscious.

"Oh my what a story but if you excuse me I should probably sort this out" Kasumi left Nodoka to her musings and went to go get a rather abused first aid kit and an almost prehistoric animal health guide "lets see cats, cats oh here we are. if a cat faints oh my. It's called syncope, if that is in fact what she's having, and just like people, she's not getting enough oxygen to her brain. it can cause brain damage. "

Ranma wasn't quite conscious at the time but if she was she would probably of tried to tell Kasumi that its got nothing to do with that and was probably more likely to be a minor heart attack "Kasumi dear would you like me to help?" Nodoka's question was quickly greeted by a bow in thanks "dear according to this book we should go talk to a vet. do you know if there are any around here?".

"No but im sure I can find one for now lets just put Luna to bed".

'Luna why does she keep calling me that?' Ranma was currently trying to regain consciousness but for a while at least she needed rest.

Kasumi and Nodoka left Ranma on the foot of kasumi's bed and went back to their conversation "now where was we".

Meanwhile in a strangely quiet dark kingdom a rather morose que... "will you just shut up with the intros already geez" ahem sorry an exceedingly bitchy queen beryl that today seems to have forgotten not to break the fourth wall, you jackass beryl. was busy organizing and selection of officers to the front line to fill them in on whats happening back on earth.

"Okay jadeite ran away like the treacherous coward that he is. the first one to bring him back alive gets a human soul to play with. now I need another one of you to lead the attacks on earth. now you there in the middle congratulations you just got promoted you're in charge of the war party's now".

"Huh umm thank you beryl... ok beryl I have an idea. so far all the senshi have appeared in the same city. the one that we keep attacking."

"And your point is" beryl begins fidgeting with some form of scepter which in the past has been proven to work as an effective weapon . the officer looks routinely nervous.

"If they have all been in that city so far then the chances are that all of them are in there. so if we reconfigure the portal to take us to another city lets say Hong Kong then we should be able to get a good foothold on earth without them interfering." them man looked to be nervous like he was regretting his decision to open his mouth before beryl snapped him out of it.

"How long?".

"Sorry my queen what?".

"I said how long you dunce do not try my patience".

"Oh the portal should take about a week to reconfigure properly."

"Then you have a week not a day more" and with that beryls council faded away into the walls and the officer was left asking himself that most appropriate movie quote "what have I gotten myself into now".

By the morning in Nerima Akane woke up to find some one in the dojo having raided her storage for cinder blocks she wanted to give Ranma a good beat down for that but appeared to be mesmerized by the sight of the petite frame of the redhead braking the bricks beneath her hands "Ranma what are you doing in here" Ranma didn't even look up and just set up another round of cinder blocks "seriously Ranma you can't be here like this" all this earned Akane was another grunt "ok Ranma what going on in that head of yours it's not like you get mad like this for nothing".

Ranma stopped to give Akane a long and heavy sigh "Akane lets just say this is one of those things that its better that I don't talk about ok".

"Umm ok would you rather talk to someone else about this, I hate to admit it but im no good at this stuff".

"No Akane I just need to think for a while".

Akane could tell there was something really wrong with Ranma, it's just not right for Ranma to be depressed or angry about anything "Ranma you can't keep your self in the dark the entire time why don't you just think about this while we head over to tofu's.".

Ranma's sullen mood was knocked around as a ball of energy started bouncing around the room and ended up hiding in a corner "what about tofu why what come on Akane don't joke like that".

"Ranma are you sure that your fine because im looking at you crawling into the corner of the room because of a doctors visit".

"Umm sorry about that Akane lets just say I have my reasons to not want to see tofu right now".

"Oh yeh what are they?".

"Sorry can't tell you".

"Oh yeh maybe I can ask Nabiki to find out, I mean she'll do anything for 10000 yen".

"Akane I cant tell you".

"Are you sure? you know now I've got to find out".

"Look I cant go see him I have an appointment already".

"An appointment?. an appointment for what?".

Ranma let out a long sigh in defeat "I passed out last night and Kasumi asked if he was trained with animals. it turns out he is".

Akane chose this moment to badly stifle a laugh "wait Ranma you mean your acting funny because you don't want to go to the vet?".

"Acting funny I've seen what vets do ill be walking funny to if I let him near me".

Akane at this point lost the plot and just broke down into laughter "you know what Ranma let me know when you go because this I've got to see" "anyway come on there's something that you need to get checked out and you need tofu to do it".

Ranma was going to argue but was silence by a splash of hot water from Akane "I knew it was a good idea to pack a few of these. ok Ranma now you can either go quietly or I can carry you there and you'll be getting that visit to the vets sooner than you want" Akane held out a hand to Ranma and held a sinister look on her face "one paw quiet two paw fun" Ranma put one paw in Akane's hand and seriously considered putting the second one there to. but in the end though better of it.

"Oh there you are Luna" Akane turned to look at her sister with a confused look on her face while Ranma tried desperately to get out of Kasumi's line of sight and shot a pleading look to Akane who slowly began to smirk.

"So you figured out a name for her did you sis" Akane turned back to Ranma and let out a smug look "you know I think it suits her".

'This is what I get for calling you a tomboy isn't it' this was one of those situations where Ranma really wished she could still talk 'damn it shampoo is gonna show me how she talks like this and she gonna make sure I can do it'.

"What are you two doing Akane?" Ranma was snapped back to reality by the conversation happening in front of her.

"Not much Kasumi I was just heading over to tofu's".

"Oh that's good Akane here can you give him this book back I borrowed" Akane took the book out of Kasumi's hands and grew a puzzled expression when reading the title.

"The silence of the lambs, I didn't think this was your sort of thing Kasumi".

"Oh it's not I was just attracted to it im not sure why" "oh and one more thing Akane can you take Luna to him she's got an appointment at the vets".

"Oh don't worry Kasumi I wouldn't miss that for the world" Akane's smirk lost its sinister touch and became downright evil the look almost looked like it was unhealthily smug. "hey Luna climb aboard" Akane outstretched her arm again and after a long period of time Ranma unwillingly climbed up and came to rest on her shoulder "come on furball it's not gonna be so bad".

Ranmas silence finally ended with a purr that said I... give up. "nya".

"Tendo I think we've made it".

"No Saotome where still in japan".

"how long have we been walking?".

"About 8 hours".

"Tendo remind me again not to care when Ranma runs off".

"Sorry Soatome it should be a few more hours and well reach the boat".


"What Saotome?".

"Isn't that Tokyo?".

"No it isn't Saot...".

"Ok it is Saotome I think we have just run a circle around it".

"Tendo give me the map clearly you haven't had to traveled in way to long".

"Damn it Saotome" Soun threw the map to the ground in disgust and started to pitch camp "we can stop here im not going anywhere untill we get an updated map that you didn't get from a 10 year old."

"Hey that Hibiki kid looked like a good one had plenty of raw power, would have been easy to train. I trust his map building capability's.

"It says that we are in Malaysia Soatome I don't trust it one but".

At this point the fathers let out a long drawn out "damn it" which wrung well in stereo..

Back in Nerima Ranma was being true to her word as she and Akane walked out of tofu's clinic. well Akane walked Ranma was performing what may have been an exaggerated waddle outside of the clinic Akane once again reached into her backpack and pulled out a spare set of cloths "here Ranma go get dressed you've got an appointment as a human this time" Akane dragged Ranma around the back of the clinic and into the alleyway before emptying the contents of a water bottle out onto the cat and quickly jerking her head away so as not to see the nude girl in front of her.

"No way Akane" Akane got a face full of cloth as the clothes found themselves hurled in her direction.

"RANMA" Akane stuttered for a moment and then forced herself to calm down "why not Ranma?".

"There's no way Akane".

"No way for what?" Akane wasn't doing the best job of hiding her annoyance at the situation.

"There's no way you're gonna get me in some stupid dress Akane".

"Huh, geez Ranma and you think I want you wearing it. just shut up and put it on. or would you rather go in naked".

"I choose cat" Ranma desperately started to search through akanes Bag to try to find more hot water only to find none.

"Sorry Ranma but I figured you might try to run away so I didn't bring any hot water for you to change back" Akane tried to remain neutral but couldn't hide the smug tone in her voice. "besides Ranma its the school uniform your going to have to get used to wearing it sooner or later".

Ranma took a minute to work out what Akane meant by that "oh no. I didn't where one before im not wearing one now. what makes you think im even going to school anymore I don't have an ID as far as everyone else is concerned I was never born so why would I even try to get into school?".

"One word Nabiki" any argument Ranma just had got blown out of the water Akane was right Nabiki would do anything for 10000 yen and that includes making an ID something that weather Ranma liked it or not was going to need. all of Ranma's life was licensed as male. male birth certificate male doctors notes male student ID they would be useless now.

"One condition you pay for whatever it is she wants for it".


"Your asking her to completely make up a person's life and make records to prove it, that wont be cheep and im already paying for it by having to do this garbage so you're gonna have to pay the 100000 yen or whatever she wants for it".

Akane was not expecting this at all no logic determined that Ranma would actually take this at face value "there is something very wrong here".

"Huh what you mean the fact that I can't walk straight?".

"No you just agreed to go to school as a girl without much of a fight there's something wrong here and im going to find out. oh and by the way if you don't want the things I offered then I have my gym cloths in the bag as well".

Ranma didn't exactly look happy about this option either but begrudgingly reached into the bag "at least I can move in those".

"Can you hurry up and get dressed already Ranma my necks starting to hurt its been twisted that long".

"Oh yeh like you couldn't just turn your body around with it seriously Akane it's like you enjoy doing things wrong".

Akane began chanting under her breath something that Ranma either couldn't hear or didn't want to hear "relax Akane just pretend the hairs red because it's already covered in blood".

"Ok Akane you can turn around if your that bothered by it".

"Does that mean you done or does that mean your just being shameless again?".

"A little from column a and a little from column b but yeh im ready".

"Ok come on then".

"5 minutes my ass is still sore from last time".

"Ok now im going to draw the line he was checking out your head he didn't go anywhere near your ass".

Ranma let out a sigh and then began a condescending tone that is usually reserved for when you explain to a child that they cant have something "Akane answer me honestly have you ever had a tail?".

"Well obviously no but.".

"Ok so you don't know about the feelings in the root where the muscles attach well here's the deal Akane apparently my tail is majorly ticklish ok its still sore because it felt like my ass was being melted off".

"Akane I can tell you want to laugh just do it already and stop bothering me about it" Akane did just that falling to the ground in still vaguely suppressed laughter before eventually trying to distract herself from the reason she was laughing by packing everything back into her bag.

"Ranma try not to talk about the cat side of life ok your making me laugh" in an exact mirror to Akanes earlier thoughts something began to strike Ranma as wrong since when was Akane ever this happy-go-lucky or friendly even in school she was doing a bad job of hiding the fact that she was always either mad or depressed but this laughter was not forced.

"Akane let's do this thing already you're not the only one that has some questions for when we get back".

Akane and Ranma both limped back into the clinic Ranma because of her previous appointment with Tofu and Akane because she had given herself pains from laughing too much.

"Oh Akane back already?".

"Oh um yes Dr tofu this is a... friend of mine and I think she just needs a general checkup".

Tofu began examining Ranma mentally noticing the distinct limp and grew a slightly concerned smirk "well I can see the problem did you run into trouble last night. I mean I think you're a little young for that sort of thing but it's not my place to judge".

'The docs a perv' Ranma somehow managed to refrain from yelling this out for anyone in Nerima to hear "um doc I don't think your understanding us we don't do that sort of thing" 'besides your the reason im like this anyway' Ranma didn't bother saying this part allowed it was probably for the best.

"Oh right I should probably make a record of you being here im going to need some form of ID so I can make a file" tofu fired up what looks to be a primitive computer and began patiently waiting for Ranma to hand over some from of ID fortunately for Ranma Akane was once again being unusually helpful.

"Tofu we don't have her ID yet were going to try to get everything sorted out soon though".

Tofu for a moment held a disapproving look on his face before returning to an overly happy grin "well that's no good you really should keep some ID with you at all times you know. ok then just give me your name and I can start the file ill just have to fill it in when you get everything in order".

"Um Ranko... Tendo im a distant cousin of Akane's".

'Ranma you moron he knows I don't have cousin'.

Akane's pessimistic thoughts were interrupted by tofu proving her half wrong "well I didn't think Akane had a cousin but its nice to meet you anyway Ranko please come with me into my office and ill do your checkup" Ranma hesitantly followed tofu into the room and after a few minutes came out with a blank look on her face fortunately it was tofu that answered the questions "well Akane you're in luck Ranko here is as healthy as a horse and based on the condition of my stress ball probably as strong as one to".

Ranma began wordlessly limping back towards Akane before tofu spoke up again "Ranko if you wouldn't mind coming back tomorrow I noticed an abnormality that id like to take a closer look at".


"Your eyes Ranko they are quite unique the way the pupils are shaped it reminds me very much how the eyes of a cats form." Akane had a little look for herself and gave nod to confirm that yes Ranma's eyes had changed shape slightly they where also turning a strange shade of greenish blue changing from those crystal blue eyes that Ranma had used before.

"Well okay Dr tofu we have to go now ill remind her to come by tomorrow" as they started for the door Akane once again tried to make conversation "hey ran..ko what did you do to that stress ball anyway?".

"Remember when I said my tail was ticklish well it turns out it's not the only thing" Ranma turned around and took a look back into the clinic to see Akane doubled over on the floor once again uncharacteristically laughing "geez I don't have time for this ill see you back at the dojo".

Once Ranma made it back to the dojo she began to compulsively break bricks again without a care for the fact that she was technically destroying Akanes property even though Akane would have smashed the cinder blocks herself as soon as she good back to the dojo "geez what am I doing this aint my training I gotta get back into shape" Ranma had to fight heavy resistance to pry herself away from the cinder blocks and start work on some routine Kata's but then subconsciously glanced back to the bricks longingly.

"Oh that's right I was gonna get some answers from our little pig now wasn't I" Ranma stopped midway through a Kata and landed firmly on her already sore backside "note to self if someone has been tickling down there again don't let it get hit" Ranma got up and headed out of the dojo only to realize a problem "damn they don't know im coming ok im gonna have to either sneak in or pull some garbage line out of my hat".

Ranma's musings were stopped short when Kasumi barged into her train of thoughts "excuse me can I help you miss?" Ranma was confused for a moment before remembering her current gender.

"Um actually yes im a ... friend of Akanes and I need to talk to her." not entirely the truth but believable it would seem Ranma noticed the problem with this too late though.

"Im sorry Akane isn't here right now she's at the vets." Kasumi's words brought painful memory's back to the front of Ranma's mind.

"Um ok do you mind if I wait for her inside then?" even by Ranma's standards this was a feeble attempt to gain access to Akanes bedroom fortunately Kasumi's ridiculously hospitable nature led to Ranma being led into the living room and handed a cup of tea despite the fact that she didn't ask 'Kasumi must really like making tea or something' Ranma wasn't allowed to keep on a train of though for too long before realization kicked in.

"Oh god mom's in here somewhere and that tea is a risk to my secret" but try as she might Ranma was not going to refuse Kasumi's tea and before long was stuck at the table and going nowhere fast now the only thing that could make this any better w...

"Well hello there dear".

Well it would seem that the only thing that could make it better just walked into the room "Kasumi dear who is this" Nodoka sat herself down next to Ranma and persisted to once again recessive tea from out of nowhere.

'Ok is it seriously just me that can't hide a million things on them at once or what? oh right I should probably introduce myself. but I cant just lie like that to mom can I?' soon Ranma's choice was made for her as Nodoka once again placed her katana on the table "ma'am my name is Ranko its nice to meet you" 'geez how much cornier could I of sounded?'.

"Ranko what a nice name dear, my you are a bit of a tomboy arent you?" Ranma took the next 25 seconds of her life pondering if tomboy was a compliment or an insult; on the one hand it implied girl on the other it implied a boyish girl which meant Ranma hadn't completely lost her touch.

"Um sorry I don't quite follow what makes me a tomboy exactly?" 'wait what am I asking for I don't care about this stuff... do I?' Ranma brushed the thoughts aside to hear Nodoka speak.

"Yes dear you do seem to be a bit of a tomboy. allow me to demonstrate you're wearing your running cloths around the house" upon closer inspection she was correct Ranma was still wearing Akane's gym uniform "look at the way you're sitting your legs are wide open".

"And is there some kind of problem with that?" Ranma was wearing a genuine look of confusion just why would sitting with your legs open matter.

"Not right now dear but if you where wearing something other than shorts or slacks then the problem would come" Ranma again looked confused before her face unceremoniously dropped straight into the table. "and that sort of thing isn't exactly ladylike".

"I give up I get it im a tomboy fine geez" this would have been easier to understand if Ranma's face wasn't currently sampling the taste of the table upon Akanes entrance though Ranma was saved... right? "Akane come here we need to talk" without waiting for an answer Ranma yanked Akane up the stairs and into her room.

"Ok Ranma you have 5 seconds to explain whats going on" she was stopped by Ranma giving P-chan a bop on the head and giving a yank on Shampoos tail waking them both up.

"Okay I want answers and I want them fast okay? first of Akane has been acting off and apparently so have I. also whats up with me apparently I've got cat eyes or something the curses don't mix do they?".

"Why Ranma in such big hurry no need hurt Shampoo".

"Just answer the question".

"Okay Shampoo let me deal with this Ranma the curses cant mix together after the initial change so if they've mixed at all this is all they are going to do." P-chan headed up toward Ranma and made a high-pitched click to high for Akane but painful to Ranma "Ranma I think the changes are that it buffed your senses your hearing got better and im gonna guess the reason your eyes have changes is because you have actually got cat eyes you have a heightened sense of sight as well especially in the dark.

"If I have cat eyes how come I can see in color?" it would appear to be a fair question but it was met with a wall of sarcasm.

"Because you got really lucky, the curses mixed a little but it looks like all it did was help you out" "also if you think you've been acting funny that because you have and its to be expected I wasn't completely honest with my reasons for recruiting you like it did it doesn't exactly have much to do with Ki Ranma, Akane your on your second lives right now you both used to be senshi Milenia ago this is your second time around. you've been subconsciously acting on memory's from back then. from what you used to be.

"So Akane used to be really happy all the time. where did Jusenkyo go wrong" a substantial kick to the gut reminded Ranma that the memory's where more what you would call guidelines than actual pathways.

"Okay happy now can we get back to sleep?."

"Not yet when you change back and forth you still have cloths and I want to know how you do it".

"Are you sure? that's not really something I can explain on the spot".

"I've got plenty of time".

"Okay ill tell you tomorrow" after a quick nod Ranma left the room and trudged to the furo, while Akane was still curious about one thing.

"Hey guys is it just me or was that a really big under reaction I was expecting a massive fit about you saying something like that".

"Ok Akane im listening what should have just happened?".

"You just said that Ranma used to be a senshi in another life yes?".

"Yes I did... and?".

"Well if all senshi where girls then you just effectively told Ranma she was always a girl something that I was kind of expecting to get rejected".

"Ok I sort of understand what you mean now. well you and Ranma are subconsciously acting on memory's of your past lives and Ranma's past life was lived as a girl so even if Ranma knows she should be troubled by someone saying she's a girl but without knowing it she isn't bothered because in her mind there is a lifetime of being called that and that there is no real problem with it".

"So your saying that if I went up to Ranma and asked are you a boy or a girl?".

"Then she would probably be hit with conflicting feelings. Akane that's a question that shouldn't be asked untill the memory's come back. or if you would prefer we have a pretty special shampoo here that can restore those memory's for you so you don't have to have any conflicting feelings going on in your life right now either" Akane looked puzzled briefly almost as if judging weather or not someone restoring memory's using shampoo was either possible but after thinking through the fact that she was effectively having this conversation with a talking pig she opted for it makes plenty of sense.

"Will bringing these memory's back do anything to the memory's I have to this life because id rather not lose them?".

"No it will just bring back the old memory's so you don't follow them blindly in a subconscious attempt to remember. Akane I wont force you to do this but I will recommenced it. but be warned this is an entire lifetimes worth of memory's it might be a bit overwhelming to your system you will remember your birth, and your death" well P-chan there where probably better ways of promoting this shampoo but I guessed you lucked out Akane is a bit more willing to witness her own death then most.

"Okay just, let's get some sleep I want a little time to think about it. oh and something tells me this probably wont go down as smoothly with Ranma." there it was again Akane was sticking completely to her current character that was nothing like the character that she grew up with. the deadpan response and dry wit as well as the earlier hysterics just didn't suit the much-loved uncute tomboy it left P-chan and shampoo reminiscing or was it an unwelcome feeling of déjà vu.

Either way as this was going on Ranma had spent a solid 5 minutes staring into her reflection in the water of the furo rather uncharacteristically pondering the recent events and just what they mean after a while spent doing this Ranma had seemingly come to a decision on one thing "well Ranma Saotome goodbye its gonna be a while before i can see you again Ranko needs to be out for a little while." "welcome to my new life *splash* nya" roughly translated it totally sucks.

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