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Throughout the week, Sebastian had been running into Claude often enough to strike up a little conversation and a discussion about plans for each other's art project. He never thought that he would be getting along so well with someone he had just met not long ago. Well, he did notice him every now and then when he discovered the back of his head.

Sebastian was coming out of his last class and headed straight to the bus stop, dying to jump into his warm bed when he arrived home. He was exhausted - long hours of thinking of how to write his proposal for the major art project, tiring lectures of studying old journal papers and the never ending pestering of that damn Grell. It seemed that his life had fallen into some strenuous routine, which he kind of predicted it to be when he signed himself up for college. But when he met Claude, it seems as if everything he was working hard for was starting to grant him some peace. To have someone he can be with and not come to an empty house after a boring long day. He had something to look forward to now.

When Sebastian made it to the bus stop, he didn't expect Claude to be there too.


Said young man turned his head towards him.

"Oh, hi Sebastian."

"I didn't know you catch the bus too."

"Actually I'm on my way to an old bookstore, and I was told that the next bus would take me there."

Well, Sebastian could always skip his longing urge to sleep the afternoon away to hang out with Claude. Plus, the bookstore was on the way to his apartment.

"Mind if I join you?"

"Not at all." Claude smiled.

At the bookstore, Claude was looking for a few old classic fairy tale novels and a few books about history. Sebastian was looking over Claude's shoulder as he flipped through a particularly large book.

"So what are you looking for?"

"I'm looking for some inspiration for my artwork. Now that I know that you will be my model, I want to find some sort of mythical or majestic being that will represent both the message and yourself clearly."

At this little explanation, Sebastian smirked.

"Ahh, so that's how you see me ey?"

Claude coughed awkwardly. "N-No, not at all. I simply just want to find a theme that will suit you, that's all."

Sebastian would've teased him about it more but decided to drop it and browsed through the books in the nearest shelf.

Claude adjusted his glasses as he continued to stare at the book in front of him.

"What about you, Sebastian? Have you thought about what you are going to do?"

Actually, Sebastian had been sketching Claude in many forms that represented his beauty through his eyes. Meeting up with Claude a few times in the past had Sebastian memorise each lovely and elegant feature on the young man's face and his imagination took hold of him and he began to draw many detailed sketches of Claude. But honestly, Sebastian didn't really want to say the whole truth.

"Yes I have, in fact I have a few sketches I've done to help plan out my work." Sebastian said as he flipped through a random book he picked, trying to look distracted.

"Well, I'd like to see them then. Considering I'm your subject."

Sebastian gulped quietly. He had a slight feeling that some of the sketches he had might make Claude feel uncomfortable. Oh well, no use to assume unless you find out. Sebastian snickered inwardly.

Claude tapped on his shoulder lightly. "Well, I've got my selection of books. Let's head out."


After paying for the books and heading out of the store, "Say Claude, would you care for a coffee at my place? I don't live very far away from here, and the next bus doesn't get here until half an hour later."

"Okay. Maybe then, you can show me what you've been working on?"


Sebastian unlocked his apartment door, letting them into his usually neat and tidy room.

"Nice place. I can see that you can manage to keep a tidy room by yourself."

"What, did you expect me to be a messy person?" Sebastian pouted teasingly.

"No, just lazy."

"Oh dear! I'm wounded, Claude!"

"I was joking, Sebastian." Claude chuckled lightly.

"It was a bad joke then." Sebastian laughed along with him. Lately, he had been taking Claude's attempts at being either funny or sarcastic as flirting. Mainly because Sebastian always smirked back at Claude and he would get flustered. This guy was easy to embarrass.

Make yourself at home, I'll go make us some coffee."

Cradling warm mugs, they sat on the sofa chatting on about a bunch of subjects that came to mind.

"I've known him for a long time and I know for sure that any guy with a nice ass and a dark personality will grab his attention."

Claude laughed as Sebastian complained about Grell once again.

"And I hate that because I happen to be that guy."

"Well, I don't blame him though. I mean you are...quite a looker." Claude sipped on his coffee.

Sebastian's eyebrow rose but his smirk returned. "Is that so? Hmm, I'm rather flattered Claude. Never thought you would give me such a compliment considering those were practically my first words to you from the beginning."

Claude was about to change the subject as he was getting a little embarrassed until Sebastian asked him something.

" you have any...sexual preference?"

Claude almost spat out his coffee, instead he just choked. "W-What exactly brought that up?!"

Oh Sebastian was being such a cheeky bastard making him all flustered again.

"I was just wondering. Since you are able to tell if a man is attractive, it got my curious if you liked one or the other."

"One or the other?"

"Men or women."

Claude didn't feel right to tell him he was gay, but he knew Sebastian for a little while now. So where's the harm in being honest with a friend?

Sebastian leaned closer, trying to pry the answer out of him without words. Claude was suspecting if Sebastian was doing this to annoy him or to seriously mess around with him.


Sebastian's smirk turned into an interested grin. "Really?"

"Yes, I did not want to originally say that I'm gay but I guess that there was no use in keeping it from you." Claude explained as he stared into the caramel brown liquid in his mug.

Sebastian's eyes softened. "Well, I'm not one to judge, you should know that. But I'm happy you told me though."

Claude's eyes met Sebastian's.

"Because I'm gay too."

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