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Chapter 6

August 28th, 2012

Ennis and Jack were spending their day off relaxing in the park and enjoying the sunshine. They hadn't heard anything from Lureen yet and Ennis didn't have his test results, so there wasn't much else for them to do but wait. Neither of them particularly liked this, but they had no choice.

There were other couples in the park, some of them of the same sex, and a lot of people were lying on large beach towels on the grass near a fountain. Ennis and Jack were doing the same thing, soaking up the sun and enjoying the picnic they'd brought with them.

Jack stretched and sat up, removing his sunglasses. "Sure is a nice day, huh?" There were a lot of people here but it wasn't too noisy.

"Yep," Ennis agreed, not opening his eyes. "Hey...come back here..." Jack grinned and ay back down, allowing Ennis to drape an arm around his shoulders. Ennis kissed his forehead. "Imagine us bringing a kid here...they could go in the play area one day and we could help them until they're big enough to do it themselves. And we could buy them ice cream and watch them splash about in the fountain...that'd be great, wouldn't it?"

Jack smiled at the thought, images building up in his head. Some part of him had always wanted to be a father, and now he would be. "It really would...we'll be parents, Ennis. One way or another...we'll do it. And I can't wait."

Ennis opened his eyes, looking over at Jack. "Me neither...just think about everything we've got to look forward to. We're really gonna do this, Jack."

"Hope everything's gonna be okay with the tests," Jack said, chewing his lip. "I know we keep talking about that, but I can't help it."

"Shh..." Ennis soothed, rubbing the back of his head. "Don't think on it, bud. Let's just try and enjoy today, okay?"

Just then, Ennis's phone rang and he went to answer it. "Hello?"

"Mr Del Mar? This is Dr Newall from the HIV clinic. Your test results are in if you would like to know them."

Ennis sat up, his heart beating quickly. "Oh, okay. Well...?" He knew that Jack was looking at him, wondering what was going on and if it was something bad.

"You're negative, Mr Del Mar. Absolutely fine," the doctor told him, and he breathed a sigh of relief. That was one obstacle out of the way.

"Okay...thank you very much." He hung up and turned to Jack. "That was the HIV clinic; I'm negative."

Jack grinned widely. "Oh, baby...that's great!" He hugged Ennis tightly, feeling relieved himself that Ennis hadn't been infected, and not only for their current plans. When they pulled apart he kissed Ennis full on the mouth, his heart lifting. "Okay, now we need to hear from Lureen and then you should have your own fertility test, right?"

"Yep, looks like that." Ennis sighed. "Sure am glad that's out of the way now..." He smiled. "But even if I were positive and we couldn't have a baby this wouldn't matter in the long run. We would try and adopt, and I would sure as hell still love you."

Jack smiled softly at him, nuzzling their noses together. "I know, Ennis...I really do. Gotta say...I'm relieved about it. Don't know what I would've done if you'd been positive. Doesn't bear thinking about."

Ennis was about to reply but then Jack's phone buzzed. "Wonder if that's Lureen?" he asked, and Jack picked it up. Sure enough, it was a message from her.

"It is," he replied, opening the text.

Fertility results back, everything okay and ready.

Jack grinned and showed Ennis the text. "Look at this..." Ennis smiled back.

" now we just need to get me a fertility test. Then...we can start doing this." Jack nodded.

"We sure can, bud. We can book your test soon enough, I reckon. You can call them later."

Ennis nodded and they lay back down again, once more relaxing in the sun. He couldn't believe it; two pieces of good news in a short amount of time and now they were almost ready to get started. He was especially happy about the HIV results; if he had been positive then it would have caused them both so much pain. That was one less thing to worry about now.

After a while, they got up and started walking through the park. It wasn't as busy as normal with it being a weekday, but there were still other people around. They walked along the path where Jack had been attacked and paused. Jack was looking right at the spot where it had happened. He didn't feel any pain, or anything at all. He had long since accepted what had happened to him and it didn't affect him too much anymore. Besides, he had Ennis beside him and his attacker was behind bars; nothing could hurt him now.

"You okay?" Ennis asked, and he nodded. He felt safe with Ennis there, holding his hand and just being there with him. That meant so much to him.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just...strange to be here. Knowing that it happened to me, I...I used to be so scared of being here and you know that. But now...I don't really feel anything. We got married in this park, and that was the happiest day of my life. Can't really feel bad about this place now."

Ennis smiled at him, but then he looked over at the spot. He didn't like to think of Jack being so scared and vulnerable like that, but it was a long time ago and he was okay now. Still, he hoped that Jack's attacker rotted in that prison cell for a long time.

"You're alright now, darlin'," he said softly, squeezing Jack's hand. "He's not gonna hurt you ever again, and nobody else will, either." Jack nodded and allowed Ennis to pull him away gently, leaving behind the memories.

That afternoon, Ennis and Jack went to see their doctor so that they could decide what to do next. They were both very glad that Ennis's HIV results were negative and that Lureen was fertile; now they were almost ready for the next step.

They were sat waiting in John's office, hands linked between them. Ennis was deep in thought, but Jack was feeling restless. He couldn't wait to get started on this and he hoped it wouldn't be too difficult.

"So..." he started, hoping to ease the nerves that he knew Ennis must be feeling. "Maybe Lureen can come back over here soon, once you've had your fertility test. Then who knows...we might have luck on our first try."

Ennis nodded. Yeah, maybe. I'm real nervous, Jack. Don't wanna end up like my folks..." Jack squeezed his fingers.

"You won't, bud. I know that sure as anything else. You'll do just fine." John entered the office and greeted them.

"Well, I hear that the tests went well," he said to them as he sat down. "Ennis, your HIV test was negative and Lureen seems to be okay; that means we're almost ready to start this. You will need to have your own fertility test before we can, though. Just to be certain. But I'm sure everything will be fine."

"So if his test is okay, then what do we do?" Jack asked, anticipation running through him.

"Then...Ennis can start producing sperm and we can attempt to inseminate Lureen. With what you'll be paying her, you initially have three tries to get her pregnant. However, if Lureen agrees to more, then you might have to pay her extra. But hopefully it won't come to that. Most women who do this are successful within the first three tries."

"So he's gotta keep jerking off until we get it right," Jack said thoughtfully, giving Ennis a wicked grin. "I can help him with that," he added, and Ennis rolled his eyes. John chuckled.

"I'm sure you can, Jack. It might actually be a good thing, to make it as...enjoyable as possible. For you to help Ennis, it would help you to feel more involved. That's a very important thing."

Jack nodded, seeing the sense he was making. He did want to help as much as possible, and wanted to be a part of it even though nothing biological was coming from him. "Fair enough. So, three tries. Does she have to be here for the insemination?"

"It's the only way. Sperm doesn't last long outside of the body as it is, even in natural conception. That's why, when a man and a woman have sex, usually only one sperm makes it through to the unfertilised eggs. They have a very short lifespan. So there's no way it could be delivered across the country. She would have to be here for it but then she can fly home as soon as the conception is completed. When she gets close to the third trimester, she would have to come over here until the baby is born; she can't fly past that date."

"Well, she's coming back next week, on the fourth. So maybe if we can get Ennis tested today then we should get the results in time," Jack suggested.

"Absolutely; I think we can do that. Just let me make a call to the clinic and I'll see if I can get him a time slot." John left the room, leaving them alone. Ennis smirked over at Jack.

"You're gonna enjoy helping me, aren't you?" he asked. Jack grinned.

"I sure as hell am. But he was right; it would help me to feel more involved. I do need that, you know." He took Ennis's hand again. "So...we need to sort it out with Lureen. When you jerk off, it won't last long. She needs to be here before we even try, so...maybe she could come straight to our place from the airport, and while we're waiting we can try know." His smile widened. "Then, I dunno...we're gonna need a syringe or something. Could Lureen do it by herself?"

"Don't know...we need to have a woman helping her, I reckon. Maybe we could get a nurse to come out and help her."

With this agreed, Jack went to call Lureen and told her of their plans. She told him that she would let him know as soon as she got a flight, so they could be ready for her arrival. He bumped into John on the way back, who agreed to have a nurse dispatched to the apartment for Lureen's arrival. It was happening very quickly but he'd half-expected that.

He and John returned to the office, where the doctor informed them that Ennis had a fertility test booked in two hours.

"Remember, guys...once Lureen is inseminated there's no going back. You won't be able to change your minds."

They looked at each other, exchanging soft smiles. "We won't be doing that," Jack told him. "Just think...this time next week, Lureen could be pregnant with our baby. That's...scary, but exciting."

"Sure is. And you were right, Jack...I'm not like my parents. I won't go turning into them." Ennis smiled at him, very grateful for the support. Jack kissed his hand.

"I'll make sure you don't," he replied sincerely. " we've got a couple of hours. Are we done here?" he asked John, who nodded.

"Yes, for now. Let me know how the results are when you get them, and we'll go from there. When Lureen has her flight and you know what time she'll be at your apartment, let me know and I'll have a nurse ready to help her."

They thanked him and left the office, deciding to go for a walk before heading for the clinic. They returned to the park and talked about the events of the next few days. All they had to do was this one test, and then they could move forward to the most important part.

September 4th, 2012

The following Tuesday, Ennis and Jack were at home. Lureen's flight would be landing in about an hour and the nurse was ready to be called out as soon as they needed her, so now they had to actually produce the sperm. Ennis's fertility results were fine, so now they could continue.

As Jack had said, he was very much looking forward to helping Ennis with this. They were lying on their bed fully clothed, kissing softly; they both wanted to savour this moment; it would change everything in their lives if Lureen got pregnant and they both knew it. There was a plastic cup with a lid on Ennis's bedside table, ready for what they produced.

Jack lowered his head and kissed Ennis's neck. " kissing you..." Ennis had his eyes closed, enjoying the attention. They had decided that Jack would simply jerk Ennis off to do this; he needed to keep a clear head so that they could do this properly and he was sure that Ennis would pay him back later.

"Love it when you kiss me," Ennis replied, grinning. Their lips met again and Jack's hand went wandering, roaming over Ennis's chest. With expert skill, he undid the shirt buttons with one hand and caressed the strong muscles he found, nuzzling Ennis's neck.

"Just think...we're making a baby," he murmured, the thought running through his head. "Amazing, huh?"

"Sure is," Ennis agreed, feeling himself harden at what Jack was doing to him. "Just glad you can help with it, even if you can't carry our kid."

Jack kissed his jaw and started rubbing his lower stomach. "I know...but it's still a damn good thing to do." He broke away and looked into Ennis's eyes, quickly undoing Ennis's jeans and slipping a hand inside. "Look what I found..."

"Yep, you found it..." Ennis bucked when he felt Jack's warm hand surround him, groaning slightly. "Push my jeans down...don't wanna make a mess..." Jack did as he was asked and felt himself growing hard.

" a problem here. How can we...? I've gotta make sure you get it into the cup..."

Ennis thought for a moment. "Put a pair of rubbers on us...jerk me off into one and we'll put it in the cup later. Then you can still get off and don't have to worry about it." Jack nodded and did so, putting the condoms on them both and resuming his kissing of Ennis's jaw. "God, I love you..."

"I love you much," Jack whispered, taking hold of Ennis once more and moving his hand up and down. "Baby...come for me..."

Ennis groaned, trembling under Jack's touch. "Jack..." Part of him wished that they could have full sex and still do this, but that would have to wait until later. Right now, they had a job to do but were still finding it enjoyable. "Oh God..."

Jack kept his hand moving, picking up the pace. With his free hand, he was jerking himself off at the same time; there was no way he could watch Ennis like this without being affected himself. Ennis gave a strangled yell and climaxed, accidentally head-butting Jack as he did so. Jack had already come by then and was just catching his breath when he felt the pain in his forehead, falling to his side of the bed.

Ennis quickly grabbed the cup and managed to make the transfer from the condom, glad that they had achieved what they had wanted. He looked over at Jack, who was clearly dazed. Ennis bit back a grin and removed the rubber from him, cleaning them both up and then leaning over his partner. "Jack?"

He lightly slapped Jack's face to help him focus. Jack blinked. "What happened?" he asked as he sat up. Ennis took his hand.

"Looks like I head-butted you when I came...your face was too close to mine. Sure am sorry, darlin'..." he said apologetically. Jack started laughing.

"I said come for me, not give me head," he quipped, and Ennis joined his laughter. He kissed Jack's forehead gently, seeing the red mark there. "Don't worry about it, bud. Did you get it into the cup?"

Ennis took the cup and held it in front of Jack. "It's right there. How long until Lureen gets here?" Jack was about to answer when his phone buzzed; it was Lureen.

Just got off plane, be there in about half an hour. Jack grinned.

"She'll be here in half an hour. We should call John about getting the nurse here." He grinned breathlessly. "Just think...she could get pregnant today..."

"I know," Ennis replied, pulling Jack close to him and nuzzling their faces together. "It's really scary,'ll be great too. And even though you're not related to the kid, you'll still be every bit its father as me, okay? Hope you know that."

Jack relaxed in Ennis's arms, the pain in his forehead lessening. "I do, Ennis. We're gonna be parents, all three of us. The kid will need its mother, and Lureen would still have the right to be there for the baby. It's not fair otherwise. Especially if it's a girl...talking about periods and stuff...we can't really do that."

"Bet we could teach her all about guys, though," Ennis replied, grinning. "Unless she turns out like us, you know?"

"Yeah, maybe," Jack agreed, nodding against Ennis's chest. "She could be, you never know. People might say...that we corrupted her or something, making her think that she's gay as well. But we know that it's completely a random thing; just the way someone's born."

"Sure is. Everything that gay people go through, even these days...nobody would choose to be that way, I reckon. I love you, Jack...and I don't regret any of this, but...I still wouldn't have chosen to be gay. Hope you know what I mean..."

Jack kissed his chest. "I really do, baby. I wouldn't choose it either, but I'm glad that we're gay. We wouldn't be together otherwise and I might not be as happy as I am."

"Me neither, darlin'."

Sure enough, Lureen arrived at the apartment half an hour later. She was extremely nervous about getting pregnant, but she knew that Ennis and Jack would take care of her as long as she needed them to. She was just happy that she could help them to have a family, and hoped that it all worked out.

When she knocked on the door of the apartment, Jack opened it and she immediately saw the red mark on his forehead. "What happened to you?"

"He head-butted me when we were trying to get his sperm in the cup," Jack replied, grinning slightly. She raised her eyebrows.

"Well, whatever works for you. Didn't realise you liked it so rough, Jack," she told him, smirking. He rolled his eyes.

"It was an accident. My face was too close to his, and he couldn't help it. But we managed to get some in the cup, so we're ready for you."

"Is the nurse here?" Lureen asked as she entered the apartment. Jack nodded.

"She's just using the bathroom." Ennis was in the kitchen, and he smiled at Lureen when he saw her.

"Hey," he called to her, and she hugged him tightly. She would always be grateful for how much he took care of Jack and how good he was to him.

"Good to be back. I'm nervous, but looking forward to it," she admitted, and Ennis nodded.

"That makes three of us. You want something to eat or drink?" he offered, and she opted for water; she could be about to get pregnant and didn't want to risk coffee. She sat down with Jack while they waited, and she could tell just how nervous he was.

"You okay?" she asked, and he nodded.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just...all this is kind of nerve-wracking. We're gonna be parents...and even if you don't get pregnant today it could still happen another day. Hope it happens in those three tries we've got."

Lureen touched his shoulder. "Jack, I'm prepared to do this however many times it takes. I know there's the money issue if you have to pay me more, but I'm not going to just give up on you guys. Alright?" He nodded gratefully and took Ennis's hand when he came over. Ennis kissed his cheek.

"It'll be fine, bud." The nurse, who was named Claire, came out of the bathroom and was introduced to Lureen; they figured it would be the best solution to have a nurse help Lureen with the insemination; neither Ennis nor Jack felt comfortable about doing that themselves.

"So, are we ready?" Claire asked, looking around at them all. They nodded and Lureen stood up. She was holding the cup in her hand and eyeing it warily. At first, she had felt strange about having a child with her best friend, and the husband of her other best friend, but the circumstances were such that there was no real problem with it. It wasn't as if they had to conceive the natural way; neither of them would have gone down that road.

Lureen went into the bathroom with the nurse, leaving Ennis and Jack alone. Ennis leaned in and Jack met his lips, enjoying the warmth that ran through him every time they kissed. "We could have a baby soon," he whispered when they broke apart. Ennis nuzzled his nose.

"We sure could...can't believe it. You ready to be a dad?" he asked, and Jack nodded.

"Ready as I'll ever be, I reckon. Been thinking about my dad the past few days...wish he could be here to be part of all this, like my mom." His eyes lowered and Ennis cupped his cheek.

"I know, darlin'. I'm sure that he's proud of you, for everything you've done."

"Thing is...he's gone. But before he died we managed to make up. Your folks are still alive but you won't talk to each other. What if something happens to one of them and you didn't make up? You sure you don't wanna try talking to them?" Jack asked, looking up into his eyes. Ennis didn't know what to say.

"I don't know...I still can't forgive them for the way they treated you. It's not easy when I think about them insulting you the way they did."

"I just don't want you to regret it," Jack murmured, holding Ennis's hand tightly. "I don't wanna see you going through that, ever. I would have if I hadn't made the effort with my dad."

"He was willing to talk to you," Ennis reminded him. "I don't think they'll talk to me unless I leave I guess we're never talking."

Jack knew it was a lost cause; there was too much bad blood between Ennis and his parents and there was nothing they could do about that.

Ten minutes later, Lureen and Claire emerged from the bathroom to find them embracing on the sofa, and Lureen cleared her throat. "Sorry to interrupt you guys...but it's done."

They looked over at her and disentangled themselves, standing up. Jack was grinning. " we've just gotta wait?"

"That's right," Claire replied, nodding. "In these circumstances it could take a while. And Lureen...when you do take a test don't be disheartened if it says you're not pregnant. For one thing, it might take longer than you think and for another, you've got two more tries."

"Okay," she replied, running a hand over her stomach thoughtfully. Jack smiled at her.

"Well, um...thank you for helping us," he said to Claire, shaking her hand. Lureen and Ennis followed suit and she left. Jack sighed.

"Right, guys wanna do anything or...?" he asked, looking at them. Lureen shrugged.

"I just feel like watching TV and relaxing now. Probably a good thing." He nodded and resumed his place next to Ennis, switching the TV on. Ennis's hand found his and held on, squeezing gently and bringing a smile to his face. They could have a baby soon and he couldn't believe how lucky he was.

That night, Ennis and Jack were kissing in bed and yearning to connect with one another. They were very happy that things were starting to happen for them now and they wanted to show each other just how much. There was no better way as far as they knew; this was everything they needed.

Lureen was sleeping in the next room and they were trying to keep their voices down, but it was hard when all they wanted to do was scream each other's name in ecstasy and show the world how much they loved each other.

"Oh God," Jack breathed, rubbing his hips against Ennis's. He so wanted to be inside Ennis right now; there was no other way when he felt like this. "Ennis...God I love you..."

"Me too," Ennis groaned, who was yearning for Jack to fill him up and fuck him senseless. He needed to have Jack inside him. "Jack...fuck..."

"Ennis...wanna be inside you...wanna fuck you so hard you won't walk properly for a week," Jack whispered in his ear. Ennis grew even harder.

"Fuck me," he murmured back, happy that Jack wanted the same thing. "Jack...need you...right there..." He held Jack's hand and guided it to his entrance, indicating what he wanted. "Fuck me..."

Jack kissed him hard, grabbing his hands and pinning them above his head. He did love being in control now and then, knowing that even though Ennis was at his mercy, there was always the trust between them. Ennis knew he could let go and be vulnerable because Jack would take care of him.

When Ennis was about to plead with Jack to enter him, Jack grabbed a condom and put it on; they only needed one when he was on top because Ennis didn't have the virus. He smoothed the lube over himself and then spread Ennis's legs further apart, loving how all of this was for him; he knew what it meant for Ennis to give himself over like this and would always be humbled by that.

Ennis's eyes fell shut when he felt Jack pushing in, groaning slightly at the pain that always came first. Jack knew to take it slowly and allow him to get used to it, and soon enough he was sliding all the way in. He looked down into Ennis's face as their bodies connected, tightly pressed together. "Feel good?" he whispered, and Ennis opened his eyes.

"Always does," he replied, allowing Jack to hold his hands above his head. Jack was taking the advantage and he loved it; sometimes he needed to be the one who was taken care of and there was nobody else he trusted like this. "Jack...come on..."

Jack lowered his head and started thrusting, pushing in deep every time and nuzzling his lover's neck as he did so. "'re beautiful," he whispered. Ennis tried to shake his head but could barely move when Jack was making him feel so good.

"Never thought that about myself...only about you," he choked out, letting his head fall to the side. Jack kissed his skin as he moved faster, knowing exactly how to make it good for both of them.

"You are, baby. Most beautiful thing I've ever seen...especially when we're doing this. Feeling good?"

"Yeah..." Ennis squeezed Jack's fingers tightly as he felt his orgasm loom closer. Jack knew exactly what he liked and how to move to make it the best he could. He groaned when he felt Jack's warm hand on him, teasing out beads of pre-come and continuing to kiss his neck and jaw.

"Come on, baby...come for me..." he whispered in Ennis's ear. Ennis was straining for release, needing to come as it built up inside him. He was painfully hard by now and was close to yelling out with frustration.

"Oh God!" he cried out, muscles clamping as he finally climaxed. Jack felt sticky fluid hit his chest and he grinned breathlessly, now moving relentlessly and thrusting into Ennis quickly.

Then something happened that neither of them was aware of. Just before Jack came, the condom split without either of them noticing in their haze of lust. He kept moving without realising the danger, and Ennis kept spurring him on until he was finally there.

His eyes flew open when he realised that Jack was coming inside him, which wasn't supposed to happen. He heard Jack whispering to himself, probably a few curse words as he too realised what was happening, but he couldn't stop himself.

Jack collapsed on top of him, shaking all over with fear. They hadn't realised that the condom had split, probably from the sheer force of his thrusts, and now it was too late. He might have infected Ennis now.

They didn't speak for several moments, until Ennis decided they needed to say something. "Jack? Did you...?"

"The condom broke," came a fearful whisper in his ear. "I didn't even realise...I came inside you and know the risks of that."

Ennis felt Jack pulling out of him and they looked down; it had definitely split open. "Shit..." Ennis looked up at Jack. They both remembered the first time this had happened; it had led to their brief break-up. But the second time had been relatively okay for them; they had soon gotten over that for Ennis hadn't been infected. But now...they were both scared. "Jack, look at me."

Jack did so, pain in his eyes. "I'm sorry...what if I...?" Ennis cupped his cheeks.

"It's okay, darlin'. It was an accident. These things happen...don't go panicking, okay? I'll take a test tomorrow, I promise. Before we try again with Lureen. Jack, come on..."

Jack gulped and removed the condom, lying down next to Ennis and allowing himself to be held. "If you're...positive...I'm so sorry..." Ennis held him close, feeling scared himself but knowing that Jack was terrified of what he might have done.

"'s okay. Get some sleep; we'll figure this out tomorrow." Jack nodded but remained awake for a while, petrified of what was going to happen now.