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Allen Walker was packing his things as quietly as he could. The white hair sparkled in the moonlight that came through the half closed curtains as he collected the few things he owned. His heart was beating loudly in his ears, deafening him and his grey eyes were filled with fear. Even though his breath was rapid and he was shaking but couldn't let it bother him. He had to get out!

He walked through a narrow and dark corridor as quietly as he could, startled at every creak the floor made. When he went past Tyki Mikk's door, he slowed down and held his breath, carefully avoiding any sounds. Luckily he managed to keep himself quiet and the person behind the wooden door didn't wake up. When he finally was on the front door, he let out a relieved breath and turned the handle.

"Where do you think you're going?" a chilling voice came behind him and he froze, his heart beating so fast he thought it would stop. "Well, answer me!"

Allen turned around and looked at his owner's angry filled eyes. Allen felt so small watching the tall and muscular man that had made him experience so much pain but decided that he couldn't let his fear show.

"I'm going out, and I will NEVER come back", Allen said calmly and looked at the yellow eyes.

"You really think you can leave this place? You do know what happened to misbehaving pets, right?" Tyki smiled, but not a happy smile. That smile made cold sweat run down Allen's spine and he shuddered.

"I-it doesn't matter. I'm leaving", Allen said, still trying to keep his voice steady.

"Oh, I think you're not, boy", Tyki said and grabbed Allen's hand. Usually Allen would have screamed and fought back, but now he just stood there, calmly looking at the man with determined eyes.

"I don't want to hurt you, but I will if you don't let me go", the white-haired boy said, staring directly on the man's eyes. Tyki just laughed and pulled the boy back, but Allen wasn't letting his plan go to waste. He took a kitchen knife out of his pocket, that he had luckily picked up earlier, and slashed at Tyki's fingers. The dark-haired man let out a surprised yelp and let the hand go. Allen took the opportunity and ran out of the house.

"Allen! Come back here at once!" Tyki yelled and started to chase after him. The boy knew Tyki was much faster than him and could catch him easily. Still he didn't give up and tried to go through the smallest places so that Tyki would not have been able to follow him. The boy hadn't moved much for over a month and was now feeling the after effects. He ran as far as he could, trying to ignore the burning sensation in his lungs and muscles but soon had to give in. He hid behind a large bush and tried to steady his breathing. He listened if the other man was near him but could only hear the wind blowing the leaves and the motorway on the other side of the forest. Occasionally some people walked past him, laughing or fighting, and he feared to come out of his hiding place, not knowing if it was some of Tyki's tricks too.

When he hadn't heard anything for a while, he took a guarded peek behind the bush and saw nobody. He threw a rock to the other side of the road and held his breath, waiting for something sudden to happen. When everything stayed calm, he carefully rose back to his feet and sneaked away.

"HA! GOT YOU!" Tyki yelled and grabbed Allen's throat with his bleeding hand. "I told you, you can't run." Where had the man come from?!

They fought for a while, Allen scraping the bleeding hand and trying to stay on his feet but eventually Tyki's large form had him pinned down. The grip around his throat tightened and Allen struggled to breathe, the black spots appearing to his eyes. He fought against the blackness but felt his muscles coming heaver and heard Tyki's laughter loudening. Fuck! He didn't want to go back! Not ever!

"Looks like I have to remind you about what happens when you try to escape", Tyki said and put his hand on the boy's chest. Allen flinched and got more power to fight against the man by thinking every moment he had been too weak to fight against him and had felt the disqusting consequences.

"..n..o.." Allen gasped for air and Tyki laughed his blood freezing laughter.

"You think you can say anything to me? I own you."

Allen saw Tyki's hand going to his crotch and heard the belt unbuckling. The man pulled his jeans down before pulling the poor boy's pants down. The cold air his Allens bottom and he flinched and tried to escape but the grip around his throat was too strong. When Tyki leaned over him, face just an inch away, Allen stilled, looking deeply to those sadistic eyes that were full with amusement. Tyki sure loved to see Allen in pain.

Finally Tyki let go of Allen's throat and he gasped and coughed for air, tears burning in his eyes as his lounges were filled with cold air. Sadly the relief didn't last long for with long and hard thrust Tyki was inside him, pounding on the small boy who tried to muffle his screams and keep the tears back. The same action had happened to many times before but this time it felt more heartbreaking. He had been out already, almost away from Tyki and now this was happening again. He let out a pained cry, caused by the physical and emotional pain, his heart clenching for his failed attempt.

Tyki on the other hand got rougher after every cry and scream, laughing harder and harder when the boy writhed in pain. Allen could feel his entrance tearing and the blood trickling out of the wounds. And Tyki just laughed. He laughed so loudly it filled Allen's mind completely, making him sure he could never be able to leave again.

"Oi, what are you doing?" came an unknown voice somewhere near them and Allen felt Tyki stop his movements for a while. The tall man turned his gaze to a just about as tall figure standing a few feet apart from them, the long hair swinging from the faint draft.

"What does it look like?" Tyki said and angrily stared at the man while touching all over Allen's body, making sure the other got the hint. "Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to continue."

He looked away of him and started to move again, Allen letting out a pained groan, too tired to fight back anymore. What was the point anymore? It was not like this would stop anytime soon. Even the stranger could see he was nothing but a whore, not worth to worry over.

Suddenly Tyki was roughly pulled away and thrown against the tree, the man pushing him so hard the branches cracked and tell down. Their eyes battled for a while, and Allen could swear he saw the stranger's body glow in the moonlight. Somehow the picture was beautiful it made tears to appear in Allen's eyes, he didn't know what made the situation so emotional. Maybe it was the fact that someone was defending him or Tyki's eyes that were a bit surprised, a feeling Allen had never seen. Whatever it was, he didn't want to forget it, ever.

"Get your filthy hands off of him", the longhaired man said and pushed Tyki hard, making him cough when he air left his lounges. The look on the man's eyes was somewhat scary and Tyki decided he wouldn't want to fight the man. At least not now.

"Fine", he said and felt the grip loosening. "I'll leave him be, for now."

"Don't ever go near him again", the man said angrily and Tyki just smiled. Finally the man let him go and watched as the tall guy went near a half-conscious boy and said something to him. The boy stiffed and looked terrified as the tall man walked away.

"Oi, are you okay?" longhaired man said and bent over the small body. Allen looked at him with empty eyes, too tired to answer or fight back. He was at the man's mercy, it was his decision whether he wanted to save him or do something else to him. He was sure that anything would be better than staying with Tyki.

"Oi, can you hear me?" the man said loudly and gently shook the boy's shoulders. The white-haired boy sighed and then fell into darkness, feeling the warmth of those strong hands taking over his whole body, making him feel safe for the first time in five years.

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