Chapter 8

Kanda sat next to the hospital bed, holding Allen's hand. The police had come to take some pictures of the unconscious boy and told that the evidence was valid enough to put Tyki behind bars for the rest of his life. It all was good, but felt like nothing because the boy didn't wake up.

Leo had visited Allen many times past the few days. Apparently he was okay, only small bruises on his abdomen. It also turned out that Leo was kidnapped from his parents from a shopping mall and soon got back to his parents. All of them wanted to thank Allen, but weren't able since the boy was still under anesthesia. The doctors had actually once woken the boy up but decided that it was better to keep him in a slight coma for the time being. They said that the pain was too much to handle for the weak boy.

Kanda didn't care about that; he just wanted to see the boy smile again. Kanda placed a small kiss to the boy's forehead and went to sleep to the couch that the nurses had brought him after he refused to leave.

Kanda watched at the boy's pale face and prayed that he would soon wake up.

After four weeks the doctor finally decided that it was okay to let the boy wake up. Kanda sat next to the boy's bed and held his hand, feeling the steady pulse under his palm. The doctor gave him an injection and looked at the boy's eyes with flashlight.

"He should wake up within one hour", he said and turned to Kanda. "When he wakes up, push that red button and I'll come right away."

Kanda nodded at the doctor and stared at the boy.

After forty minutes nothing had happened and Kanda was starting to lose his composure. What if the boy never woke up again? What if he had become a vegetable and was forced to life with the machine for the rest of his life.

Kanda felt a wave of despair lush over him and he closed his eyes, gripping the boy's hand tighter. He felt the tears starting to dripped from his eyes and just kept praying that the boy would wake up.

"Hasn't he woken up yet", the doctor said as he returned to the room. Kanda just shook his head. "We're very sorry. Sometimes when people are put to a slight coma, they become comatose. Waking up can take a few days or years, but of course, the longer he is unconscious, the weaker the expectations are."

"Can't you do anything for him?" Kanda asked angrily. Weren't doctors supposed to help people?

"I'm very sorry. We have already done anything we could", the doctor said and Kanda jumped to his throat.

"You're a fucking doctor! Your job is to save people! How can you just give up!" the man yelled as he kept hitting the doctor against the wall. The old man seamed to understand the situation and didn't freak out. When Kanda was done with his burst, the doctor grabbed his hand, trying to comfort the crying man.

"…d..a", came a weak voice from the bed and they both froze, looking at the boy on the bed. Kanda walked like the air was made out of glue and dropped to his knees next to the bed. Had he heard wrong?

"K…da", the boy said a bit louder and opened his eyes. Kanda watched at the boy's glassy eyes and took a hold of the boy's hand. Somehow he suddenly looked so fragile.

"Kanda?" Allen asked and his eyes rolled, trying to look for the man.

"I'm here", Kanda whispered and gripped the boy's hand a bit tighter. He was afraid of letting out a strong sound, like if he spoke too loudly the boy would brake to pieces. He pushed a strand of hair behind Allen's ear and smiled to the boy, tears leaking from his eyes. "You're in the hospital."

"… Leo?" Allen asked and looked around.

"Leo is fine. You saved his life", Kanda said and kissed the boy's arm.

"I'm glad", Allen said and smiled.

"I'm sorry, but I have to examine him now", the doctor said and came next to Kanda. Kanda let go of the hand for a moment but never let his gaze leave the boy's face. When the doctor left the room, Kanda rushed to the boy and placed a longing kiss on the boy's cracked lips.

"I'm so glad you are alive. For a moment I thought I had lost you", Kanda said, the tears falling nonstop from his eyes while he hugged the boy.

Allen grabbed his weak hand around Kanda's back and smiled gently. "Luckily I didn't."

They kissed again, knowing that their long life together had gotten a new start.

Two years later

"He's so cute!" Allen smiled as he watched at the small creature on Lenalee's arms. They were on the hospital again, visiting Lenalee and Lavi. "He looks just like Lavi."

"I hope he doesn't inherit his intelligence", Kanda said and Lavi pouted at him.

"I am smart!" Lavi said with confidence in his voice.

"You sure hide it very well", Kanda said and smirked a bit.

"I'm sure he will be a smart boy", Allen said and gently patted the baby's cheek. "Have you thought about the name yet?"

"We have some disagreements about it, but I think I'll win eventually", Lenalee said and kissed at the baby's forehead. The boy kept sleeping happily, not knowing what was happening around him.

"I'm so happy for you", Allen said and hugged Lenalee tightly. "I'm sorry we can't be here any longer."

"We'll come and visit you when we get out of here", Lenalee said and waved to the men. Allen looked the last time at the small boy and left.

"I hate hospitals", Kanda said as they reached their new home. They had decided to move two months ago, but the living room was still full of cardboard boxes waiting to be placed somewhere.

"How come?" Allen asked as he opened the fridge door. Kanda closed it before the boy could take anything from there and hugged him from behind.

"I always recall the time you were wrapped with bandages. I felt so helpless then", Kanda said and placed a small kiss on the boy's neck.

"I'm sorry you had to go there again", Allen said and turned around so that he could wrap his arms around the man's neck. "Can I make it up to you somehow?" He said and brushed his nose along the man's sensitive neck. Kanda grunted a little and pulled the boy's body closer.

"Mmh, what did you have in mind?" Kanda said and started to nibble the boy's neck while he opened his buttons.

"Oh, I guess you took the hint", Allen said and suddenly pulled himself away with a smirk. "But we're going to the bedroom."

"If you insist", Kanda said and pulled the boy to his lap. Allen wrapped his legs around Kanda's waist and kissed the man deeply. Kanda took the boy to their bedroom and placed the boy on the bed never breaking the kiss.

Kanda took the boy's shirt off and licked his chest. Allen moaned and grabbed Kanda's hair. Kanda licked Allen's nipples, earning a wonderful moan from the boy's lips. When Kanda started to lower his kisses, Allen stopped his movements and flipped the man under him.

"Let me do it today", Allen said and kissed dominantly Kanda, who let the boy do what he wanted. Allen took Kanda's shirt off and caressed the man's bare chest. Kanda moaned quietly when Allen kissed his erect nipple. Allen smiled to the man's chest and went lower to the man's crotch. He kissed the hardening member through the clothes and Kanda tried to push his hips closer to the other's mouth.

Allen unbuckled the belt painfully slow and pulled the pants off, letting Kanda want more. He caressed the man's member through his boxers and kissed Kanda again. Kanda tried to wrap his arms around the boy, but he pinned them over the man's body.

"No touching", Allen said between kisses and smiled to the man's lips. Allen took his own pants down and started to stroke his own member in front of Kanda. The man swallowed and watched as the boy moved his hips in the same rhythm with his strokes. Kanda moved his hands, wanting to touch the boy, when Allen grabbed his hands and placed them back to the mattress.

"You want something?" Allen whispered to the man's ear while he rubbed his hard member against Kanda's stomach. Kanda tried to buck his hips up, wanting to be inside the boy.

Allen took the hint and tugged the man's boxers down. He grabbed the hard member and smiled when Kanda closed his eyes. Allen made sure he licked all over the member before he took it to his mouth, slickening it with his saliva.

"Gh, Allen", Kanda said and bucked his hips upwards when Allen let go. "Let me inside you already."

"You are so cute", Allen said and kissed the other man, allowing him to taste himself in the boy's mouth.

Allen placed himself over Kanda's lap and gently pushed down. He bit his lips for it hurt a little. After the man was fully inside of him, Allen tried to even out his breathing and adjust to the man's length.

"I love you", Allen said as he started to move a little, moaning when the member brushed against his prostate. Kanda tried to move his hands on the boy's hips, but the boy stopped the movement again.

"Ahh!" Allen moaned when Kanda suddenly thrusted upwards, hard. Tears of pleasure started to leak from Allen's eyes and he sped up, Kanda meeting his movements perfectly. When Allen let out another loud moan, Kanda's resistance snapped and he pinned the boy's hips, thrusting hard and fast into the boy. Allen collapsed over him, gasping for breath. Kanda decided to turn them around and pinned the boy between his arms. Allen moaned louder, gasping for air when Kanda pounded harder and harder on him.

"K-kanda! I'm com-"

"Oh no you aren't", Kanda said and grabbed the boy's manhood so hard the boy couldn't come. Allen started to shake as he was near his peak, not being able to release.

"K-k..nda!" Allen yelled and wrapped his arms around the man. Kanda grunted and kissed the man's lips, mimicking his thrusts with his tongue earning a muffled moans from the boy.

"I love you so much", Kanda said and kissed the boy again.

"I… ve.. too", Allen said between he's moans and gasps. He was already losing his mind for the pleasure.

"Come for me, Allen", Kanda ordered, releasing the boy's member, letting the long waited release to take over the boy. Allen's back arched beautifully as he screamed and came again and again on their stomach, Kanda releasing just from the voice the boy made. The breathed heavily for a while trying to get back to their thoughts.

"Kanda?" the boy asked and the man grunted. "Are you happy to be with me?"

Kanda rose to his elbows and watched at the boy. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, I'm a guy, so obviously I can't give you any children", the boy said, averting his eyes.

"You seriously think I want children?" Kanda asked and lifted his eyebrow.

"Maybe not right now, but what about somewhere on the future", Allen said and looked guardedly at the other man.

"I think that if I ever feel the urge to pamper somebody, I would be you", Kanda said and placed a warm kiss against Allen's lips. "Besides, I think that little maggot will come and visit us enough for us to get bored with it."

"You really mean that?" Allen asked and Kanda smiled.

"Do you really think I could share you with anybody, beansprout?" Kanda smiled and kissed the boy again. And Allen knew he was being serious. He was all Kanda needed, and Kanda was all he needed. For once, life was just perfect.


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