Chapter 16-

Alice's POV

"Okay, You're turn." Rosalie says giggling like crazy. Okay, what I'm about to say is gonna sound really crazy, but I swear it's true. I've lied about a lot of shit but this isn't one of them...Rosalie Hale...hold on a second I'm not done yet...Rosalie Hale, is in my room. On my bed. With her legs crisis-crossed, looking like a fucking goddess.

I don't blame anyone who doesn't believe this, but I think she'd fine me weird if I snapped a picture of her to prove it true so just take my word for it. Ok? Holy fuck. How is this even possible? I dunno, but I think i deserve a title. Alice The Teenage Dirtbag: Giving hope to all other Teenage Dirtbags out there since yesterday.

I just really hope I'm not imagining this right now. I mean Leah fucking hates me, i could easily be high of some drug I didn't know I took yet right. That would be fucked up, even for Leah.

"Truth." I say. She giggles again and leans forward. Her lips are inches away from mine. My heart starts to pound. Okay, maybe this isn't happening, but I love it. Her kisses are just perfection in a nutshell. I swear she's gonna send me to heaven(Or whatever corny catch phrase you can up with) again but instead she just says:

"Pussy." Then flops back down. Oh fuck. Even her insults sound good.

"Hey! Don't blame me. You're dares are crazy. I'm too young to die." We had been playing truth or dare for a while now. She's dared me to some pretty crazy things. Like for one, Leah is gonna be pissed when she finds peanut butter in her bed, but Rosalie swore she'd protect me so I think I'm safe...ish. I'm not exactly sure how strong my (Not confirmed if imaginary or not) Girlfriend is yet.

"Surre." She teases. "Mmm...lets see. Truth huh? Okay I got one, What's your deepest darkest secret?" I instantly tense up. Fuck, where do I start?

Oh about how fucked up my child hood was? Or maybe that I live with this abusive bitch? Ooo no, I got it, How about that I'm fucking terrified because what the fuck is she doing with me? Out of all the people. Me? Ugh. i'm not about to turn our fun into a sob fest.

Instead I laugh. It's short and a little rough but Rosalie returns it. She jumps back up and pushes me back on my bed to lay on top of me. "Oh my Gawd. Is it funny? Ooo is it kinky? You have to tell me! it's the rules!" She giggles again and looks at me expectantly.

"Well..." I sigh a bit over dramatically, like my life depended on it. "You have to promise not to tell anyone first." She nods holding up her pinky. She does the pinky thing...

SHE FUCKING DOES THE PINKY THING. This is another reason I'm convinced I'm drugged up. Where else but my mind am I going to find someone who does the pinky thing? Can she get anymore perfect?

Leah yelled at me once saying it was childish. Ha. Take that Leah. My super hot girlfriend does it. Speaking of which, I fainted. Lets not talk about that...I've had enough embarrassments this week. Fainting in front of the school just happens to be on top of the list.

I wrap my pinky securely around hers and shake.

"I once interrupted an AA meeting so i could tell them about my addiction to Coke. Coke the soda i mean." I told her quickly. She pauses. Her face goes completely straight. "I did the whole shy girl thing and everything. Squinted my eyes too. I should have scratched my neck and fiddled... Make it seem desperate you know? Point being: they did NOT take me seriously and I was insulted. My addiction is serious you know..."

A large smile grows on her face and she puts her hands over her mouth to laugh. It's still loud, despite her hand covering it. After that she breaks off into a fit of giggles.

"O-o-oh m-m *Giggle* Omg. *giggle* No way. WOW." She rolls over on the bed as a further attempt to muffle her giggles but it only barely works. "That's crazy and ridiculous. Wow. Could you get anymore silly? We so have to try that together sometime!" I blush and shrug.

"I guess so. I mean If i try really nothing is impossible." She giggles again and sits back up right.

"Okay miss coke addiction, my turn." I smile, knowing she'd pick dare already.

"Okay, I dare you to-"

Riiiiing Riiiiiiiiinnnnnnnggggggg. Riiiiiiiiiing.

"That is the most boring ring tone i have ever heard and I don't even have a phone!" I told her. She rolls her eyes, sticks her tongue at me and pulls her phone from her pocket. Instantly she smiles and answers.

Great. Here it comes. That's probably her real girlfriend. They're probably laughing about how much fun it will be when it comes out she's just messing with me. Hell-

"Hey Mom!" And Fuck. I mentally face-palm myself.

I am a jealous tard. Yes, When I die i will walk amongst other jealous tards. Wow, now I really have nothing to look forward to. Then again, this is my life. I wouldn't have anything to look forward to anyways.

"No-no. I'm with Alice..." She looks at me and her smile grows. She talks about me? Was that good? It had to be right? "Yes Mom. That one. ... No, mom I'm sure she doesn't want to- Mom? Mom! Ugh. She hung up on me!" she proclaims throwing her phone to the side. She shakes her head and swings her feet from the side of the bed then stands up. "My mom is a real pain sometimes I swear, look Ally, I hope you don't mind but my Mom really wants to meet you. She, um, invited you over for dinner...only if you want though."

Well fuck. How far gone am I? First this super hot chick wants me then I'm going over her house to meet her Mother...Wow. I need to go get checked out...put in a mental hospital maybe.

"S-sure.." I stutter out. I am an idiot. She grins and pulls on her sneakers over her feet.

"Great. Don't worry though, My mom is nice. I already told her about you. She likes you already." I smile.

"You talk about me?"

"Just a little..." She blushes. "A tad..." She holds up her thumb and pointer finger together really close to emphasis.

My face heats up in a blush. Good enough. "No one ever talks about me."

She scoffs and pulls me out of bed. "You'd be surprised just how many people talk about you Ally."

"Good things?" She nods.

"Jealous things." I laugh. Okay, so now my blonde goddess was starting to go crazy too. Who would be jealous me? Like seriously, who? "Come on, We can spend the day at my house. I want to show you around. Then I'll bring you back after dinner. Sound good?" I nod and pull on my own crappy shoes as well.

"Sounds great, you know I never got to dare you though." I wiggle my eyebrows playfully at her. She gives me the same knavish face she made when she got to dare me.

"Okay, fine. What is it?"

"I dare you to change your ring. It seriously sucks!" She laughs, playfully telling me to 'fuck off' as she races me to the door.

Rosalie's house was big. No that was a fucking understatement. I shouldn't insult the house that way. It was fucking huge. It was brown with glass windows and balconies and shit. What the fuck. How did they afford this? Rosalie pulls into the garage careful and gives me a huge smile.

"It's not much, but..."

A message to Rosalie Hale... Fuck. Your. Modesty. I doubt I could afford this house even if I worked all my life and then some. "Oh, look! Jazz's home. See that's his car." She points to the sleek black car parked next to hers. I can't tell what type it is cause I suck at that shit.

BUT, there are about five more cars parked next to it. Each looked equally as expensive. Wow. These people are just rolling in dough aren't they?

She gets out of the car first then comes to open the door for me, because I'm too star-stuck to move.

"Wow." Is all I can get out. She gives me a weird chuckle.

"Yeah, um, My dad's a lawyer and my mom is a surgeon. Look, um, if they start telling stories...none of it is true ok?" I give her a smile and promise i won't believe any stories.

She takes my hand and leads me into the house. Of course it just gets more amazing.

"Good. Come on, I want to see Jazz. He hasn't been home in a while." As if that was his queue, a boy blonde headed boy sticks his head through the opening for another room and grins.

"Oh look at this Maria...Rosie's eyebrows grew back!" There was a sharp gasp from Rosalie as she let go of my hand to put them up to her eyebrows at the same there was a girlish squeal in the next room and the sound of heels clicking against the floor. I giggle.

Now I wanna know what happened to her eyebrows.

"Oh my goodness. Rosie! Oh, let me look at you." The woman was pregnant. Heavily. Yet...she was also sexy. I'm not one to judge but shouldn't that be illegal? I mean, since when is pregnant a flattering look? Leah says it makes women look like they've swallowed a pig, but based on the events of this week I say Leah doesn't know what she's talking about.

I mean, pregnancy and all the woman was curvy...yup. Definitely curvy. She had long black hair-Much like the color of my own hair- that feel down to her waist and a beautiful dazzling smile.

She was Spanish, I'm sure. No cool accent though.

She hugged on to Rosalie as tight as she could mutter her hellos and how much her sister in law was missed. Meanwhile, Blonde boy...her brother...Jazz gave me a wide smile and revealed himself fully.

He was in army clothing. You know the full camouflage suit thingy.

He was tall, lean and held the same type of beauty as his sister. Same perfection. Huh, guess it just runs in the family. Some people have all the luck.

"You must be Rosalie's girlfriend. Mom was just telling me all about you. And from what I've heard, I think we'll get along fine." He grinned and held out his hand towards me. "Jasper Hale."

"And Then...IT BLEW UP! And off came little Rosie's eyebrows. I think she learned her lesson then!" Jasper was a comedian, especially when it came to telling jokes about his sister.

Rosalie was sullen beside me though. Her lips pressed together in a silent frown. She looked ready to punch her brother in the face, if she could.

"That's not true!" She mumbles pushing her food around her plate. I don't know why she didn't eat, her mom was a great cook. Way better than Charlotte. Plus, she only smiled when I ate it all. I finished first and the woman just shoved more food on my plate.

I am NOT complaining.

"Sure it is Rosie." Jasper's grin never left his face. Rosalie glared.

"That's nonsense Ally. Don't believe him. Do i look like I've ever lost my eyebrows?" Jasper nudged me with his foot under the table, it wasn't suppose to be mean, not like when Jane does it, he was simply trying to get my attention.

"It only cause she draws them back on. Make up is wonderful thing."

Rosalie huffed, annoyed. I giggled some more through my full mouth.

So this is what a real family was like huh?

If yes, then sign me up because I want one.

short chapter. I apologize.

Chapter question: What is your most embarrassing family story?

Mine: Like once a year we go out and eat together but because it's my family of course we have to do something fucked up. So one of my cousins mixed all the drinks together in one cup, then she put a bunch of shit together in it like salt, pepper, cherries, ice cream, random foods (MADE A HUGE MESS by the way) Then she drank it. the owner of the restaurant were like O.O What the fuck did i just witness?


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