Hello! Welcome to my first fanfic! Yay! So, hope you like it, no slash, yata yata. you know the drill.


"Wake Up!" A familiar voice shouted.

"Trix," A teen girl groaned, her tousled red-tipped auburn hair bouncing around as she picked up her head. She opened her eyes. One was bright green, the color of emeralds. The other was a deep violet. The girl tossed back her head and groaned again.

"You are going to miss orientation, the new years are coming," Trix giggled, her honey-gold eyes sparkling. She grinned and tossed back her white hair revealing a yellow- blond streak running down her knee length strait hair, "Hey, you never know Cue. Maybe the spirit of love can actually find love." Trix joked.

"Don't make me get my bow," Cue replied coolly. "Cuz I have a feeling that plant over there is checking you out." The two started laughing hysterically.

"Now, get up!" Trix ordered, "Or you taste the wrath of Thor." Trix said in her 'mighty Thor' voice. Cue disappeared into the closet. While waiting, Trix started strumming Cue's guitar and humming. The guitar was black and someone, probably Cue, had drawn beautiful doodles in reds and pinks. Trix erased the whole thing and started drawing a yellow lightning bolt "Hey, Cue. Do you think maybe we could start doing jam sessions? Because I don't know if you know that I have an amazing guitar."

"Sure," Cue shouted from the closet. Trix continued on her drawing. "Ready," Cue said emerging from the closet, "I haven't seen everyone the whole summer. We got her too late last night." She wore her tight black t-shirt and her black skinny jean that were studded on the pockets. She had on bright red lipstick and almost no other makeup. She threw her hood over herself. It was dark red and was a lot like red riding hood's hood. "Alright, let's go."

"Geez, I can't stand next to you. You are too much of a freaking hot babe. I mean look what I am wearing," Trix said set down the finished guitar full of yellow lightning bolts and gestured to herself. She wore a white t-shirt and yellow skinny jeans. She had on black and yellow hipster glasses and lightning earrings. She had a gold eye shadow and a light coat of hot pink lip gloss.

"Pft. I wish," Cue giggled as they raced out the door. The two shot out of the girls' Second year Elemental dorm and raced down the stairs to the Great Room. It was a huge room with eight long tables. They chose the chairs at their table towards the front, two other girls and one boy next to them.

"Jayden!" Cue shouted the girl closest to her and pulled her into a hug. Jayden had on tattered shorts that was high waisted. She had a cute see-though tank-top that hung over her shoulder. She had a flower crown on with her dark blond, beach blown hair. She had dark olive skin and sea blue eyes. One interesting characteristic on this girl is that she had orange and yellow spots dotting her arms. "Cue! Where has my little love bird been?" Jayden exclaimed. "Missed you hot stuff." Cue replied. The two laughed at their witty spirit jokes.

"Brook!" Trix squealed. The other girl stood up with gleaming blue-brown eyes. Her brown, almost black hair, cut into a pixie cut. A light blue streak was hidden in the back of her hair. She had a silky purplish blue tank top with dark blue skinny capris. She had a dark bluish smoky eye and a huge boxy earring. On Brook's fingers were blue wavy lines. "The mighty Thor hath returned!" Brook said in the lowest voice she could muster. "Same goes for you, Agua," Trix giggled.

"And then there's me!" The boy exclaimed sarcastically, tossing his reddish brown hair to the side. His hazel eyes were gleaming with laughter and a bit of hurt. He had fairly tan skin and a wicked grin. He had a brown themed plaid t-shirt with a pair a black pants. He wore his famous fingerless gloves and his leather jacket. "And then there is Ash! Who we all love" All four girl chorused. The five friends laughed and sat down as their Headmaster approached the pedestal.

"Settle down," the Headmaster declared with a thick Russian accent, his giant beard puffing over his huge chest. He was giant and wore red head to toe. All of the older kids know about his massive arm tattoos. To his right sat a huge gray bunny with black designs along his shoulders and forehead. Next to him lean small boy sat, radiating light. To the Headmaster's left sat a short and plump man made entirely of golden sand. To the farther left sat a woman, well, more like a fairy, covered head to toe in colorful feathers. Below them sat ten to fifteen other adults who were all very magical. The Headmaster continued "Alright, velcome to another year at Andolas, the school for spirits. Well, zet velcome our first years. Now remember you cannot talk vile they get placed into their clans."

Cue and Trix grinned at each other. Last year they had gone through the same thing, the horrible feeling of worry, the pressure, and the looks. And not to mention the bumpy magical ferry boat ride, when you have fear of heights and the ferry boat flies, it is not a good experience. They had finally arrived and had placed into their 'clan'. Jayden and Ash were both third year and dating. Brook was a fourth years and is with a boy in the Shift clan.

They had about two more people in their clan that were actually spirits, but they were more like underdogs. The rest of the students were geniuses in certain ways. One boy could chemically alter animal DNA to transform any animal into a water, fire, air, or rock state. A girl could place a computer chip inside an animal and it would become radioactive. One kid could add wolf blood to an animal and it would grow fangs and have heightened senses. One boy can add a 'dark' chemical to an animal and it will have black fur and be able to drain power. A girl can add a little 'sun' to any animal and it would turn pure white and have the ability to heal people. After a student's six year they would be able to go out and help the world. There were five clans. Cue, Trix, Ash, Brook, and Jayden were all in the Elemental Clan. There was also Darkness, Technology, Light, and Shift.

The giant doors behind Cue burst open. She turned and looked at the new arrivals. There were roughly twenty new students. Cue looked around, knowing that the kids saw the clans and were probably terrified. Trix winked at her and tossed her head in the direction of the new years. Cue scanned the crowd. Let's see, there is a girl with pointed ears and fangs, Darkness. There is a boy who has a battery on his back and wires running down to his hands, Technology. There is a girl with veins that every time they pulse, they glow, Light. There is a boy with yellow eyes, fangs, and a foaming mouth, Shift. And… is that… no. Cue thought. Is that him?

"Hey Cue," Trix whispered, "Check out the cute one with the staff."