Wow, I can't believe you read this far. Well, lets go back to the present... and I know what your thinking "Wow...this is a lot like Harry potter" Well, I kinda got the idea from that.


~Jack's POV~

Jack eyes opened with amazement, this place was incredible. There were five tables, each one having a banner overhead with a certain symbol. To the far left was a eye on the banner, it was dark and sad. Next to that was a star, slightly infused with light. In the middle of the room was a banner with a pair of fangs and wolf ears, like it was a shape-shifter. On one banner was a design of a computer chip, completely technological. To the far right was a banner that had an orb split into four elements, fire, water, wind, and earth. Jack studied the tables, wonder which he would call home.

A gasp was let out from a girl next to Jack. He whirled around, seeing amazing creature things fly over head. The students around Jack gaped as creatures all flew to certain people. Over the light table, floating lights bounced around, cuddling their owners. Jack touched one curiously. Immediately he was filled with happy memories and warm thoughts. Over the dark table, black smudges, almost like shadows, drifted around student's head, almost pushing them to do something. The tech table had small, robot-like things flying about, cleaning and tidying along the way. Shifters had small mythical creatures floating above everyone. He looked at the last table, small orbs made out of what seemed to be water, earth, wind, and fire hopped around, snuggling with their owners. He scanned the table once again, was that... he thought. Jack shook it off, it can't be Cue.

"Sorry I'm late North," A voice behind Jack sounded, "I lost track of time." A man draped in black stepped into the light. His gray skin and slicked back, black hair shined slightly in the moonlight. He let a twisted smile reach his face as his golden eyes sparkled.

A very large man with a white beard walked up to front."Is Ok, ve have not started yet." North glared down at the man, "Just don't be late next time, Pitch."

Pitch nodded an took his seat to the end. He shook his head and glared down at the children in-front of him. Most students looked away from the penetrating gold eyes because of the judging look he gave every single person. Jack disliked this guy, he seemed very... rude, dark, and untrustworthy came to mind. Overall he just seem kinda evil.

Professor North's loud voice caught Jack off guard. "Velcome, all of you, velcome to Andolas, shool for spirits and ze gifted. I'm Professor North, and I vill be Headmaster zis year." North exclaimed, his giant belly shaking. "Now, ven call your name stand right zere, and vait for man in moon to tell you clan." North eyed the new group, making Jack feel a little nervous "Ok, Tiffany Bright."

A young girl with glowing veins stepped forward. Jack could visibly see Tiffany heart racing, her veins pulsed faster and brighter. A small hole in the ceiling opened, revealing a full moon. It's light radiated in front of the girl and shocked her. A small shadow formed in the light, a star, the symbol of the light clan. The girl grinned as the light table went up in cheers, welcoming their newest member. She walked to the table and sat down as she got bombarded with people.

Jack shook his head and leaned on his staff. He couldn't get the thought out of his head, could it really be Cue. He looked to the element table, hoping to see her. A girl, possibly Cue, sat around a group of people, her face covered by a hood. Four spirits sat in conversation with her. The one to her right was a tall girl with long white hair and to her other side sat a petite girl with a brown pixie cut. In front of her sat a tan girl with beach-blown blond hair and a boy with an auburn and a playful grin.

"Jack Frost!" The Headmaster shouted, shaking Jack out of his trance. Jack stepped forward. Just now he noticed that half the new year group had already been placed in clans. He sighed and looked at the moon. Light reached the floor, brightening the whole room. A small shadow appeared, slowly forming a orb that was split into four parts, fire, water, earth, and air. The elemental table burst into cheers, smiling and clapping. Jack walked over to the table, sat down, and grinning at the attention.

"Jack?" A soft voice sounded from down the table. He whipped around and saw the long lost friend he never expected to see here. Across the table from Jack Frost stood a girl in a red hood, holding a bow. She pulled back her hood revealing her unforgettable violet and green eyes. Her eyes lit up as a smile crept from ear to ear, "Jackson Overland Frost, where have you been?"

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