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Summary: To be a father was so much more than being the child's sire...

A/N: This is part of my A Light in the Darkness universe and it is part of my Pre-Winter story cycle and ties in with I Remember.

To Be a Father...

Part One: Cadfael


I remember racing back to the house and arriving just in time as you went into labor. Our son was born just a few days after the new year started and you were never more beautiful than when I saw you first hold our son close, sweaty and exhausted from the hours of labor. I remember how you rather firmly picked his name and, naturally, I agreed with you that it was the perfect name for him. He was so small when I held him…

From I Remember


I frowned at the display of fruits...it wasn't here. The Nymph watching me smiled prettily, "Did your wife have a very specific request today?"

I shrugged, "She has had a very specific request every time she has sent me to your stall. Why would today be any different, Niobe?" I paused then added, "Do not tell her I said that."

Niobe chortled, "I cannot begin to list how many of you Centaurs tell me that whenever their expectant wives send them here."

I chuckled, "Well, you do live in the middle of Centaur lands, Lady."

The Nymph laughed and merely pointed to another basket, "Strawberries, freshly picked last night, they may help to soothe-"

Niobe cut herself off as Stonebrook suddenly galloped up to us and said the words I had been waiting a fortnight to hear, "It's time." I didn't wait to hear more. I wheeled around and galloped toward our family home. Our foal was coming!

I raced into the house, not slowing until I skidded into our bedroom. My wife's eyes were closed as she hissed softly. I barely heard Tuulea telling me that this labor would be long as I knelt on the floor by the head of our bed and let my wife cling to my hand, murmuring softly to her that she was strong and beautiful and that it wouldn't last much longer. She hissed at me, "Liar."

Unfortunately, she was correct as far as the timeliness was concerned since I was proven wrong as our foal once again took a long time to born. I suppose I should not have been surprised since our little one had already delayed his or her arrival by a fortnight. As the hours passed, I prayed to Aslan that both my wife and child would be safe...and that the birth might proceed somewhat faster. The stars had begun their dance when I finally heard a tiny cry. Tuulea laughed, "A colt!"

I grinned. Praise Aslan! Our foal, our colt! I watched Tuulea hand my colt to his mother, barely knowing what to say... I whispered, "Selene..."

Selene looked up at me, sweaty tendrils of hair plastered against her forehead and exhaustion clearly written on her face, but her eyes glowed with such love and peace and joy. She tilted her head slightly, "Cadfael?"

I smiled as I gently brushed some of those sweaty strands of hair off her forehead, "You are even more beautiful than you were on our wedding day." My smile grew as I looked down at our son and I ran a single finger down the side of his face. He stirred slightly before settling back down. I met Selene's gaze, "What should we name him?"

"Oreius. His name is Oreius. It's perfect for him." She jutted her chin out just a bit, silently challenging me to disagree with her.

I just kissed her, "Yes, it is the perfect name for our colt."

Selene smiled back at me then she carefully handed me our son. I hardly dared to move as I cradled him. He was so small. After a few minutes, Tuulea came back in and took Oreius from me in order to finish checking him. Selene fell asleep just before Tuulea handed him to me again. The healer smiled as I cradled him, but I paid her no mind as I stared down at my son. Aslan bless this colt. I had expected him to be born a fortnight ago, but instead he'd been born on the third of Mayblossom...a most appropriate gift for the start of a new year. I was both grateful and humbled with the enormous responsibility that was now mine: raising Oreius to be a wise and strong Stallion, a Centaur who followed the Lion with all his heart. Even when my father, Cadeyrn, and the rest of Selene and mine's families gather at our family home to celebrate the new addition to our family, I could not forget the responsibility that had come with my son. Now, I understood what it meant to be a father...and it was so much more than being the child's sire...


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