Welp. A random drabble. I couldn't help it. I may decide to continue this in the future, but that all depends on the reception. Heh. I own NOTHING. NOTTTHING I TELLS YA. ALL CREDIT FOR CHARACTERS GOES TO GEORGE R R MARTIN, THE AUTHOR OF A SONG OF ICE AND FEELS. FIRE. I MEANT FIRE.

There were many thoughts that could leave a woman as strong as myself quivering. With anticipation, with fear, with joy. I remember looking upon Joffrey; beautiful, he was. A tuft of blond hair and blue eyes that gleamed with a child like innocence that couldn't be replicated by even the best of actors. I always had high hopes that he would become like Jaime. Proud, and bearing the Lannister's claws with a feral, yet graceful abandon that could only be wielded by the bravest of Lions. He's a king now. I am proud, but I am fearful.

The innocence I had once adored has been stripped from him, and power has driven him to become a monster. I hate thinking of my son in such a way, but when he so closely resembles Jaime… I daren't speak these words to anyone, though it may have slipped when I was speaking with Tyrion. He understood. For that, though I dare not express it so openly, I am grateful.

He deserves to wear the Lannister colours, though he has made foolish decisions that could serve to hinder us. The beheading of Eddard Stark from one - he was stubborn, he had Sansa look upon the severed head of her father, with promises that she will look upon the dead eyes of her brothers too.

What have I birthed? An evil so dark… so dangerous, that he leaves even me terrified for the future. I love him with all of my heart, and he was once my saving grace, but I fear that a Lion who fights with cat bigger than himself… Will fall from humanity.