Chosen by Destiny

Alright! I'm finally getting this fic started! I've been a fan of Ninjago for quite some time (such a wonderful show about disturbingly sexy chunks of plastic XD) & I thought up of this story back in September! But with this being my first fic, I did MONTHS of research for writing fics & designing my OC's so they won't be TOO Mary Sue-y (hope that won't happen) before I submit anything. I have 2 admit, I'm really shy about putting up my fics, so it might not start off so great, so U may want to lower your expectations here. Anyway, please enjoy!

But first, a disclaimer.

I don't own Ninjago & it's dumb 2 think I ever will. On with the show!

Prologue: An Omen

(takes place after 'Pirates vs Ninja')



The sky was completely covered in them.

Was it day?

If it was, where was the Sun and its warm glow?

Or was it night?

If it was, where was the moon to illuminate the sky?

And where were the stars to lead the way?

Dark clouds…


Dark clouds loomed over the entirety of Ninjago City. The once bustling city was barren. No cars driving about, no people roaming the streets, all the trees and flowers that grew in what little space the city had to offer for them were now nothing more than shriveled decomposing plants. The fresh sweet air that once wove their way around the metropolis had become eerie. Still and stagnant, it still carried a foul putrid odor. What used to be the most populous and largest city of Ninjago was nothing more than a grey bleak dystopia.

In the distance, there was laughter. No, not the high-pitched melodic giggling of children playing, but a purely malicious cackle. Where it was coming from? It can't be known for sure because the evil gravelly chuckles seemed to be echoing across the darkness itself.

The stormy clouds continued to loom over the city and began to spread out, threatening to consume the entire continent.

Just when the surrounding lands was entirely taken by the sinister sky, a bright column of light shone from across the horizon. The clouds parted and crept away from the light, retreating to wherever they came from, allowing the Sun to smile down upon the realm with its warmth. From the light, four feminine figures stepped out. Each carrying a weapon crafted from pure silver, and each had her own unique aura.

The first girl, with a pair of kunai in her hands, shimmered in a yellow light. She sparkled under the Sun's nourishing rays, akin to a precious metal. The girl faced to world head on, her stature firm and strong in spite of her petite form. Metal.

The second girl, carrying her staff, gave off a nurturing teal aura. Strong yet flexible, warmth and kindness shone in her friendly eyes. The ground below her feet bloomed with fresh flowers as she stood rooted to the ground, steadfast, just like the trees. Nature.

The third carried with her, a war fan on each hand. Her face was full of spirit, her movements free and ever changing. Clad in orange, she gazed heavenward, eyes brimming with childlike curiosity, as the winds whipped around her form. Wind.

As for the last girl, she carried a whip close to her willowy figure. With flowing graceful motions, she stepped forward as if she was gliding across the surface. Streams gushed forth and began to nourish the once barren earth in the purple girl's wake. Water.

The four girls lifted their weapons and between them, another light formed. As the light grew brighter, the remaining darkness shrunk back as the light developed a familiar green hue. But soon, another light came forth next to the green one. This one was pink and it appeared to be supporting the green light. The lights kept getting brighter, and brighter, taking over the land like the dark clouds had been before, only to bring order with it. Soon, the whole of Ninjago was bathed in the warm light.

Sensei Wu awoke with a startle.

Where was he?

'Oh.' He thought. The aging man was in the tiny apartment the Ninja have called home for now (at least until they get the Bounty back). The bustling nightlife can still be heard through the dull paper-thin walls, yet his students and nephew were sound asleep. It didn't help that they were all snoring, dashing the old man's hopes of sleeping again tonight. But he still found it humorous that even Lloyd let out a couple of snorts once in a while.

Even if it was quiet, Wu knew he still wouldn't find sleep again.

'That dream…'

Although Ninjago City was still thriving, for now, Wu knew that disaster would befall the city and the rest of the world if he didn't do something about his dream and quick. But he knew what that dream meant. It was prophesied in the scrolls he read as a child. He headed towards the window, staring up at the sky, eyes full of resolve.

"It's time…"


Phew! Sorry this chapter's short, but that's just the prologue! Wait until the story really gets started and hold on to your hats! Before I go, I want to give a shout out to all you wonderful authors and your awesome Ninjago stories, like VelvetPersona, TombRaiderNinja, M-And-Company, Song Of Hope, and countless more! All your amazing fics really inspired me to write this fic (and hopefully more)! With summer break starting, that means we're gonna have plenty of stories and updates! WHOO!

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