Kendall and Logan were watching tv on the couch, just enjoying each others company and would occasionally glance at each other. Suddenly the door burst open and James and Carlos walked inside. They smirked at the other two on the couch. Kendall and Logan raised their eyebrows at them in question. James nudged Carlos and Carlos smiled brider.

"Do you guys want to play a game?'' Carlos asked with a huge smile.

"What kind of game?'' Kendall asked insure.

James and Carlos looked at each other for a second before turning back to their two friends with a smirk. "The Midnight Game."

Logan's eyes widened. They were joking, they had to be joking. Logan knew the Midnight Game as no other. He played it when he was in Minnesota with his ex-girlfriend Myranda and Ex- Best Friend Christopher. Afterwards, Myranda was never the same girl again, she never slept due nightmares, she dumped Logan and she kept her light on when she went to bed. Logan blamed Christopher and ended their friendship. He switched schools because he never wanted to see Christopher again. He then met the guys and they befriended him on the first day immediately. From then on Logan always had a crush on Kendall, wich confused him because he never like a guy before. Now, James and Carlos wanted to play the game but they obviously didn't understand how dangerous it was. Logan looked at his feet. He never told the guys what happened. He hated how Christopher convinced him and Myranda to do it. He would never forgive Christopher. Ever. Kendall nudged him and Logan looked up at his three best friends.

"What?'' Logan blinked.

"I said, sounds fun, what about you, Logan?'' Kendall said again.

Logan sighed and rubbed his hands together. "You guys have no idea what's gonna happen.''

James and Carlos snorted. "Uhm, an amazing ADVENTURE!'' they said together and bumped their fists.

"It's not an AMAZING adventure!'' Logan spat, causing James and Carlos to flinch.

"Wait...'', Kendall said, "How do you know that Logan?''

Logan looked at the ground and stuffed his hands into his pocket. He knew he had to tell the trueth. But he couldn't. Not yet. "I read some stuff online...''

James rolled his eyes irritated. "Those guys are over reacting. I read the experience of a guy named... Christopher.''

Logan flinched and his eyes grew wide as he looked at James. "C-Christopher?!''

"Yeah. That dude was overreacting, damn. He called one of his best friends a weenie, he had the same name as you Logan.'' James chuckled.

The three best friends frowned when Logan growled.

"Fine.'' Logan snapped. "Lets do it.''

Around 11:30 pm they were getting everything ready. Kendall kept an eye on Logan, he seemed to know everything out of his hand and he seemed a little more pale than usual. Logan pricked the needle in his finger and pressed his finger to the paper, next to his name. He sticked his finger in his mouth to stop his finger from bleeding. He light his candle on and the rest of the friends followed his lead. Logan took the honor to knock on the door. It was now 12:51pm so they had to wait a little bit. Kendall looked at Logan who was staring at his candle. The glow light up his face and he seemed deep in thought. Kendall sighed, Logan seemed like he really didn't want to do it. He had something on his mind and Kendall wanted to know what. James and Carlos smiled at each other but there was a hint of fear in their eyes. Kendall wasn't so sure more either. Maybe this was a bad idea and should they stop before it was too late. They had turned off all the lights and everything was pitch dark. Suddenly Logan grabbed his paper and candle and whispered; "It's time.''

The other three friends got up to and watched from a distance as Logan placed the paper with his name in front of the door and placed the candle on it. He started knocking on the door. James, Carlos and Kendall softly counted each knock. When Logan knocked for the 22th time, all their watches beeped, letting them know it was 12:00 AM. Logan picked the candle up and opened the door.

"I'm ready for you. And I'll beat you again.'' Logan whispered before he blew his candle out and closed the door.

Logan snatched his lighter out of his pocket and quickly lighted his candle again. The other three all had their candles too and all their faces were lighted up because of the orange glow from the candle. The three best friends looked at Logan and waited for him to say something.

Logan sighed. "Okay. The most important thing is to stay together, got it?'' He hissed.

The three nodded their heads. "Keep your lighter and salt close to you. If your candle suddenly blows out, immediately relight it within ten seconds. It means the Midnight Man is close to you.''

"What happens when you can't relight in ten seconds?'' Carlos piped up.

Logan nodded shortly. "Grab your salt, and make a circle around yourself. Whatever happens, do NOT leave the circle.''

"And what if you can't make a salt circle in ten seconds?'' James asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Then prepare for the scarriest night ever cause he'll make you hallucinate about you're biggest fear.'' Logan whispered in an dangerous low voice.

Kendall, Carlos and James gulped and looked a little scared.

"I know your scared,'' Logan whispered, "But there's no turning ba-"

Suddenly the four burning candles were blown out and the eyes of Carlos James and Carlos widened. They quickly grabbed their lighters and relighted their candles, as did Logan. The three boys looked around for any sign and crawled a little closer towards each other.

"We have to keep moving.'' Logan hissed. He walked to the apartment door and opened it. He noticed the hall was also pitch dark. He frowned.

He jerked his head to the hall way. "Follow me.'' He whispered.

The other three guys gulped and followed Logan outside the apartment and noticed it was also pitch dark out here. Kendall made a move to close the apartment door but Logan stopped him.

"Leave it open.'' Logan hissed gently. Kendall nodded and went to stand beside Carlos.

"Alright, now the important thing is to stay calm. We all got our lighters?'' Logan asked.

The boys nodded.


Another nod.

Logan nodded too. "Alright, we have to keep moving. Follow me.''

They started walking. "I'll tell you how you recognize when the Midnight Man is near. He's near you when there's a sudden drop of tempature, or when you hear a soft whisper from an unreliable source.'' Logan turned to the other guys.

"But the most important thing is that when you see a dark black humanoid figure standing in the area you're in, get away from there as soon as you can.''

Carlos gulped and pointed shakily over Logan's shoulder to the end of the hall way. "You mean like that?'' He squeaked.

Kendall and James saw it too and their eyes were blown wide with fear and slightly trembling. Logan quickly spun around to see a clear black figure standing at the end of the hall way.

"Okay, guys...'' He whispered, his eyes not moving from the dark figure, "The most important thing to do is-"

"RUN!'' Carlos screamed. The latino boy turned and took off, James and Kendall following him suite.

Logan turned around to see the three best friends ran off. "What? No! WE'RE SUPPOSED TO STAY TOGETHER!''

Logan sighed as he noticed as he knew it was no use. He looked back at the dark figure and heard soft whispering. His candle blew out and his relight in a matter of 4 seconds.

"This.'' Logan hissed. "Is not over yet.'' The pale boy then turned and ran in the direction to find his friends.

Where the hell were they?

Carlos panted as he ran out of the staircases and landed on floor 5. He noticed it was here pitch dark too and was panting hard. He looked behind but all he saw was darkness. He heard Kendall and James behind him when he ran off but since he ran pas the third floor he didn't hear them anymore. He gulped and hesistantly walked into the dark hallway. This was his dumbest idea ever.

"Guys?'' He squeaked as he walked down the hallway.

It suddenly became very cold. Carlos gulped as he knew what that meant. He squeaked but kept walking. He heard a soft whisper behind him. Carlos turned around but saw nothing behin him. Carlos whimpered as he continued walking down the hallway. James and Carlos read something about the Midnight Game through the fans. They were curious and once they read the rules of the game they were actually pretty excited. Now he realised the fans were right and it was the scarriest thing ever. It was pitch dark, you didn't see a thing, and you were stalked by someone who wasn't really a fan of you. Carlos didn't feel safe and went to grab his salt so he had it close for when he needed it. He patted around and frowned slightly when he didn't feel the hard obsticle of a salt shaker. When he turned back he saw his candle was blown out. Shit. He thought. He scrambled for his lighter but as he had the lighter in his hands he felt a sudden darkness throw over him. His legs felt heavy and he collapsed onto the ground.

James was walking around the third floor. He ran off when Carlos had run off and he could here Kendall behind him, when he looked around he saw Kendall running down the stairs instead of up the stairs. James guessed that he went down to the lobby. When James read something about the Midnight Game through fans, he and Carlos were pretty excited to do it theirselves. James thought nothing could possibly go wrong and that the ones who had done were slightly overreacting. Boy, was he wrong. This shit was real and no matter how tough you acted, everyone would pee his pants from fear. This wasn't just a game. According to Logan, you were playing with your life right now. He didn't understand what Logan exactly meant by that. Logan knew an awful lot about this game and he couldn't help but think that Logan had done this before. But Logan never told them, and he always seemed fine. But when Carlos mentioned the Midnight Game Logan got paler then ever and he seemed absorbed by his thoughts. James heard a whisper behind him and whipped around but saw nothing. He noticed it was darker than before. His eyes widened when he saw his candle was blown out. He reached in his right pocket for the salt shaker but it slipped out of his hands and the salt sprawled all over the floor. James groaned when suddenly his legs started to give out and his mind became woozy.

"Goddamnit...'' he whispered before collapsing on the ground.

Kendall panted as he leaned against the wall with his candle in his hand. The candle blew out and he quickly relight it. He walked slowly forward with his arm extended forward to light the lobby in the pure darkness. He wondered what happened to the other guys. He was pretty scared, this was the worst idea ever. Who knows what could possibly happen if you did something wrong? He walked around the lobby but saw no dark figure, heard no whispering, it was pretty warm and his candle was still on. He sat down on the couch and glanced at his watch. 1:30 am. They still had two hours and three minutes left. Kendall put the candle down on the coffee table across from the couch and put the lighter and salt shaker next to it. He could grab it whenever he needed it, just to be safe. Kendall yawned and he layed down on the couch. The couch felt nice, soft and warm. He smiled as he rested his head against the pillow. Suddenly Logan's voice rang through his mind. 'Never fall asleep during this game!'. Fuck... Kendall thought as his eyes closed. Just before his eyes were fully closed he saw the candle blew out and a dark figure at the entrance of the Palm Woods.

Logan was walking around the second floor. He kept moving, his lighter in his hand because his candle would blew out occasionally. This was rediculous. He should've stopped them. He knew what would happen and he did nothing. He had been through this once and then he lost sight of Christopher and Myranda, tonight he promised not to let his best friends and crush out of sight and yet he did. It didn't end well with Christopher and Myranda, Christopher didn't talk much anymore and Myranda kept chanting something about her biggest fear she saw in her hallucination. Logan shook his head. The boys were smart, they would watch out for the Midnight Man. He trusted them. All he had to do was to stay away, keep moving and avoid the Midnight Man. He glanced at his watch and saw it was almost 2:00 AM. Just and hour and 33 minutes to go Logan thought. They he'll leave and will he be the one who lost this game, not me. Not this time. He added bitterly. Logan heard soft whispering behind him but didn't dear turning around. There was nothing dear, he couldn't fool himself. He had to keep walking. He suddenly saw a dark figure standing on the end of the hallway and it became suddenly cold. His candle blew out and he immediately grabbed his lighter. He ran his thumb over the cirlce and waited for a flame to pop up... but it didn't. Logan cursed and kept rolling his thumb over the cirlce but nothing happend with the lighter. He shook the lighter and rolled his thumb over it desperately.

"C'mon.'' Logan hissed. "C'mon, C'mon C'mon..Come... on..'' Logan felt his knees buckle.

He fell to the ground but tried to fight the hallucination that was trying to cover him in darkness. Logan noticed the lighter lay next to him. He made a move to grab it but his head felt heavier by the second. He let his hand and head drop.

"Fuck this...'' He whispered before he was thrown in his hallucination of his biggest fear.

Hey guys! So someone I know on Twitter, a Rusher, went to do the Midnight Game this night and she came back on twitter around 4:00 am and she was totally freaking out. I didn't what the Midnight Game was, so I looked it up + some stories of people who experienced it and it creeped me out! And then I came with this. Yep... So there will be possibly 4 chapters more. Each next chapter contains each hallucination of the boys. I'll do it in the order as they blacked out, so that's Carlos, James, Kendall, Logan. So stay tuned for that and review please!


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