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Logan looked at his friends who were talking to the people in the apartment. They had a small get together going on. Bitters was away for a few days and Boodha Bob had the lead so they had nothing to worry about. He looked at his cup that was filled with soda. He wasn't really thirsty nor hungry. It was a warm day in California and the dancing people around him didn't make it better. He just needed to get some fresh air, it felt like he was choking inside of here. So Logan put his cup down and made his way through the dancing teens, on the way to the door. Kendall who was laughing at something a girl said saw that Logan was leaving. He watched as Logan opened the door and then closed it behind him. Kendall smiled at the girl again and said he would be back soon. He made his way to the door and followed Logan downstairs to the pool. Logan was sitting on a chair and glanced up at the star filled sky. Kendall stared at his face that was lit up by the moonlight. He looked beautiful in this moonlight. And so handsome. Kendall blushed as he quietly made his way over to where Logan was sitting. Logan noticed another presence and turned around. He smiled when he saw that it was Kendall. He had silent hope Kendall would ditch the girl he was talking to and come after him. He smiled at Kendall.

"Hey, buddy. What are you doing here?'' Logan asked.

Kendall laughed. "I can ask you the same thing.'' He said. "Is that spot free?''

Logan nodded and patted the chair next to him. Kendall smiled and took the seat next to Logan.

"So what are you actually doing here?'' Kendall asked softly.

Logan sighed and looked at the sky again. "Looking at the stars, wishing something when I see a falling star. Thinking about the past…''

Kendall looked at Logan. "You shouldn't be thinking about that, Logie.''

Logan smiled at the nickname and looked at Kendall too. "I know, you're right.''

They looked up at the sky again. They both saw a falling star.

"Look, a falling star.'' Kendall said and looked at Logan. "Make a wish.''

Logan turned his head back to Kendall. "I don't have to wish for anything. All I need, or want, is right next to me.''

Kendall blushed deeply but didn't break the eye contact with Logan. He smiled brightly and his eyes twinkled just as bright as the stars above them.

"Same counts for me, Logie.'' Kendall said smiling.

Logan smiled back. "I… can't stop thinking about Myranda and Chris.''

Kendall felt slightly disappointed. "Do you miss her?''

Logan looked at Kendall and laughed. "No, I do not. I figured out in my dream she cheated on me with Chris.''

Kendall's jaw dropped. "That nasty little bitch.'' He breathed.

Logan laughed. "Don't worry about it, I don't like her anymore. But it's sweet you said that. I like someone else better now.''

Kendall looked at his hands. "Who's the lucky girl?'' he asked quietly.

Logan chuckled. "It's not a girl. I'm gay Kendall.''

Kendall couldn't help but smile. "Alright, who's the lucky guy?'' Kendall asked with a hopeful smile.

His smiled faded when Logan glanced at his lips and then slowly began to lean in. Kendall glanced quickly at Logan's lips before back to his eyes and leaned in too. Their lips met in a gentle and soft kiss. Logan cupped Kendall's face in his hands and Kendall wrapped his arms around Logan's waist. Logan softly licked Kendall's bottom lip and Kendall happily parted his lips. Logan's tongue found all Kendall's weak spots, gaining a moan every now and then. When Logan realized they needed to breath he pulled away from the kiss. Both boys were panting and gazing into each other's eyes. Logan smiled and stroked Kendall's cheek.

"It's you, Kendall.'' Logan whispered. "It's always been you.''

Kendall lunged forward and kissed Logan again. Because of the force Kendall had Logan fell backwards. He put his arms around Kendall's waist and kissed Kendall back. One of his hands reached up and played with his hair until Kendall was done making out. Logan got a hold of his waist and sat up, placing the blonde boy in his lap.

"I love you, Kendall.'' Logan said looking into the boy's eyes.

Kendall's face lit up and his eyes twinkled. "I love you too, Logan.''

They both leaned forward and shared a short sweet kiss. Logan pushed Kendall out of his lap and stood up. He grabbed Kendall's hand and smiled at him.

"C'mon, let's go back to the party.'' Logan said with a wink and pulled Kendall back up to 2J.

They entered 2J and saw that James and Carlos were kissing each other against the counter. Carlos opened his eyes a little and saw Kendall and Logan standing in the doorway.

"Hey there they are.'' Carlos shouted and picked up two cups and James took the other two.

"We wanted to do a toast but you guys were gone so quickly, we couldn't find you.'' James said as he and Carlos handed Logan and Kendall a cup.

Logan chuckled. "Well, then this toast is to us and our music carrier. And that we may never play the Midnight Game again.''

The other three boy chuckled and they all raised their cups. "Never again.'' They all agreed. "To us!''

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