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Me: Yipee! I finally got my first Rukato started. Not only that it's my first fic ever.^-^

Rika: Well what are you waiting for roll it.

"I can't believe they're back",Takato thought happily while rushing to see Guilmon.It had been one week since he had saved Rika from Parasimon and two weeks since he had saved Jeri from the D-Reaper.They had all thought that all the evil was gone . But they were all wrong ,very wrong .

"Guilmon, you in here boy?"Takato asked.

"Over here Takatomon" Guilmon hollered.Takato sweatdropped "And to think even after everything we've been through he still calls me Takatomon"

"What is it boy?" Takato asked wondering what could be that important.

"I smell a digimon nearby." Guilmon responded his eyes dilated.

"I wonder who it could be. And I thought this was all over, when it might only be the beggining" Takato thought while running to the digital field that had appeared .


"I can't believe I actually agreed to do this"Rika thought. The day before she had agreed to do a photo shoot because she knew it would make her grandma happy. So there she was standing there in a dress while the camera took pictures. And every few minutes her mom would say something about how pretty she was. The cameraman would say that she would get many boyfriends with the pictures.And Rika would just roll her eyes and mutter "whatever".And when they were finally finished.

"Finally, I thought I was going to die in there.I mean how stupid is ,"Pretend the camera is your boyfriend."

"I thought you did well Rika " Renamon said as she appeared next to Rika.

"Thanks Renamon" Rika said

Then all of a sudden Renamon's fur started to stand straight up.

"Renamon what's wrong?" Rika asked worried about her partner.

"There's a digimon nearby"Renamon said.

"A digimon I thought they were all gone. Well good thing that Renamon's here."Rika thought while changing into her 'Tamer clothes' as she liked to call them and ran out the door.


Henry had just exited his apartment with Terriermon;their destination was Shinjuku park .Henry wanted to go because he had to ask Takato a question. Terriermon to escape the torture Suzie might have gave him. But on their way there his digivice reacted sensing a digimon nearby.

"Well what are we waiting for? Let's get a move on Henry" Terriermon exclaimed.

"Terriermon!"Henry said, bopping Terriermon on the head.

"Hey what was that for?"Terriermon asked.

" Nevermind that come on."Henry said as he broke into a run.

" Momantai Henry, we'll be on time" Terriermon said .

"I sure hope you're right Terriermon,I sure hope you're right" Henry thought before entering the digital field.


Takato,Rika and Henry all entered the digital field at the same time.All ready to battle.

"Takato,Rika what are you two doing here?"Henry asked.

"I should be asking the same question to you too " Rika replied .

"Hang on we're all tamers and all here for the same reason"Takato said answering both of their questions.

Suddenly they hear laughing in the background. It is none other than....


To be continued.on the next adventure of 'Friends Forever'

Me:Cliffhanger time .

Rika: And why exactly did you stop?

Me:It makes it more interesting.^.^

Rika: Whatever. But you better get me and my gogglehead together soon.

Me: Don't worry I will. Oh ya and before I forget Rukato Forever!