Chapter 3

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Last time: The Tamers meet their first foe. Myotismon .It seems that Myotismon wanted revenge on The Tamers for some strange reason He picked Rika as his first victim and had started to advance on her . Renamon had tried to protect her but he had been too strong for her.So Rika did the only thing she could. She screamed. Somehow it was so loud that the other Tamers and their digimon heard it and hurried to help.Unfortunately time had been an essence and Takato being brave had stepped in front of Myotismon only to dissapear.


"Takato!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Rika screamed, not sure what to think of it. "I can't believe he just did that. It's all my fault."

"Takatomon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Guilmon shouted, his best friend had just sacrificed himself to protect a fellow Tamer."He's gone"

" Takato!!!!!!!!!!!!"Henry echoed. "Why did he do that? "

" Well now, why the sad faces, now you know what I can do. All you need to do is hand over the girl." Myotismon exclaimed.

Just then the rest of the Tamers arrived.

" Guardian Barrage " Guardromon said launching his attack.

"Nice work Guardromon." Kazu said

" Is that your best shot, cause that was pathetic!" Myotismon exclaimed.



" Whoa! Where am I?" Takato asked no one in particular."Guilmon?" he yelled into the darkness."Rika?" "Gee where is everybody, I sure hope Rika's alright." he thought.

"Um excuse me but who are you?" said a voice from the darkness.

Takato turned around.What he saw shocked him. Around him were all the Original Digidestined with the exceptions of T.K and Kari. Having all eyes locked on him, not to mention that they were the digidestined,he suddenly felt nervous.

" M-My na-name is Tak-Takato" he stuttered out.

" Nice to meet ya Takato. By the way, Nice Goggles. Seems to me you were born to be a leader. My name is Tai." Tai said extending out his hand.

Takato still being nervous shook Tai's hand but didn't say he already knew all of their names.

" Seems like you're going to grow up like Tai . Having the goggles and all . My name's Sora. " Sora one of her rarest smiles.

"Wow! Two of the best complements in my whole life . And to think that they are from the Digidestined. Takato thought, feeling pretty happy.

" Prodigious, where did you come from ? Another demension maybe? By the way my name is Izzy." Izzy said

"Izzy . Stop it. I doubt he knows where we are either." , Mimi said scolding Izzy.," Hi there Takato , my name is Mimi. Oh and don't worry about Izzy he loves his computer so much he won't have time to bother you with his questions. " Mimi said giving him a reassuring smile.

" My name is Joe. I 'm a pretty good doctor for my age. So if you hurt yourself come to me and I'll help you." Joe said smiling.

" And last but not least, me.Hi my name is Matt. I'm a famous singer at my school. If you want , you can come to on of my concerts. And if you want you can bring your girlfriend. That is if you have a girlfriend. Matt said with a smile as Takato had started to blush.

That was when Takato noticed that his new friends were starting to grow younger.

" Huh? What's happening to you guys?" he asked

"What do you mean?" They asked in confusion.

" Look at yourselves!" he told them.

When they looked at themselves, they realized that they were now wearing the same clothes as they had when they first met their digimon. Takato then remembered that this had happened in the 3rd digimon movie.

" Uh oh!" Takato exclaimed.


" Why are we little kids again? " Davis asked Willis.

" Kokomon wanted me to go back in time to when the virus attacked him." Willis responded.

"Then let's do it." Davis said.

" Golden-armour energize!" Davis and Willis exclaimed.




" Guardromon no !!!!!!!" Kazu screamed out as Guardromon was engulfed in a bright light or so he thought.

Rika who had not been thinking clearly had accidently stepped into the way of the in-coming attack. When she finally realized what was happening it was too late. But she managed to think about the bright side,her last thoughts before she dissapeared were, " Hang on Takato, here I come ."

When the bright light dissapeared they noticed that Guardromon was still there. Instead of being deleted, he was just dizzy.

" Guardromon are you okay? Kazu asked his partner.

" Look at all the pretty birdies ." Guardromon replied since he was still a bit out of it.

" Glad you're alright. But if you didn't get hit, than who did?" Kazu asked.

" Hey guys doesn't it look like there are some people missing? Kenta asked.

" Where are Takato and Rika ?" Jeri asked, worried cause they were her best friends.

" I guess that Rika is the one missing .", Henry said ,"Since Takato already dissapeared."

" Chumly's gone?",Kazu asked , "How?"

" Well Myotismon tried to take Rika away, so Takato went to protect her. Myotismon pushed him, I'm guessing it was one of his attacks. Then he just dissapeared." Henry replied.

" Henwy where did they go?" Suzie asked her older brother.

" Who knows Suzie, who knows." , Henry replied., " But right now we have to finish the battle."


" Let's do this Rapidmon." Magnamon said.

" Right." Rapidmon replied. As they entered the corrupted digimon.

In a couple of seconds they had freed the digimon.And had been able to return to their normal age . Sadly though they had to go seperate ways. On the bright side when Willis was on his way home Kokomon had returned and this time he wasn't corrupted. Unfortunatly for them their battle wasn't over.It was only a small part of it. For he would be fighting another evil digimon with a bigger pack of kids.


" Where am I?" Rika wondered. Staring out into the darkness." The last thing I remember is walking into Myotismon's attack."

" Rika? " a voice she recognized called out from behind her.She spun around quickly." Hey there, did you miss me?"

" Takato!" she replied embracing him in a hug.

" I take that as a yes." he said his cheeks growing hot as well as his happy meter going to an all time high.

"So you do have a girl friend ! And her name is Rika too." Tai said smiling with an evil glint in his eye.

" Huh? You've got it all wrong Tai." Takato replied.

" Yeah, listen to the goggle head. He knows what he's talking about. Rika said also trying to help Takato out.Not to mention herself.

It was then that Takato saw that they had became their normal age again.

" Hey guys you're back to normal." Takato said.

"Yeah we know that already.", Matt said.," So are you and you girl friend, going to come to my concert?"

" For the last time Matt. Me and Rika are just friends." Takato replied.

" Sure you are." Matt said smiling cooly.

" Okay then Matt. Then I guess your girlfriend must be Jun Motomiya. Rika said trying to stifle a laugh.

" No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", Matt said., " Wait a minute how do you know her, or me for that reason?"

" Didn't goggle head tell you ?"Rika said, " Back home you guys are just a t.v show."

"Um no, actually he didn't.", Tai said.," What are we like on t.v.?"

" Well for one thing, I think that you are Takato's idle." Rika replied.

" What makes you think that Rika?" Tai asked.

" Well one thing is the goggles." Rika said

" Hey I think the look good on me. Besides they're traditional."Takato said.

" I agree with Takato." Tai said." They are like a part of me."

" You are both leaders of a digimon team. You guys have crushes on the tomboyish girl on your team." Rika said trying hard not to blush." And you both bring out the evil in your digimon."

" I may just have a new friend. And she is exactly like me!" Sora exclaimed , running over to Rika. "Hey there Rika. My nam's Sora but I guess you know that already." She said smiling as she extended her hand.

Rika shook it and for the first time in a long time she smiled.

" Girls, you think we'll ever get them?" Tai asked.

" Nope." Takato replied.

" Now that it's over let's go to my concert." Matt said.

" Yeah!!!" Everybody exclaimed.

At that moment all the darkness dissapeared, to be replaced by light. Shielding themselves they saw that they had broke the barrier between light and dark.


" Watch out guys this may be our toughest battle yet." Henry whispered to the rest of the Tamers.


What will happen to Henry and the rest of the tamers.? Will Takato and Rika ever make it back home? And more on the next part of ' Friends Forever'

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