Okay: So it's a toss up between this pairing and Sherlolly of the beautiful Sherlock fandom. So I'm going to do both! Probably one of each! I think!

30 Day Challenge

Day 1: Holding Hands

Joel had had enough of being scared by Wednesday. He didn't mind waking up with a red-back spider sat on his forehead, almost daring him to move; he didn't mind the complicated traps he often found himself in, or having Mrs Addams fix him back up with a little help from Grandmama. What he disliked was Wednesday's aloofness, her cold calculating behaviour didn't have to extend to him as well – he adored her and always would.

Joel wanted to at least her hand. He already had Mr and Mrs Addams' approval for his courtship, but he was getting bored of playing the incredibly long game of wearing down Wednesday Addams.

Instead, he had accompanied her when she was collecting belladonna leaves from the overgrown wilderness that made up the Addams estate. He held the wicker basket that contained the clippings of the dangerous plant while she filled it, occasionally adding other wicked flora to the haul.

It was as they turned back to the imposing mansion in front of them that Joel slipped his left hand into her right one. He felt her stiffen and felt fear and lust pool in his stomach as she froze and slowly turned to glare at him. Joel fought to keep his face impassive as she stared at him, her emotionless black eyes were calculating, reading his intentions, analysing as always. Joel knew Wednesday had already thought of twenty two different ways to kill him, and that was without the apothecary's tool kit hanging in his right hand.

"Come on then Wednesday, your parents will be wondering where we have got to. No doubt Grandmama will want her share of the plants we have gathered tonight." Joel was stunned he kept his voice level. Well he probably didn't; Wednesday was probably reading some small give in his demeanour – she was a psychopath, she could practically smell fear from someone.

The dark haired teenager said nothing as they continued up towards the house, leaving her cold dry hand in his warm grasp.

Joel Glicker may not have been a psychopath, or a genius, but it didn't stop him from seeing the small blush that rose on the porcelain skinned girl, or the twitch of the lips that was a tell-tale sign of a smile. After all, Wednesday Addams only smiled fully if she killed someone, the little twitch was good enough for Joel.