Family Get-Togethers

A/N: Okay so the month challenge has gone! I've totally given up. But thanks to one beautiful reviewer (doggedly persistant and wonderful to hear from) I have the next installment of this little one. I re read the story over and over and didn't quite know how to complete the next chapter so I can only hope cloe3511 that this is up to your standards.

Joel knew his life with the Addams' changed him as a person. It wasn't until he saw his mother and father on thanksgiving that he realised how much. The cliches of the evening, of dinner, of conversation was meneal and trivial and Joel hated it all. There was no Beezlebub chasing Thing across the table, no exploding goose carcasses.

There was no Wednesday.

She had outright refused to join him and he didn't blame her. Especially as his mother had brought along one of her society friend's family as well. One big shared, merry Thansgiving that made Joel want to vomit.

Where was the black, the cobwebs, the decaying food? It was all plump turkeys and stuffing and vegetables and all Joel could think of he wanted his Pocahontas to come and ruin the day again. What made him more desperate for his dark seductress was Amelia Von Weber, the sickly sweet daughter of his mother's friend. Sat purposely next to him she fluttered her eyes every time he handed her a bowl of carrots.

"Your mother tells us you live with friends Joel?" Amelia simpered, hand brushing his as the peas were next. Conversation was flowing as freely as the wine around the table but Joel sensed his mother's little ears prick up at Amelia's voice.

"Indeed, they're a very lovely family..."

"Lovely,..." His mother scoffed. "Unique yes but not lovely." She snorted and downed a little more wine.

"On the contrary, I think my family is lovely." A voice from behind made the whole room freeze and there stood his Queen, his beautiful girlfriend, black hair straight as always looking fresh from the grave. Amelia squealed somewhat and Joel hid a chuckle but stood to greet Wednesday.

"I think your family is lovely too." He whispered in her ear as he kissed her cheek as a hello.

"I came to see if you were finished but the front door was wide open." Wednesday could play act as well as any of the social climbers in here and she stared at his mother. "Careless mistake in this neighbourhood. Who knows what might have been lurking outside." Her voice was emotionless but Joel sensed the slight threat in her tone.

"Yes who knows?" He smiled at the silent scene; Wednesday had such a way with people. "Well I'm going to head home."

"This is your home!" His mother sputtered and Joel hid a snort of derision. "Besides I have creme brulee for dessert and trifle!" She stood up hastily, tottering on her heels thanks to the fourth glass of red wine.

"No thank you Mother. It was lovely meeting you Amelia but please let me introduce my girlfriend Wednesday Addams." Joel gestured to the dark haired girl watching amazement wash over the blonde's face. Amazement that turned to derision and scorn. It seemed Amelia had had a little too much wine as well.

"You! You're his girlfriend?! What did you do drug him? Why would he want a dark haired little rake like you, pasty white you look like a corpse! He could have any girl he wanted; like me. I've got everything a man wants, blonde hair, curves in all the right places and I actually see sunlight!"

"You're also sleeping with Joel's father." Wednesday said calmly, watching the whole room once more and another deathly silence fell. Amelia stopped mid rant and froze, eyes bulged slightly and she panicked looking at Mr Glicker who was very red.

"Happy Thanksgiving." Joel grabbed his coat and darted for the door, dragging Wednesday with him. The sight of Lurch in his chauffeur outfit was a welcome one and relief washed over him as theyslipped into the back of the car.

"Happy Thanksgiving indeed." Wednesday gave him her best attempt at a smile and he kissed her full on the mouth as Lurch drove them home.