Scene 1: The Meeting Starts

SOUND: A key unlocks a door. The door swings open. A flick is heard, then an electrical buzzing of long, fluorescent light bulbs. Someone walks into the room.

Lisa: OK... So, where is everybody?

SOUND: More footsteps.

Rentaro: Hello? Is this the Villains' Support Group?

Lisa: Yeah. Who are you?

Rentaro: I'm Rentaro! Who are you?

Lisa: I'm Lisa Ostrum. What are you here for?

Rentaro: I, uh, well, I scared a bunch of people away from my ex-girlfriend's ryokan by making a robot ghost.

Lisa: That's it? Seriously?

Rentaro: Yeah, it's kind of embarrassing, now that I say it out loud. What about you?

Lisa: I would've gotten away with stealing a massive diamond, if it weren't for Nancy Drew.

Rentaro: Nancy Drew stopped you, too? I guess that's why we all have this new support group.

SOUND: Two pairs of footsteps.

Shorty: Hey, y'all. I brought the food.

Brenda: Food? Who needs food when we need to discuss Nancy Drew? This is why we're here, isn't it?

Rentaro: I'm asking everyone: Why are you here for the Villains' Support Group? What did Nancy do to get you here? Wow. I sound like Nancy!

Shorty: I tried to steal some stolen gold.

Brenda: I'm not the villain! Nancy is. She's the one that set that fire! She's not as much of a little-miss-perfect as everyone says.

Rentaro: I'm not very good of a villain, even though I'm here. Takae-san was the one that forced me to go here. Nancy's actually pretty cool.

Brenda: You're actually sticking up for that little twit? Really? Too much more of that, and I think we need to kick you out of this group.

Shorty: Now, isn't it a bit early to think of kicking people out? Why don't we have some of my lamb ragout?

SOUND: More footsteps.

Anja: This is the Villains' Support Group, ja?

Lisa: Another girl! Yes! What are you in for?

Anja: I was about ruin my ex by pretending to be a legendary monster.

Lisa: Ooh, the revenge type. And, I'm sensing a strong-female-type? I think we'll be good friends. So, it looks like a few people may be late, but let's start anyway.