Two (to three) chapters story

Fan Fiction – Alternate Universe

Bonnie & Kol

From: Lovely Vero

Chapter 1

"Death – Loss - Anger"

Writer's note: Due to the delicate subject of supernatural violence in this story, that could seem abusive and offensive to some, please read with warning. Thank you.


Between the veil that separated the dead and the living, there was this unnamed and kept under silence, in-between place, where only a few souls would tragically wandered and passed their miserable dead existence contained in their pains and sorrows, though even the time as we know as mortal was none existent there. No day were replacing the night at sunrise and the night were always the darkest part of the day.

Tragically, these souls were not able to accept their tragic faith, to finally crossover to this place called, by so many of the living, the land of heaven, or for the ones who had sinned most of their life, the purgatory. Instead, they would stay stranded in the darkness of their souls, with only their troubled thoughts to fill the emptiness.

Kol Mikaelson was one of those lost souls, stock in the penumbra of this parallel universe, with only the feelings of rage and revenge to keep him company.

His spirit took residence in the middle of what his dark and tormented mind had created to hold his soul intact: a dark cavern, with trickles of water dropping continuously on the stone walls, with a few torches to light up this infernal place, a wooden shakedown placed on the ground which completed the decor with a few animal skin furs placed on its wood, to keep him warm for the few times he had succeeded falling asleep, always under the most vivid and terrifying nightmares, and only to wake up under the louder screams of pain.

He rose from his laying position on the shakedown, while taking his first walking steps from what had seemed hours to him, bending his upper body near the ground to grab a small white stone in his right hand, before placing himself in front of the cavern wall where he had already engraved the most precious word.

Kol raised his right hand before starting, once more, to engrave the wall with the stone, with hoarse sounds of rage coming out of the deepness of his throat and soul.

After what seemed to be a long time of work, he lowered his arm and hand, while throwing the stone on the ground, before standing proud in front of his work with a devious smile twisting the corners of his lips.

One word and a name could, now, be seen on the cavern stone wall:



Yes, Kol Mikaelson had finally found a way to take his revenge on Bonnie …

*** DEATH ***

Death is the permanent cessation of all biological functions that sustain a particular living organism.

Bonnie repeated the sentence, like a broken record, in her head, while walking on the sidewalks of the university campus, with her head tucked into her shoulders and her sight fixated on the pavement. In short, that was the Wikipedia definition that she had found and read numerous times on her laptop screen, and in a larger description? Well… She couldn't care less, It was not even necessary to find a more described definition because that is basically what she was….Death!

No more living organisms in her body, only this projection of herself as a ghost image.

She raised her head and sight, while smiling timidly to a passer-by that had just addressed a smile to her. It was strange…Some of the "humans" were able to see her cells form; others would walk through her, without even noticing her supernatural existence in this world. Some had the gift of clairvoyance, and for others it was not even existent.

She counted herself lucky that she had been able to convince Jeremy to keep the secret of her death to both Caroline and his sister, as well of being able to show herself to them in her human form, it has at least ease her difficult task up to now.

But it was time, she couldn't hold telling the truth any longer. She had been able to avoid telling the truth to her friends all summer, while pretesting a trip with her family, when in fact; she had wandered her lost soul all these months in a world that was not hers anymore. At least, she had been able to spy on them. Elena had passed the majority of her summer with Damon, not her first choice as Salvatore brothers goes, but funny thing with death, things that used to matter the most before were suddenly so insignificant, and as for what brothers would finally choose Elena, this was certainly fitting this category. As for Caroline, she had rekindled her romance with Tyler, who had come back to Mystic Falls, after receiving Klaus's permission. And then there was Jeremy … Jeremy Gilbert … She thought, closing her eyes, with a sad smile blessing her lips. At least, she had brought the young man back to life, the only consolation of her own death and what had happened the day of her graduation.

She climbed the outside stairs, and entered the C300 building of the campus, while scattering the entrance in search of her friends' dorm.

"Hi." A chirp voice called her out.

Bonnie turned on herself, before facing a petite, cheerful blonde that was all smile and rainbows.

"I'm Lisa, one of the dorm coordinator." She presented herself, while enthusiastically shaking Bonnie's hand. "Can I help you? Are you searching for your quarter?" She asked Bonnie.

"Hi, I'm Bonnie Bennett." Bonnie greeted her, politely. "Actually, not exactly, I'm looking to find the dorm room of two of my best friends?" Bonnie replied, timidly smiling. "They are sharing a bedroom for the upcoming semester."

"Oh, no worries, I have the list right here!" The young woman exclaimed, while showing the list of arrivals to Bonnie. "The list is on my beautiful pink clipboard, with the pictures collage of Robert Pattinson. Isn't he the most beautiful vampire you've ever seen in your life?" Lisa asked, as chirpy as ever.

Bonnie retained a smile, while biting her bottom lip to prevent her to burst into laughter, which she hasn't felt the urge to do since a long time. She wasn't sure that Damon Salvatore would agree on Lisa's thought?

"I'm sorry, but I'm not really accustomed to the vampire supernatural world of books and movies." She shrugged, lying through her teeth, while taking the easy way out of this present conversation.

"What a shame, vampires are so popular these days, and they are so sexy. And for me, Edward is the most handsome of them all." She added, while beating her eyelashes.

Edward fucking Cullen, really… Mister, my privates glow in the dark with sparkles on them; he's supposed to be this effigy of a handsome - sexy vampire? What kind of grass are they smoking in this Campus?

Bonnie stood motionless for a few seconds, her supernatural sixth sense in alert, before frantically turning her head in all directions to scatter the entrance hall, where hundreds of new college students were entering the premises while carrying cardboard boxes to their dorm rooms.

"Did you hear that?" Bonnie asked Lisa, nervously.

"Mm …What, I did not hear anything?" The blonde girl responded to Bonnie.

"Someone commented about your twilight obsession?" Bonnie explained, while frowning.

"Oh, don't worry, It's probably a new student who walked near us, listened to our conversation and couldn't stand how handsome Edward Cullen, really is. And by the way, Bonnie, it's not an obsession; it's actually a healthy hobby." She replied, proudly and smiling. "I have a Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter account about him; I am also one of the administrators of "Cullen for life" an interactive forum. If you are interested you could become a member?"

"I'm sorry?" Bonnie replied, with wide opened eyes, while trying to not burst into laughter. "Well, thanks for the invitation, but vampires are not really my thing, like I've told you." She added, before murmuring to herself. "And I don't think they ever will."

"I still can't believe that fact, Bonnie. There's a supernatural vibe coming from you. So, what are the names of your friends?"

"Well, perhaps I will develop my passion for vampires later in life." Bonnie cut it short, still feeling uneasy with the voice she had heard in her ears, or was it in the deepness of her soul? Its hoarse tone sounded so familiar to her. "It's Elena Gilbert and Caroline Forbes." She listed the names.

Lisa lowered her sight on the chart list, before nodding her head.

"Ah, yes, here they are on my list, their dorm room number is 234, and they are located one level, upstairs." Lisa informed her.

"Thank you for your help." Bonnie responded, before walking toward the stairway leading her to the first floor bedrooms.

"Let me accompany you there, I was going in that direction before bumping into you." Lisa proposed, smiling as ever.

"Oh, alright … sure, lead the way, thanks." Bonnie followed the petite blonde in the stairway.

So, witchy … You think that your passion for vampires will grow with time? Can I become your unhealthy obsession then, as you have become mine? I think it would only be fair to poison your ghost existence as you'd poisoned my dead one, would you say? You're in my head, Bonnie; I can't get you off my mind.

Bonnie grabbed the staircase banister, while suddenly being taken under a dizzy spell. She raised her left hand in front of her eyes, while seeing her ghost astral appearance gradually disappearing from her sight.

"Kol?" She exclaimed, in shock, while realizing to whom the voice belonged to, before closing her eyes and challenging all her energy to keep her visible appearance. "It's impossible, the veil came up; you should have crossed over?" She mumbled to herself, while passing her left shaking hand through her hair.

"Who's Kol?" Lisa replied, while climbing the stairs, with Bonnie on her heels.

"He's … He's nobody…" Bonnie replied, while shaking her head and slowly regaining her ghost appearance.

I'm nobody to you, really, Bonnie? Tsk, tsk, tsk …What if I would become "your" worst nightmare instead of being "your" nobody?

"Go away!" She mumbled, angrily, between her teeth. "It's not the time." She added, nervously.

"I'm sorry?" Lisa exclaimed, dumbfounded while turning her sight toward Bonnie.

"Not you…" Bonnie responded, while blushing. "I'm bubbling at the moment, I want to break up with my boyfriend, and I'm trying to find ways to tell him."

"Oh poor thing, I feel your pain. If ever you want to talk about him, I'm here for you!" Lisa responded, while leading Bonnie toward a narrow corridor.

"Thank you." Bonnie responded, while closing her eyes and sighing with relief.

I'm your boyfriend now…Really, Bonnie? I always knew that you were physically attracted to me. The way you were, literally, checking me out each time our eyes would met.

"I'm attracted to you as much as I would be attracted to a tarantula!" She thought in her mind, while closing her eyes, and shaking her head in disdain. Just the thought of it would make her want to puke. "Go away, Kol … Believe me when I am saying to you that I will find a way to get rid of you for good."

You're protesting too much, I think there is more than you're willing to share with me, little witch… We'll have time to get to know each other very soon, when you'll join me in hell… And Bonnie, I'm link to you now, darling; you won't be able to get rid of me so easily.

A range of intense shivers of fear passed through Bonnie's spine, when she heard Kol's threats. She kept her eyes closed while thinking that she had no time to deal with the youngest of the Original' brothers at the moment.

"Are you ok, Bonnie?" Lisa asked her, with wide opened eyes, while standing in front of the 234 dorm door.

"I'm fine, thank you, just a sudden headache." Bonnie nodded, while reopening her eyes. "Is this their dorm room?" She added.

"Yes!" Lisa replied, smiling. "I'll leave you here then; Bonnie, have a good visit with your friends, ok?" She wished, before waving at her, and leaving Bonnie in front of the most difficult announcement she ever had to make in all her human life.

*** LOSS ***

"It can't be." Elena mumbled, while grabbing her head with both hands.

"I'm sorry, Elena, I really am sorry." Bonnie replied, while biting her trembling bottom lip.

"How is it possible?" Caroline asked, in shock, while shaking her head in disbelief. "We saw you afterward … You were fine? You graduated by our side?"

"I … I just died, Care, what you saw then, is what you are seeing now, it's my ghost form." Bonnie shrugged her shoulders, while feeling a single tear rolling on her left cheek.

"You just died? Like … Why?" Elena asked. "How am I supposed to battle the supernatural forces without you now?"

"You'll be fine, Elena … You'll find a way…You always do, because you're so strong." Bonnie replied to her friend. "But I can't stay in this world anymore, it hurts too much, I need to crossover."

"You lost your own life to give back the one of Jeremy, am I right?" Caroline asked, shaken by the news. "Does he know?"

"Yes." Bonnie nodded some more. "I did what needed to be done." She added, while nervously rubbing her hands together.

"You gave me back my brother, but you made me lose my best friend?" Elena lashed out at her. "What kind of person does that?"

"Elena!" Caroline exclaimed, ashamed. "Don't! You're making things worst for her."

"Who cares? She is dead, Caroline!" Elena exclaimed, while hitting with her closed fist, a few things placed on a chest drawers, a lamp and its bulb hitting the floor a second later. She let her body fell on the floor, her head buried in her hands, sobbing her pain.

"I'm sorry … I'm sorry… I'm so sorry…" Bonnie repeated, tears rolling fluently on her face, while reaching the handle, before opening the door and storming out of the dorm room.

"Bonnie wait…Don't leave!" She heard Caroline scream, while running into the upstairs corridor, bumping into a few of the new students, before rushing into the staircase, and finally letting herself fall on one of the stairs.

It's actually better than an old episode of Dallas. All this anger, bickering and female bitching … I'm telling you, the man is almost aroused in here. And to say that you sacrificed your own life for that ungrateful bitch is actually making you the stupider witch that I've come across to known, Bonnie.

"Leave me alone!" She screamed out loud at the voice whispering in her head, while grabbing two hands full of her hair, before sticking her head into her shoulders and letting out the pain and lost she had to endure the last few months.

Bonnie rushed outside the dorm building by pushing the glass entrance doors. She scattered the land scenery in search of a way out, with her trouble mind as only companion, lost in her tormented thoughts and turmoil, while lowering her swollen face to the curious passers/students that looked at her with curious eyes and wondering minds. She ran on the grass, stopping her rapid pace near a century tree, before raising her upper arms on its trunk, and crying some more. If there was something she had learned since her death is that spiritual tears were even more hurtful then human ones.

A near verbal exchange made her raise her head, and hide more carefully behind the tree, while keeping an eye on the visual.

"Jeremy Gilbert, isn't it?" The female voice inquired.

"Yes… Hi!" Jeremy responded, while turning on himself, before standing in front of the gorgeous redhead in front of his sight.

"Theresa? Remember me; we've exchanged a few words yesterday? And then you ditched me when I politely asked you to join me for a soda at the university coffee lodge?" The young woman addressed the issue, while handing her right hand.

"Yes, of course." Jeremy replied. "I do remember you." He added, while shaking her hands. "And I do remember my bad manner." He blushed.

"I guess you sister and her friend are officially established now?" She asked, with a smile blessing her lips.

"Yes, I figure they are I was leading my walk toward their dorm building when I bumped into you." He replied, while returning a smile to her.

"Oh, I wouldn't want to hold you then." She added. "Maybe we'll catch each other another time, and that time you'll accept my invitation." She asked, hopeful.

"I …." He mumbled the sound, uncomfortable.

"Oh … I'm stupid." She replied, while lowering her head, blushing.

"What, no, no, no … You're not!" He replied, to ease her discomfort.

"You have a girlfriend, and I'm bubbling on and on about this invitation… And, you're trying to let me down easy … And…" She tried to get herself out of this sticky situation.

"No!" Jeremy replied, while shaking his right hand in front of the girl's sight. "It's not that, it's complicated…. I need to be there for someone." He tried to explain.

"Isn't it always?" Theresa replied, before passing by him. "I'll probably bump into you in the future, take care Jeremy." She added, before leaving his side.

Jeremy stood immobile in the middle of grass land for a few seconds, before sighing and finally directing his walk toward the dorm building.

Bonnie raised her right hand over her trembling lips, forbidding a single sound of her sobs to slip out of her mouth, before falling on the grass a second later.

Tsk … Tsk … Tsk … I believe my fellow mate Jeremy Gilbert has found a new girlfriend, darling, and you're being a meanie witch to retain him for all the good, enjoyable hookup moments he could have with this redhead bombshell. So, when are you coming home to daddy?

Bonnie heard Kol's voice, in the back of her mind, while slowly releasing all her remaining strength, slipping slowly into this enjoyable unconsciousness, her ghost appearance disappearing, with only this voice to guide her to the other side.

*** ANGER ***

Bonnie regained her consciousness while slowly raising her sight into the penumbra of the cavern, where apparently her soul had chosen this crossover emplacement to land at the present moment.

She leaned her back and opened palms on the cavern wall, while slowly rising on her two legs.

"Grandmother, are you here?" She called, with despair and anxiety, while scattering the darkness of this strange place, finally accommodating her sight with the help of a few torches scattered sporadically on the stone walls.

She turned her head alternatively from right to left, left to right, while feeling airflow and hearing murmurs sounds in her ears and mind. Spirits … Lost spirits that were wandering around, in hope of deliverance.

"Who's there?" She asked, in fear, before hearing the sound of footsteps on the ground.

A dark shadow of a man appeared in front of her sight, before slowly showing his true appearance to her. He walked barefooted toward her standing position, dragging his feet on the soil, wearing a pair of torn jeans, with a greyish t-shirt that had seen better days. Unfortunately for Bonnie, with the deep penumbra she could only notice the emptiness in the man eyes and the beginning of a beard covering the features of his face.

"Who are you?" She whispered, with a trembling voice.

"I'm your worst nightmare." A hoarse voice responded to her.

"Kol…" Bonnie exclaimed, letting out a deep sigh, while raising her right hand over her chest.

"Hello darling!" He greeted her, a devious smirk raising the corners of his mouth, before reaching Bonnie's position. "You're home, where you belong, now let me welcome you properly." He addressed himself to her, before viciously snapping her head, her body dropping on the ground a second later. "There, let the fun begin!"


Having passed difficult moments recently, I want to dedicate this chapter at my mother who've asked me to never stop writing.

Thank you for reading what was initially supposed to be a one shot chapter, and will probably become a two, to three chapters, fiction now.

I'm running several fictions at the same time presently, so be patient for the update(s), but just be reassured that I will complete this short story for sure in the future.

Much love,

Lovely Vero