It seemed like a great way to finally have a good laugh after dealing with so many serious situations, so Emily agreed to help Navin. Under the cover of night in Enzo's airship, the two of them snuck into the Elf Prince's bed chamber with a pair of scissors. Navin used all of his strength to lift Trellis enough to where he was in a sitting position. Emily was a decent hair dresser, so she cut off a few inches until it was only as long as Trellis' jaw-line.

She whispered to Navin, "Okay, now lay him down slowly." Navin almost dropped him. "I said slowly!"


"Let's get out of here before he wakes up."

"What about all the hair you cut? Are you just going to leave it?"

Both of them looked at the small pile of silver hair. Emily sweeped it up with her hands and quietly left the room with her brother behind her. Back in her room, she put it into a little bag she found on the desk next to her bed.

The next morining, Trellis woke up and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. He sat up and realized that something was different. His hand flew to the back of his head as he got up to go to the mirror and see if what he feared had come true. Immediately, he grew angry at the sight of his hair which was shortened and slightly uneven, and he stormed into the dining room where almost the entire group was already seated.

They all turned to him when he burst in. Luger asked, "What happened to your hair?" Trellis shot a glare at his brother and then at the person he suspected to have chopped it all off.

"Why are you looking at me?" Emily asked.

He growled, "Don't pretend to be so innocent."

Karen glanced back and forth between her daughter and the angry elf. "Did you cut his hair?" she asked.

"What?! No!"


"...*sigh* Alright, fine. It was me."

Navin jumped in to save his sister. "But I asked her to, so it was really my fault."

"Why would you do that?" their mother stared at them both.

"We needed some comic relief," Navin answered.

"COMIC RELIEF! YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY? I'M NOT LAUGHING!" Trellis yelled as energy started emerging from his stone.

Leon stood up. "Calm down. We don't want to lose our transportation now do we?"

The Elf Prince shot a finger in Leon's direction, only more furious. "QUIET, FOX MAN! YOU HAVE NO SAY IN THIS!"

Emily got tired of this. "HEY! Look, I'm sorry I cut your hair! It doesn't look that bad so just take a chill pill and have a seat!"

Instead of calming down, he ran out the door and down the deck. After a moment of akward silence, Navin and Emily cracked up.

Navin stated, "I thought he was tough, but he's really protective of his hair! I didn't think he would get that mad! At least he doesn't look like a girl anymore."

"Navin!" Karen was surprised.


"Emily, go apologize to him."

As much as she didn't want to, she got up and went to find him. He was gripping the rail and giving the clouds the stare of death.

"Do you want your hair back?" she said.

He turned around and replied, "How?"

She took the tiny bag out of her pocket and held it out to him. He became even more upset and said, "Why would you keep it in your pocket?! Are you harassing me?!"

"No! I just don't know where else to keep it! You can have it if you want! I'm sorry I made you so mad. I just didn't think you'd react like this!"

After a long pause, his expression turned to curiosity and he asked, "Why didn't you just throw it away?"

Emily blushed. "I. . . I don't know. . I just . . ." She couldn't figure out how to end the sentence.

He smiled. "Now I understand."

"Huh? NO! That's not what -"

"Sure." Then he walked off.

That prank seriously backfired.