President Snow looked at his daughter, ashamed at the sight before him. His daughter sat in bed, her newborn twin daughters in her arms. "How could you do this?" the President asked. "How could you do this to Rady and your country?"

Ellia looked up from her sleeping babies, tears in the corners of her eyes. "I don't love him, daddy, I love John" she said and he President scoffed.

"How could you love a man from district 12? He can't give you anything," the President said, trying to keep his anger under control.

"You're wrong!" Ellia yelled and looked down at her daughters, her eyes full of love. "He gave me them" she whispered.

The President chuckled, shaking his head slightly. His daughter was crazy if she thought he would let her keep the children. "You will not have them for long, darling" he told her and walked out of the room.

Ellia sat on a train, holding her three-day-old daughter, Katniss, while waiting for the train. She felt John's free arm wrap around her shoulders, his other arm was holding their younger daughter, Clove, close.

She put the lockets around both of her daughter's necks; Katniss the one with the K and Clove's the one with the C

"We'll be together again," Johan Everdeen promised her as the train pulled into the district two stations.

She stood, switching her daughters so she was now holding Clove. They knew they weren't going to be found if they went to different districts, that's why Ellia was going to two and John to twelve. "I'll see you soon" she said blinking away her tears and walking off of the train, only looking back to watch the train disappear into the distance.