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Chapter 19:

"Clove, baby, wake up" Cato purred, his finger tracing over her features. Cato placed a light kiss on her cheek. "C'mon, my Clover, today is a very important day."

"You sound like it's our wedding day or something actually important is happening" Clove murmured into her pillow.

"Your meeting your dad today. That's pretty damn important" Cato said. "You've been waiting for this day since you were what? Four?"

Clove pulled her head out of her pillow and rested her cheek on her arm. "Katniss hates him for lying to her for her whole life and apparently he doesn't love my mom, not enough to wait for her anyway. Who knows what he thinks of me, Cato" Clove said. "I can just be the other Katniss to him."

"You and Katniss are so different and in my opinion you are so much better. He'll love you, babe. It's an impossible task not to love you. Just ask me. You are amazingly wonderful and beautiful and if he doesn't love you, than he is crazy" Cato said.

Clove smiled. "You're to optimistic for me." Cato leaned in and kissed her lips softly. Clove only grabbed the back of his neck, pulling him on top of her. It was then that their escort decided to barge into the room.

"Manners!" He yelled. "Cato, that is no way to treat a lady! Groping her like that! Rude" he said. "We're arriving in District twelve in a half hour so get ready."

"Way to get me in trouble" Cato said and climbed out of bed.

Clove shrugged. "It's my specialty."

Her father wouldn't talk to her for weeks after they arrive in District twelve.

The citizens of District twelve we're clearly exatic at the fact that they now had three victors and clearly showed it when the train pulled into the station.

They were quickly ushered into the almost untouched corner of District twelve that was the Victor's Village. Where four houses stood ready for the victors and their family to move into.

"Peeta and Katniss, these are your houses" Hovel said, gesturing to the houses on one side of the street, "And these are Cato and Clove's," he gestured to the other side. The teens just stared at the grand houses. It was like nothing any of them had ever seen in the districts. Their families weren't in sight, just the escorts and the Capitol camera men. They hadn'teven seen their familys that day.

"Go on" Effie encouraged.

"Cato took a deep breath. "Pick a house."

Clove's fingers wrapped around Cato's and they stepped forward together and into the grand house in front of them. They had agreed to live n one house while their moms lived in the other.

Peeta gave Katniss a sideways glance but her eyes didn't waver from the house. He sighed and he walked into his own house. He'd be living alone.

Katniss stood outside for a while. The camera men and escorts had left and no one came for a long while. She hadn't seen Revine or her father, but she knew Prim was coming to live with her. She knew she couldn't live alone or with the people she thought were her parents.

Eventually, she went inside.

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