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Chapter 3: Crushed

For a fleeting second I thought that I had died and an angel was carrying me off to heaven. But, the pain brought me back to reality. One of his arms was resting under my knee which hurt like hell, and he was running at speeds that were impossible for a human to run at. For a moment, I almost phased and attacked him, but then I saw his eyes and saw that they were an unmistakeable shade of blue. He must be a hybrid, I thought to myself, but that doesn't mean he's a good one, I added.

"Put me down, leech!" I demanded, starting to struggle in his arms but letting out a gasp of pain and lying still when the pain in my legs consumed me. I realized then that he had put his shirt on me, and I was grateful. However, I was embarrassed that he had seen me, touched me, while I was naked.

"Oh my God, wait, you have to go back! You have to help him! He-"

"Lie still," He cut me off in a melodic voice, "One of the Cullen's is going back for him. I'm bringing you to Carlisle. "

"Who are you?" I inquired, trying to distract myself from the pain so that I could stop myself from doing something stupid, like crying.

"A cousin of the Cullen's, from Alaska."

When the pain got to be too much, everything went black.

When I woke up again, I literally phased on the spot. I was in a room with multiple vampires. The stench was overwhelming, burning my nose. I was so confused, but the pain was worse. It felt like my bones had been messed up even more. My crushed legs couldn't handle the weight of my body and I crumbled to the floor howling in pain before I phased back to human form. Phasing back was nearly impossible, but hurt a little less than when I had phased into a wolf a few moments ago. When I changed, the howling shifted to sobbing.

I finally noticed all of the commotion going on in the house. There were two male vampires in the room: one with blonde hair and one with bronze hair. I recognized the bronze one to be Edward, the mind reader and the source of Jacob's pain many, many years ago. The blonde was Carlisle, the compassionate doctor.

I heard the pack outside talking nervously, no doubt hearing the disruption. Also, I could hear several more forms (probably vampires) in one of the rooms reminiscing about the last time this had happened. I could also hear two of the hummingbird hearts in the house.

"I'm going to lift you up now, onto the table so that I can give you morphine and help you to heal your injuries. I'm afraid that some of the fractures have healed wrong and I'm going to have to re-break a few." The doctor said. He and the mindreader carefully approached me and I could have laughed. They were acting as if I was the dangerous one in the room.

Instead of laughing, I just held my breath and tried to control the shaking of my arms as they lifted me onto a hospital table.

"Ah! God, dammit, mother-" I clenched my teeth to keep from screaming. The doctor took out a needle and I eyed it warily, even though it was actually going to bring me relief in the form of morphine. Even though it was silly, I looked away as he inserted it into my arm. I didn't even really care that I was naked anymore. I just wanted the pain to stop.

After my, er, outburst, Sam burst through the door and immediately averted his eyes, causing me to blush, but I appreciated it.

"How is she? Can you fix her?" Sam questioned Carlisle.

"Yes, of course. She's in a lot of pain, but thankfully her injuries are not quite as extensive as Jacob's after the newborn battle. I'm going to have to re-break a few of the fractures as she is already healing at a remarkable rate. It would probably be best if you stayed." He spoke to him, while lightly assessing my injuries with his fingers. Every where he touched brought agonizing pain. I thought his iciness would help, but it just felt unnatural.

Thankfully, I finally felt the morphine kick in and I let out a sigh or relief. However, that was short-lived when Carlisle told me he was going to start the re-breaking.

Sam offered me his hand which I gladly took and started squeezing even before he started the breaking. This was not going to be pleasant. "Just get it done fast, Doc." I pleaded.

Snap, "Dammit, son of a-," Snap, "Ah, Jesus Christ, moth-" Snap, "Stop, stop, stop! Please, stop!" I begged, sobbing.

"There's just two more." He said compassionately before moving over to my right leg. Snap. Oh, Jesus Christ, just let me die. Snap. Oh my God, it's over, it's over, it's over... Carlisle added a higher dosage of morphine into my system and wrapped up my legs in lots of medical looking things and elevated them. I was glad that he covered me with a blanket.

"Where's... Aaron?" I murmured with my eyes closed. On the bright side, the morphine had really kicked in and now I was mostly just starting to feel stoned.

"H-he didn't make it." Sam said, pain filling his voice.

My fault, my fault, my fault, this is all my fault...

"Okay," I croaked out, squeezing my eyes shut even tighter

"It's not your fault." A honey-silk voice said. I opened my eyes to see that the mind read had spoke, of course.

"You don't know anything." I said huskily. Of course it was my fault; who else's would it be?

"You're lucky to even be alive, Emma. It's a miracle that you were able to take out a vampire, all on your own. You've only been a werewolf for a day!" Edward said, trying to convince me.

"Can you give me some more morphine? I just want to go to sleep." I said closing my eyes and shutting out reality.

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