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Of the Last War in Heaven

"How's this, hmm?" the Doctor asked.

Exactly how much time passed since the Doctor and his companion were in Middle Earth was relative. They were in a restaurant on some obscure alien planet in the middle of some galaxy so far from Earth's that at no point in Earth's history could anyone with any potential level of technology ever reach the planet. The food here, the Doctor said, was the best. And so, after washing up, healing from their wounds and dressing in their proper clothes, the Doctor and Clara had taken a brief layover at this planet to enjoy the restaurant.

Clara had been uncharacteristically silent as she sipped on a milkshake, or some variation of the kind. The Doctor, however, talked on and on and ate animatedly, dipping fried fish fingers into a bowl of custard. It was then that he realized how quiet she had been.

"Listen, Clara," he said, becoming serious for a moment. "I know what we lived through in Mordor can never be unmade or forgotten. But dwelling on it will do no good at all. There's so much out there, not just on the little planet you live in, but the whole of the universe! And, of course, with me, all of space and time to explore as well. There's plenty to keep on living for, to enjoy, to witness."

"I suppose," Clara sighed.

"Don't worry," the Doctor added. "I'm here if you ever want to talk about it. About anything, really. That's what I am."

"Doctor..." she began, looking up at him with her large, puppy-dog brown eyes. "Tell me about the Last Great Time War."

The Doctor became visibly uncomfortable by the question, averting his eyes and letting his smile fade.

"It's..." he sighed. "...something I've been trying to forget for the past four hundred years."

"Didn't the scary Elf lady ask me to ask you about it, though?" Clara asked. "And that day on Mount Doom..."

"Didn't I just say not to dwell on it?" the Doctor asked, eager to try to change the subject.

"You said that to accept help from Him, whoever that was, would have been like the Last Great Time War all over again. I want to know what happened, Doctor."

The Doctor finally sighed, wondering if he was spoiling the Impossible Girl more than he should be. With a sigh he leaned back in his chair and began.

"There was a war," he began. "Between my people, the Time-lords, and a race called the Daleks. Unspeakable evils occurred on both sides as they ravaged each other across space and time. I stayed out of the war...until I realized that the universe was being destroyed on my watch and I was doing nothing about it. If I continued, I would let the universe die and be as responsible for destroying it as the Daleks and the Time-lords. So I...I destroyed those involved. During the Siege of Arcadia in the last days of the war, I...unleashed a powerful weapon, one that burned both space and time. It locked the event and everything surrounding it for eternity both ways. Everyone died: the Daleks and the Time-lords. I told myself that it was the right thing to do: time was breaking up, impossible things were becoming real, all hell broke loose on Gallifrey, this and that. That, by doing this, the innumerable children of the universe would sleep safely because of my actions." He sighed.

"I've tried to forget about that, call it a bad day and never ever bring it up, but it can never go away: not a day goes by that it doesn't come back into memory. Call me selfish if you will - hey, I'm an old man, twelve hundred years old, I'm allowed to be a little selfish: if I could save the children, if there were any way that I could keep that...hell contained, but that the children, my children, my people's children, would be safe, I would give anything or pay any price.

Clara was stunned silent. For one brief moment, the Doctor was changed from that weird man with the strange fetish for bow-ties and fezzes and looked his age, even if only in his small, beady eyes. He seemed as one remorseful and, for a moment, she knew why. But then the moment left as the Doctor smiled and went about his food.

"So now," he said to her. "Where to next?"

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(This story is done and I've said my peace, rebutted what I've wanted to rebut, and taken Clara and the Doctor on an adventure which made Mordor threatening again [it felt too much like I destroyed any credibility the evil and darkness of Mordor had in Another World Another Journey, so I felt that I had to bring it back, and it felt back a little in this story]. The future is now whatever I make of it.)

(If I do decide to do non-cross-over stories, I might do one where the Doctor [Nine] and Rose "have the last room", as the Doctor said in Voyage of the Damned. It would, like this one, force the Doctor to come face-to-face, or at least in close proximity, to that which he absolutely cannot stand and force him to ask questions about himself. Or, instead of another big moral adventure, it would be just a fun adventure in some other part of either space [my mind has no limits to the alien worlds the Doctor and his companions could visit] or even time. I also feel that I need to write a story with Donna, as that would be fun to do and she is my favorite companion. I've done Rose, Amy, Rory, River and now Clara, and I would want to write Donna as well [i'm not sure about Martha. She's not my least favorite companion - that still belongs to Clara - but I wouldn't know how to properly write her, kind of like the Classic companions when I did Revenge of the Master]. Now that I've watched the Key to Time series, I could probably write Romana I well, which makes me want to write an adventure with her and the Fourth Doctor. I can't do the "Twelfth Doctor" because, since all I know about him is "Kidneys!", I would do him after how the Capaldi fandom thinks of him [ie. the Malcolm Tucker experience]. Of course, there's another part of me that's tired of writing Doctor Who all-together and wants to work on my other fics. I don't know, what do you think?)